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PROTRACK » GENERAL » 3200m back on at Wangaratta plus a 3200m BONUS

3200m back on at Wangaratta plus a 3200m BONUS

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Distance runners
Many thanks to Wangaratta for allowing the Victorian Cross Country League to be involved in their time honoured athletics carnival. The program will now have their traditional 3200m event, replacing the 1600m.
Also runners please note any athlete who wins 2 of the following 3200m events will collect a $500 CASH bonus.
Warrnambool 3200m
Castlemaine 3200m
Wangaratta 3200m
Ararat Highland Society 3200m

Runners.... There are many clubs in the VAL that believe that the 3200m event is a thing from a gone by era. In some respects they maybe correct. One way to prove them wrong and maintain this event on the calendar is for runners to not only to enter but also take their place in the final field. There is now a proper 3200m program in place this season with excellent prize money on offer. If the numbers are poor again this season unfortunately the naysayers may win out.
Good luck and enter early.


I fully concur with Mara, and implore all the dizzies to support the Wangaratta carnival, and the VCCL's support of implementing a 2 mile back in this carnival. I for one thought it fairly poor that the dizzy community "spoke with it's feet" and allowed this event to be dropped from the Wang carnival, especially when one of the VAL's own athletes (Phil Noden) sponsored this race out of his own pocket. Now that we see there are four 2 miles prior to Easter, hopefully all of these 2 mile races (and of course their respective carnivals) will be highly supported, and there can be full fields in each race.

Ballarat Athletic Club

Ballarat has also, for a long time supported the 3200m.

We don't have a sponsor this season but the club committee is willing to put up $500 from its own pocket to hold a 2 mile and continue to support the event.

Entries last year at Ballarat were only 28 . This season we aiming for 40 and if we get them we will continue to support and hold the event.

So we encourage you all to enter and run and "speak with your feet".

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