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HECTORVILLE RESULTS - Friday 12th Feb 2017

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1 HECTORVILLE RESULTS - Friday 12th Feb 2017 on Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:43 am


Hectorville Carnival RESULTS
Friday 12th February 2017

70m Novice FINAL
1 Hayden Rothe 7.00m 7.636s
2 Sam Bentley Broke 11.0m 7.908s
3 Molly Farmer 10.50m 7.932s
4 Corey Cox 6.00m 7.959s
5 Thomas Allen 7.00m 8.075s

120m U/14's FINAL
1 Aidan Murphy 6.00m 13.922s
2 Jordan McMillan 10.50m 14.137s
3 Connor Brennan 25.00m 14.167s
4 Joshua Klenk 18.00m 14.263s
5 Ben Burbridge 9.00m 14.414s
6 Lara Chehade 23.00m 14.455s

120m U/18 Boys FINAL
1 Sam Bentley 16.00m 13.272s
2 Hamish Buchanan 15.25m 13.308s
3 Lachlan Burrows 9.75m 13.347s
4 Corey Cox 7.75m 13.397s
5 Tynan Carey 3.75m 13.459s
6 Tim Blyzno 9.50m 13.534s
7 Ryan Williams 0.0m 13.539s
8 Nicholas Wright 14.25m 13.620s

120m U/18 Girls FINAL
1 Molly Farmer 3.50m 14.366s
2 Jordan McMillan 7.75m 14.434s
3 Lara Chehade Broke 21.0m 14.552s
4 Meg Bentley 26.00m 14.602s
5 Helena Schwerdt 4.75m 14.701s
6 Sarah Burns 14.50m 14.778s
7 Lexie Bentley 17.50m 14.856s
8 Natalie Brooks 16.75m 15.155s

120m Hectorville Gift FINAL
1 Hayden Rothe 9.50m 12.694s
2 Brad Schutz 11.00m 12.721s
3 Jarrad Dartnall 10.75m 12.738s
4 Ryan Williams 7.00m 12.743s
5 John Evans 6.00m 12.932s
6 Max Hagicostas 10.00m 12.935s
7 Daniel Flesfader 13.00m 12.954s
8 Tyson Hancock 15.00m 13.049s

120m Women FINAL
1 Tayce Fry 16.75m 14.326s
2 Vicki Caputo 18.00m 14.412s
3 Lily Drummond 11.50m 14.420s
4 Hettie Driscoll 13.50m 14.427s
5 Grainne Henry 10.50m 14.470s
6 Helena Schwerdt 7.00m 14.555s
7 Sarah Burns 16.00m 14.610s
8 Ebony Betro 16.00m 15.051s

120m O/45's FINAL
1 Michael Cassidy 11.00m 13.417s
2 Sue Turner 24.75m 13.544s
3 Mark Burns 14.00m 13.657s
4 Mark Howson 26.00m 13.665s
5 Lyn Peake 31.50m 13.747s
6 David Wilczek 10.50m 13.815s

300m Open FINAL
1 Jordan Tronnolone 22m 34.67s
2 Jarrad Dartnall 26m 35.01s
3 David Girolamo 34m 35.27s
4 Lachlan Burrows 30m 35.59s
5 Jacobi Ponury 24m 36.21s
6 Brad Schutz 26m 36.44s
7 Jared McDougall 34m 36.83s
8 Brayden Thiel 24m 37.03s

300m Women FINAL
1 Kelly Ferber 68m 38.25s
2 Simone Rothe 52m 38.42s
3 Molly Farmer 20m 39.24s
4 Grannie Henry 30m 39.42s
5 Kirsten Fantinel 44m 39.44s
6 Hettie Driscoll 32m 40.30s
7 Amy Robb 30m 40.48s
8 Lily Drummond 26m 41.29s

300m Over 35's FINAL
1 Mark Burns 36m 36.53s
2 Sue Turner 65m 36.75s
3 Cameron White 37m 36.91s
4 David Wilczek 31m 37.06s
5 Michael Cassidy 32m 37.20s
6 Mark Barnett 52m 37.38s
7 Vince Musolino 20m 38.25s
8 Lyn Peake 75m 38.60s
DNS Brendan Golden 46m

1600m Open
1 Lachlan Hennig 185m 4-11.77
2 Mark Beveridge 250m 4-13.86
3 Kym Barnett 290m 4-17.23
4 Stephen Jelfs 158m 4-18.73
5 Gregor Dingwall 250m
6 David Girolamo 230m
7 Gordon Kanki Knight 300m
8 Tyler Whittaker 100m

"Let's Go While We're Young"


I've been telling Jordan Tronnolone for a while now, you aren't a fair dinkum, legitimate pro-runner (in jest jocolor ) until -
(1) you've won a race with no lanes and
(2) won in the red.
On Friday he achieved both in the same race. So no more gags at Tronnos expense. cheers

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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