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PROTRACK » GENERAL » AV Membership Rip Off 2016-2017!

AV Membership Rip Off 2016-2017!

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1 AV Membership Rip Off 2016-2017! on Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:47 pm


I have just received a beautiful 10 page glossy e brochure from AV advising of their new users pays system which is basically doubling membership fees from last season!! Last season the AV component was $170, but for the upcoming season there is $100 base fee, $125 if you do track and $125 if you do Cross Country (which gets reduced to $200 if you do both). For me it has increased from $170 to $225, thank god I don't do Cross Country & T&F who will be paying $300!! My questions are:

1. How could they possibly justify this increase and what does the $100 base fee go towards if it is a user pays system?
2. If they are moving to user pays I hope this means I won't get charged $15 per event to run State Masters at Doncaster which was the same as I was charged to run Open State's at Albert Park this season. I'm presuming the hiring fee is a fair bit less!
3. AV's 2014 Strategic Plan talks about having a sustainable business model...pretty sure increasing fees by 30% for T&F or by 70% for both T&E and Cross Country is not sustainable?
4. Would be great if they actually listened to members and gave more opportunities to compete. There is 4 metro zones (+ some country ones) that run x10 shield meets on the same day, so x5 opportunities to do for example the 100m as it is a 200m in the alternate shield comp. Then there is knockout and shield final etc so maybe 8-10 opportunities if your club goes well or if you want to go to Albert Park. WA has 1 competition track, yet there are 12 opportunities in a season to run the 100m, and 8 opportunities to do the 400m. Why doesn't AV run x2 metro zones one week, and x2 the next so you are doubling the opportunities for people to compete?

I would be interested to hear others thoughts who run in AV or for those interstate as to what they get charged. On the QLD website the AQ component seemed to be $200 and no entry fee for state champs. Pretty sure WA has a low rego fee, but it is a true user pays system with athletes paying for every week of interclub that they compete.

Yes Aths is probably cheaper than a lot of other sports, but I can't see how they can justify this increase in a single year.

2 Re: AV Membership Rip Off 2016-2017! on Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:41 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Mate, that's cheap. My club has said:
AV Base fee: $100
XCR Package: $125
Club fee: $70

Total: $295

(And if you can only race 3 or 4 times, you are still pinged the full $295.)

It's worth checking out the Victorian Runner's Network to see if they offer better value and less of a rort.

Or, VCCL is the way to go.

3 Re: AV Membership Rip Off 2016-2017! on Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:21 pm


My club fee is $100 on top of AV's now $225...I won't be paying another $100 to run XC

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