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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Masters getting shafted

Masters getting shafted

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1 Masters getting shafted on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:39 am


Like many athletes I've been eagerly awaiting the new VAL season. I am a master and have noticed over the past few years the demise of 100/120 mt events from club meetings. If you live in the country like I do, you usually want to compete in 2 races - the 120mts & 300mts to make your trip worthwhile.
In the last few years clubs have deleted their masters/women's 120mt events in favour of a sole women's event, although Warrnambool/Terang and others have accommodated both.
The latest kick in the guts for masters, Sandringham have deleted this event.
This is at a time when masters events are flourishing and continue to grow.
With longevity obvious, wouldn't it make more sense to take advantage of this and promote more masters events?

2 Re: Masters getting shafted on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:25 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

Perhaps plan a weekend in SA and run in the SAAL before Christmas.

Henley....120M OVER 35, 400 Novice
Flinders ..120m OVER 35 550M Novice
Pt Adel...70m Novice,120m Over 35 ,300m Novice

Not sure , after that, but how about coming over , giving the handicapper a look at you before Christmas.

3 Re: Masters getting shafted on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:02 am

Ballarat Athletic Club

Absolutely agree DDog ….Clubs need more appropriate direction from the VAL administration. It’s all about having a Growth strategy.

One main growth area in the sport is masters running so you must cater for them to keep them. Love it or hate it but they are a significant part of the future of the VAL.

We at Ballarat held both last year and got entries of 58 in our 120m and 78 in the 300m. Those entries are way more than the Middle distance events we only got 28 entries in our 3200m and 50 entries in our 800m. So masters in growing while middle distance running is shrinking. Why???? We don’t know does anyone have any ideas why distance running is shrinking….are they all fun running?

If you take the 120m Masters in isolation …we have $1000 in prize money at $16 entry fee that is $928 …the VAL takes the first $8 or $464… the club has to find $536
So you need a sponsor of at least $500 to hold the event.

If you take the 300m Masters in isolation …we have $1000 in prize money at $16 entry fee that is $1,248 …the VAL takes the first $8 or $624… the club has to find $376

Entries will drop away if you only hold one event and that is not what the VAL want……also Masters bring more economic benefit to your town and event as do Juniors as usually they bring their parents and grandparents.

4 Re: Masters getting shafted on Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:01 pm


Hi Whispers, I have only run in SA once Bay Sheffield but I reckon you do a top job. Only problem for me is I that it would only be one run because I am only a vet and not a novice.

5 Re: Masters getting shafted on Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:21 pm


I think most runners want to have at least 2 events per meeting. At small meetings like Sandy where the limit is large in the Open 100 , most Vets can run in this as well as the Women's/vets 300. More Vets can also run in the Open 70's now that many will have a16m limit. I agree at our larger gifts with restrictive limits there needs to be race for Vets or Novices/Juniors. Most of these bigger clubs do cater for Vets on their programmes.

6 Re: Masters getting shafted on Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:09 pm


DDog, we have you covered at Yarra Ranges with possibly 3 events for you to compete in, 70m Open, 100m Women's/Masters & 300m Masters. Programming should allow enough time for you to do all events should you choose to.

Yarra Ranges Gift
70m Womens
70m Open
100m Masters/Women
100m U20
100m Open
300m Restricted
300m Open
300m Women
300m Masters
550m Open
800m Womens
1600m Open

Still deciding on a Restricted 1600m at this stage too & the option of changing the 1600m Open to a 3200m Open. Committee is still out on this.

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