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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Mullewa Gift (WCAL) Saturday 26th August 2017

Mullewa Gift (WCAL) Saturday 26th August 2017

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1 Mullewa Gift (WCAL) Saturday 26th August 2017 on Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:51 pm



Disselkoen win’s 2017 Mullewa Gift

It’s the nature of handicapped sprints that surprises are no surprise but every now and then, you can be, well, surprised.

The 2017 LiveLighter Mullewa Gift was another superbly organised West Coast Athletics event but no-one expected the winner to be unheralded 13 year Eleanor Disselkoen.

To be fair, she did show ability in her heat where, coming off 28m, she ran second to Adriaan Pelser in 12.281 seconds.

She showed it again in the semi where she won in 12.399s but no-one, Disselkoen included, expected a triumph in the final.

Fairytale stuff. She was again on 28m and front marker and jealously guarded her handicap with a fluid and balanced run.

But with the line approaching, it seemed certain Evan Jarvis, desperate to make history and be the first three time winner would track her down.

And if not Jarvis, then Kobi Nichols looked strong or fast finishing defending champ Sasha Zhoya.

Somehow she held on to win, lunging for the line and unaware her time of 12.302s was enough to hold of Jarvis (12.365s) and Nichols (12.389s).

“I didn’t see anyone else at the finish but I knew everyone was there and I didn’t think I’d won,” Disselkoen said.

“It was a big surprise, I was just happy to win the Novice Gift so, yeah, very happy.”

Disselkoen plans to continue to training under Matt Barber and improve but she’s in no rush. She’s a talent at most sports and as is the Australian way, plays as many as she can.

“I like netball, swimming, cross-country and water polo, I don’t spend much time at home.” – By Victor Tanti.

Mullewa 120m Gift Placings: 1 Eleanor Disselkoen (28m) 12.302; 2 Evan Jarvis (10.75m) 12.365; 3 Kobi Nichols (21.25m) 12.389; 4 Sasha Zhoya (8m) 12.420; 5 Adriaan Pelser (13m) 12.552; 6 Virginia Stasyszyn (25.25m) 12.595; 7 Kiara Reddingius (21m) 12.796; 8 Bryce Teo (8m) 14.606.

Jim Wilson 70m: 1 Evan Jarvis (6.75m) 7.373; 2 Adriaan Pelser (8m) 7.421; 3 Sasha Zhoya (4.75m) 7.513.

Novice 120m Gift: 1 Eleanor Disselkoen (30m) 12.121; 2 Virginia Stasyszyn (26.25m) 12.370; 3 Ortinel Gakona (12.5m) 12.573.

Bendigo Bank 550m: 1 Sasha Zhoya (60m) 1.13.00; 2 Isabella Morton-Smith (120m) 1.14.00; 3 Tegan Maffescioni (110m) 1.15.00.

Out of curiosity, and having read the Bunbury Gift thread, who handicapped the races for Mullewa?

"Let's Go While We're Young"


I believe it was the official WCAL handicapper Youngy.


Well, sounds like the "Official WCAL handicapper" has a bit of work to do.

A 13 year old girl only has to run 92m to win an open gift. I know I'm not across how things are done in WA, but that is a bizarre result, that in my view, when it's the biggest race on the card, just shouldn't happen.

And I don't want to hear that she was handicapped on her "best times" - she's 13. Her best time will be next week and then it will be the week after that, etc.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Would be interested to know the average age of WA entries. I believe since 2013 the winners age of the biggest annual WA gift has been 13, 16, 15, 14 & 13 again.

Has it been the same handicapper?

Good on the kids, they can only run with the mark given......but wow, some talented older athletes behind them have no chance.


Ridiculous result. How can a 13yo runner have such a big mark. No chance of my runners going over to run in a race like that. Is that's one of their biggest races is it ?


ZZZZ the average age of Mullewa entries (posted on FB) was 26.5yo. Similar with other events.

The 13yo pipped a 32yo Evan Jarvis by 0.06sec. Not really a blow out.

WCAL should look at their standard novice marks.


You'll also find the real quick WA runners will come over here and try to win our big races!


Yep you have got to look out for Barber's Army


Yes the Novice for a 13 Y Old girl is a long 28m but for once Mullewa had light winds & it didn't rain so the girls, young juniors & a former 70 Y Old WA Gift winner, Barry Kernaghan were right in it

However she only won in a Hand timed 12.30 with the top 4 hitting the line within 1m - so a tight finish in 12.50 auto is really not so bad

Eleanor ran her PB 13.00 at the school carnival on the Thur & Won Mullewa by a B's D on the Sat in virtually the same time

But the problem with young kids winning is as Paul suggests - that they can improve substantially in a season or 2

Fastest time at Mullewa 2017, was by a 2 time Mullewa winner, Adriaan Pelser who easily beat Eleanor in their ht - Adrian won off mid 20 at 13 & off 18 before clocking a hand timed 12.1 this year

Last years Mullewa winner Sasha Zoya 8.00m - came home well in the Final this year & placed in the 70 behind Veteran Evan Jarvis who nearly got there un the Gift in a very similar run to his Bay Sheff 3rd of last year

Watch the Mullewa Gift on Youtube & you cant really bag the Handicapper too much - 13y old - 75y old World Champ - 2 Women Bay Sheff winners - 3 past Mullewa winners - 3 recent WA 70 Winners - together accounted for the 10 fastest times & none broke 12.40 auto on a perfect day for sprinting

The positive thing about the WA Handicapper is he wants to put a 10.8 runner off 8m - an 11.1 runner off 11m - a 12.1 runner off 21m & a 13.9 runner off 39m - sounds crazy but this years Mullewa was one of the fairest marked races Ive seen - with a few inconsistencies like I have 2 11.04 Juniors who got - 11.00m & 8.00m - neither have won a race & they finished close together at State's

Complaining about Handicappers is the nature of the beast - but any major race in WA will probably split to Mens & Womens affairs with each having a 10 or 11 limit

Im sure the WA Handicapper will want to put Jack H on 2.5 - Aaron Breasland 3.5 - Bryce Teo 8.0 - Sasha Zoya 8.0 - Evan Jarvis 10.5 - a recent Ballarat Gift winner off 11.0 etc..

Sasha Zoya is a young gun who despite being National 200m Pole & Hurdle Champ for his age really loves his Pro Running & after taking to my crew really wants to go to Bay Sheff this year

Sasha won Mullewa off 13 last year & finished about 1.5m off 8m in this years Final - but his mother is an astute French woman who knows 8m is nigh impossible for him to be competitive - so SAAL give him 6 & you wont see this potential superstar

All in the Handicaps

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