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1 LOXTON! LOXTON! LOXTON! on Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:15 am


If you haven't entered yet, this is your last chance to enter.

For some peculiar reason entries are not where they should be.

This is the best and biggest athletics meet in regional South Australia.

A $7,200 Gift should attract a lot more than the number of entries at present.

It's a huge meet, that takes a lot of people to plan and organise. The atmosphere is fantastic and if you have never been there you are missing out on something special.

There's been 14 winners of the Loxton Gift - who will add their name to the list?

2016 ??
2015 Chris Innes-Wong
2014 Brad Schutz
2013 Clay Watkins
2012 Corey Baker
2011 Jarrad Dartnall
2010 Ryan Rossouw
2009 Leon Burckhardt
2008 Ben Koschade
2007 Steve Landers
2006 Brad Letton
2005 Robbie James
2004 Will Bowie
2003 Brad Letton
2002 Shaun Walker

"Let's Go While We're Young"

2 Re: LOXTON! LOXTON! LOXTON! on Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:04 am


Loxton Gift finalists & Coaches

There have been 86 Loxton Gift finalists. Ryan Hancock has made the most finals with 6. Then Leon Burckhardt, Jarrad Datnalll and Duncan Tippins with 5 each.
Leon Burckhardt has had the most podium finishes (first 3) with 4 including a win in 2009.

Brad Letton is the only dual winner - 2003 and 2006.
And from that I noted that YGTS features in the top 2 every 3 years. 2003 (2nd), 2006 (2nd), 2009 (1st), 2012 (1st) & 2015 (1st). So I guess we're not due until 2018.

The only coaching quinella (1st & 2nd) was by Stan Miller in 2007 when we saw a cracking final featuring Steve Landers and Keith Sheehy.

No interstate athlete has won the Loxton Gift although they have made the podium on 5 occasions.

From a coaching/stable perspective - Camden & YGTS share the most wins with 3 each. YGTS has produced the most finalists with 18. Camden next best with 11. That's Cranky Franky and I - with 34% of all Loxton Gift finalists between us.

The first Loxton Gift in 2002 was the only time either Camden or YGTS did not have an athlete in the final. About time a few other stables started to get in on the act!

I'd actually wouldn't mind seeing a Camden/YGTS free Loxton Gift final. But it won't happen if some of you buggers don't enter.....

1C Innes-WongP Young
2J StangewitzAli Saliu
3B RichardsS Thompson
4J DartnallM Buckler
5P TaylorP Taylor
6B SchutzF McHugh
1B SchutzF McHugh
2R HancockA Harrison
3B WrightB Golden
4C WatkinsP Young
5L HoulihanA Tohl
6J CibichF McHugh
1C WatkinsB Tammo
2J CibichF McHugh
3N ThomasA Harrison
4A Coote VICM Hipworth
5B WrightB Golden
6D FlesfaderG Thompson
7T SchrapelSelf Trained
1C BakerP Young
2D GrossA Tohl
Eq 3A Coote VICM Hipworth
Eq 3B SchutzF McHugh
5W Long-ScafidiA Tohl
6J CibichF McHugh
7L BuchananL Hildyard
1J DartnallS Butler
2D GrossA Tohl
3J CibichF McHugh
4R HancockA Harrison
5S HodgeL Hildyard
6R RossouwB Tammo
1R RossouwB Tammo
2R JamesP Young
3D GrossA Tohl
4J DartnallS Butler
5R HancockA Harrison
6S ThielS Butler
1L BurckhardtP Young
2A SteeleA Tohl
3R HancockG Hancock
4R ScottL Hilyard
5D TohlA Tohl
6R James (DNS)P Young
1B KoschadeB Golden
2D TippinsP Young
3A SteeleG Hancock
4D HicksP Young
5L BurckhardtP Young
6C WatkinsP Young
1S LandersS Miller
2K SheehyS Miller
3L BurckhardtP Young
4R HancockG Hancock
5D TippinsP Young
6A Alozie NSWP Hallam
1B LettonF McHugh
2L BurckhardtP Young
3R HancockG Hancock
4K HarrisonB Golden
5D PalmerB Golden
6J DartnallP Young
1R JamesS Butler
2S McKenzie VICN Fiedler
3L BurckhardtP Young
4B LettonF McHugh
5D TippinsP Young
6J DartnallP Young
1W BowieG Hancock
2Z Frangos VICP O'Dwyer
3M Callard VICJ Henry
4D ByrneS Miller
5T BatemanS Butler
6B LettonF McHugh
1B LettonF McHugh
2B McLeanP Young
3J Hunte NSWM Arnold
4D TippinsR Manthey
5S McKenzieT Schreier
6M OrmrodS Butler
1S WalkerS Walker
2I UdumaI Uduma
3S McKenzieT Schreier
4E Everton NSWM Arnold
5A SteeleG Hancock
6D TippinsR Manthey

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"Let's Go While We're Young"

3 Re: LOXTON! LOXTON! LOXTON! on Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:08 am


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Cmon SA athletes pull the finger out and support your 2nd biggest carnival, otherwise it will end up becoming a memory like Whyalla.

Given the severe weather conditions and years of drought, Im sure it is becoming harder and harder to obtain local sponsorship for the event.

Even if you are unlikely to run, at least throw in an entry, to show some support.

4 Re: LOXTON! LOXTON! LOXTON! on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:04 pm

The Sheik

SA gift running is soft this time of year. Ollie WURM last in a Gift HEAT at Ballarat, next day HOPS on a plane to Adelaide, WINS a Gift Heat at Camden and makes the FINAL!!!! There should be avalanche of Vics going over to LOOOOOXXXXXTTTOOONNNN!

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