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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Victorian State Championship 2017 100m Women & Men

Victorian State Championship 2017 100m Women & Men

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What did we learn from these videos boys ??


We learnt Coates is back in town and will spank her stablemate at Easter.


I was actually thinking that myself Kanga. If Taylor was flat out there she won't beat Coates over 120m. Even if Coates's handicap gets chopped for the PB. Which is on the cards


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
If Blizzard didn't get pulled for her pb before last years gift, then I'm sure Coates won't get pulled for this one. If she can win it off 2m then good luck to her.


Coates should keep her mark. She is still way off Wisil and Breen. Blizzard pb'd before easter last year and did not get touched.
Throw Wisil and Breen in on scratch and do not lift the field. That would throw the cat amongst the pidgeons.


Surely she goes back a bit. That time and her handicap has her under 14sec by a fair bit. May as well throw the rule book away if she keeps that mark. Her goals are elsewhere. There's no need to throw in 40k spending money for the Bahamas

Dragon Walrus

I agree with Kanga, keep her mark, blizzard keeped hers last season after running a pb and way behind her mark due to wins. Not sure is field will get a lift, but most likely for Wisil this year. Coates and bee cant run stawell if go to bahamas, they leave before to run penn relays in usa. But it will sure be interesting if she does, fastest finishing athlete in the field. If those who are calling for her handicapper to be taken are they the ones who's athletes would benefit, me thinks this is the case

Last edited by Fishbowls on Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:16 pm; edited 2 times in total


lol fishbowls you are the coach of coates so I wonder why you want her to keep her mark..

Dragon Walrus

you sure eagle eye???, pretty sure discobull is


Can't keep that mark Fishbowls. It's called the rules of the sport. I you had you pegged as the Coach too.

Dragon Walrus

Of course you thought i was coach "thats the stats". Dont think so, but if i was i would be saying Riali left you with egg on your face.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
"Can't keep that mark Fishbowls. It's called the rules of the sport."

Sorry Thatsthestats but it's not the rules of the sport as the Blizzard example from last year shows.


I was of the impression that if a new PB put you under your ceiling time you were adjusted back to that ceiling. Is that the case or not Phantom? Egg is a very underrated bait to fish with Fishbowls. Your boy showed he was a metre better then I gave him credit for. Well done to him. 120m suits him better too so I will change my rating to Can Final Can Place. Still unsure if he can win it. Good luck to him though he certainly can move


Guys, please. Maddie has been blessed at least with amazing ability. She has the glory associated with an elite runner and the thrill of competing and winning at major scratch events. In my memory in pro ranks she has won the Keilor Gift, Queanbeyan gift, Gold Coast Gift. It’s a rare honour to be able to run against such an athlete but please spare a thought for the rest of the mere mortals who grind it out and spend just as much competing and training without the accolades, support, attention, prospect of sponsorship and wins. I just hope the playing field come Stawell can be level, as intended for pro running.


Nice words, jjones,
Pretty simple, deserves it just as much as anyone else.
The main question you should ask is will she run stawell????
Answer, look at what the 4 x 100m girls relay time come sunday at the IAAF grand prix canberra, if the clock is 44 secs or below, Aus might send a team. And Maddie has to make that team at nationals, if not she runs stawell and has a chance to will just like all the other entries

There's an en-site to our plans

Thanks Coach RAD.


I completely agree with JJones in regards to Coates absolutely spot on in all aspects. If your priorities lie elsewhere and you need to run PB's to qualify for National Teams and you achieve this goal (which is fantastic) and in doing so your new PB places your handicap in jeopardy then so be it. It may or may not change but if in accordance with the rules it needs to change then it has to change.


Thanks 4730.
Coach RAD; Nicer than my running that is for sure:) That is really awesome; all the best for the main plan. My concern is not with Maddie specifically of course; I just reacted to the comments, seeming to me, to suggest that Maddie’s PB should not be taken into account. If I’ve misunderstood the context, please accept my apologies. Absolutely if Maddie runs at Stawell she should have an equal chance just like everyone else.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
The handicapper will do what he will do!?...many eyes will be watching.

If Maddie Coates won the Stawell Gift it would be a terrific result for Stawell and professional running...Maddie has been a fantastic supporter of the VAL and professional running, even supporting gifts like St Albans....the VAL needs more Maddie Coates's.

The question and dilemma the handicapper finds himself in is ...what if Breen and other quality runners enter? Coates should then, a least keep her 2m? however what happens to the other quality backmarkers????...Coates is a good finisher and her 120m is relatively far better than her 100m? this also proposes a dilemma as the handicapper in the past has found it difficult to handicap 200m specialists and 200m times to 120m races.

It is good to see the limit is 11m which proposes some more interesting challenges for the handicapper .... interesting times. Blanket lifts do not work.

When it is all analysed these backmarkers are the easiest in the field to handicap, they have performed to their best in the past and only an incompetent handicapper could not fairly handicap the backmarkers.

But will the handicapper give a sub 12 sec 100m runner 7.5meters again.... I doubt he will make the same mistake again?

This is where transparency is important.... what results or athlete performances is the handicapper using to handicap athletes, is it their PB’s or what he thinks???.... PB’s in legal wind conditions should be the basis of handicapping. This information should be transparently disclosed on the VAL website and then one would not have to guess what the handicapper will do??? Transparency would also protect the handicapper.... disclosure of his handicapping assumption could only be a good thing for the credibility of the VAL.

If the handicapper transparently uses legal wind PB’s (less than 2mps winds) he has a transparently justifiable handicapping basis or reference.... the 100m to 120m adjustment and dealing with 200m performances is then his major consideration as that is different for all athletes...this along with some minor adjustments for tracks would provide a sound justifiable basis for handicapping.
Add to this the AP progression system and you have a fairly good handicapping system it just needs to be transparently disclosed.

Athletes generally run their pbs in favourable conditions and on good tracks so these should be the basis of handicapping...ignoring or adjusting for runs in illegal wind conditions, unfortunately the VAL's wind adjustments is significantly inaccurate when winds exceed 2mps and this will cause handicapping problems.

The handicapper has been handicapping the women gifts now for a few years so should have a transparent system in place!

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