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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Incorrect 70m start handicap for some lucky runners

Incorrect 70m start handicap for some lucky runners

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For the handicap system to work it needs correct start handicaps.
Going through Sandy handicaps before they were removed from VAL website I’ve picked 4 runners who ran fast 70m times last season. 3 of the 4 have not been given correct start handicaps and therefore the rest of the field is disadvantaged.
Other fast 70m runners from last season did not enter Sandy so we do not yet know if they have also been given a free hit.

Ballarat 5.75m. 7.52 heat, 7.56 semi, 7.57 final. There is a 0.10 allowance for fast track so the times are 7.62, 7.66, 7.67.
Geelong 5.75m. 7.65 heat, 7.59 semi, 7.56 final (1st)
Sandy 5.25m (should have roughly 4.25m)

Bendigo 9.00m. 7.59 heat, 7.58 semi, 7.53 final. Adjust .1 for fast track and it leaves him with 7.69, 7.68, 7.63.
Euroa 8.75m. 7.66 heat, 7.67 semi, 7.67 final
Sandy 8.50m (should have roughly 8.00m)

Euroa 6.75m. 7.65 heat, 7.71 semi
Sandy 6.75m (should have roughly 6.00m)

J Bailey
Geelong 6.25m. 7.69 final. Had 5.50m at Sandy.
Euroa 6.50m. 7.64 semi, 7.66 final
Sandy 5.50m (Correctly adjusted)

A 5th runner to check but do not have Sandy handicaps
Stawell 11.25m. 7.58 heat, 7.62 semi
Sandy ? (should have roughly 9.75m)

Bailey has been correctly adjusted back to 7.75 start time. Why not Rosen, Nettlefold and Phelan? Phelan may be given vets allowance.

The Master

You're not wrong Kanga very little consistency in the starting marks for the 70, Riali is another one the handicapper has missed, ran 7.61 at Trinity off 2.25m and 7.63 off 2m at St.Albans and has 2.25m at Sandy. Coop is another one (this is getting tiring now), ran 7.70 off 7.75m at Trinity and 7.69m off 8 at Geelong, he had 8m at Sandy. Seems crazy to me how so many athletes have been given the wrong starting mark, lets hope it's fixed sooner rather than later, time will tell....


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
"Upon completion of a meeting if the HRP believe the track to be exceptionally fast, for the purpose
of handicap calculations, the HRP can declare that an allowance is added to the recorded times.
Factors that will be considered are the conditions of the track, weather and the times recorded by all
Any such allowance will be stated in the Stewards report and will apply to the current season for
ceiling calculations and for the determination of future ratings and calculations of start and ceiling
handicaps for future seasons." (Pg.17, VAL Handicap Regulations)

What test was performed to determine that the sprint track was 'exceptionally fast'? (and don't tell me that the times were quick therefore it was fast).


Is this something for the VRTA to pick up. After all the field is being disadvantaged compared to the runners who have run time and not come back according to the rules.


Dizzy, Rule 27

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