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October 2017

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Ararat Gift carnival RESULTS - Monday 13th March 2016

Ararat Gift carnival RESULTS - Monday 13th March 2016

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Ararat Gift carnival RESULTS
Monday 13th March 2016

Adjusted Times

70m Open Semi Finals
1 D Flesfader SA 8.25m 7.745s Q
2 N Riali 2.50m 7.754s q
3 D Paull 6.50m 7.757s q
4 D Martin 10.25m 7.778s
5 B Bailey 8.75m 7.811s
6 S Grouios 8.75m 7.928s

1 J Miocic 7.00m 7.754s Q
2 J Bailey 6.50m 7.794s
3 B Boyle 10.50m 7.836s
4 D Lyons 5.50m 7.911s
5 N Howard 9.25m 7.939s
6 S McCulloch 8.50m 8.073s

1 S Richards 11.75m 7.662s Q
2 H Kerr 7.50m 7.667s q
3 J Rogers 8.75m 7.681s q
4 C Moran 7.50m 7.704s q
5 R Taylor 6.00m 7.919s
6 R Wearmouth 13.50m 8.115s

70m Open FINAL (W -2.9)
1 Jake Miocic 7.0m 7.609s
2 Harrison Kerr 7.50m 7.629s
3 Dion Paull 6.25m 7.640s
4 Nathan Riali 2.50m 7.650s
5 Jonathon Rogers 8.75m 7.706s
6 Daniel Flesfader SA 8.25m 7.742s
7 Charlie Moran 7.50m 7.751s
8 Stephanie Richards 11.75m 7.761s

Women's 100m FINAL (W -4.1)
1 Sonya Pollard 15.25m 12.240s
2 Emma Gaul 19.50m 12.257s
3 Stephanie Mundy 6.75m 12.273s
4 Jacqui McCann 8.75m 12.279s
5 Jess Lehmann 8.50m 12.439s
6 Stephanie Richards 7.00m 12.488s
7 Elizabeth Ruach 7.25m 12.581s
8 Grace O'Dwyer 2.50m 12.602s

Under 20's 120m FINAL (W -2.7)
1 River Robson 9.50m 12.719s
2 Dun Rilloraza 17.50m 12.720s
3 Matt Burleigh 8.75m 12.831s
4 Zach McFarlane 22.50m 12.921s
5 Edward Tassell 21.50m 12.966s
6 Lily Ryan-Brown 30.25m 13.024s
7 Monique Scott 28.0m 13.215s
8 Alice Astbury 28.0m 13.315s

120m Ararat Gift SEMI FINALS

1 Matthew Rizzo 7.50m 12.708s Q
2 Corey Innes 6.50m 12.752s q
3 Rhys Gillson 8.25 12.967s
4 Chris Vi 8.00m 13.095s
5 Callum James 9.00m 13.244s
6 Noddy Angelakos 9.50m 13.411s

1 Jonathon Roger 15.00m 12.794s Q
2 Benjamin Farrell 9.00m 12.841s q
3 Kevin Brittain 7.00m 12.907s q
4 Tim Potter TAS 13.00m 12.955s
5 Dion Paull 8.75m 12.98s
6 Brendan Boyle 16.00m 13.270s

1 Cam Dunbar 8.50m 12.795s Q
2 River Robson 7.50m 13.015s
3 Marcus Cooper 11.75m 13.041s
4 Jason Bailey 9.00m 13.108s
5 Paddy McDonald 9.00m 13.429s
6 Tim Rosen 13.25m DNS

2016 Ararat Gift Final
1st Matthew Rizzo 7.50m 12.45s
2nd Kevin Brittain 7.00m 12.65s
3rd Cam Dunbar 8.50m 12.70s
Other finalists:
Red Corey Innes 6.50m
Green Benjamin Farrell 9.00m
Pink Jonathon Rogers 15.00m

300m Women & Veteran's FINAL
1 Scott Shillito 35m
2 Elizabeth Ruach 37m
3 David Polichovski 28m
4 Dale Jones 61m
5 Shane Buckingham  29m
6 Daniel Flesfader 25m
7 Megan McMahon 53m
8 Garry Connor 69m
9 Elisha Ezard 66m
10 Alan Dinsdale 45m

400m Open FINAL
1 David Haigh 51m 47.16s
2 Nick Howard 49m 47.71s
3 Shane Ezard 28m 47.84s
4 Celia Cosgriff 71m 47.97s
5 Andrew Drummond 54m 48.09s
6 Dion Paull 15m 48.53s
7 Brendan Liddicoat 57m 48.91s
8 Samuel Grouios 43m 49.17s
9 Neale Gunning 45m 48.89s
10 Nathan Ryan 26m 50.19s

400m Restricted Sportsbiz FINAL
1 Paddy Turner 48m 47.19s
2 Tim Halpin 41m 48.34s
3 Jamie Johns 60m 48.43s
4 Kyle Hilson 84m 48.47s
5 Justine White 96m 48.58s
6 Matt Burleigh 36m 58.59s
7 Jake Miocic 44m 48.80s
8 Liam Hanrahan 41m 48.85s
9 Tim Carrington 82m 49.92s
10 Jody Richards 72m 50.56s

1600m OPEN
1 Stefan Catalano 315m 4-19.75
2 Ann Macdonald 260m 4-22.47
3 Michael Preece 80m 4-23.57
4 Nathan Burfitt 200m 4-25.59
5 Jesse Noden 195m 4-28.51
6 Daniel Veith 140m 4-30.56
7 Greg Hilson 220m 4-33.84
8 Steve Campbell 400m 4-35.83
9 Reza Azimi 200m 4-37.39
10 Chris Macdonald 185m 4-46.21
11 Gary Blake 400m 4-55.93
12 Xavier O'Connell 135m 5-06.38

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