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June 2017

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » McKinnon Parade Meeting - Pulteney Oval, Sunday 26th March 2017 RESULTS

McKinnon Parade Meeting - Pulteney Oval, Sunday 26th March 2017 RESULTS

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McKinnon Parade Athletic Meeting
Pulteney Grammar Oval
Sunday 26th March 2017

1600m Thomas Wright Memorial Mile
1 Bradley Kitto 125m 4-01.24
2 Tim Earle 132m
3 Lachlan Hennig 180m
4 Stephen Jelfs 162m
5 David Girolamo 250m
6 Salvador Jurado 235m
7 Mark Beveridge 251m
8 Matthew Fallon 200m
9 Hunter Rubino 180m

70m Open FINAL
1 Misha Lizoguboff 7.00m 7.78sec
2 Aaron Harrison 11.00m
3 Ross Nitschke 12.25m
4 Michael Cassidy 11.00m
5 Nathan Hoare 13.00m
6 Liam Wright 7.25m
7 Mitchell Tucker 5.50m
8 Jesse Cordoma 6.00m

70m Women FINAL
1 Kate Monks 7.25m 8.54sec
2 Lily Micklethwaite 6.75m
3 Gwen Humphries 6.50m
4 Kellie Symons 7.75m
5 Niamh Henry 7.50m
6 Sarah Burns 10.50m

200m Open FINAL
1 Hayden Rothe 16m 20.74sec
2 Nickolas Berry 25m
3 Connor Verrall 14m
4 Damien Tohl 15m
5 Liam Wright 20m
6 Brad Schutz 22m

200m Women FINAL
1 Simone Rothe 42m 22.87sec
2 Natassia Messent 18m
3 Mikayla Round 17m
4 Rommi Parham 28m
5 Lily Micklethwaite 20m
DNS Gwen Humphries 20m

200m Over 35 FINAL
1 Michael Cassidy 17m 22.64sec
2 Mark Burns 21m
3 Nathan Hoare 21m
4 Matt Cousins 17m
5 Cameron White 22m
6 Ross Nitschke 14m

400m Novice FINAL
1 Hayden Petherick 60m 46.41sec
2 Vicky Caputo 88m
3 Kirsten Fantinel 94m
4 Jackson Messent 27m
5 Joel Thiele 40m
6 Hamish Buchanan 60m
7 Molly Farmer 54m
8 Sebastian Jurado 80m
DQ James Bayliss 30m

400m Under 14 FINAL
1 Ellie Whittingham 50m 54.31sec
2 Connor Brennan 54m
Eq3 Cooper Giles 56m
Eq3 Charlie Hildyard 50m
5 Ben Burbridge 20m
6 Joshua Klenk 38m
7 Isaac Byrnes 30m
8 Ashlee Munt 64m

800m Over 45’s
1 Mark Beveridge 20m 2-02.53
2 Richard McMahon 56m
3 Cameron White 95m
4 David Holmes 100m
5 Vince Musolino 52m
6 Gordon Kanki Knight 85m
7 Chris Dimitrak 120m
8 Geoff Troiano 54m
9 Ali Saliu 115m
DNF Peter Brennan 86m

800m Under 18’s
1 Ben Burbridge 75m 2-00.58
2 Meg Bentley 195m
3 Maxwell Underwood 115m
4 Emma Kitto 150m
5 Charlie Hildyard 120m
6 Chelsea Holmes 125m
7 Joshua Klenk 105m
8 Cooper Giles 120m
9 Sebastian Jurado 125m
10 Lochie MacNab 100m

1600m Over 35’s & Women
1 Lisa Roberts 360m 4-32.60
2 Richard McMahon 150m
3 Lauren McHugh 310m
4 Gordon Kanki Knight 200m
5 Lexie Bentley 275m
6 Tim Johnson 140m

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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