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Best races to win

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1 Best races to win on Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:40 pm


The discussion board is a little slow so I thought we could do something a little different. Looking at most distances which do we most like to win? Top three in your state and top two outside. You can mention any event that has been run in the last three years to include places like Keilor, Albury or VRTA etc. This is what you would wish for if you could win them.

70m - We have some good 70m races to compete in. Where do we place Stawell and the Don? Ballarat always has a quality field, Noble Park is always hotly contested as well. Bendigo is great but needs to get a Gilman's sash. I always like Northcote as an early one and Geelong runs great fields. Ararat has good money as well. Of course Maryborough also has good money and usually a very good final. I would prefer a Stawell sash her from the Don but what is third? Hard to split the likes of Ballarat, Bendigo and Maryborough here but I would give the tick to Ballarat based on how hard it is to make the final and how well you have to run to win it. Stawell, The Don and Ballarat.

100m or 120m - Stawell is number one for obvious reasons but what is number two in Vic? The list for these is quite long, Maryborough, Rye, Keilor, Ballarat, Stonnington, Bendigo, Geelong, Wangaratta? Do the smaller ones tickle your fancy? How important is money? Many years ago Bendigo and Wangaratta would have been in the top three but that has probably changed. Events like Ballarat and Stonnington have definitely raised their place amongst the best gifts in Vic. Keilor has always delivered with quality fields. Someone once said it was the hardest final to make next to Stawell. When looking at the top three I like a little prestige to the event. That drops out Geelong and Stonnington. Quality events but not quite there for me. Wangaratta is still quite high, I heard someone who had been around for a while mention last year that they really wanted to win it above most others. Rye is in the same boat, but not top three. We come down to Maryborough, Ballarat and Bendigo. Prize money wise it would place Bendigo last. After a few hiccups last season I would leave them lower than the other two. So would I prefer Maryborough or Ballarat after Stawell? Very close but there is something about Maryborough that would place it slightly higher than Ballarat. If I was to only win three gifts but they were Stawell, Maryborough and Ballarat I would be very happy.

Interstate is easy for me. Bay Sheff and then Burnie. The Bay is one of the most amazing places to run and watch a gift. There have been some amazing performances at Burnie which is why I hold it quite high.

200m - With only three 200m races on the calendar this is an easy one for me too. Stawell is number one. VRTA is the only 200m gift which is why I would hold it above Maryborough. Winning a gift compared to an event definitely counts here. Stawell, VRTA and Maryborough.

400m - Stawell. Let's include the front markers and backmarkers as the same here. Stawell 400m is always a great spectacle. We watch athletes throughout the year and usually can pick the top couple of Vic chances. Very quick. Ringwood and Bendigo usually form the top 400's on the calendar, do any others make the list? The 400m at Rye is usually pretty good and watching Luke Stevens there it was obviously one to win. Ballarat is also high on the list and is generally a teaser of things to come.Not as high on the list as the other two though. I place Bendigo comfortably above Ringwood. I would like to put Bendigo above Stawell because I have watched brilliant running here in front of huge crowds. Lightning fast track and excellent fields. Marks back and you have to be right on top of your game to win. But I wont. Stawell 1st, Bendigo 2nd and Ringwood 3rd.

Interstate - Devonport and Camden rate extremely highly and if I were to place them amongst the Vic races they would definitely be in the top 5!

800m - Not as many rate extremely highly when it comes to winning just the one 800m race. Stawell 800m again takes out the top spot, but what is next? For this one I am going to combine interstate with the Vic races to add to the depth. Other than Stawell I would be going for Bendigo, Devonport and the Bay. Each has its own uniqueness to it. None can argue that to win a dizzy race at the Bay is an achievement with those tight bends. The 800m at Bendigo is great as well due to the quick track although in recent years the outside track seems to have deteriorated compared to the straight track. I would pick Stawell, Bay Sheff and Devonport.

1600m - The 1600m is one of the best races at any event. Where else can you see someone almost a lap in front and get hauled in on the straight? I do like seeing front marker being competitive but nothing is better than watching one of the back few running their race and putting in a final sprint worthy of any lycra wearing sprinter. I think everyone would agree that the Herb is the best on available. Always produces with a quality field. but where to next? Stawell has a front and back markers event, Bay Sheff has its selected race, Devonport again and Bendigo. Setting yourself for a tilt at one of these is difficult as there are always people to navigate, especially if one of the 'crash' is the pea. Bay shef selected is second on this list. Like Herb, being a selected gives us the best and the most interesting race. Rounding out the top three would be the Stawell Back markers with Devonport and Bendigo after this.

While some of these events are for mixed genders, I would like to look at female only events a little differently. What are the best in Vic and then interstate?

Stawell Womens 120m - before the prize money was increased there were some ladies who preferred to take one of the earlier races. Stawell has lifted to easily be the best race for female athletes to win. I would love to see a really competitive race this season with a back marker getting up. Can Breen of scratch take it out if there is any change to a limit? I would like to see this race comparable to the open gift with limit, maybe that is not possible but how about a 12m limit and no lift for Breen entering? Give her a chance to run them down. What comes after that? Stonnington 100m has been strong, Rye 120m was the first to really give the ladies a chance at a big win, Ballarat also have done this well. Maryborough has also included an additional prize. I guess it depends on perspective. Stonnington has really improved the standing of female races and should be in the top four. Ballarat 120m for me is number two. They have actively tried to increase the standing of female events and having good prize money is part of this. Big interstate entries helps with its high appeal. I would place Stonnington then just above Rye and Maryborough. While Rye and Maryborough are very good events, Stonnington has been a driving force in giving the female athletes a big target to win.

Interstate - Bay Sheff is the next best for me with Queanbeyan a close second. The Bay is probably the next best carnival to Stawell, definitely outside of Vic in my books.

Did I miss anything?

2 Re: Best races to win on Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:07 pm

The Master

Hard to disagree with you on most of your tips Mex! One I think you've missed is the Stonnington 1600m, last years race had a substantial field and huge prizemoney ($3000?) so would have to be considered up there. Don't think there are any bigger ones apart from the Herb. Cool

3 Re: Best races to win on Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:18 pm


Good work Mex.
Agree with your comments.
But Queanbeyan Womens race is not close to the Bay. not by a long, long way.
Not in the same ballpark as the Bay now its 20k.

4 Re: Best races to win on Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:44 pm


Yes Master, Stonnington should have been mentioned in the discussion part. Great racing there over the mile. Would probably have it in the mix for the top three Vic races, but hard to go past the Herb and Bay.

I guess I was trying to be polite Mania. I rate Bay very highly and would take any win there over many others. Good call to be comfortably above Queanbeyan. Probably not as close as I indicated.

5 Re: Best races to win on Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:01 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
400: Bendio, Stawell Backies/Fronties, Ballarat
800: Stawell, Bay, Bendigo
1600: Herb, Stawell Backies, Bay Select, Stawell Fronties, Burnie, Bendigo Backies
3200: Stawell

6 Re: Best races to win on Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:16 pm


Dizzy I agree with most of them but can't have Ballarat 400 over Devonport/Camden Classic. No way José. Ballarat not in top 5.

For me

then Ballarat

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