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VRTA Awards

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1 Re: VRTA Awards on Sun May 28, 2017 8:38 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
VRTA and VAL Presentation Night:

Points AwardsMaster’s athlete of the year
• Cam Dunbar
• David Haigh
• Anna Pasquali
• Leigh Phelan
• Cam Yorke
[The winner: Cam Dunbar-]

Under 17 athlete of the Year- points accrued in the under 17 series throughout the season
• Angus Burns
• Lachlan Coulson
• Darcy Ireland
• Jake Ireland
• Lucy McCreedy
• Alex Tzilantonis
[The winner: Darcy Ireland

Under 20 athlete of the Year- points accrued in the under 20 series throughout the season
• Nicholas Antonino
• Tom Deane
• Nathan Jones
• Harrison Minett
• Lachlan Opie
• Paddy Turner
[The winner: Paddy Turner]

Sprinter of the Year (includes distances up to 400m)
• Joel Bee
• Cam Dunbar
• Nathan Riali
• Matthew Rizzo
• Tim Rosen
[The winner: Nathan Riali]

Female athlete of the year
• Keely Henderson
• Megan McMahon
• Anna Pasquali
• Jodie Richards
• Liv Ryan
[The winner: Liv Ryan]

Middle Distance Athlete of the Year
• Mark Andrews
• Lonain Burnett
• Dylan Burrows
• David Page
• Daniel Reeves
• Justine White
• Cam Yorke
[The winner: Lonain Burnett]

Distance Athlete of the Year
• Mark Andrews
• Mitchell Cashion
• Craig Harris
• Daniel Lawlor
• Sven Richter
[The winner: Mitchell Cashion]

Voted Awards

Outstanding male performance
• Joel Bee- 1st Semi Final St Albans Gift (12.64sec, -0.25m)
• Mitchell Cashion- 1st Herb Hedeman (4:01min, 60m)
• Lachie Connell- 1st Stonnington 1600 (4.09min, 50m)
• Michael Marantelli- 1st Ararat 3200 (9.25min, 10m)
• Ryan McNamara- 1st Wangaratta 400 (47.76sec, 13m)
• Liam Procaccino- 1st Ballarat 400 (47.19sec, 10m)
• Nathan Riali- 1st Rye Gift, 2nd Stawell Gift (12.27sec, 4.75m)
• Matthew Rizzo- 1st Stawell Gift (12.09sec, 7.5m)
[The winner: Joel Bee for St Alban’s semi-final run]

Outstanding Female Performance of the year
• Maddie Coates- 3rd Stawell Women’s Gift (13.79sec, 3m)
• Tara Domaschenz- 1st Yarra Ranges 300 Women’s Gift (38.20sec, 15m)
• Keely Henderson- 1st Ballarat Women’s Gift (14.09sec, 7.75m)
• Kendra Hubbard- 2nd Stawell 200 (20.83sec, 28m)
• Talia Martin- 1st Geelong Women’s 300 (40.48sec, 16m)
• Jessica Payne- 1st Bay Sheffield Women’s Gift (13.98sec, 7.25m)
[The winner: Jessica Payne for Bay Sheffield win]

Outstanding Master’s Performance of the Year
• Cam Dunbar-1st Ararat Gift (12.44sec, 8.75m)
• Shane Ezard- 1st Northcote 400 (47.10sec, 30m)
• Simon Jackson- 1st Maryborough Gift (12.39sec, 9m)
• Stephanie Mollica-1st Stonnington Women’s 400 (56.36sec, 20m)
• Justin Murphy-1st Daylesford 800 (2.02min, 24m)
• Anna Pasquali- 1st Stawell Women’s 400 (50.96sec, 40m)
• Leigh Phelan- 2nd Bendigo Gift (12.28sec, 9.75m)
• Cameron Yorke- 1st Yarra Ranges 550 (1.09min, 37m)
[The winner: Simon Jackson for Maryborough Gift win-]

Outstanding Junior Performance of the Year- A long list!
• Jack Anderson-1st Stawell Backmarker’s 400 (45.57sec, 26m)
• Maddie Coates- 3rd Stawell Women’s Gift (13.79sec, 3m)
• Keely Henderson- 1st Ballarat Women’s Gift (14.09sec, 7.75m)
• Harrison Kerr- 1st Bendigo Black Opal (44.79sec, 32m)
• Thomas Maloney-1st Geelong Gift (10.57sec, 5.5m)
• Talia Martin- 1st Geelong Women’s 300 (40.48sec, 16m)
• Ryan McNamara- 1st Wangaratta 400 (47.76sec, 13m)
• Jessica Payne- 1st Bay Sheffield (13.98sec, 7.25m)
• Liam Procaccino- 1st Ballarat 400 (47.19sec, 10m)
• Nicholas Repalust-1st Stonnington Gift (10.52sec, 6.25m)
• Matthew Rizzo- 1st Stawell Gift (12.09sec, 7.5m)
• Elizabeth Ruach- 1st Castlemaine Women’s Gift (13.98, 9m)
• Liv Ryan- 1st Stawell Women’s Gift (13.76sec, 11m)
[The winner: Matthew Rizzo- Stawell Gift win]

VRTA- VAL Service Award- For service to the sport and can include paid VAL representatives, meeting organisers
• Todd Ireland- Longstanding VAL Board and VRTA Committee member, plus contributions to the Northcote Gift
• MacDonald family- Providing a great service to the VAL, with their tireless work in setting up and packing up; keeping the twitter results up-to-date; videos of meetings and photos etc.
• Andrew Mulhan- Major contributions to the Stonnington and Trinity Gifts, with Stonnington being a regular nominee for Meeting of the Year
• Shane McKenzie- Previously a long term VRTA Committee member and President, also previously a VAL Board member, with a major role in the introduction of the junior events and junior pathways and sole organiser of the Yarra Ranges Gift, twice nominated for Meeting of the Year
• Darryl Nettleton- Long term service to the VAL as a handicapper and primary driver in bringing back the very successful Castlemaine Gift
• Richard Wearmouth- Tireless work into primarily organising the Terang Gift
[The winner: Shane McKenzie-

Sandy Hirst Emerging Talent: For an athlete who was a novice at the start of the season and established themselves in the senior ranks
• Jack Anderson
• Nathan Jones
• Mason Keast
• Anna MacDonald
• Thomas Maloney
• Elizabeth Ruach
• Liv Ryan
[The winner: Elizabeth Ruach

President’s Award-
Meeting of the year
• Ballarat
• Castlemaine
• Geelong
• Northcote
• Stonnington
• Wangaratta
• Yarra Ranges
[The winner: Castlemaine]

Coach of the year
• Martine Beer
• Nick Fiedler
• Todd Ireland
• Mark Hipworth
• Craig Mair
• Terry McGarity
• Shane McKenzie
• Scott Rowsell
[The winner: Mark Hipworth]

Lastly, Athlete of the year
• Joel Bee
• Mitchell Cashion
• Michael Marantelli
• Nathan Riali
[The winner: Joel Bee]

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