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PROTRACK » GENERAL » 2016 Loxton Gift POLL - Who will win the 15th Loxton Gift?

2016 Loxton Gift POLL - Who will win the 15th Loxton Gift?

Who will win the 2016 Loxton Gift?

0% 0% [ 0 ]
37% 37% [ 15 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
5% 5% [ 2 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
10% 10% [ 4 ]
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22% 22% [ 9 ]
5% 5% [ 2 ]
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2% 2% [ 1 ]
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Total Votes : 41

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Select the winner of the 2016 Loxton Gift.

Last edited by youngy on Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:42 pm; edited 1 time in total

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Could be a historic Loxton Gift to win - given the numbers of athletes who have entered, Id say it could be the last LOXTON gift held.

Pity the SA athletes have failed to support such a great event.


Whilst I don't think the Loxton carnival is in danger of being lost, I do think there are members of the athletic community in SA who do not realise the importance of the Loxton carnival to the sport of athletics.

The biggest problem is ASA's lack of wanting to embrace Loxton and perhaps work with the SAAL to ensure its success.

For the second year in a row ASA has scheduled a major championship event up against the Loxton carnival. Last year it as the individual state titles. This year it is the state relay titles.

ASA have scheduled the relays early in the day to give athletes a chance to compete in both however it's an extremely long day for those athletes who are prepared to compete at both events.

I doubt too many would be willing to compete at both.

One thing ASA can do is just acknowledge the last Saturday in February is the Loxton carnival and avoid scheduling a major competition on the same day.

My view is ASA should consider what it can do to promote athletics in the riverland by offering demonstration events such as a javelin comp or a pole vault demo. These could be conducted during the break or even on a part of the ground away from the track while some of the heats of events are being held. Maybe an ASA club relay?

We need to be innovative and try something new encourage more people to attend the Loxton carnival.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


I know in reality it is very unlikely to happen but if ever Asa and saal could meet regularly and have the best interest of athletics at heart when making decisions the sport will benefit greatly and both entity's benefit accordingly. The true competition lies in good young athletes choosing other sports .


The Loxton Gift is about to conduct it's 15th carnival in a row. It's fair to say the committee, especially Denis and Geoff have done a solid job in not only developing this event, but maintaining it over the 15 years. Of memory the gift was the reason for the survival of the local Mardi Gras... which still happens to date.

I think it's fair to say that regardless of total entries, Loxton never fails to produce a bad climax (second only to the Bay in SA) with all the finals (300's, 1000's and the 120's). The finals are always quality.

The track is always in quite good condition and the local support as good as many other country meets I've attended in Australia.

A couple thoughts to keep this event going strong:

1) I was introduced to the SAAL in 2002 (the Inaugural gift) via the riverland local high schools 4 x 400m relay event. While the following year there was an individual event (300m distance) for the locals to race. Riverland has a great sporting culture, and their high schools historically produce good athletes (LHS beating a lot of the private schools at the SASSSA events) - I think it's important to try and snag a small percentage of this talent by enticing them to compete at the events. It may give coaches a chance to speak to a few of the locals, and aim to get them to other events on the calendar. I will put my hand up for the committee to chase down the High School PE teachers in an attempt to promote this. Right now they have the football relays, which attract a bit of a crowd also.... I believe West Adelaide FC are travelling down for the Mardi Gras and to run the relay this year?

2) I think the Calcutta event really added to the Loxton carnival. This gave the local sponsors a chance to hear athletes/coaches/officials interviewed by the race caller. This gave the local sponsors a further understanding of the sport and its history. I think it's time to bring back the Calcutta. History shows, the locals are not scared of opening the wallet the evening of the calcutta! It's usually a very entertaining evening.

It probably doesn't help with ASA relays being run on the same day.... the amateur calendar in SA in Feb was stacked from the very beginning. It's good to see a couple Vics entered in the Loxton 1000m, they both should be right in this.

None the less, the locals will be out to watch the event (it may be a bit colder than historically) and it will, like every year, be a big climax!

For what it's worth:

Gift Tips:

1) Stangerz
2) Richards
3) Johnson


1) Kitto
2) C Watkins
3) Fallon



The 1000m is a classic on the national pro circuit.
With the first prize varying over the years of between $1200 and $1500 this is one of the premier distance events of the season. The winners list is of the highest quality. In some cases the losers list is of even higher quality, which highlights you need to run exceptionally well to snag this one.
There are no flukes here. The winners list is littered with Bay Sheff and Stawell 1600m winners which indicates the 1600m is a firmer form reference than the 800m.

Here’s the first 8 years of its history. The other 6 years to follow tomorrow along with tips.

2002 - Michael Hane

1 Hane Michael 12 2:24.74
2 Garreffa Steven 32 2:25.49
3 Thomson Mark 54 2:26.23

Hane has won Bay Sheff selected 1600m and Bay Sheff 800m plus a handy 800m pb of 1.48.08 and 1500m 3.41.71.
Garreffa was a winner of Stawell 1600 and 3200m

2003 – David Haigh

1 Haigh David 42 2:26.66
2 Walsh Richard 36 2:27.77
3 Cook Hayden 32 2:27.98

Haigh was a winner of the Bay Sheff 550m, Stawell 800m, Stawell Herb Hedemann.
Welsh had recently ran 3.51 for 1500m.

2004 – Darren Stojanovic

1 Stojanovic Darren 26 2:29:32
2 Massey-Harvey Jordan 68 2:30:14
3 Bishop Adam 30 2:30:32

Stojanovic was a 1.50 800m runner

2005 – Hayden Cook

1 Cook Hayden 44 2:25:39
2 Killmier Robert 34 2:26.69
3 Beveridge Mark 68 2:27:36

Cook has won Bay Sheff 550 and Stawell 1600m
Killmier has won Bay Sheff 800m and went on to win Bay Sheff selected 1600m

2006 – Robert Killmier

1 Killmier Robert 32 2:25.91
2 Hage Ryan 52 2:26:28
3 Bishop Adam 36 2:26.63

Killmier has won Bay Sheff 800m and went on to win Bay Sheff selected 1600m

2007 – PJ Bosch

1 Bosch PJ 44 2:27.75
2 Hage Ryan 54 2:29:20
3 Ferber Matthew 66 2:29.75

Bosch was a winner of Bay Sheff Selected 1600m

2008 – Toby Medlin

1 Medlin Toby 44 2:24.85
2 Bishop Adam 40 2:25.66
3 Watkins Bryce 44 2:26:53

Medlin has won Bay Sheff selected 1600m
Bishop has won a Bay Sheff selected 1600m

2009 – Matthew Ferber

1 Ferber Matthew 34 2:28:06
2 Preston Oliver 68 2:28:36
3 Jelfs Stephen 70 2.28.81

Ferber has won Bay Sheff 550m and Bay Sheff 800m and went on to win Bay Sheff selected 1600m.


Good call Ribera.

You have to be in good shape to win this one. Hane winning from the back in 02 is my earliest memory of Pro running, Garreffa ran a huge race that night also... I believe they ran heat and final that night also. The 02 carnival at Loxton was a classic, with Ormrod winning the 300m open off 12m in 32 point I think?

The last time that 1000m race had a heat and final was I believe in 2013. I can locate the result from that year on the SAAL site, but Andy Axford probably ran one of his best races winning the final in 2:22 off around 32m? (Andy went on to take back to back SA state 1500m titles in 2014/15, he was in pretty solid shape).

That same night, Clay won the gift from the back and Alex 'the horse' Saliu took the 300m from the red also! That was a cracking finish to the Loxton carnival.


Up until 2010 the highest winning handicap was 44m. Since then the lowest has been 46m. Not sure why this is, however the handicaps seem to have gradually all shifted out. Additionally the race up until 2009 was split into an “A” race and “B” race. Now it is combined.

2010 – Tim Smith

1 Smith Tim 68 2:30:21
2 Jelfs Stephen 66 2:31:12
3 Watkins Bryce 28 2.31.95

Smith was 4th in a Bay Sheff 1600

2011 – Peter Hyde

1 Peter Hyde 46 2:22.50
2 Ryan Hage 65 2:23.14
3 Bryce Watkins 26 2:23.85

Hyde an 800 / 1600 type

2012 – Ryan Hage

1 Ryan Hage 65 2:22.98
2 Ben Crawford 70 2:23.86
3 Matthew Fallon 95 2:24.50

Hage a pure 550 / 800 type. 3 times 2nd in this race before winning here. Maybe a miler in the future?

2013 – Andy Axford

1 Andy Axford 42 2:23.65
2 Tim Earle 65 2:24.33
3 Josh Nolan 34 2:26.38

Axford a dual state 1500m champion

2014 – Damian Robinson

1 Damian Robinson 75 2:30.94
2 Bradley Kitto 80 2:31.16
3 Peter Hyde 33 2:33.01

Robinson a miler

2015 – Bradley Kitto

1 Bradley Kitto 68 2:26.53
2 Tim Earle 55 2:27.43
3 Michael Nitschke 55 2:28.24

Kitto won Bay Sheff 800m

Based on the above you are looking for a miler who can run an 800. The miler / 2 mile type is generally not suited, hence why the likes of Bishop, Thiele, Engler did not win this event.

Nitschke therefore looks the standout here. He is a classic 550 / 800 runner but who has adjusted his training in recent times from sprint based to distance based. This is significant and in my eyes is now ready to have a crack at a decent mile. Was 3rd in last years Stawell 800m. He is the perfect profile for this type of race. The only doubt is what he has been doing since his stirring Bay Sheff 550 win in December. He may be doing too much trail running to be a serious threat over 1k.

His main danger is Bacalja. Although he is an absolute mile / 2 mile type, he has shown glimpses of 800m form. Made the big Ballarat 800m final in 2014 before going amiss with back problems in the lead up to Stawell when one of the favourites to win the 800m. Last year he won the Avondale 800m, Geelong 1600m and huge Bendigo backmarkers 1600m in the space of 3 weeks. This year made the big Ballarat 800m final again, which indicates his 800m is back on. He also won the Ballarat 2 mile on the same weekend, then came a fast finishing 4th in the $3000 Stonnington mile last week. A win here at Loxton could be on the cards.

There looks to be many chances here and it may simply come down to current form.
My tip is Nitschke if fit. If not, then Bacalja followed by Kane and Kitto.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Solid write-up Ribera. That's the distance event review of the season thus far.

Someone get this man an honorary Loxton 1000m sash, stat!

For the record, Dizzy's top 3 after careful consideration:

Fallon, Watkins, Nitschke.

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
1000m Open
Bryce Watkins 22.00 m
Harry May 26.00 m
Neil Brennan 35.00 m
Robert Killmier 46.00 m
Kostya Khudoshin 50.00 m
Alex Bacalja 54.00 m
Tim Earle 57.00 m
Bradley Kitto 58.00 m
Michael Nitschke 58.00 m
Corey Watkins 62.00 m
Michael Hane 65.00 m
Jordan Harvey 65.00 m
Luke Bero 68.00 m
Mark Beveridge 90.00 m
Ashley Brown 90.00 m
Robert Kane 90.00 m
Matthew Fallon 92.00 m

Can someone set up a poll?

Harry May must be a chance, 1-50 for the 800 recently? Besides BryceW, May would beat most of these guys by 30metres plus in 800. Extra 200 should have them covered.


If this were a 600m I’d agree but the 1000m leans heavily towards a miler. They decelerate heaps less than a 400/800 guy.
Nitschke’s pb is sub 1.56. So May beats him by 5 secs over 800m. About 30m. He gives Nitschke 32m start over an extra 200m. So they are almost even with 200m to go. Can May run a mile? Does the “new” Nitschke now run on? Let’s assume Bacalja can run at least 1.56. He absolutely decelerates less than any of these 400/800 guys.
If May is a chance as a 1.50 guys then Watkins goes in the mix as a sub 1.49 runner.


Bryce and harry have both raced a fairly well from  400-800m this year, but haven't run many longer events. If they work together and get to those off 50m with a lap to go, they might be the ones.

I think the race will be around the region of C Watkins and Kitto. Kitto gave me wind burn last year coming into the home straight, so he is a chance even though he's come back 10m. Alex may be able to break them open early/mid race though (especially if he's in 2015 Bendigo Mile shape), and he might have to... just to get to Fallon. C Watkins has been featuring well from 800-1600m all year. He will need to lift a little to get this one though.

I just entered to support the Loxton meet, and perhaps get a few more locals out to sell a few more Nippy's products and eat the woodoven pizzas at the track. I would have loved to have featured in this event, unfortunately I've eaten all the pies and drank all the beers, and have probably put on 5kgs of worthlessness since the bay!

I think Rothe and WLS will fight out the 300m at the end of the night as well


Few chances for the Loxton Gift. looks to be a race between Richards, Baird, Johnson, Stangewitz.
doubt Richards, Baird will want it is much as Johnson, Stangewitz.

I'm going
R Hancock

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