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1 2018 BUNBURY GIFT on Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:11 pm


2018 Bunbury Gift



Looks like it was organised directly to VAL but surely should be run by WCAL

Hire or production of equipment, flights & accommodation for Chief Judge, Stewards, Handicapper etc... will cost thousands

Likely Handicapped by VAL? Well my experience suggests only 10 - 20 starters will come from the Eastern States and the VAL handicapper will have zero knowledge of the majority of the fields who will be West Australian

A panel of WCAL VAL & SAAL one vote per mark would both ensure all runners get a chance & be seen as a building block for a viable National Handicap

The 1st Bunbury Gift guys went through the VAL - but there was no WCAL in those days - the WCAL was established by the original Bunbury Gift committee

Ross has (perhaps rightly enough) a major bee in his bonnet re the extreme WCAL handicaps for Juniors & Girls who can improve substantially & beat the sysyem in 12 months (similar to the Stawell Womens Gift)

So maybe Edmo & WCAL are being cursed by recruiting a questionable Handicapping policy

But my 20c is that you have a H Cap Panel for this race with imput from WCAL VAL SAAL NSWAL Handicappers Etc

Current WCAL Marks get so long because our numbers are limited

Effectively they allow an 80y old World Champ & disabled athletes to compete against the State elite in well attended regional Gifts (massive compared to State Champs) like Mullewa North Beach & now Joondalup

Given it's not going to be a 50m limit Open race - but rather 2 Gifts - a Men's & a Women's - each would probably have a limit of about 12m - then there is absolutely no reason all this subterfuge should have happened

The Bunbury Gift should be the flagship of the WCAL calender

Paradoxically the 1st Bunbury Gift lost $60k & it was to service this debt that the WCAL was formed

I was the only non Bunbury Gift person on the WCAL board bar Handicapper Marty McDonnell for several years 1988 to 1992

So bypassing the WCAL is really a slap in the face for those Bunbury boys who established & put their own cash into that 1st Bunbury Gift

We staged some great events in the early days of the WCAL - Kalgoorlie, Mullewa, Austin Robertson Senior, Port Hedland, Cannington, WAF Grand Finals, Northam Gifts etc...

Certainly the WCAL has taken the likes of Cathy Freeman, Darren Clark, Ben Offerens, Dean Capobianco, Kieran Finn (Irish Record Holder who won 1st 2 Bunbury Gifts), Shane Naylor, Rod Mapstone, Jayne Flemming, Nova Peris etc... all came to compete in all corners of WA to give regional areas face time with Australia's highest profile International representatives

The 2018 Bunbury Gift align with the WCAL as soon as possible

This would be a fitting tribute to the original vision of prominent Bunbury men like Doug Wenn, Laurie Fitzgrald & the late Jim Wilson

2 Re: 2018 BUNBURY GIFT on Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:46 pm


Agree with justheshot.
Ridiculous notion to run this event by the amateur body when they refused to run pro's since 2011. They know nothing about pro running at all as they have demonstrated in previous attempts before.
They even tried to bury the WCAL earlier this year in a letter that was rejected by all the state pro leagues.

Thursday 25th May 2017
The Treasurer
West Coast Athletics League

Athletics WA as the governing body of athletics in this State and the body responsible for guaranteeing the eligibility of all participants, advises that as from this date it will assume jurisdiction over the sanctioning, promotion and conduct of carnival and professional athletics in Western Australia.
As a result the West Coast Athletic League will no longer have authority to sanction, promote or conduct any professional races in Western Australia.
We will subsequently be advising all relevant government agencies and the broader athletics fraternity that Athletics WA will assume all responsibility for the conduct of such events this date.
Athletics WA will sanction, promote and conduct carnival/professional athletics through a Carnivals Commission which will acknowledge the role undertaken by WCAL and its predecessors in conducting this aspect of our sport until now. Athletics WA welcomes the involvement of WCAL members and officials in its future activities.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Loxley
Chief Executive

cc  Tom Burbridge  CEO   Victorian Athletic League

3 Re: 2018 BUNBURY GIFT on Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:51 pm


Pretty sure Athletics WA dont even know the rules

4 Re: 2018 BUNBURY GIFT on Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:36 pm


It seems the Bunbury organisers have a problem with the handicapping AWA selected (the handicapper) back in 2009.
After 8 years in the job he is still the WCAL handicapper in 2017 and not attached or affiliated with any clubs.

5 Re: 2018 BUNBURY GIFT on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:22 pm


Still plenty of probs with WA Handicapping
But its not the Handicappers fault but rather the long limits
plus the ability of of such runners to improve substantially in a year

Julia Phillips was with me last year & after running a pb of 12.20
was given 22m for Mullewa - fair enough on PB
but too generous after improving to 11.78

A 22m start v Usain Bolt 9.95 fr 120 equals about 11.70
Julia's 11.78 for 98m equals close to 11.55
Usain Bolt should win a Mullewa Gift

But the Bunbury Gift a solution is obvious & easy to iplement
10m or 11m Limit negates wins by these fast developing novices

Hope it all pans out

6 Re: 2018 BUNBURY GIFT on Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:33 am


There will always be issues with handicapping as athletes are not always in PB shape.
Look at the Nitro handicapping done by amateurs? Experienced handicappers would have a better chance.
We all know it can't be perfect EVERYTIME. But if you continue to support your league, your chance will come.
National handicapping system anyone?

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