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October 2017

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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Camden Classic RESULTS - Feb 5th 2017

Camden Classic RESULTS - Feb 5th 2017

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1 Camden Classic RESULTS - Feb 5th 2017 on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:20 am


Due to a prior commitment I couldn't attend the Camden Classic until late in the afternoon. Therefore I missed seeing the 120m results.

400m Camden Classic
1 John Evans (20m) 47.79s
2 Harrison Hunt (20m) 47.95s
3 Sam Russell (18m) 47.99s
4 Harry May (22m) 48.02s
5 Jordan Tronnolone (34m) 48.18s
6 Hayden Rothe (23m) 48.69s
7 Brian Wilson (20m) 49.60s
8 David Girolamo (40m) 49.64s

400m Women's Classic
1 Czenya Cavouras (32m) 53.54s
2 Teagan Kustermann (36m)
3 Grainne Henry (46m)
4 Nikki Austin (36m)
5 Ruby Buchanan (42m)
6 Natassia Messent (30m)
7 Genevieve Brooks (32m)
8 Hettie Driscoll (50m)

120m Gift
1 Ryan Atkins (4.50m)
2 Jake Jervis Bardy (8.00m)
3 Dale Woodhams (7.00m)

Womens 120m
1 Lily Micklethwaite (11.0m) 14.13s
2 Jess Williams (11.0m)
3 Kellie Symons (11.0m)

120m U/18 Boys
1 Max Hagicostas (6.25m)
2 Sam Bentley (16.00m)

120m U/18 Girls
1 Jordan McMillan (8.75m)
2 Lara Chehade (22.0m)
3 Sophie Bonner (10.0m)

120m U/14s
1 Aidan Murphy (6.50m)
2 Joe Chigwidden (23m)
3 Connor Brennan (25m)

400m U/18 Girls
1 Lara Chehade (72m) 57.28s
2 Lexie Bentley (52m) 58.71s
3 Ryelie McMullan (20m) 58.76s
4 Emma Kitto (42m) 58.84s
5 Alice Priestley (26m) 60.60s
6 Tayla Stone (48m) 60.84s
7 Katherine Dowling (44m) 61.13s
8 Meg Bentley (74m) 64.56s
9 Ellie Whittingham (24m) 66.90s

400m U/18 Boys
1 Matt Learhinan (28m) 50.65s
2 Hunter Window (66m) 52.27s
3 Luke Whitford (18m) 52.32s
4 Timothy Blyzno (28m) 52.59s
5 Isaac Byrnes (70m) 52.90s
6 Hamish Buchanan (52m) 53.40s
7 Sebastian Jurado (78m) 53.97s
8 Jack Allen (28m) 55.60s

1600m Open
1 Gregor Dingwall (260m) 4-08.49
2 Bradley Kitto (135m) 4-09.37
3 Tim Earle (129m) 4-13.02

400m Classic Consolation
1 Deng Bulabek (23m) 48.82s
2 Dylan Stenson (10m) 49.24s
3 Alex Martini (32m) 49.25s
4 Kostya Khudoshin (23m) 49.63s
5 Chan Mayol (26m) 49.68s
6 Bryce Watkins (11m) 50.14s
7 Connor Verrall (23m) 50.36s
8 Oliver Wurm (26m) 51.09s

400m Women's Consolation
1 Kellie Symons (46m) 55.10s
2 Rommi Parham (48m)
3 Zoe Steele (46m)
4 Ali Trewartha (33m)
5 Kayla Lemm (46m)
6 Tayce Fry (58m)
7 Simone Rothe (60m)
8 Karen Long (46m)

400m Over 35's won by Michael Cassidy

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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