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August 2017

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VRTA Awards

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1 VRTA Awards on Sun May 28, 2017 3:32 pm


This from memory!

Sprinter of the year.
Nathan Riali

Male performance of the year.
Joel Bee

Women's performance of the year.
Jessica Payne

Masters performance of the year.
Simon Jackson

Junior performance of the year.
Mathew Rizzo

Emerging Talent.
Elizabeth Rauch

Service Award.
Shane McKenzie

Meeting of the year.

Coach of the year.
Mark Hipworth

Athlete Of the year.
Joel Bee

Female Athlete of the year.
Liv Ryan

Middle Distance athlete of the year.
Lonain Burnett

Distance Athlete athlete of the year.
Mitchell Cashion

Masters athlete of the year.
Cam Dunbar

U/17 Points.
Darcy Ireland

U/20 Points
Paddy Turner

2 Re: VRTA Awards on Sun May 28, 2017 8:38 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
VRTA and VAL Presentation Night:

Points AwardsMaster’s athlete of the year
• Cam Dunbar
• David Haigh
• Anna Pasquali
• Leigh Phelan
• Cam Yorke
[The winner: Cam Dunbar-]

Under 17 athlete of the Year- points accrued in the under 17 series throughout the season
• Angus Burns
• Lachlan Coulson
• Darcy Ireland
• Jake Ireland
• Lucy McCreedy
• Alex Tzilantonis
[The winner: Darcy Ireland

Under 20 athlete of the Year- points accrued in the under 20 series throughout the season
• Nicholas Antonino
• Tom Deane
• Nathan Jones
• Harrison Minett
• Lachlan Opie
• Paddy Turner
[The winner: Paddy Turner]

Sprinter of the Year (includes distances up to 400m)
• Joel Bee
• Cam Dunbar
• Nathan Riali
• Matthew Rizzo
• Tim Rosen
[The winner: Nathan Riali]

Female athlete of the year
• Keely Henderson
• Megan McMahon
• Anna Pasquali
• Jodie Richards
• Liv Ryan
[The winner: Liv Ryan]

Middle Distance Athlete of the Year
• Mark Andrews
• Lonain Burnett
• Dylan Burrows
• David Page
• Daniel Reeves
• Justine White
• Cam Yorke
[The winner: Lonain Burnett]

Distance Athlete of the Year
• Mark Andrews
• Mitchell Cashion
• Craig Harris
• Daniel Lawlor
• Sven Richter
[The winner: Mitchell Cashion]

Voted Awards

Outstanding male performance
• Joel Bee- 1st Semi Final St Albans Gift (12.64sec, -0.25m)
• Mitchell Cashion- 1st Herb Hedeman (4:01min, 60m)
• Lachie Connell- 1st Stonnington 1600 (4.09min, 50m)
• Michael Marantelli- 1st Ararat 3200 (9.25min, 10m)
• Ryan McNamara- 1st Wangaratta 400 (47.76sec, 13m)
• Liam Procaccino- 1st Ballarat 400 (47.19sec, 10m)
• Nathan Riali- 1st Rye Gift, 2nd Stawell Gift (12.27sec, 4.75m)
• Matthew Rizzo- 1st Stawell Gift (12.09sec, 7.5m)
[The winner: Joel Bee for St Alban’s semi-final run]

Outstanding Female Performance of the year
• Maddie Coates- 3rd Stawell Women’s Gift (13.79sec, 3m)
• Tara Domaschenz- 1st Yarra Ranges 300 Women’s Gift (38.20sec, 15m)
• Keely Henderson- 1st Ballarat Women’s Gift (14.09sec, 7.75m)
• Kendra Hubbard- 2nd Stawell 200 (20.83sec, 28m)
• Talia Martin- 1st Geelong Women’s 300 (40.48sec, 16m)
• Jessica Payne- 1st Bay Sheffield Women’s Gift (13.98sec, 7.25m)
[The winner: Jessica Payne for Bay Sheffield win]

Outstanding Master’s Performance of the Year
• Cam Dunbar-1st Ararat Gift (12.44sec, 8.75m)
• Shane Ezard- 1st Northcote 400 (47.10sec, 30m)
• Simon Jackson- 1st Maryborough Gift (12.39sec, 9m)
• Stephanie Mollica-1st Stonnington Women’s 400 (56.36sec, 20m)
• Justin Murphy-1st Daylesford 800 (2.02min, 24m)
• Anna Pasquali- 1st Stawell Women’s 400 (50.96sec, 40m)
• Leigh Phelan- 2nd Bendigo Gift (12.28sec, 9.75m)
• Cameron Yorke- 1st Yarra Ranges 550 (1.09min, 37m)
[The winner: Simon Jackson for Maryborough Gift win-]

Outstanding Junior Performance of the Year- A long list!
• Jack Anderson-1st Stawell Backmarker’s 400 (45.57sec, 26m)
• Maddie Coates- 3rd Stawell Women’s Gift (13.79sec, 3m)
• Keely Henderson- 1st Ballarat Women’s Gift (14.09sec, 7.75m)
• Harrison Kerr- 1st Bendigo Black Opal (44.79sec, 32m)
• Thomas Maloney-1st Geelong Gift (10.57sec, 5.5m)
• Talia Martin- 1st Geelong Women’s 300 (40.48sec, 16m)
• Ryan McNamara- 1st Wangaratta 400 (47.76sec, 13m)
• Jessica Payne- 1st Bay Sheffield (13.98sec, 7.25m)
• Liam Procaccino- 1st Ballarat 400 (47.19sec, 10m)
• Nicholas Repalust-1st Stonnington Gift (10.52sec, 6.25m)
• Matthew Rizzo- 1st Stawell Gift (12.09sec, 7.5m)
• Elizabeth Ruach- 1st Castlemaine Women’s Gift (13.98, 9m)
• Liv Ryan- 1st Stawell Women’s Gift (13.76sec, 11m)
[The winner: Matthew Rizzo- Stawell Gift win]

VRTA- VAL Service Award- For service to the sport and can include paid VAL representatives, meeting organisers
• Todd Ireland- Longstanding VAL Board and VRTA Committee member, plus contributions to the Northcote Gift
• MacDonald family- Providing a great service to the VAL, with their tireless work in setting up and packing up; keeping the twitter results up-to-date; videos of meetings and photos etc.
• Andrew Mulhan- Major contributions to the Stonnington and Trinity Gifts, with Stonnington being a regular nominee for Meeting of the Year
• Shane McKenzie- Previously a long term VRTA Committee member and President, also previously a VAL Board member, with a major role in the introduction of the junior events and junior pathways and sole organiser of the Yarra Ranges Gift, twice nominated for Meeting of the Year
• Darryl Nettleton- Long term service to the VAL as a handicapper and primary driver in bringing back the very successful Castlemaine Gift
• Richard Wearmouth- Tireless work into primarily organising the Terang Gift
[The winner: Shane McKenzie-

Sandy Hirst Emerging Talent: For an athlete who was a novice at the start of the season and established themselves in the senior ranks
• Jack Anderson
• Nathan Jones
• Mason Keast
• Anna MacDonald
• Thomas Maloney
• Elizabeth Ruach
• Liv Ryan
[The winner: Elizabeth Ruach

President’s Award-
Meeting of the year
• Ballarat
• Castlemaine
• Geelong
• Northcote
• Stonnington
• Wangaratta
• Yarra Ranges
[The winner: Castlemaine]

Coach of the year
• Martine Beer
• Nick Fiedler
• Todd Ireland
• Mark Hipworth
• Craig Mair
• Terry McGarity
• Shane McKenzie
• Scott Rowsell
[The winner: Mark Hipworth]

Lastly, Athlete of the year
• Joel Bee
• Mitchell Cashion
• Michael Marantelli
• Nathan Riali
[The winner: Joel Bee]

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