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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Warrnambool Cancellation

Warrnambool Cancellation

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1 Warrnambool Cancellation on Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:57 pm


Warrnambool Gift cancelled. Far too premature. Weather supposed to be ok Saturday.

2 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:05 pm

El Chapo Guzman

Exactly right DDog. The all weather track can handle the showers and light rain at worst forecast for there on Saturday. Plenty of cover for athletes and officials.
Terang are confident they can go ahead on grass Sunday.
There have been plenty of pro meetings in the past completed in far worse conditions.

3 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:35 pm


I hope the interstaters get a chance to run at Terang. I had one of them picked for the bonus metre. Has the Stawell gift market been framed yet?

Never an easy call to cancel a race. Looking at it from both sides the VAL have made a call hopefully early enough to allow people to change their plans if required. On the other hand, the all weather track provides an opportunity to compete during wet weekends. I remember having many race meets in the rain, Bendigo was the best with athletes running the circle track under at least an inch of water. From memory they were all asked whether they were happy to compete in the opal final as the conditions were so poor! I think that was the year Adam Coote won in 2010 but my memory is not what it used to be.

4 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:10 pm

John LeRay

I wish to support the Warrnambool cancellation as per the safety reasons given - the electrical storm front that went through SA tonight was a fierce as we have ever seen. As a promoter of 25 meetings in SA including the  2018 23rd Flagstaff Gift.
With the safety of our Athletes and particularly our Officials who do not have the opportunity for shelter for up to 5 hours it's imperative that we look after our own.

I'm sure the VAL and Warrnambool Officials did not take this decision lightly and are as disappointed as the Athletes. We have the  difficulties in setting up the meeting in possibly high wind and wet conditions. This whilst PA's, timing and Electrical systems which may be an accident in waiting.
Good luck in the next 72 hours with up to 50mm's coming your way and I hope it clears enough for you to have a hitout at Terang

Yours in Running

5 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:37 pm

Nothing at all

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Near Gale force winds would have contributed to the cancellation.

6 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:14 pm


This decision to cancel is clearly premature and not well reasoned. Many interstate athletes would have paid for flights, accommodation and transport well in advance. It is actually worse cancelling on the 30/11 because there is more time to evaluate the weather. That is money down the toilet for interstaters. What is the point of not travelling when the expenses have already been paid for? Rooms and transport costs are unrefundable. What makes it worse is that I am in Warrnambool now. No flood. No lightning. Just overcast. What's the point of VAL Twitter updating Terang grass track? Warrnambool is synthetic all weather track. If there were concerns about the VAL equipment and electronic timing, there are things called stop watches. Two years ago hand timing was used when the VAL had issues with photo finish equipment.

Take home message is for interstaters not to compete in Victoria because this is not the first event to have been cancelled due to poor application of the VAL weather policy. Common sense approach must be applied, not a knee-jerk reaction to weather predictions.

7 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:27 pm


Warrnambool weather forecast from Bureau of Meteorology for Saturday...

Cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of rain. Heavy falls possible. Winds southerly 30 to 45 km/h.

8 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:16 pm


Welcome to Fox and as a new member has gone to town on the VAL. Given what is still to come this was the right decision. I had the SES out after over 20ml came down in 20 minutes. Another 60+ for tomorrow.

Sure, interstaters should not run in VIC. But then don't complain when the Stawell handicaps are released. You can't have it both ways. Interstate athletes are treated much better than when I first started in this caper. You used to have to earn a mark. Interstaters are able to receive handy lifts after minimal runs. Complaining about the weather at this very second is not helpful. Cancelling an event is not taken lightly and generally the events go on with a modification to the timeline or extra water available.

I can do many things but controlling the weather is still beyond me. Good call on cancelling Warrnambool.

I am pretty sure that you will be from north of the border as SA has already coped a fair bit of ordinary weather. As someone who is south of the boarder (hmmm I wonder where Mexico is) I think this was made as early as possible.

I, for one, feel for the likes of the Newman and Eschebach who were obviously down to have a go at a metre. Better win Terang then. This sport is not a cheap one and if you are not making finals it is even worse. Throw in travel and it can hurt the hip pocket. No one is doubting that it will have caused issues but I see it being the best decision to ensure the safety of the officials and athletes.

On to my tips now for Terang.

9 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:26 pm



Thanks for your feedback. I don't often post, but I feel your comments warrant a reply.

Back, somewhere around 2000, 2001 or even 2002, The Wangaratta Gift was postponed due to bushfires. This was WAY before the enticement of Stawell Lifts was given, before the super cheap airfares, and clearly before your selfish attitude began to form.

The Wangaratta committee at the time were made up of volunteers. All of those had families. Many were volunteer CFA. They were on the front line looking out for their community. I do not recall anyone being upset for that. I personally had flights booked, transport  arranged and accommodation sorted. Never once did I feel the actions of the Committee or the VAL were premature, selfish or inconvenient.

I too, support the Warrnambool committee and VAL for for taking the initiative to not only protect the athletes from extreme weather events, but most importantly, the officials, who every week, stand out in the weather, be it pelting rain, extreme heat or plain annoying wind.  For a pittance in pay. In fact, it costs many of them good $$$ out of their own pocket to officiate meetings.

Without the selfless acts of the officials and the volunteers who help run events, then selfish folk such as yourself, would not have event to compete at.

I have friends and those close to me who have pre-paid their way to Warrnambool, but instead of allowing selfish interest get in the way, they are making the most of the opportunity to have a weekend away, work on their friendships, support for stable mates and ensure their time is spent the wisest.

I remember the Bendigo meet that was close to washed out. Yes, Mex, Adam Coote did win the Opal. There were a band of people working tirelessly to reduce the volume of water on the track.

Bill Sutton was the Chief Steward at the time, I was the VRTA President at the time. We had a meeting to advise that there would be NO repercussions towards people who DID NOT want to race in the semi finals, due to safety. The VAL and VRTA putting PEOPLE FIRST!

Not only are your comments selfish, but extremely unwarranted, given the forecast for the weekend's weather. If the weather ends up being fine, then at the very worst, everyone is safe and out of pocket a few $$$.

What would it be like if an official was electrocuted, or an athlete/volunteer? I am sure we'd be hearing screams of incompetence  from you, that it should have been called off, it's irresponsible, how dare you put people in harm's way.

Life has MUCH more to offer than a 1m lift for Stawell. Athletics should always be the winner. Always be a safe environment for everyone to be afforded the opportunity to come home to loved ones after a sporting event.

It's about time you got over yourself and put the big picture back in focus.

10 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:28 am


@Mex and @ShaneMck, I'm not going to get into a back-and-forth or resort to personal attacks. However, I will outline the glaring double standard used by the VAL in cancelling the Warrnambool Gift whilst proceeding with Terang.

Just had a look outside. Some light rain. It's cold and some moderate wind. Clearly weather conditions that would not be grounds to cancel an event. A sensible approach would have been to have individuals in Warrnambool and Terang. Clearly the predicted weather has been exaggerated by mainstream media reports. It's just not accurate. Having spoken to the locals in Warrnambool and others runners that have commuted across vast distances in Victoria, conditions have been nowhere near as dangerous as the mainstream media has portrayed. Even official data in the Victorian Bureau of Meteorology shows weather conditions to not be that bad.

A sensible approach would have been to have individuals in Warrnambool and report on the weather conditions which just an overcast day. It looks like this is what has happened in Terang. Some official was actually in Terang and could see there hasn't been much rain and it would be premature to cancel.

Take home message is that you need to have officials in Warrnambool and then after actually assessing the Weather, make a reasonable decision. Don't rely 100% on exaggerated media reports. It doesn't help the legitimacy of the sport to cancel on event (Warrnambool) and then under exactly the same weather conditions proceed with Terang.

11 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:09 am


@DDog you were right. Warrnambool weather now, no rain, minimal wind. It's been dry.

12 Warrnambool Cancellation on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:35 pm


fox wrote:@DDog you were right. Warrnambool weather now, no rain, minimal wind. It's been dry.

Fox Thanks for telling how it is. I am the co-ordinator of Terang Gift and the forecast was that the conditions were much going to be a lot calmer in the west of the state. I spoke with a representative from Powercor who said that there were no lightning alerts for our area on Saturday or Sunday. I couldn't understand why the SAC conducting the Warrnambool Gift didn't research more before cancelling the event. Of course if there were dangerous elements then the event should not go ahead. The VAL was concerned for motorists driving to the western area, I have travelled that roads hundreds of times and know that there are no creeks, rivers or waterways that flood our road. We the Terang Athletic Club had not been contacted about the weather conditions and forecast, we would have been able to enlighten them about on the spot conditions.

13 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:14 pm


No lightning, some sunshine and 0mm of rain in Warrnambool so far today. All weather track can handle a fair amount of rain let alone 0!

14 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:31 pm


Would have been a good day’s racing in Warrnambool today. My family and I arrived late yesterday afternoon and the weather has been fine since.
I am disappointed that I can’t compete today but have taken advantage of a previously organised trip (as Shane had mentioned/suggested) by spending the day out and about at playgrounds, beach, shops etc.
Totally agree that a meeting should always be cancelled if there is a risk of injury or damage to resources. However this is not the case. There are areas of Victoria that are battling the elements at the moment but it was never going to be in the South West region.
Thanks to DDog and the Terang committee for continuing their meeting after assessing race conditions will be acceptable. Looking forward to another one of your successful Gift meetings tomorrow.

15 Re: Warrnambool Cancellation on Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:16 pm


@DDOg you made a sensible decision standing your ground on this issue. There was no rain in Warrnambool. Still winds. Good conditions for a Gift.

Most of the heavy rain has been in the far East of the state towards Euroa, some 500kms away. The VAL got this drastically wrong and need to implement further research into weather conditions by actually evaluating the weather in the specific location of the event. Knee jerk reactions to weather warning actually hurts small businesses in Warrnambool. The hotel I'm in would be normally fully booked out on a Saturday night and had 50% vacancies.

I hope the VAL learn from their mistake and explore further options when considering cancelling an event. Congrats on the Terang committee for allowing this to proceed.

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