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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Circle events at the BAY

Circle events at the BAY

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1 Circle events at the BAY on Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:45 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Quite often the more exciting events of the Carnival.
Huge Cross Wind being forecast somewhere around 15 to 25kmh mark Im being told.
Will sort the men from the boys and I think we may get a little bit of precipitation as well
Nitta , going by his State relay runs the other day will enjoy being up the front in the selected and could be a suprise packet,, Didnt I hear him retire from Pro running at the Bay last season, not sure but the lure of another sash has him back.
Floater is usually all over Protrack leading into the Bay telling us how well hes travelling, so the fact he is missing in action could mean he really fancies himself to at least make the final inthe Over 35s and is laying low.
The girls 550m could be a race between Messant and Robb who both ambled around the 550m at the Pre Bay.
Kitto is in form.
Watkins ran up to win the 550m at Pt Adel and his brother had a kick left in him !!! so will make his presence felt in the 550m but two runs in the predicted conditions could find him wanting in the final.

Anyone else out there with an opinion

2 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:49 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Also great for the Old Codgers and Girls race brought forward so they get the feeling of running in front of a packed house , lets hope they do the move justice and its neck and neck to the line.

3 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:19 pm


Maxxy Stevens has a mortgage on the select & has the strength (14:40 5Km) to cop the wind for 5 laps! 1600m Backies, hard to go past Matty Konetschka- ran brilliant at pre bay (4:05) & does always have that kick at the end! 800m is a wide open one.... Kitto, Watkins & Rubino will be around the mark too.

Good luck to the circle guys & c u on the track!

4 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:20 am


If it is as strong a wind as they anticipate then it will be a brave man who leads the Select Mile from the front and a better man who wins from the front. Suggest with such a small field this could bunch up and then it is dependant on who has the best kick.

Not sure of the form of some of the runners here, so who is likely to win a kick finish ?

5 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:41 am


800m Open
Bryce Watkins 18.00 m  
Harry May 20.00 m  
Sam Russell 25.00 m  
Michael Marantelli 30.00 m  
William McCann 34.00 m  
Josh Nolan 36.00 m  
Justin Murphy 38.00 m  
Max Stevens 45.00 m  
Luke Bero 48.00 m  
Robert Killmier 48.00 m  
Michael Nitschke 50.00 m  
Corey Watkins 50.00 m  
Tim Earle 52.00 m  
Kostya Khudoshin 53.00 m  
Matt Grant 55.00 m  
Chan Mayol 55.00 m  
Lonain Burnett 56.00 m  
Bradley Kitto 60.00 m  
Tom Lancaster 60.00 m  
Jacobi Ponury 60.00 m  
Lachlan Hennig 65.00 m  
Daniel Lawlor 67.00 m  
Stephen Jelfs 68.00 m  
Ian Burrows 76.00 m  
Matthew Fallon 76.00 m  
Robert Kane 78.00 m  
Brendan Liddicoat 88.00 m  
Jordan Harvey 90.00 m  
Phil Noden 90.00 m  
Hunter Rubino 94.00 m  
Mark Beveridge 95.00 m  
David Girolamo 95.00 m  
Mark Hipworth 102.00 m  
Sean Quilty 102.00 m  
Salvador Jurado 105.00 m  
Kiara Reddingius 110.00 m  
Richard McMahon 120.00 m  
Gordon Kanki Knight 130.00 m  
Sarah Cant 135.00 m  
brendan norden 135.00 m  
Stefan Catalano 144.00 m  

SAAL 550m/800m/1000m Results

FLINDERS - 800m Open  Oct 30th 2016
1 Corey Watkins 63.00m  1:51.55  
2 Bradley Kitto 60.00m  1:51.85  
3 Hunter Rubino 94.00m  1:52.79  
4 Chan Mayol 52.00m  1:53.18  
5 Salvador Jurado 100.00m  1:53.41  
6 Jordan Harvey 90.00m  1:54.60  
7 Luke Bero 48.00m  1:55.35  
8 Lachlan Hennig 65.00m  1:55.75  
9 Lachlan Burrows 80.00m  1:56.27  
10 Tom Lancaster 55.00m  1:56.99  
11 Matthew Fallon 76.00m  1:57.61  
12 Robert Killmier 42.00m  1:58.53  
13 David Girolamo 90.00m  1:58.85  
14 Isaac Fishlock 36.00m  2:00.58

Port Adelaide 550m Open Nov 5th 2016
1 Corey Watkins 6 44.00m  1:10.57  
2 Bryce Watkins 18.00m  1:10.92  
3 Jordan Sellar 72.00m  1:11.38  
4 Stephen Jelfs  52.00m  1:12.78  
5 Bradley Kitto 36.00m  1:13.01  
6 Josh Dawkins 42.00m  1:13.80  
7 Joshua Biggs 48.00m  1:14.38  
8 Peter Brennan 00.00m  1:15.02  
9 Robert Kane 43.00m  1:16.13  
10 Isaac Fishlock 36.00m  1:21.94

Tea Tree Gully - 550m Novice Nov 20th 2016
1 Chan Mayol 40.00m  1:11.03  
2 Bradley Kitto 36.00m  1:11.50  
3 Hunter Rubino 58.00m  1:12.36  
4 Salvador Jurado 64.00m  1:13.91  

Tea Tree Gully - 800m Open Nov 20th 2016
1 Stephen Jelfs 70.00m  1:53.25  
2 Matthew Fallon 76.00m  1:54.55  
3 Salvador Jurado  105.00m  1:55.28  
4 Josh Dawkins  66.00m  2:00.11  
5 James Boden 16.00m  2:03.05  
6 Kym Barnett 66.00m  2:13.38  
7 Patrick White 36.00m  2:18.28  

Sacred Heart - 800m Open Nov 27th 2016
1 Corey Watkins 57.00m  1:49.66  
2 Tom Lancaster 56.00m  1:50.43  
3 Stephen Jelfs 68.00m  1:50.69  
4 Matthew Fallon 76.00m  1:52.67  
5 David Girolamo 90.00m  1:54.04  
6 Robert Killmier 42.00m  1:56.67  
7 Lachlan Hennig  65.00m  1:56.89  
8 Robert Kane  78.00m  2:02.03  
9 Brayden Theil 36.00m  2:08.51  
10 Isaac Fishlock 52.00m  2:11.43

PreBay Colley Reserve 550m Open Dec 4th 2016
1 Bradley Kitto 38.00m  1:10.40  
2 Josh Dawkins 44.00m  1:10.72  
3 Stephen Jelfs 55.00m  1:10.91  
4 Hunter Rubino 58.00m  1:11.54  
5 Matthew Sinclair 40.00m  1:12.67  
6 David Girolamo 56.00m  1:13.76  
7 Robert Kane 48.00m  1:16.86  
8 Tom O Malley 74.00m  1:17.03  

Brighton - 1000m Open Dec 11th 2016
1 Bradley Kitto 58.00m  2:23.75  
2 Tim Earle 60.00m  2:24.00  
3 Hunter Rubino 105.00m  2:24.29  
4 Matthew Fallon 88.00m  2:25.88  
5 David Girolamo 110.00m  2:27.23  
6 Stephen Jelfs 74.00m  2:27.84  
7 Lachlan Burrows 90.00m  2:29.85  
8 Lachlan Hennig 80.00m  2:30.45  
9 Jordan Sellar 90.00m  2:31.85  
10 Robert Killmier 52.00m  2:36.32  
11 Brayden Theil 70.00m  2:43.63

The defence rests.

6 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:11 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Was extremely embarrassed to see a Select Mile going around at the Bay for Winners purse of $1000.....How did it ever get to this.Yes I know we need sponsors money but if you want elite athletes to turn up we need to offer more prizemoney.Credit to those that put their toe on the starting line and putting on a show.
I went home dug out an old program and below are the comparisons to races run 11 years ago.

`2001 70m ......$700.....2016.......$1200
120M RESTRICT..$500.....2016...$500
120M O35.......$200...2016...$300
550M W....$350.......$2016...$700
SELECT MILE....$2000......$1000
1600M ...$600........2016...$700

Im sure its a very good case to take to Leon Bignell , Minister for Tourism that we need an extra $ for the Select Mile to attract interstate athletes.
Apart from the locals and the interstate athletes who are regulars or home grown there was no extra cream of the crop.
Looking over the prizemoney its hard to believe you can get $700 for winning the 1600m and $1000 for winning the select.
Also back in 2005 we had two runners off 50m and the rest between 50 and scratch where in 2016 we had 5 runners over 50 who may not have been good enough to make the field in 2005
I think everyone would be more than happy with Sash ,trophy and prizemoney with most other events.

7 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:35 pm


Fair comments regarding the select mile whispers! It is a shame that the $'s were quite low this year for the select mile ($4k total last year and $2k total this year?). I understand there are many reasons for this however, less interest in the event (recent years they have battled to get distance athlete's to enter the event I believe). However, whether or not that is because of the prize money, or the increasing fees each year (most distance runners will sign up with their amateur association first as a priority), they pay the same rego fee for a shot at lot less money proportionate to the sprinters/long sprinters. Chicken or the egg scenario?

However the select this year turned into a cracking spectacle to watch, with a very deserving winner being Maxxy! There were some other really good efforts, once again from Jacob and Roegs. Turns out speaking to Roegs after the event... he walked away with $100 for his 3rd place effort in the select... correct me if I'm wrong but 8th place in the vets/womens mile received $50. This is not what the select runners deserve in my opinion.

I think the select is arguably the hardest event to win at the bay sheffield carnival, with a max handicap being only 3.75% of the race distance... The event has a great history with some of the best runs I've seen being run in the select. Rhys Jones 2012, and the following year the battle between Mara and Rowe... with Rowe winning off scratch in which should have seen him take the athlete of the meet.... and to date, is the best run i've seen at the bay (including Ross's Scratch gift), but I may be bias.

This years field may well be down on quality compared to previous years, and I for one know that I am not a 'select' miler, but got the chance to race because of the quality being lower than previous years... watching the back markers mile (compared to the pre bay mile) I would have been much better off running in the backies. Granted, who wants to give up an opporunity to run in the best race in the carnival for a few extra $'s? Not me that's for sure.

Over on another thread we have a debate going on about athlete's not trying leading up into the bay, and improving 'too much' once the big day hits. The best thing about the select, is that no one hiding leading up into this race. In fact the best runners in the field, Mara/Stevens/Cocks all got pulled on the day from their given marks due to recent PB's..... not complaints there from any of them, in fact they embrace the tighter marks! Imagine that attitude in the other events?

There definitely needs to be more prize money for the select mile..... The Tassie carnivals saw the likes of Gregson, McSweyn and Lacaze competing! They'd be nice draw cards for the bay!

8 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:05 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Hi Nittaz

Glad you think the way I do.
When I saw who was competing over the Tasman I wondered why some werent here.I know theres fares accomation and appearance lures but surely a nice winners purse is a start.
Also the Athlete of the Meet is ajudicated on a points basis not the run of the Carnival
Cheers and hope you enjoyed running in the Select.

9 Re: Circle events at the BAY on Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:10 pm


Open 800m Final

1 Mitchell Cashion 70m 1.49.12 $1,400  
2 Lachlan Bonney 70m 1.49.91 $400      
3 Max Green 70m 1.51.00 $150      
4 Sandy Loring 170m 1.51.26 $50        
5 Brad Kitto 54m 1.52.78
6 Ryan Gregson 10m 1.54.86
7 Jordan Tyler 45m 1.54.88
8 Courtney Stanley 140m 1.55.05
9 Corey Stanley 80m 1.55.20
10 Nicole Perry 140m 1.56.17
11 Genevieve Lacaze 110m 1.57.30
12 Hannah Cummins 170m 2.02.50

Kitto was allocated 60m at Devonport but penalised 6m for his Bay Sheffield 800m win. So ran from 54m.

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