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March 2018

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Burnie Gift 2018 updates & reports - Daniel Reeves & Kiani Allen triumph

Burnie Gift 2018 updates & reports - Daniel Reeves & Kiani Allen triumph

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70m Open FINAL
1 Jack Colgrave 5.75m 7.78s
2 Maddie Coates ?.?? 7.79s
3 Daniel Richardson 5.75m 7.86s
4 Brendan Smart 9.00m 7.94s
5 Mark Nichols 8.50m 7.98s
Craig Mair 7.25m 7.99s

Men's Burnie Gift
Heat 1
1 Nathan Riali 2.75m 13.31s
2 Callum James 9.75m 13.59s
3 Rory Plant 8.25m 13.61s
4 Tim Potter 13.00m 13.80s
5 Jarred Gilroy 6.75m 14.07s
6 Caleb Purton 6.00m 14.28s
DNS Craig Mair 10.25m

Heat 2
1 Daniel Richardson 8.50m 13.48s
2 Will Johns 3.75m 13.48s
3 Ross Lovell 5.50m 13.55s
4 Edward Ware 7.50m 13.57s
5 Mark Nicholls 13.00m 13.71s
6 Grady Stretton 10.75m 14.24s
7 Riley Abbott 7.50m 14.57s

Heat 3
1 David McCrae 11.25m 13.41s
2 Ryan Cooper 8.50m 13.62s
3 Alec Eiszele 9.75m 13.71s
4 Logan James 8.25m 14.12s
DNS Matt DeBruin 5.0m
DNS Nicholas Repalust 5.75m
DNS Harry Ashlin 7.75m

Heat 4
1 Harry Kimpton-Moss 5.25m 13.77s
2 Alex Riddell 11.75m 13.79s
3 Darren Rogers 11.00m 13.85s
4 Andrew Robinson 5.75m 14.01s
5 Ollie Wurm 8.25m 14.05s
6 Keir Huxtable 8.00m 14,25s
7 Jacob Camac 8.75m 14.26s

Heat 5
1 Edward Gates 8.25m 13.15s
2 Jack Hale -1.00m 13.30s
3 Jack Colgrave 8.50m 13.38s
4 Liam Dooley 6.00m 13.45s
5 Dan Lemoto 10.25m 13.56s
DNS Daniel Perry 8.00m

Heat 6
1 Daniel Reeves 10.50m 13.49s
2 Jacob Despard 2.75m 13.49s
3 Brandon Clark 10.25m 13.56s
4 Cameron Cranfield 10.50m 13.62s
5 Jorden Englund 7.00m 13.88s
6 Adam French 9.00m 14.26s

Heat 7
1 Rupert Lugo 10.25m 13.63s
2 Matthew Murray 8.25m 13.68s
3 Luke Whitney 7.50m 14.00s
4 Brendan Smart 13.00m 14.32s
DNS Vandy Kanneh 5.00m
DNS Matthew Cure 10.50m

120m Men's Burnie Gift
semi finals

Semi Final 1
1 Daniel Reeves 10.50m
2 Matthew Murray 8.25m
3 Jack Colgrave 8.50m
Time: 12.86s
Others: Nathan Riali 2.75m, Harry Kimpton-Moss 5.25m, Luke Whitney 7.50m, Darren Rogers 11.00m.

Semi Final 2
1 Eddie Gates 8.25m
2 Daniel Richardson VIC 8.50m
3 Will Johns VIC 3.75m
Time: 12.93sec
Others: Jacob Despard 2.75m, Ryan Cooper 8.50m, Alec Eiszele 9.75m, Alex Riddell 11.75m.

Semi Final 3
1 Rupert Lugo VIC 10.25m
2 Brandon Clark 10.25m
3 David McCrae 11.25m
Time: 12.96s
Jack Hale (-1.0m) did not make it out of this semi.
Others: Ross Lovell 5.50m, Rory Plant 8.25m, Callum James 9.75m.

Women's Burnie Gift
Semi Final 1
1 Morgan Gaffney 3.25m
2 Ashleigh Whittaker VIC Scr
3 Bec Kovacic 7.75m

Semi Final 2
1 Kiani Allen 6.25m
2 Maddie Coates Scr
3 Kiara Chambers 5.25m

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"Let's Go While We're Young"


Women's Burnie Gift
Final Field

Red Maddie Coates Scr
White Ashleigh Whittaker Scr
Blue Morgan Gaffney 3.25m
Yellow Kiara Chambers 5.25m
Green Kiani Allen 6.25m
Pink Bec Kovacic 7.75m

Men's Burnie Gift
Final Field

Red Edward Gates 8.25m
White Matthew Murray 8.25m
Blue Daniel Richardson 8.50m
Yellow Brandon Clark 10.25m
Green Rupert Lugo VIC 10.25m
Pink Brandon Clark 10.50m

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Jack Hale won the Burnie 120m backmarkers.

1 Jack Hale Scratch 13.20sec
2 Nathan Riali 3.25m
3 Jacob Despard 3.25m

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Men's Burnie Gift FINAL
1 Daniel Reeves 10.50m
2 Eddie Gates 8.25m
3 Brandon Clark 10.25m
Time: 12.65sec
Reeves won the Burnie Mile in 2012. Eddie Gates finishes runner-up for the second time after running 2nd to Brendan Cole in 2012. Rosebery Gift winner Brandon Clark was 3rd.

Women's Burnie gift FINAL
1 Kiani Allen 8.0m
2 Morgan Gaffney 5.0m
3 Maddie Coates Scr
Time: 14.14sec

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Along with the 2012 Burnie mile and the Latrobe 400m, Burnie Gift winner Daniel Reeves also has two 400m Devonport Gift sashes from 2011 (when he also beat Eddie Gates) and 2015.

Reeves was 2nd in last year's Burnie Gift (11.25m) and went on to win the 800m at Stawell off 20m. It makes for a pretty decent CV.

Reeves joins Adam Coote and Mark Hipworth as winners of the Stawell 800m and Burnie Gift double.

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"Let's Go While We're Young"


Burnie Mile

1 Matt Ramsden 30m 4-00.15
2 Dylan Evans 115m
3 Luke Mathews Scr.
Mathews time for the full mile - 4-01.80
4 Stewart McSweyn Scr 4-01.87

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Great to see the Burnie track looking in magnificent condition as usual. It would be great if all our tracks were prepared like that.



Reeves wins the 2018 Burnie Gift

By Alex Fair
The Advocate
1 January 2018

ON THE RUN: Daniel Reeves (in the pink) on his way to
victory in the Burnie Gift on Monday. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Daniel Reeves erased the pain of last year and cemented his transformation from a distance specialist to a sprinter with victory in Monday’s Burnie Gift.

The Burnie product finished ahead of Eddie Gates and Brandon Clark in a time of 12.65 after running off 10.5m in a win that meant the world to the 28-year-old, who already has such victorious as the 800m at Stawell and two 400m Devonport gifts.

“I came second here last year (behind Jorden Englund) and I’m usually more of a distance runner, but all the hard work has paid off,’’ he said.

“This is right up there. I mean Stawell was a real highlight last year, but to win your home gift after growing up watching the sprinters do it (is special).

“I was a distance runner and I didn’t think I’d ever really get a chance, but it just goes to show with a bit of hard work you can get there. This means a lot and I’ve probably achieved all I can in pro-running with Stawell last year and now this.”

Reeves is self-trained, but paid credit to his former coach Mike McKenna for his support.

The -1m handicap handed to sprint sensation Jack Hale proved too much of a hurdle for the 19-year-old, whose campaign ended at the semi-final stage. But he was still proud of the way he ran on the day, which included winning the Invitational 120m in 13.20 off scratch to go with his Latrobe Gift.

“I am honestly over the moon with how this has gone,’’ Hale said.

“To come out and run this well is just a really good confidence booster for me going forward.

“It is a real tough one to hear that you are off -1 and I would have been a good chance if I had my mark from Latrobe (0.5m), but coming into it was just about doing my absolute best and not thinking about it, as it is really good training going forward.

“To come here and make a semi and almost make a final, I am ecstatic.”



Hobart teenager Kiana Allen collects the biggest win of her career with the Burnie Gift

By Alex Fair
The Advocate
1 January 2018

Kiana Allen  sure did enjoy her first trip to the Burnie Carnival after claiming the Burnie Gift on Monday in a breakthrough performance.

It was a result that she said was completely unexpected for the 18-year-old from Hobart after she beat home three-time champ Morgan Gaffney and Maddie Coates home, with the field also featuring another Australian representative in Ashleigh Whittaker. Coates and Whittaker both ran off scratch.

Allen had a handicap of eight metres, finishing the race in a time of 14.14.

“It is just amazing,’’ she said after a day of racing that was impacted by a headwind which was quite strong.

“It’s awesome and I’m really happy.

“This is one of the best wins I’ve had so far.

“I was aware of the head wind out and as this was my first carnival, I wasn’t really sure whether I would get into the final, and I just wanted to concentrate on running the best I could, and I would have been happy with that.”

Allen, who is trained by her boyfriend Brandon Clark (who finished third in the men’s gift), said it wasn’t until late in the race that she knew she had it.

“It was just before the finish line,’’ she said.

“I wasn’t sure whether they were behind me and I just kept pushing because they were right there.

“I was really nervous, but I was really excited to go out and try to run and my best.”



Stewart McSweyn's training partner Matthew Ramsden wins the Tasmanian Mile

By Alex Fair
The Advocate
1 January 2018

In the lead-up to the Burnie Mile, Stewart McSweyn said his training partner Matthew Ramsden would be a “superstar” of the Australian middle-distance running scene in a year or two.

The 20-year-old West Australian lived up to that hype when he beat home a field including McSweyn and Olympic duo Luke Mathews and Sam McEntee to take out the Tasmanian Mile at the Burnie Carnival.

Ramsden (30m) beat home Dylan Evans and scratchmen Mathews and McSweyn to collect the title in a time of 4:00.15.

Ramsden admitted the win was a nice confidence boost as he tries to find his way into the Australian team for April’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, but there was a something little extra in beating his good mate McSweyn.

McSweyn, who has already booked his ticket to the Gold Coast, had spoken about his desire to win in Burnie and continue his success in the city this year having won the Burnie Ten.

“I’ve been rooming with him, and he knew he had a big job ahead of him, as I was just going to hold him off,’’ Ramsden said.

“He is one of my best mates and I wasn’t very malicious, but I did want to get the win.  

“I just wanted to beat the backmarkers by about the same as what the handicap was and I just kept powering away. I knew that I was going to chill a little bit on the second lap so I could work hard on the third lap, that’s what my coach told me to do and I was able to pull it off.”

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