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March 2018

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Bay Sheffield Novice and Restricted race eligibility

Bay Sheffield Novice and Restricted race eligibility

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Who checks the eligibility of athletes in these categories? Stawell 550 winner won over $1000 1st prize and in 120 restricted and Stawell 800 womens winner in 800 novice. These are the obvious ones but these must be more. Unless I do not understand the eligibility.


Not sure......Will get back to you. Rolling Eyes


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ProTrack Star
I see a past Bay Sheffield runner up is also nominated for the 120m RESTRICTED


Under SAAL Rule

9.9 Restricted Events
Restricted events are permitted. The restriction must be approved by the
Management Committee and must be clearly stated in the nomination entry

As I understand, Bay Sheffield 120m Restricted eligibility as stated at :
120m RESTRICTED* $1,000
*Can only enter if never collected 1st Prize of $750 or more and have never won the Bay Sheffield 120m Restricted

It used to be $500, but increased to fall into line better with greater prize money being offered more regularly particularly around VIC athletes. I think the SAAL would rely a lot on athletes just being honest about their entry or asking the League if they are in doubt.

No doubt someone will be called out if they try to be a dodgy entrant


Is the Stawell Bill Howard Restricted and 500 win worth more than $750?
Are there VAL 800 women winners floating in Novice 800?


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ProTrack Star
Kangaroota wrote:Who checks the eligibility of athletes in these categories? Stawell 550 winner won over $1000 1st prize and in 120 restricted and Stawell 800 womens winner in 800 novice. These are the obvious ones but these must be more. Unless I do not understand the eligibility.

Clear as mud Kanga.
Going by the rules of racing

7.10     Eligibility to enter Novice Races
An  athlete  can  only  enter  a  Novice  race  if  he/she  has  not  won  a  novice  or  
open  event  in  that  distance  category.    The  three  distance  categories  are  0-
200 metres, 201-600 metres and 601 metres plus.

Going by that.
Women athletes can win a womens race and still be eligible for a Novice


As per Newsletter 2017 Oct

Please note the rules for entering novice races. A
n athlete can only enter a
Novice race if he/she has
not won a novice, open or women’s
event in that
distance category
. The three distance categories are 0
200 metres, 201
metres and 601 metres plus.

So going by the rule in Oct Newsletter , out goes the 800m  stawell Womens winner as well as the Loxton 2016 1000m womens

Which rule do we go by.Perhaps Admin will come on and let us know.Those not receiving the Newsletter and going by the Rules of competition may have every right to enter.


OK, been under the pump with quite a few things happening......I was under the impression at the annual meeting and confirmed by the SAAL board that women's events had been added to novice and open events as races where a win would preclude someone from entering a novice race.

I have confirmed the rule had been changed, so as it stands, the winner of a women's race for a distance 601m and upwards is ineligible for the novice 800m at the Bay Sheffield.

In respect to the 120m Restricted, first prize of $750 or more won in ANY race precludes an athlete from running in the restricted. It is up to the athlete to know what they are eligible for so that it makes it easier on the SAAL office from having to delve through everyone's history.

Off the cuff, I don't know how much the first prize was for the 550m at Stawell. It may be $749 or less. But I suggest the 'winner' check to avoid fronting up in a race he is ineligible for.  

And by the way, the fact this has been brought to our attention, I just delved through the entries of novice events held so far this season and found at least one athlete who ran in a novice event when he/she was ineligible. Fortunately the athlete did not make the final.

As I suggested, we are all stretched for time and shouldn't have to be checking the bona fides of every entrant in a novice race. The onus really should be on the athlete to ensure they are eligible.


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ProTrack Star
That should clear all that for everyone.
And its a good call as well , as why should a Woman be able to win several Open Womens races and still remain a Novice.
For everyone that missed the information it was on the South Australian Athletic League Facebook in a Newsletter Oct
Theres a few Rules of Racing that need to be changed on paper and this is one of them.


I'm not a fan of another 'loophole' - a winner of the Stawell Bill Howard 100m being eligible for the 120m Restricted.

I just reckon if you have an 'open' age sprint sash from Stawell then that should close off your Restricted options. I would prefer a novice with no major wins winning the Restricted.

But as it stands, an athlete (as nearly happened last year Evil or Very Mad ) can win the Stawell/Bay Sheffield restricted double.

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