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March 2018

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Burnie 400m controversy

Burnie 400m controversy

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1 Burnie 400m controversy on Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:36 pm


I am surprised that no one has mentioned the final of the Burnie 400m yet. There was a protest after some contact was made turning into the straight. This protest resulted in Lemoto being disqualified. Was this the right call or should they have issued a warning such as the one issued at Northcote during a women's event? Ray Quarrell suggested looking at the TAL constitution and specifically rule 49 (page 19).

This is the rule.
49.1. A competitor overtaking another must always pass him/her on the outside, unless the runner being overtaken has retired from the race, or is manifestly competing wide, and further must be two clear metres ahead before taking ground in front of his/her opponent. The inside runner must allow room
for his/her opponent to pass.
49.2. Any competitor jostling or running across, or wilfully obstructing so as to impede another's progress shall, at the Stewards discretion, be disqualified and/or fined. It shall be the duty of the Stewards to report to the Judges any competitor whose tactics they consider unfair.
49.3. The Chief Steward may allow any competitor so interfered with, to start in a subsequent race, or order the race to be rerun with or without the offending party or parties.
49.4. Any athlete who in the opinion of the Steward/s deliberately looks around at any time during the running of an event may be fined or disqualified.

I believe that you could use the above to argue for each of the athletes involved.

49.1 - Pink was impeded by the grey by not passing on the outside. Contact was initiated by the grey although one could argue it was initiated by the pink as well. Grey was impeded by the pink who did not allow 2m before changing his line. Pink was also running wide which eliminates the previous point. I believe that Dan Lemoto has two still frames which may indicate that the pink shifted in to block his run.

49.2 - Pink was wilfully obstructed by the grey. Grey was wilfully obstructed by the pink. I personally would not use this to argue either case as it is too difficult to determine wilfully as opposed to accidentally.

49.3 - irrelevant

49.4 - irrelevant

I like Dan, he is a great competitor. Did he do the wrong thing or did he see a gap and go for it before it closed and he had already committed. I believe that a further appeal is ongoing. What do you think?

2 Re: Burnie 400m controversy on Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:06 pm


The problem for Dan is the rule stipulates one should only pass on the outside. The only time you can pass a runner on his inside is if he is about 2m off the inside line. There might have been a gap but it appears it was not wide enough to legitimately pass through.  

Dan was in a prime position with about 80m to go, to veer out and go three wide when the athlete in black was starting to lose ground. But he chose to try and take the split between the two leaders. The athlete in pink had every right to hold his line and close the gap.

I think had Dan worked his way around earlier and got a clear run, he probably wins the race.

The DQ was fair enough.

The footage is available on the SCAT facebook page.

3 Re: Burnie 400m controversy on Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:22 pm

Graeme Lebroy

Classic case of the gap being there for a stride and then when he went to go through the gate had shut. It’s always a high risk strategy going the inside run and when it doesn’t come off the stewards have no choice but to change the result.

I agree also if he came out in front of blue he probably would have won.

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