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October 2017

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Australian 4 x 100m Men in Taipei - RESULT

Australian 4 x 100m Men in Taipei - RESULT

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1 Australian 4 x 100m Men in Taipei - RESULT on Tue May 31, 2011 10:28 am


2011 Taiwan International
Track and Field Championships

Men 4x100m Relay Final
1st Chinese Taipei TPE 39.44
2nd Australia AUS 39.51
3rd National High Schools 41.00
4th Chiang Kai-shek High School 41.57
5th Kaohsiung City 41.59
6th Changhua County 42.97
7th UACS 43.08
8th National Training Center 43.14

Men's 100m
Liam Gander won heat 2 in 10.79 (Wind: -0.7) and Aaron Rouge-Serrett won heat 5 in 10.58 (-0.7).

Men's 100m FINAL
Wind: +0.3
1 Michael Frater Jamaica 10.06 (National All Comers record) Reaction Time: 0.153
2 Aaron Rouge Serret Australia 10.34 RT: 0.202
3 Liu Yuankai Chinese Taipei 10.59
4 Caimeng Lin Chinese Taipei TPE 10.66
5 Liam Gander Australia 10.68 RT: 0.164
6 Muhd ‚Äč‚ÄčAmirudin Bin Jamal Singapore 10.69
7 Liangze Jing Chinese Taipei 10.70
8 Town Yi Wei, Chinese Taipei 10.72

Men 200m 1st Round
Heat 3

Wind: +0.1
1st Matt Davies of Australia 20.95 Reaction Time: 0.240
2nd Kaohsiung City, Chen Xun 22.16
3rd Yen-Jong Chen Jianguo High School in Taipei 22.32
4th Zhu Zhi-Sheng, National High Schools 22.39
5th Fupei Yu Chung Cheng High School Kaohsiung 22.43
6th Yuren You Grass Training Center 22.65
7th Pei-Ming, National Taiwan institute 22.97

Davies was the only Aussie in the 200m heats.

Men 200m Final
Wind: +0.4
1 Matt Davies Australia 20.81 (Equal The Meet Record) Reaction Time: 0.176
2 Wangwen Tang Chinese Taipei 21.30
3 Liangze Jing Chinese Taipei TPE 21.33
4 Wei Huang Yong, Kaohsiung 21.43
5 Chung Cheng High School Kaohsiung Zheng Zhuanzong 21.71
6 Chan Yan Lam Hong Kong HKG 21.91
7 Xun Chen Kaohsiung 22.11
8 Datong Chen Weiru high school in Taipei City 22.25

And as mentioned on the AA website:

"Closer to home at a meet in Taipei (TWN), Matt Davies has secured victory in the men's 200m after stopping the clock in a championship record time of 20.81 (w: +1.4), whilst Aaron Rouge Serret and Liam Gander have placed 2nd (10.34, w: +0.3) and 5th (10.68) respectively in the men's 100m.

Returning to the track to join open age international debutante Jake Hammond for the men's 4x100m relay, the quartet placed second behind host nation Taiwan in a time of 39.51."

Pick Up

Aussie guys need to pick it up. beat by Taipei in only 39.51, wont cut it at the worlds in Korea.

Have to run under 39 secs to be a chance of getting top 16.

Its OK

Good run by Davies.

39.51 isnt too bad, currently top =16.

Countries faster than Australia in 2011.
Jamaica 38.33
USA 38.41
Canada 38.65
Brazil 38.77
Japan 38.78
Italy 38.89
Trinidad & Tobago 39.04
Korea 39.04
Great Britain 39.09
Germany 39.09
China 39.16
Hong Kong 39.24
Poland 39.24
France 39.37
Columbia 39.39
Oman 39.51
Australia 39.51

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