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March 2018

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VAL AGM - Sunday 7th August. Update - BOARD NOMINATIONS

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Notice is hereby given of the Victorian Athletic Victorian Athletic League
Annual General Meeting.

DATE: Sunday 7th August 2011
TIME: 10am for a 10.30am Start

VENUE: VIP Room - Olympic Park, Melbourne

Clubs will have the opportunity to raise any issues you may have during the General Business agenda item.

Please forward all agenda items, apologies and attendees through to the office before 30th June 2011.

Any person wishing to be in attendance at the meeting must contact the office no later than 30th June 2011.

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Please note that the VAL office will be closed from Friday 10th June and will re-open on Monday 27th June.


4th July 2011

The Victorian Athletic League wishes to advise of the following nominations to its Board of Directors.

Andrew McManus
Rick Trusler
Brian Marantelli
Sue Dunbar
Cam Yorke*

New nominations;
Craig Foley
Terry O'Donnell
Stephen Cato
Matthew Boyes

Eligible clubs will vote on five 2 year terms and two 1 year terms at the VAL AGM on Sunday August 7th.

Further details on the candidates will be made available shortly.

The VAL would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob Astill, Rob Lehman (resigned during their tenure) and Noel Rexter (has not re‐nominated) for the time and effort they have put into the sport over many years. They have all contributed significantly to the VAL and without people like them volunteering their skills and expertise we wouldn’t have the sport we have today.

Any queries on the nominations can be directed to Mark Howard through the VAL office.

*Cam Yorke has filled a casual vacancy on the board and under the VAL constitution the position must be vacated at the AGM.

How isit

I assume Stephen Cato is related to Chris Cato?


Try Father?


What is there vision? How will the VAL compete with other sports? What is the optimum size of the VAL (how many clubs)? How will the VAL position itself and fit into athletics in Australia?

What ideas do they have to grow professional running?

If the VAL were to come into say $100k what would they do with it?

What policies and procedures will they introduce or promote to improve the fairness of the handicap system? How will they maintain the integrity of the handicapping process? Do they support a participation handicap system?

What are their ideas to grow entries?

What ideas do they have to help clubs grow and run a successful meeting?

How will they structure the fee revenue and collection policies and procedures of the VAL?

Do they have connections to improve the income of the VAL? Remember boards should comprise of members that
Get it or give it or get off.

These are the questions ever board member should be answering.


Do we have any idea yet who are the favourites to join the board and do they have to resign from a piad VAL job if they join the board?

For example can Rick Trusler be a board member and a steward? Might be a conflict of interest.


Trusler is not new,has been a board member for the last 2 years.(paid employee)
Dunbar on board for years.(employee paid?)
So not new.


Thanks for that. Learn something new every day. Laughing


Andrew McManus
Rick Trusler
Brian Marantelli
Sue Dunbar
Cam Yorke*

New nominations;
Craig Foley
Terry O'Donnell
Stephen Cato
Matthew Boyes

Is there any vision statements, do we have any idea what these people have in mind for the future of the VAL?


The VAL should send out blurbs on each of the candidates to the clubs. Rank & file athletes don't get a say unless their involved with a club. If you're involved in a club you should discuss at it a club meeting.


VAL Board odds
McManus, Marantelli & Yorke no quote.

$1.40 Cato
$1.75 Dunbar
$1.90 Foley
$2.15 Boyes
$3.00 Trusler
$3.15 O'Donnell


Heath Shaw and his flatmate has backed O'Donnell. does he know somethin! Sad

14 Matthew Boyes on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:36 pm



To the VAL clubs

My name is Mathew Boyes and I am seeking to apply for a position on the VAL board of directors.

I am currently 39 years of age and have been involved in VAL competition for over the last 20 years.

I am currently a director of my own chartered accountancy and financial planning firm in Frankston.

I believe that my experience as an accountant and working with my clients to run and grow their businesses will bring a strong skill set to the board. These skills I feel will assist the VAL to move forward and become a stronger and more financially independent organisation.

In addition as I have competed in the VAL over the last 20 years I believe I have a good knowledge of the athletes and the issues affecting our sport and having recently attended meetings of the VRTA and the end of season debrief of the VAL, I feel I bring the right skills to assist growing our sport.

I am currently involved with my local masters club as treasurer and take an active role in my children’s school council.

If you would like to contact me about my application for appointment to the board, please feel free to contact me on 03 9770 1547 during work hours.

I thank you for your time considering me for one of the vacant positions on the VAL board.

Mathew Boyes

15 Stephen Cato on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:40 pm


Stephen Cato

Current Employment: Police Officer – Australian Federal Police

Professional Running History
• Competed with the VAL from 1979 to 1991. Competed in events ranging from 400m through to 3200m. Winner of a number of 1600m and 3200m events.

Most notable victory was the 1985 Moomba Mile, Melbourne.

Trained under my father, Frank Cato, and under the late Des Fitzgerald.

• Competed with the VCCL from 1980 to 1988 over distances ranging from 5km to 16km.

Other Sporting Participation
• Competed with the VAAA at Glenhuntly in the VAAA in 1979 and 1980
• Competed with Athletics Victoria at Knox in 1990 and 1991.
• Boundary umpire with the VFL/AFL from 1982 to 1992.

My Vision for the VAL
• Seek participation of female athletes in both female and open events.

• More encouragement for veteran athletes to compete.

• Greater encouragement to junior athletes making the transition from Little Athletics to open competition.

• Increase in the number of twilight and evening meetings both as a marketing tool and to allow more athletes to compete both with the VAL and Athletics

• Ensure the viability of country meetings.

16 Sue Dunbar on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:42 pm


To all V.A.L. Clubs,

Re: Nomination for Appointment to V.A.L. Board of Directors.

I have been a member of the Board for the last eight years and a Northcote Athletic Club committee person for many more.

I have been associated with the Victorian Athletic League all my life as my father, husband, son and daughter have all been competitors or workers for our sport.

I am one of the few Board members who attends every meeting each season. This has enabled me as part of the “Operations Committee” to report back to the Board with first hand information.

This last season saw the fulfilment of one of my dreams. That is electronic timing for the circular events.

Whilst I am a great advocate for moving forward and updating our equipment, I also think that we should be very proud of our long history and traditions.

We have existed for over 115 years without Government assistance and this has been mainly due to the work of our participating clubs. We have proved that we are able to exist as an independent sporting body and I would hate to see us join up with an Amateur body and perhaps be swallowed up and disappear.

I feel that the clubs are one of the most important parts of our association. Without them we would have no meetings.

A great deal of work is involved in the staging of an athletic meeting. I think that it is essential that a person seeking election to the Board has had at least one season on the committee of one of our member clubs in order to learn and acquaint themselves with the background of what is involved.

I hope to be re-elected this year so that I can continue to help maintain and develop our sport.

Sue Dunbar.

17 Craig Foley on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:46 pm


Craig Foley
15 Kathleen Street
Pascoe Vale South 3044
m – 0418 106 776
e –

To whom it may concern,
My Name is Craig Foley and I am seeking election to the V.A.L board at the upcoming AGM election on August 7th 2011.

So you have some background information on myself, I’m 31 years old and have been involved with the sport in one form or another my entire life, most recently as a competing athlete within Victorian Professional Athletics for the last 16 years.

Previous to this I have been a spectator of sorts being raised on the sport of professional athletics due
to my family’s involvement in the sport, which had me travelling to many of the events on the VAL calendar as a child and young man.

This large amount of time spent witnessing the history of the sport and some of the changes that have been made throughout those years, both good and bad, I feel, give me great perspective on how I may help improve the sport as a whole for the better of all involved.

Some of the qualities I would bring to the board if elected are the understanding of not only an athlete’s perspective, but also spectators. Further to this, I also can relate to the current generation, that we are not only trying to attract to our sport as athletes but also as spectators, I have new and inventive ideas
to create interest for them to come along to be involved in our tremendous sport.

My business experience I also feel is relevant to sitting on this board, as I have within the last 2 years built from the ground up my own successful Remedial Massage & Personal Training business. I feel
this is relevant, as the VAL is a medium sized business which could utilise my skills in better marketing strategies, and promotional tools (which I have utilized within my own business), to better both itself and you the clubs.

Lastly I wish to convey to you that my motives for seeking election to V.A.L board are not self-serving in any way and all I wish for is the betterment of his sport, the clubs and all involved which has been a
part of my entire life.

I wish to thank you for taking the time to read over my submission and hope this letter gives you some
good information on myself and my reasons for seeking election to the V.A.L board.

I look forward to meeting with you at the upcoming AGM, if you should have any further queries please
feel free to contact me on the details provided above.


Craig Foley

18 Brian Marantelli on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:53 pm


To whom it may concern,

On 7th August, the Victorian Athletic League will ask for your club’s vote for board members for the next
two years. I am writing to seeking re‐election and would like to take this opportunity to share a brief
personal history as well as my achievements and vision for the VAL.

Name: Brian Marantelli
Age: 56 years
Family: Married to Joan for 31 years, with three children, Christopher (29), Melanie (27) and Michael (23).

Employment: Semi‐retired with interests in family businesses.

My interest in athletics
My passion for athletics was ignited at an early age by my father, Ted. He joined the VAL in 1946 upon being demobilised after World War Two. Even as a retired athlete, my father loved to attend the
carnivals and usually with a swag of kids in tow.

As soon as I was old enough, I registered with the VAL and enjoyed both the competition and many incredible friendships for the next 25 years. As an athlete, I was fortunate to win the 1982 Bendigo Thousand as well as three events at Stawell, including the backmarkers 400 metres.

After injuries forced my retirement, I continued to contribute and was elected to the VAL Board in July 2001. I am proud to have just completed my fifth continuous term.

I have been involved with the Victorian Cross Country League for nearly two decades, both as a competitor and administrator. I am currently the VCCL President and Registrar.

For several years in the early 80s, I was also the secretary for the Victorian Runners and Trainers

Over the last thirty years, I have been on the committee of several clubs and have also helped in the
sponsorship of events.

Reasons why your club should support my nomination
I bring a broad range of experiences in athletics, both on and off the track, spanning nearly forty years.

• Being semi‐retired, I will be able to continue to devote a great deal of time to the position

• As I attend the vast majority of carnivals, I am able to build strong working relationships with
competitors, officials and the clubs.

• My passion for athletics is unquestioned and I would like to make sure that the sport which has provided my family and I with so much enjoyment can continue.

My contributions a VAL board member
• In my initial presentation in 2001, I stated that the sport was not encouraging younger runners into
the sport. I initiated and gained sponsorship for an under 21s sprint series. With time the series strengthened and we now have a more viable under age series as well as free registration for first time
juniors. Over the last few seasons, the number of registered juniors has increased to the point where we are conducting at least one, and often two under‐age and novice events at each carnival.

• Through my involvement with the Victorian Cross Country League, I gained ongoing sponsorship and created a novice distance athletes series as well as introducing 800 metre events for female runners.

• Whilst on the board, the current handicap system was devised and evolved which was not only financially beneficial for the League but also enabled the loyal and regular running membership to be accessed more accurately.

• Through my friendship with Mark O’Brien I was able to, with constant harassment, cajole him into joining the handicapping panel. Mark is now the senior handicapper and has been responsible for many innovative ideas.

• When I joined the board in 2001 I was astounded by the financial fine line that the League walked. Although my expertise is certainly not in balance sheets, I have been successfully self‐employed for
most of my life, and as such, I have contributed ideas and encouraged responsible financial decisions
over the years.

• I suggested and sourced replacing the ‘dreaded’ trailer with the more practical and user‐friendly

• I am always available in a ‘hands‐on’ capacity to help the VAL and clubs in any way possible.

• I contributed to the weekly ‘VAL Wrap,’ which is uploaded to the website after each carnival.

The VAL’s future.
With the VAL hopefully continuing to show healthy financial progress, I envisage that in the future, we will:

• Be able to avoid increasing registration costs, pay officials a fairer wage, reduce clubs’ costs, and/or
provide additional prize money for our competitors.

• Continue to evolve the handicapping system which with recent improvements has benefitted the VAL, runners and clubs as well as producing closer finishes for spectators.

• Continue to update equipment, such as the circular finishing camera installed this season.

• Continue to create a national calendar which benefits both Victorian and interstate clubs and

• Improve the VAL’s communication with its athletes, officials, sponsors and clubs.

• Develop a closer link with Little Athletics. With former VAL athlete Dean Paulin as the CEO of Little
Athletics Victoria, we are poised to continue the success of the Little Athletics program at Stawell in
the future.

In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and hope that you will support
my re‐election at the Annual General Meeting.

Yours in sport,

Brian Marantelli

19 Andrew McManus on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:56 pm


Dear VAL Club,

After four years on the VAL Board and the last two as President I believe I’ve been able to assist in the sport achieving a number of important objectives.

There is however significant work required to see the sport not only grow further but to flourish. For this reason I am seeking your support for a 3rd term to continue this work. As always I am happy to be contacted directly at any stage to discuss my re-nomination or any matters via email or on the mobile 0410 691 027.

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight my background in the sport, the skills and experience I bring to the Board, what has been achieved to date and what my plans are for the next two years.

I was first introduced to professional running in 1989 when at 19 years of age I ran at Maryborough. My gift wins include Stawell, Bay Sheffield and Botany Bay. I was also a member of Australia’s 4x100m relay team at the 2004 Athens Olympics. I retired from running in 2005. I joined the Victorian Runner’s & Trainers Association (VRTA) in 2006 and was President from 2007 to 2009.

Professionally I am the State Manager (Vic & Tas) for the Fred IT Group.
My responsibilities here include;

 Team leadership and aligning team values with company strategy

 Sales and business development with a multi-million dollar annual budget to meet

 Various project based work (implementation reviews & change management)

 Customer service and account management

The skills required to achieve these responsibilities provides the basis to add value and insight to the role of VAL President. I am regularly exposed to the key areas of leading, developing and managing at all levels within the company.

Some of the key objectives the Board have been able to achieve and are working towards in my time;

 Creation and implementation of a strategic plan

 Initiation of discussions with State Government regarding funding for the sport

 Ongoing discussions within the corporate sector for various sponsorship opportunities

 Ensuring a good relationship exists with Athletics Victoria where we are both (along with Athletics Australia & Australian Little Athletics) planning to move into the new shared Albert Park facility

 Re-structuring the VAL financially and returning it to profit

 Purchase of a new photo-finish system

 Introduction of a handicapping panel

 Review & updating of the regulations
Going forward the three main areas I will focus on are;

 To review and implement a new strategic plan based on feedback from the key stakeholders in the sport; clubs, runners, trainers, volunteers & officials

 Seeing the ongoing discussions with Government, corporate sectors & other sporting organisations to completion to the benefit of all

 To continue the financial review and to raise funds ensuring we’re able to set a template for sustained and prolonged viability that ultimately results in growth

Professional running has a great tradition that was built on innovation, commitment and the hard work of everyone involved in the sport. No one entity can claim to be solely responsible. This tradition can carry on for years to come but is dependent on I believe the clubs, runners, trainers and the VAL continuing to work together collectively and acting in the best interests of the sport overall. Together we can achieve far more than we ever could individually. I look forward to doing just this over the next two years.

Yours in running

Andrew McManus

20 Terry O'Donnell on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:01 pm


Clubs as addressed-

Since 1984 I have served with the VAL as either a handicapper or steward. Over that time I have also
been involved in helping to run meetings for various clubs such as Maribyrnong Council, AFL Umpires, Torquay, St. Albans, Albion, Maribyrnong (St. Andrews) and offered advice to others when required. This has enabled me to see the complete picture on what is required at club level and where clubs and the VAL need help to improve to a level that improves the sport in the future. During these years I have seen the sport grow, decline, grow again and go through some rough times.

I have, made many friends at club level and in all cases have worked for the betterment of the sport through clubs participation and my roles at the VAL.

At the present moment I also serve as the National president of the Australian Athletic Confederation
which represents all professional bodies throughout Australia and am a life member of the VAL.

I have now decided to stand for a position on the VAL board and put back the knowledge I have gained over this time.

If elected I intend to push for the following -

1. Minutes of all meetings be forwarded to member clubs ( sensitive material excluded).

2. All decisions of the board be an open and majority vote and forwarded to member clubs.

3. Decisions be acceptable to clubs and for the betterment of the sport.

4. Important decisions that effect the sport be advised to clubs prior to a vote and being implemented.

5. I will not be a party to any faction groups and will only vote for the good of clubs and the sport.

6. Maintain contact with clubs to ensure their future is secure.Some clubs struggle to find enough workers on the day and we need to address this.

Over my time I have seen the good and the bad and the sport is now in a position of strength ( after reaching the bottom a few years ago) and with new meetings and increased registrations we now need to ensure our future is secure.

Other States are currently going through some hard times and for the sport to prosper they need to look at ideas that will ensure their survival. We as the senior State need to liase with them to see if any help is needed. We, in Victoria, can continue to expand but without a viable National presence our voice will be only an echo to any National or Government recognization.

I hope you see fit to vote for me at the annual meeting on Sunday 7th August and if you are unable to
attend please ensure that your vote is not wasted by advising the of your proxy vote.

Remember - without your club the Victorian Athletic League will cease to exist.


Terry O'Donnell

21 Rick Trusler on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:06 pm


Rick Trusler

Rick Trusler, 55. Rick has been involved in professional athletics as a competitor, trainer, sponsor, trophy donor, Steward, Chief Steward and former Board Member over the past 35 years. He competed up to the age of 47 except for a period where he worked for the VAL as a Steward under the guidance and administration of Bill Sutton as Chief Steward.

Rick won races over 70 metres to 400 metres including
the richest 70 metre Gift on the calendar at Heidelberg in 1986. He made numerous finals particularly at Stawell in his later years.

He lately has been Chief Steward for the past 8 years. Rick’s family has been closely involved in pro running for nearly 100 years from the Northeast family in Terang in the 1920’s to the present.

Rick is employed in the Training and education industry having formerly owned Trusler Engineering for 20 odd years. Rick brings a wealth of knowledge of professional athletics and business sales and marketing skills to the VAL.

His other interests are performing music, oil painting and horse racing. He is a member of the Stawell Athletic Club, St Albans Athletic Club, Victoria Racing Club and Moonee Valley Racing Club. Rick has recently been accepted as a member of the Victorian Artists Society.

Comment by Rick Trusler
I have an ongoing interest with the integrity and administration of professional athletics. I have been a
member of the Rules committee for past two years and will continue to use my close working knowledge of the application of our rules to assist our sport.

As the nominee of the St Albans club I am mindful of the composition of the Victorian Athletic League. This organization was created by the Stawell Athletic Club and Maryborough Highland Society with others to administer the sport of professional athletics for all clubs and as such believe that it should be the role of Board members to represent ALL clubs as they are our constituent members.

We must, should and are bound to do so. I do not represent “The Sport”. I am offering myself for election by the clubs to act for ALL the clubs.

I strongly believe in openness and communication with all and have been critical of the lack of dissemination of Board minutes to our clubs.

Whilst they are probably not particularly entertaining they are certainly necessary for our clubs to see that we actually do work in their interests.

Secrecy is the bedfellow of cronyism and corruption and openness is the only defence. While decisions
are sometimes made that may not meet the approval all, openness will allow scrutiny and proper decisions to be made for everyone’s benefit.

I am concerned with the financing of our organization. There have been periods when the commercial realities of certain decisions made by some have put the VAL at peril and I have always judged any changes made on the criteria “will it cost us money” and “will it add to what we do”. In the past the second has at times taken precedence over the first with disastrous consequences.

I will always work for a financially more secure VAL. I my opinion the VAL needs to accumulate funds for various purposes to assure its ongoing survival and
function. This has not been a priority for sometime due to the current needs for funds. I intend if re-elected work to building up our financial position.

Lastly I have a vision for the VAL. I would love to see the VAL as more than a minor sport. One where we
are regarded for presenting an exciting, profitable series of events that have certain value for our member clubs and that the athletes participating in such can share in the wealth created by such. Where we are regularly televised, shown on the web and discussed in the papers.

Our organization has brought us wonderful athletes and allowed our clubs to generate funds for their distinct purposes. I honestly feel we are getting close to achieving some of these goals and I offer my skills, time and energies to you as your representative on the Board.

22 Cameron Yorke on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:12 pm


Dear VAL Club
Thank you for this opportunity to communicate with you before the AGM. I have tried to keep this profile/nomination statement brief as reading all of the nominations will be time consuming for you.

However please feel free to contact me via mobile 0423020683 or email if you would like to discuss my nomination or other matters further. I am also happy to take questions from the floor at the AGM.

Who am I?
It is likely very few of you will have heard of me as I only moved to Victoria last August from WA, but I
have been competing in VAL events since 2000 and am well known to most athletes. Due to the lack of professional running meets in WA I predominantly competed as an amateur where I have competed at
national championships. I have also competed at pro events in SA & TAS and competed in 19 VAL events
in the past season. I am 35 years old, married and keen to assist the clubs and the sport.

What have I achieved on the board so far?
As you are aware I was appointed via a casual vacancy at the February board meeting, but I would like to
think in that short time that I have made a positive contribution and will continue to do so if elected for
a further two years. I believe I have contributed in the following way:

• Drafted constitutional changes to be endorsed at the AGM.

• Provided feedback to Ballarat Athletic Club on a government grant which was successful.

• Identified and assisted the CEO with a grant proposal for the VAL.

• Suggested a clubs survey similar to the VAL survey and drafted some questions for it.

• Supported the CEO, and have established a positive working relationship with him and other board
• Actively involved in discussing agenda items and providing alternate points of view.

What is my vision for the board and the sport?
I see amazing potential in the VAL and that is one of the main reasons why I am seeking election to the
board. I am also a firm believer in giving back to a sport in which I have enjoyed successes, made great
friendships and a sport which has helped me grow as a person. Moving forward I have the following vision.

Short term:
• The board must become more strategic rather than operational – I would propose advisory committees (which may include 1‐2 board members and 2‐3 athletes, club members or officials) be set up to provide technical advice to the board.

• Board policies and procedures must be constantly reviewed and in line with best practice – I have
significant knowledge in this area and am keen for the board to operate as efficiently and effectively
as possible.

• Leadership – the VAL needs to provide this to the clubs but also to the other states where memberships are falling. We also need to engage with other sports and industry.

• Sustainable meets – We need to do everything in our power to ensure all current meets survive and thrive.

• Source grant and funding opportunities – We need to help clubs with grant applications and other funding opportunities.

• Lower costs for athletes and clubs – currently a significant source of income for the VAL is entry fees
and money from the clubs. We need to be proactive in seeking sponsorship and grants as well as sharing cost saving services amongst clubs to help reduce costs.

• Investigate membership turnover – the reason for declining female memberships in particular needs
investigated and strategies created to help reverse this.

Long Term:
• Revenue sharing – This is possibly more than 5 years away, but it would be great if the VAL could
operate similar to the AFL and provide money to the clubs rather than vice versa.

• TV and multimedia – with all the new technology available it is important that meets can be
broadcast on the net or some other medium to a wide audience.

• National circuit and handicapping – this has been talked about for years, but nothing has happened.
Again, with all the technology now available this should be a long if not short term priority.

What skills do I bring?
All the board members seeking election will bring with them numerous skills or experiences which will be valuable to the board. I would like to think that I have some unique skills that are needed by the board, and are skills and experiences that no other nominee can provide.

Unique skills and experiences:
• Current and previous employment in professional sport – I am currently employed by the Rugby Union Players Association and work at the Melbourne Rebels Rugby team. I have previously worked for Athletics Australia in the competitions department which included a role at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

• I have both an undergraduate and master’s degree in sport management as well as 10 years teaching and course coordinator experience in sport management and sport law.

Other skills• Past board experience – I served on the board of Athletics WA for 6 years and also spent 8 years on the board of the West Coast Athletic League. I have also spent the past six months on the board, so I will be an effective board member from day 1.

• Interstate perspective – I understand the difficulties of being an interstate athlete trying to compete in the VAL and I also have good knowledge of successful meet ideas from WA, SA & TAS.

• Analytical and strategic thinker – This is needed by all board members and due to my theoretical and working knowledge of sport as an athlete, administrator and lecturer I can understand all sides of an argument, can think ‘big picture’, and can make decisions that are in the best interests of the sport.

• Passion and persistence – I hope all nominees have these characteristics as they are essential, and in
fact ‘passion, persistence and possibilities’ are in the footnote of my CV.

Final thoughts
I will be disappointed if my nomination to the board is not successful as I feel that I have qualities that
are unique and are needed by the current board.

However I will continue to support the VAL as an athlete, or on any committees they may set up, or with advice from time to time if asked.

Best of luck with making your decision and I look forward to meeting you at the AGM.

Yours sincerely

Cameron Yorke


All decided on Sunday, but do we know who the clubs will vote for?

New meets confirmed yet?

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