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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Flagstaff Hill Schedule & HISTORY

Flagstaff Hill Schedule & HISTORY

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1 Flagstaff Hill Schedule & HISTORY on Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:26 am


Saturday12 March 2011


4.00pm 70m Under 20 – 3 Heats
4.12pm 70m Open – 4 Heats
4.28pm 120m Over 35 – 4 Heats
4.44pm 120m Women – 3 Heats
4.56pm 120m Open Flagstaff Hill Gift – 4 Heats
5.12pm 70m Under 20 – Final and Presentation
5.22pm 70m Open – Final and Presentation
5.32pm 1600m Under 17 – Final and Presentation
5.42pm 1600m Open – Final and Presentation
5.52pm 120m Over 35 – Final and Presentation
6.02pm 120m Women’s Gift – Final and Presentation
6.12pm 120m Open Flagstaff Hill Gift – Final and Presentation
6.22pm Official Break(16 minutes)
6.38pm 400m Women – 2 Heats
6.46pm 400m Novice – 3 Heats
6.58pm 400m Over 45 – 3 Heats
7.10pm 400m Under 14 – Final and Presentation
7.20pm 550m Open John Dawkins Memorial – 2 Heats
7.28pm Children’s Races
7.48pm Footballers Relay - Final and Presentation
7.58pm 400m Women – Final and Presentation
8.08pm 400m Novice – Final and Presentation
8.18pm 400m Over 45 – Final and Presentation
8.28pm 550m John Dawkins Memorial – Final and Presentation

"Let's Go While We're Young"

2 Re: Flagstaff Hill Schedule & HISTORY on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:00 am


Below is some background (off the SAAL website) on John LeRay and the Southern stable based at Flagstaff Hill. Sometimes, people forget that without the dedication of coaches like John, plying their trade in the suburbs and hosting their own meet each season, this sport would struggle.

Congrats to John and the team for continuing the tradition of Flagstaff Hill.

Good luck on Saturday.



The Flagstaff Athletics Club surfaced rather than being formed, with only four Athletes from the Southern Hills Little Athletics Club initially being encouraged by John LeRay to try running with the SA Athletic League. Belinda Laird, Samantha Osborn, Brett Littledyke and James Cormack were the first to try competing off handicaps for prizemoney in the 1992/93 Season. The reason that there were only four athletes involved was because they were the only ones who had turned 15 years of age, the then minimum age to commence in League ranks. By the end of the 1992/93 Season, the ranks had swelled to eleven as the birthdays kept arriving. In its first season, the club won four sashes (three from Women’s races and one from Under 18 races).

John LeRay had always held an interest in League racing from his days as a SANFL field umpire from 1979 to 1981 when he watched fellow umpires compete each year at the Bay Sheffield Carnival. His links with the Flagstaff Hill Little Athletics Club led to his decision to try his hand at coaching.

Since 1992, many runners have passed through the Flagstaff ranks while gaining fitness, technique and balance to enhance their other sporting pursuits. David Smith has been the most consistent and loyal Flagstaff Athlete over 13 years running in three Stawell 400/550m finals and making eleven consecutive Bay Sheffield 550m finals (a League record). His win in the prestigious 400m Camden Classic in 1999 was a memorable moment.

In the women’s ranks, Mandy Heath was also outstanding, winning the Camden Women’s Classic at 15 years of age and then the Bay Sheffield Women’s Gift and Bendigo 400m Women’s final. Australian representative netballers Laura and Natalie Von Bertouch both saw the advantages in League running on the way to their preferred sport. Alex Burr has reached the pinnacle of the sport by winning the 400m Women’s final at Stawell in 2001.

The Flagstaff Club has won 114 Sashes in just over a decade with over 30 Athletes passing through their ranks. It has also proudly hosted its own Carnival since 1996. Before 1996, local South Australian runners had to maintain their race form for up to four weeks without a SA Athletic League race meeting in the lead up to the important Stawell Gift Carnival held each Easter in Victoria. As the Flagstaff Hill Gift Carnival established itself as the final event in SA before Stawell, many local athletes enjoyed success over the border.

Since 2007, the Flagstaff Hill Gift Carnival has been held in early March as a twilight meeting on a Friday night.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

3 Re: Flagstaff Hill Schedule & HISTORY on Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:13 pm



120m Open Gift
1996 – James Langford (7.00m) 12.26secs
1997 – Aaron Harrison (9.75m) 12.24secs
1998 – Bill Varcoe (7.50m) 12.23secs
1999 – David Palmer (10.25m) 12.44secs
2000 – Michael Coughlan (12.00m) 12.37secs
2001 – Aaron McMahon (9.50m) 12.35secs
2002 – Bradley Letton (9.75m) 12.54secs
2003 – Craig Hams (10.75m) 12.88secs
2004 – Aaron Harrison (8.75m) 12.69secs
2005 – Duncan Tippins (4.75m) 12.86secs
2006 – Kane Harrison (10.50m) 12.37secs
2007 – David Palmer (11.75m) 12.56secs
2008 – David Palmer (11.75m) 12.52secs
2009 - Michael Nitschke (9.25m) 12.57secs
2010 - Jarrad Dartnall (11.00m) 12.56 secs

70m Open
1996 – James Noblet (6.00m) 7.37secs
1997 – Matthew Sutton (6.25m) 7.37secs
1998 – Tom Hassell (6.00m) 7.35secs
1999 – Craig Hams (7.00m) 7.59secs
2000 – Michael Coughlan (8.00m) 7.54secs
2001 – Aaron McMahon (6.50m) 7.59secs
2002 – Nathan Hoare (7.75m) 7.56secs
2003 – Shaun Ryder (7.75m) 7.67secs
2004 – Aaron Harrison (6.00m) 7.66secs
2005 – Bradley Letton (6.25m) 7.79secs
2006 – Kane Harrison (7.00m) 7.55secs
2007 – Steven Hodge (6.25m) 7.63secs
2008 – Aaron Harrison (6.75m) 7.64secs
2009 – Stephan Thiel (6.50m) 7.62secs
2010 - Clayton McCloud (7.75m) 7.61secs

70m Under 20s
2007 – Matthew Jose (6.75m) 7.84secs
2008 – Ben Van Der Vlag (8.50m) 7.74secs
2009 – Ben Hardy (7.25m) 7.81secs
2010 - Daniel Marks (6.25m) 7.95secs

120m Women
2006 – Emma Burckhardt (nee Hill) (15.75m) 14.08secs
2007 – Emma Burckhardt (nee Hill) (15.00m) 13.90secs
2008 – Kim Letton (14.50m) 14.22secs
2009 – Lauren Buchanan (12.00m) 14.04secs
2010 - Tamara Dartnall (10.00m) 14.35secs

120m Over 35s
2000 – Dirk Nankervis (7.50m) 13.31secs
2001 – Steve Butler (5.00m) 13.70secs
2002 – David Wujek (5.00m) 13.31secs
2003 – Brian Witty (23.00m) 13.88secs
2004 – Cheryl Zeuner (34.00m) 13.45secs
2005 – Karen Moran (28.00m) 13.78secs
2006 – Karen Paparella (30.50m) 13.30secs
2009 – Sue Manuel (25.50m) 13.31secs
2010 - Jackie Chehade (23.50m) 13.57secs

400m Women
1996 – Kirsty Miller (32m) 56.80secs
1997 – Mandy Heath (26m) 55.43secs
1998 – Chelsea Dwyer (32m) 56.61secs
1999 – Kirsty Miller (34m) 57.40secs
2000 – Lee Myatt (nee Westwood) (24m) 57.43secs
2001 – Alex Penhall (nee Burr) (36m) 56.83secs
2002 – Deborah Tippins (nee Searle) (50m) 57.18secs
2003 – Kirsty Meekins (40m) 57.06secs
2004 – Sue Sheppard (36m) 56.63secs
2005 – Amy Robb (34m) 56.97secs
2006 – Joanne Fenech (38m) 56.14secs
2007 – Paige White (56m) 54.21secs
2008 – Zoe Kennedy (43m) 56.51secs
2009 – Lucy Buckley (48m) 54.14secs
2010 - Tamara Dartnall (44m) 55.77secs

400m Novice
2008 – Ben Crawford (40m) 50.73secs
2009 – Jarrad Dartnall (35m) 50.44secs
2010 - Kane Russell (25m) 49.03secs

400m Over 45
2009 – Mark Beveridge (16m) 52.33secs
2010 - Ali Saliu (34m) 52.24secs

550m Open John Dawkins Memorial
1996 – Peter Brennan (64m) – 1min 9.00secs
1997 – Steven Wilson (56m) 1min 9.49secs
1998 – Hilary Flynn (46m) 1min 10.94secs
1999 – Steven Wilson (60m) 1min 11.33secs
2000 – Mark Ormrod (28m) 1min 8.53secs
2001 – Chris Burckhardt (30m) 1min 10.51secs
2002 – Mark Beveridge (50m) 1min 9.34secs
2003 – Steven Wilson (48m) 1min 10.13secs
2004 – Geoff Troiano (80m) 1min 10.73secs
2005 – Hayden Cook (26m) 1min 11.59secs
2006 – Mark Beveridge (57m) 1min 11.19secs
2007 – Leon Burckhardt (33m) 1min 10.69secs
2008 – Geoff Troiano (72m) 1min 13.23secs
2009 – Leon Burckhardt (34) 1min 12.25secs
2010 - Kostya Khudoshin (34m) 1min 11.69secs

1600m Open
1996 – Shane Thiele (125m) 4mins 7.90secs
1997 – Tony Symons (115m) 4mins 6.66secs
1998 – Kym Barnett (155m) 4mins 8.60secs
1999 – Ryan Cox (85m) 4mins 13.52secs
2000 – Adam Bishop (110m) 4mins 5.45secs
2001 – Ashley Sandison (155m) 4mins 12.59secs
2002 – PJ Bosch (105m) 4mins 11.08secs
2003 – Matthew Fenech (105m) 4mins 9.52secs
2004 – Jordan Massey-Harvey (140m) 4mins 11.76secs
2005 – Georgia Kaidonis (305m) 4mins 5.44secs
2006 – Toby Medlin (125m) 4mins 8.86secs
2007 – Michael Killicoat (130m) 4mins 8.61secs
2008 – Gregor Dingwall (235m) 4mins 17.13secs
2009 – Ben Crawford (155m) 4mins 12.13secs
2010 - Melissa Lloyd (340m) 4min 05.33secs

1600m Under 17
2010 - Corey Watkins (120m) 4mins 40.92secs


70m Over 35s
2007 – Peter Wade (13.00m) 7.89secs
2008 – David Wujek (5.25m) 7.94secs

100m Women
1998 – Michelle Burckhardt (nee Starr) (9.25m) 11.85secs
1999 – Sharon Ruxton (6.25m) 12.04secs
2000 – Jackie Chehade (11.00m) 11.58secs
2001 – Alex Penhall (nee Burr) (11.50m) 11.62secs
2002 – Alex Penhall (nee Burr) (10.75m) 11.95secs
2003 – Elle Watson (8.75m) 12.08secs
2004 – Kate McLean (nee Fenech) (5.00m) 11.96secs
2005 – Meggan O’Riley (6.5m) 12.21secs

400m Under 20s
1996 – Adam LeRay (32m)
1998 – Simon Thompson (36m) 50.97secs
1999 – Mark Ormrod (4m) 53.02secs
2000 – Chris Hodges (18m) 50.74secs
2001 – Bradley Letton (22m) 50.90secs
2002 – Matthew Hede (28m) 51.26secs
2003 – Damian Tohl (32m) 48.51secs
2004 – Damian Tohl (28m) 50.64secs
2005 – Damian Tohl (18m) 49.87secs
2006 – Mark Ridgwell (23m) 51.50secs
2007 – Alex Saliu (20m) 49.19secs

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