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1 Handicapping on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:28 pm


Can anyone explain the handicapping system.
I have just been looking through the Camden handicaps and I am confused.
My daughter has entered for both the womens and under 17's 400 m
In the under 17's she has a handicap of 20 metres
Another athlete in the same races has a handicap of 18
In the womens race the same two athletes are totally different my daughter has 36 and the same athlete from the under 17's has 42 metres when running in the womens. It's the same distance same athletes and inconsistency of 8 metres.
There are quite a few others athletes that have entered both races that differ .
If any one can shed any light on magic handicapping system I'd would be grateful

2 Re: Handicapping on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:18 am


Hi Trevor,

I am no expert however the example with your daughter is not uncommon. Reasons can vary and it is complicated, but the main one is that the more you run in an age group / category - the more "brownie points" or opportunities to get a lift in a handicap you get. So if your daughter hasn't run much in a category, and the person you are comparing her to has run in the category regularly, then the person you are comparing her too could easily have a better handicap than your daughter. Everytime you compete, you give yourself a chance of getting a lift in handicap. Hope this helps a little. My advise is, if you are worrying about your handicap then it becomes a distraction and you talk yourself out of doing well. Concentrate on what you can control. Train hard, prepare well and race to the best of your ability each and every race. If you do this then it all falls into place.

3 Re: Handicapping on Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:05 am


Well answered Biggsy - for someone who says is not an expert.

Firstly there are two different handicappers involved with different agendas.

Simply put, the junior handicaps are far more dynamic because athletes have a finite 'existence' in junior ranks. In respect to the Under 17's 400m - there is only one for the season at Camden. I have a greater responsibility to ensure as many athletes as possible are in the contest. There is no tomorrow for those girls who are 16 and won't be eligible next year.

The senior handicapper has to take into account the junior is entering her first open women's race and compare her to athletes who have been running for years in open company. Some of these girls are yet to win a Women's 400m. He also has to take into account factors such as the potential to improve not only one year but years to come. Therefore the senior handicapper must be more conservative with the allocation of marks, lifts etc.

Lauren Payne has yet to compete in an Open Women's 400m. The other girl has competed in several. The handicapper needs to see Lauren in open company and determine where she sits compared to the others.

One must be careful, by raising it, may become a double edged if you bring this to the attention of a handicapper, he might re-examine it & be inclined to agree with the senior handicapper and adjust the Under 17 mark accordingly.  Twisted Evil  (Only kidding....)

See you Sunday.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

4 Re: Handicapping on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:35 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

Lauren was allocated 30 at Sacred Heart but did not run in the Women 400m although she competed on the day.
Face Value, she could consider her self lucky by receiving a 6m lift for Camden, when the other girl competed at Sacred Heart but stays on the same mark as she had there.
The fact that Lauren has competed at Mile End and shown her form and shown her 400m has not grown legs since last season , her two results in Dec were 1.02s and the fact that Camden is a much harder race to win probably explains the lift from Sacred Heart.

5 Re: Handicapping on Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:01 pm


With my limited handicapping knowledge, you 'can do your head in' comparing one athlete to another! Biggsy' advice is sound.

6 Re: Handicapping on Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:47 pm


Both girls run regular and my daughters had quite a few runs in the open as has the other girls it just seemed strange to have a positive handicap in one race to a negative in the other, same distance same athletes.
Still confused
But thanks for all the replies.

7 Re: Handicapping on Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:55 pm


If your daughter has never run an open 400 how can you compare her to a girl who has many runs in open 400s? the most confusing part is how she got lifted from 30 to 36 without running. Like whispers said, she's lucky to have 36.

8 Re: Handicapping on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:02 pm


racingmania wrote:If your daughter has never run an open 400 how can you compare her to a girl who has many runs in open 400s? the most confusing part is how she got lifted from 30 to 36 without running. Like whispers said, she's lucky to have 36.
Sorry just come across this but yes you a right regarding her lift.
Re adjusted since so all good.

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