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March 2018

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Below is the draft timetable of the AAT Final to be held in Perth on Thursday 31st March and Friday 1st April.

Entry Lists to be confirmed, although I believe all the athletes have been notified of their inclusion.

The combined events are being held during the day - below are just the evening schedules.


(Draft Timetable as at 21 March 2011)

6.30pm Triple Jump Men AAT Final
6.30pm Discus Throw Women AAT Final
6.30pm Discus Throw Men AAT Final
6.40pm 400 metres Girls Little Athletics
6.45pm High Jump (Pit B) Men AAT Final
6.46pm 100 meters Girls Little Athletics
6.53pm 100 metres Women AAT Final
7.00pm Pole Vault Men AAT Final
7.01pm 200 metres Under 20 Women Heptathlon
7.09pm 200 metres Open/Under 23 Women Heptathlon
7.23pm 200 metres Men AAT Final
7.30pm 1500 metres Girls Little Athletics
7.39pm 1500 metres Women AAT Final
7.50pm Triple Jump Women AAT Final
8.05pm Javelin Throw Men AAT Final
7.48pm 400 metres Under 20 Men Combined Event
7.55pm 400 metres Open/Under 23 Men Decathlon
8.06pm 400 metres Women AAT Final
8.14pm 3000 metres Men AAT Final
8.31pm 100 metres Hurdles Women AAT Final
8.40pm 110 metres Hurdles Men AAT Final
8.50pm 800 metres Men AAT Final

Friday 1st APRIL 2011
6.30pm High Jump Women AAT Final
6.30pm Long Jump Men AAT Final
6.30pm Pole Vault Women AAT Final
6.40pm 200 metres Girls Little Athletics
6.46pm 200 metres Women AAT Final
6.52pm 800 metres Under 20 Women Heptathlon
6.57pm 800 metres Open/Under 23 Women Heptathlon
7.07pm 1500 metres Boys Little Athletics
7.19pm 1500 metres Under 20 Men Combined Event
7.19pm 1500 metres Open/Under 23 Men Decathlon
7.32pm 400 metres Hurdles Men AAT Final
7.42pm 400 metres Hurdles Women AAT Final
7.50pm Long Jump Women AAT Final
7.50pm 100 metres Boys Little Athletics
7.55pm Shot Put Women AAT Final
7.55pm Shot Put Men AAT Final
7.55pm Javelin Throw Women AAT Final
7.57pm 100 metres Men AAT Final
8.05pm 1500 metres Men AAT Final
8.17pm 800 metres Women AAT Final

8.25pm 400 metres Boys Little Athletics
8.32pm 400 metres Men AAT Final
8.40pm 3000 metres Women AAT Final

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Meet is on Thursday and still no confirmed start lists?

Might be a few athletes doubtful for various reasons and they're still contacting or following up athletes to confirm their participation.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

3 ENTRY LISTS on Wed 30 Mar 2011 - 10:17


2011 Australian Athletics Tour Final
- 31/03/2011 to 1/04/2011

Perth Track Classic
Western Australian Athletics Centre

Women 100 Metre Open
1 Crystal Attenborough NT
2 Kylie Bent WA
3 Melissa Breen ACTAS
4 Sarah Busby QLD
5 Chandell Fretwell WA
6 Leanne Hodge SA
7 Shannon McCann WAIS
8 Sally Pearson QAS
9 Charlotte van Veenendaal QLD
10 Laura Whaler NSWIS

Men 100 Metre Open
1 Mangar Chuot WA
2 Matt Davies QAS
3 Andrew Emsavana WA
4 Liam Gander NSW
5 Jacob Groth NSWIS
6 Adrian Mott VIC
7 Aaron Rouge-Serret VIS

Women 200 Metre Open
1 Crystal Attenborough NT
2 Melissa Breen ACTAS
3 Leanne Hodge SA
4 Alysse Hogan WA
5 Maris Magi EST
6 Sally Pearson QAS
7 Charlotte van Veenendaal QLD
8 Laura Whaler NSWIS

Men 200 Metre Open
1 Matt Carter VIC
2 Mangar Chuot WA
3 Matt Davies QAS
4 Liam Gander NSW
5 Jacob Groth NSWIS
6 Adrian Mott VIC
7 Aaron Rouge-Serret VIS
8 Sean Wroe VIS

Women 400 Metre Open
1 Bridgid Connolly SA
2 Rosie Kelly SA
3 Tamsyn Lewis VIC
4 Maris Magi EST
5 Ella Solin WA

Men 400 Metre Open
1 James Boden SA
2 Andrew Boudrie VIC
3 Nicholas Boylett QLD
4 David Burke NSW
5 Alexander Carew VIC
6 Kevin Moore NSWIS
7 Ben Offereins WAIS
8 Clay Watkins SASI
9 Sean Wroe VIS

Women 800 Metre Open
1 Georgie Clarke VIC
2 Bridgid Conolly SA
3 Erica Fountain VIC
4 Kelly Hetherington VIC
5 Katherine Katsanevakis VIC
6 Trychelle Kingdom VIS
7 Tamsyn Lewis VIC
8 Kelly McGinnity WA
9 Holly Noack WA
10 Sianne Toemoe NSWIS
11 Kelly Young NSW

Men 800 Metre Open
1 James Boden SA
2 Jace Collingridge WA
3 Chris de Boer WA
4 Tristan Garrett NSWIS
5 James Gurr NSW
6 Matthew Hammond NSW
7 James Kaan NSWIS
8 Johnny Rayner VIC
9 Lachlan Renshaw NSWIS
10 Jeffrey Riseley VIS
11 Stephen Snowden WA
12 Edward Vining VIC

Women 1500 Metre Open
1 Georgie Clarke VIC
2 Lisa Corrigan ACT
3 Bridey Delaney NSW
4 Erica Fountain VIC
5 Linden Hall VIC
6 Monique Hollick WA
7 Emily Loughnan WA
8 Kaila Mcknight VIS
9 Amanda Paulin VIC
10 Kelly Young NSW

Men 1500 Metre Open
1 Thomas Bruins WA
2 Lachlan Chisholm NSW
3 Alan Craigie ACT
4 Chris de Boer WA
5 Mark Fountain VIC
6 Brenton Rowe VIC
7 Marc See WA

Women 3000 Metre Open
1 Hannah Castle WA
2 Georgie Clarke VIC
3 Lisa Corrigan ACT
4 Monique Hollick WA
5 Victoria Mitchell VIC

Men 3000 Metre Open
1 Roberto Busi WA
2 Ryan Christian VIC
3 Dale Christopher WA
4 Alan Craigie ACT
5 Chris Hartley SA
6 David Kennedy WA
7 Sam Maxwell WA
8 Chartt Miller WA
9 Brenton Rowe VIC
10 Marc See WA
11 Joshua Tedesco WA

Women 100 Metre Hurdles Open
1 Brianna Beahan WA
2 Michelle Jenneke NSW
3 Shannon McCann WAIS
4 Sally Pearson QAS
5 Freya Shearer WA

Men 110 Metre Hurdles Open
1 Greg Eyears NSW
2 Ryan Purcell WA
3 Siddhanth Thingalaya IND
4 Mitchel Webber WA

Women 400 Metre Hurdles Open
1 Lauren Boden AIS
2 Jess Gulli VIC
3 Lyndsay Pekin ACT
4 Shenae Peterson WA
5 Jana Pittman VIS
6 Alice Round WA
7 Lora Storey WA

Men 400 Metre Hurdles Open
1 Sasha Alexeenko QAS
2 Brendan Cole AIS
3 Felipe De Castro Cruz WA
4 Nathan McConchie VIC
5 James Roff NSW
6 Jordann Sampson WA
7 Raheen Williams AIS
8 Cameron Yorke VIC

no way

Surely not
Boden running both 400m and 800m a couple of weeks out from Nationals.
Some people just dont learn.
What other athlete who wants to do well at the Nationals is doubling up in the middle distances.

Bubba S

The races are on different days and only one four and eight. Good way to prepare yourself for nationals when you have to back up two 800s in a couple of days.Nationals are still two weeks away.
Quite different to the situation at Vic Titles where it was 2 runs of each distance.
Tamsyn Lewis is doing the same thing in Perth in prep for Nationals.

no clue

You have no clue do you... nationals is slightly superior to SA state champs. Boden will not be in the position where he can cruise through his heat at nationals and then go all out in the final. Boden HAS to run his heat as though it is a final. If he is successful in progressing through to the final, he has to be fit enough to back up his performance the next night and do it all over again. 2 weeks out from nationals, this is perfect preperation!


Thanks to Bubba & 'no clue' - they have answered the query adequately.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Cant compare Lewis with Boden.
Lewis has approx 3 secs on all the other runners in the 400m and the 400m will be just a training run.
Bodens programme will take the edge off him, maybe only 2-6% but thats all it will take at the Nationals to bring him undone.
Bodens coach is relatively inexperianced in coaching middle distance runners at National level and has gone out on his own by going down this path.
Its interesting that no other coach has chosen this path.

no clue

go through the entry list for the 800m. How many of those are quick enough over 400m to EARN a lane in a GP? Lewis' will not be having a training run. Have you seen her compete? Everytime she steps on the track - she is flat out. Just because lewis finished 1st or 2nd and Boden may finish the 400m at the back of the field - does not mean that Lewis was running at a sub-max intensity.
Do you know anything about tapering for a major competition? and SA state champs does not count as a major competition. He has 14 days to recover. oungy seems to know a lot about CF, so im assuming they will adopt his 10 day taper theory. All signs of neural fatigue will be vanished by day 6-7 post race. Everything between then and his 800 heat will be just a matter of keeping the legs ticking over and fresh


G Clarke. 800, 1500 and 3000?
Good to see C Yorke having a run over the 400mH.
Still not sure what he is aiming for this season.
Running events 70m-800m


no way aka pathway wrote: Bodens coach is relatively inexperianced in coaching middle distance runners at National level and has gone out on his own by going down this path.

In essence this is what this is all about. You appear irritated at the fact I coach a national level 800m runner (who by the way, with a PB of 1-52.8 was not a national level 800m runner before he joined YGTS).

My belief is that if Boden was being coached by anyone else, this 'pathway' would have appeared to be very reasonable; as 'no clue' has, twice already, eloquently explained the purpose of the 800/400 double 24 hours apart.

Might be a case of wait & see before commenting further? Or is that too much to ask?

"Let's Go While We're Young"


There's two different situations. ONE is where a coach and an athlete with no prior history of national standard 800 running and the athlete improves to run national standard times. BOTH athlete and coach learn together. The SECOND is where a coach with no prior history of national standard has the opportunity takes on an athlete who is already at a national standard. I can see that as a potential problem. If youngy gets Boden to a national standard for the first time, running under 1-50 then thats GOOD for athlete and coach. BOTH have learned together. its not like he took on Renshaw or Risely? Every coach started somewhere.

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