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2 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:57 am

Nothing at all

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Good tips but I reckon Koschade in heat 4, Thomson Heat 1, Dartnall heat 7, and although I reckon S.Hargreaves will win his VIC companion Coote could suprise. Scafidi or sapac will win heat 2.

I agree with your other final predictions in Saliu, Boden and Tohl. I feel these three are the ones to beat along with S.Hargreaves.

3 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:14 pm


Ribera's ratings on tartan for Camden.

Callard 46.2 on best form - no further scope
Sims 46.5 on best form - no further scope
Sapac 46.5 with scope to 45.8 for best form
Saliu 46.6 with scope to 45.5 for natural improvement (has to be better that a 46.5 runner)
S Hargreaves 46.6 with scope to 46.2 for best form
Boden 47.0 with scope to 46.5
Coote 47.2 with scope to 46.5

Therefore on known current form Sapac is the top rater from Saliu and S Hargreaves.
On best form Sapac is the top rater from Callard and S Hargreaves
The likely improver is Saliu.

Heat preview to follow.

4 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:39 pm


The heats in review

Heat 1
Khudoshin will get passed by Thomson at some stage and will get a nice tow along. Fitzpatrick will plug away at an even pace but will not make up more than a couple of meters on Khudoshin. A comfortable win to Khudoshin here.

Heat 2
Sapac has too much fire power. Is quick as well as strong at the end. WLS and Watkins will make ground at some point but never quite bridge the gap. Spence will provide nuisance value to these 2 allowing Sapac to comfortably progress.

Heat 3
Saliu and Callard meet. If Callard can cross Cousins before the 200m point then Saliu cannot win. If not Callard will get held up and Saliu is into the final. Cousins will ensure it is truly run and the time will be quick. Like Callard here.

Heat 4
Koshade and Tronnolone will go toe to toe in this one and be leading around the home turn. I suspect Hage will proove too strong in the end due to the 32m handicap which allows him some breathing space early. He will muster pace on the home turn and run over the others.

Heat 5
On ability alone Nitschke should win this but he wil not. Tohl is better than a runner off 24m but it depends on what shape he is in. Crawford is a good crafty pro runner and off 40m will never get headed.

Heat 6
S Hargreaves and Coote meet. Coote needs to be leading at the 200m point. This will not happen and Hargreaves will stalk the field unleashing in the home straight for a comfortable win

Heat 7
Dartnall will look the winner before knocking up and not placing. This will drag Wright into the race. Fisk and Hargreaves will close late but Wright will hang on.

Heat 8
Killmier will be even paced but there is no real speed behind him and Boden is too far back to damage early. Killmier and Boden will go toe to toe in the final straight. However, the young chestnut Keenan will put a good 5-10m on Killmier in the first 200m which will proove too decisive and will win by 5.

11 S Hargreaves
23 Sapac
25 Khudoshin
26 Wright
27 Callard
32 Hage
35 Keenan
40 Crawford

5 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:51 pm


Killmier will be even paced but there is no real speed behind him and Boden is too far back to damage early.

Cibich off 20m in this heat, proved he has some real speed when he won the Bay Sheff restricted and should threaten Killmier early. Hard to see them running down Keenan tho.

Last one is a tough heat. First heat is soft by comparison.

6 Womens Heats on Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:13 pm


Women's Classic Heat 1
Red Graham Paige (SA) 24.00
White Di Paolo Andrea (SA) 32.00
Blue O'Keefe Tayla (SA) 38.00
Yellow McMahon Tasmin (SA) 38.00
Green Letton Megan (SA) 42.00
Black Trewartha Ali (SA) 43.00
Pink Roberts Lisa (VIC) 60.00

Women's Classic Heat 2
Red Dunn Abbey (SA) 27.00
White Neophytou Cloe (SA) 32.00
Blue Openshaw Hayley (SA) 34.00
Yellow Ashman Claire (SA) 36.00
Green Fry Tayce (SA) 41.00
Black Robb Amy (SA) 43.00
Pink Hakendorf Sarah (SA) 50.00
1 Letton Kim (SA) 58.00

Women's Classic Heat 3
Red Connolly Bridgid (SA) 19.00
White Devlin Katie (SA) 30.00
Blue Dartnall Tamara (SA) 34.00
Yellow O'Loughin Rebecca (SA) 35.00
Green Cosgriff Celia (VIC) 39.00
Black Glouftsis Eleni (SA) 43.00
Pink Fenech Christine (SA) 50.00
1 Openshaw Yasmin (SA) 51.00

Women's Classic Heat 4
Red Mollica Stephanie (VIC) 17.00
White Kustermann Teagan (SA) 28.00
Blue Buckley Lucy (SA) 31.00
Yellow Girolamo Tara (SA) 35.00
Green Kennedy Zoe (SA) 38.00
Black Tompson Lesley (SA) 42.00
Pink Kotyla Anthea (SA) 45.00
1 McHugh Lauren (SA) 52.00

7 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:57 am


Heat 1
M Letton

Heat 2
K Letton

Heat 3

Heat 4

8 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:00 am


Chics final

Mollica 17
Ashman 36
Cosgriff 39
Letton 42
Trewartha 43
Robb 44
Openshaw 51
McHugh 52

9 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:30 pm


Just the 400m results from what I can remember:

Men's 400m
1st - David Palmer(36)
2nd - Adam Coote (23)
3rd - Bryce Watkins (20)
4th - Damian Tohl (24)
5th - Kostya Khudoshin (25)
Other finalists were Jarrad Dartnall(36), Robert Keenan(35) and Jarrod Sims(14)

Time was somewhere around low 48. Andrea Di Paolo won the womens.

10 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:59 pm


Time was 48.13.

Interestingly Alex Saliu ran the consolation in 48.16.

In the womens race did Robb do an injury before the finish line as the girls pounced on her. Looked as tho she did

11 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:38 pm


Palmer 48.13 in the final
Saliu 48.16 in consolation

They both came out of the same heat, did Palmer beat Saliu by that same margin in his heat as there wasnt a lot in it.

Interesting to note Alex Saliu bought the heat at the Calcutta, did he know something we all should have or was he supporting his son.

12 Re: CAMDEN NEWS, RESULTS & REVIEW on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:54 pm


Good to see consistent form from heat to final. I think 2 heats were run sub 48 and that was Palmers and Dartnells. Palmer did very well to hold off Saliu in the heat and the runners in the final. so well done to Palmer.

In regards to the conspiracy, everyone knew that Alex Saliu was going to be a top contender and was very unlucky to pull the winner in his heat. 1 and 2 place at the bay were in the same happens.

13 Camden Results & Review on Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:34 pm



400m Camden Classic
Heat 1
1 K Khudoshin (25)
2 T Welfare (30)
Time: 50.37
Easy run for Kostya as there was only two runners in the heat, after 4 runners scratched.

Heat 2
1 Bryce Watkins (20)
2 Peter Spence (30)
3 Eric Sapac (24)
Time: 48.49
Spence went out hard and was soon in front, with Sapac off after him. With 180m to go the two Victorians were battling it out with watkins running third but closing on the leaders. in the straight, Spence fought off Sapac and hit the front with 50m left, but Watkins swept up down the outside to overtake Spence with about 30m to go win by about 3m on the line.

Heat 3
1 David Palmer (36)
2 Alex Saliu (15)
3 Ashley Brown (29)
Time: 48.08
Palmer went hard early, not allowing Cousins to get on to him. He was a good 8m in front at the half way, with Ashley Brown running on solidly and Alex Saliu hardly making up much at all. At about the 180m, Saliu, realising it might be slipping away started to motor but was still conceding Palmer the best part of 10m start as they rounded the turn. Saliu stormed down the outside but just ran out of real estate as the race-hardened Palmer crossed the line about 2m in front. The luck of the draw might have cost Saliu a start in his first Camden Classic final as he was easily the most impressive of the 2nd placegetters. Ashley Brown too ran pretty well to finsh 3rd.

Heat 4
1 Jarrad Sims (14)
2 Ryan Hage (32)
3 Stephan Thiel (27)
Time: 49.25
Hage went out hard to keep the distance between himself & the rest, but so too did Thiel and he was doing everything to get on to the back of Hage as they went down the back straight. Sims went solid from the gun and soon rounded up Tronnolone and set his sights on the leading two. Hage fought off Thiel as they straightened up, then the classy Sims went into second gear and cruised past to record a solid win, albeit it was the slowest of the heats that had more than two runners. But the way Sims went to the line it looked like he had a bit left in the tank for the final.

Heat 5
1 Damian Tohl (24)
2 Ben Crawford (40)
3 Michael Nitschke (23)
Time: 48.58
Heat reduced to three runners after 4 scratched. Crawford went out as only as he knows how and that was very hard, maintaining a massive lead down the back straight. Nitschke allowed Tohl to take up the running in 2nd spot and tacked on behind him. At the 200m it seemed a matter of how far Crawford, then Tohl moved up a gear in his chase for Crawford, leaving Nitschke behind. As they straightened up it became a two man battle to the line with the gutsy Crawford working Tohl hard all the way before Tohl just moved away before the line to qualify for his sixth consecutive Camden final.

Heat 6
1 Adam Coote (23)
2 Jack Harvey (21)
3 Shaun Hargreaves (11)
Time: 48.47
Frontmarker Nick Howard took off from the gun like it was a 200m race and opened up a huge gap down the back straight. At one stage he appeared to be in excess of 20m in front and it was a matter of could he hang on.Coote allowed Harvey to chase after Howard while Hargreaves made up a lot of ground on Coote to be sitting not far behind and well poised at the 180m. The big bear jumped on Howard's back at about the 320m as Harvey took over with Hargreaves. In a well timed run, Coote moved up on the insIde of Harvey to hit the front and win by a metre.

Heat 7
1 Jarrad Dartnall (36)
2 Matthew Hargreaves (9)
3 Brett Fisk (18)
Time: 47.62
Dartnall went solid all the way round led into the straight by the best part of 15 metres. Matt Hargreaves ran on well to overtake the rest in the straight but Dartnall had an easy win, becoming the only runner to break 48 secs on the day and rocketing into favouritsim for the final.

Heat 8
1 Robert Keenan (35)
2 Robert Killmier (24)
3 James Boden (8.)
Time: 48.26
All eyes were on 2010 Camden winner Boden to see if he could make the final for the third consecutive time. Great start by Keenan had him running hard down the back with a good buffer to the backmarkers. Boden went past Cibich after about 150m and set his sights on the rest with Killmier looking ominous as they rounded the turn. But as they straightened up Keenan had stolen a march and open up an unassailable lead and strode confidently to the line. Killmier ran on well to hold off Boden for 2nd.

1 David Palmer (36)
2 Adam Coote (23)
3 Bryce Watkins (20)
4 Damian Tohl (24)
5 Kostya Khudoshin (25)
6 Robert Keenan (35)
7 Jarrad Dartnall (36)
8 Jarrad Sims (14)
Time: 48.13

Looked set for an intriguing final with a lot of 'what if's about it. With Palmer along side him and Keenan just behind, pre-race favourite Dartnall would not have it all his own way at the start and this would be a lot different to the heat. And with half the field on marks between 20 and 25, there was plenty of scope to work as a group and challenge late.

From the gun, Dartnall took off leaving Palmer to take up a position a few metres behind. Keenan was another 3m behind Palmer as they ran indian file down the back straight with 20m between first and last. Dartnall maintained his lead as they approached the 100m marker, but one could sense Palmer was coming. Watkins and Tohl were working hard to close the gap and had started to go past Keenan while Coote had worked his way to fifth sitting on the line. With 80m to go Palmer ranged up to Dartnall and took the lead and could sense 'they' were coming after him. As Dartnall weakened it forced Watkins to go out wide with Tohl while Coote continued to charge along the inside. Palmer was a good 5m in front with 30m to go and looked a certainty until Coote, swept up the inside of Watkins to challenge but just missed on the line. Palmer took the tape, through his arms in the area did a donkey kick then collapsed. Whilst it may have lacked the quality of past Camdens and the time was the second slowest on record, it was an entertaining race and a well deserved win for the endurable, self-trained Dave Palmer. He was one of the few athletes to rock up on the day in genuine PB shape and to consider he is 38, is a huge credit to him.

Consolation Final
1 Alex Saliu (16)
2 Peter Spence (30)
3 Jack Harvey (21)
4 Matt Hargreaves (9)
5 Ryan Hage (32)
6 Ben Crawford (40)
7 Robert Killmier (24)
8 Troy Welfare (30)
Time: 48.16

1 Andrea DiPaolo (32)
2 Yasmin Openshaw (51)
3 Claire Ashman (36)
4 Amy Robb (43)
5 Ali Trewartha (43)
6 Bridgid Connolly (19)
7 Zoe Kennedy (38)
8 Tara Girolamo (35)
Time: 53.43

120m Open Gift
1 Ryan Hancock (9.25)
2 Matt Hargreaves (5.00)
E3 Tim Johnson (8.25)
E3 Shane Grimwade (16.25)
Time: 13.30

1 James Cibiich (7.50)
2 Matt Callard (9.00)
3 Ryan Rossouw (6.00)
Time: 13.38

120m Gift FINAL
1 James Cibich (7.50)
2 Ryan Hancock (9.25)
3 Matt Hargreaves (5.00)
4 Matt Callard (9.00)
5 Shane Grimwade (16.25)
6 Ryan Rossouw (6.00)
7 Tim Johnson (8.25)
Time: 13.3 (hand timed)

120m Women's Gift FINAL
1 Emma Freer (7.00)
2 Hayley Openshaw (10.75)
3 Tara Girolamo (8.25)
4 Zoe Kennedy (11.75)
5 Lauren Buchanan (12.00)
6 Lesley Tompson (14.00)
7 Gina Chuang (11.00)
8 Dominique Edwards (20.00)
Time: 14.89

120m Under 20's FINAL
1 Sam Osmond (10.50)
2 Jarrad Watkins (8.25)
3 Sean Roberts (23.75)
4 Jake Stangewitz (9.25)
5 Trent O'Loughlin (8.50)
6 Hayley Openshaw (23.75)
7 Casey Whitaker (4.50)
8 Kaner Russell (6.00)
Time: 13.43

120m Under 14's FINAL
1 Ryan Atkins (12.00)
2 Bailey Booth (15.00)
3 Taylah Scapens (20.50)
Time: 14.93

800m Novice FINAL
1 Brad Jones (110)
2 Monique Hollick (110)
3 Tim Earle (58)
4 Aiden Miller (60)
Time: 1-55.17
Matt Hagias (64m) was 2nd over the line but disqualifed for failing to finish with his chest level with the 'tape'.

1600m Open FINAL
1 Peter Hyde (120)
2 Riley Cocks (120)
3 Sean Burton (185)
4 Matt Axford (110)
5 Matthew Ferber (75)
6 Dillon Tee (180)
Time: ???

1 Jordan Caldow (0.00)
2 Robbie James (0.00)
3 Ryan Roussow (0.75)

Missed a few of the other results.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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