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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Loxton Gift Carnival RESULTS Saturday 27th Feb 2016

Loxton Gift Carnival RESULTS Saturday 27th Feb 2016

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120m Nippys Loxton Gift
Semi 1
1 Tim Johnson 9.0m 12.82s
2 Ryan Hancock 9.75m 12.84s
3 Connor Verrall 9.00m 12.938s

Semi 2
1 Lewis Abdul 7.25m 12.88s
2 Jake Stangewitz 10.25m 12.91s
3 Sebastian Baird 7.50m 12.94s

120m NIPPYS Loxton Gift FINAL
1 Lewis Abdul 8.25m 12.907s
2 Jake Stangewitz 10.25m 12.942s
3 Sebastian Baird 7.50m 12.970s
4 Connor Verrall 9.00m 13.018s
5 Tim Johnson 9.00m 13.063s
6 Ryan Hancock 9.75m 13.138s

MGA Insurance Brokers
70m Open

1 Jack Norris 6.00m 7.711s
2 Jarrad Dartnall 7.75m 7.812s
3 Misha Lizoguboff 7.50m 7.87s
4 Tyson Hancock 9.75m 7.875s
5 Connor Verrall 6.50m 7.973s
6 Ben Martin 10.75m 7.975s
7 Dale Woodhams 5.00m 8.08s
8 Deng Bulabek 6.00m 8.177s

The Country Bakehouse
Women's 120m FINAL

1 Katie Jury 12.00m 14.38sec
2 Niamh Henry 12.00m
3 Kellie Syomons 13.00m
4 Jess Williams 12.50m
5 Ali Trewartha 10.75m
6 Rommi Parham 15.00m
7 Mikayla Round 11.00m
8 Lynette Viney 5.00m

Schliens Quarries
Under 20's 120m
1 Ryan Williams 6.0m 13.36s
2 Matt Learhinan 13.50m 13.49s
3 Luke Whitford 11.25m 13.503s
4 Molly Farmer 21.0m 13.508s
5 Tom OMalley 16.00m 13.558s
6 Chris Keegan 12.50m 12.589secs.

Fulton Hogan
300m Open FINAL

1 Wallace Long-Scafidi 16m 33.79sec
2 Hayden Rothe 18m
3 Deng Bulabek 20m
4 Sam Osmond 21m
5 Robert Kane 29m
6 David Girolamo 34m
7 David Miller 36m
8 Jarrad Dartnall 26m
9 Nikolas Berry 31m

Fulton Hogan
Women's 300m FINAL

1 Katie Jury 46m 37.80sec
2 Rommi Parham 34m
3 Kellie Symons 30m
4 Nicole Austin 30m
5 Kayla Lemm 30m
6 Lynette Viney 19m
7 Niamh Henry 28m
8 Tamara Ng 28m
9 Taylah Stallan 36m

Mort Daly Running Foundation
Under 17's 300m

1 Joe Chigwidden 70m 36.00sec
2 Hamish Petherick Scratch 36.22sec
3 Sam Bentley 46m
4 Caitlin Stallan 48m
5 Alex Martini 6m
6 Matt Learhinan 18m
7 Molly Farmer 40m
8 Ryelie McMullan 48m
9 Tom Ware 66m

Loxton Irrigation Centre
Over 35's 300m

1 Sue Turner 71m 37.14sec
2 Salvador Jurado 23m
3 Daniel Flesfader 16m
4 Mark Howson 55m
5 Ben Martin 28m
6 Ali Saliu 31m
7 Gino Geracitano 17m
8 Nathan Hoare 40m
9 Alex Jefferies 50m

Hygienic Meats
1000m Women

1 Rose Pittman 55m 2min-48.29s
2 Lauren McHugh 130m
3 Lexie Bentley 135m
4 Jemma Nguyen 70m
5 Lisa Roberts 145m                                                  

Platinum Ag Services
1000m Under 20's

1 Luke Bero 30m
2 Jared McDougall 95m
3 Sebastian Jurado 170m
4 Joe Chigwidden 130m
5 Lakara Stallan 180m
Time: 2min 39.13sec

Rashleigh Financial Services
1000m Over 35's

1 Gino Geracitano 75m 2min-37.41sec
2 Salvador Jurado 55m 2-40.43
3 Marek Beveridge 42m 2-43.93
4 Peter Brennan 125m
5 Ali Saliu 55m
6 Nadene Gillett 150m
7 Michael Hane 20m

To be continued!

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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