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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years

Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years

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1 Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:31 am


LAST FIVE years of Tea Tree Gully Results.

70m OPEN
2015Paul Taylor 8.257.82Ryan Hancock 6.507.85Jake Stangewitz 7.507.89
2014Alex Saliu 5.257.80Lyall Weir 5.757.89Ben Wright 8.07.91
2013Gabriel Cole 5.07.61Chris Innes-Wong 5.07.71Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera 5.07.78
2012Paul Taylor 8.257.74Shane Grimwade 10.07.78Ali Saliu 10.757.79
2011Ali Saliu 11.757.62Jarrad Dartnall 7.257.65Stuart Daddow 8.0 & Paul Taylor 8.257.68
2015Nichola Coombe 10.258.72Katie Jury 8.508.74Lynette Viney 4.08.77
2014Moa Engstrom 5.08.67Czenya Cavouras 7.08.68Grainne Henry 10.08.78
2013Czenya Cavouras 7.508.81Katie Jury 8.508.91Lauren Edwards 5.758.93
2012Lesley Tompson 10.258.59Dominque Edwards 11.08.77Claire Thiele 8.08.81
2011Megan Letton 9.508.77Lucy Buckley 9.508.78Andrea Sparrow 4.08.84
70m U/17
2015 BoysCameron Vinall 3.758.37Liam Jones 5.258.38Brayden Thomas 8.258.40
2015 GirlsCaitlin Stallan 7.09.29Ruby Buchanan 4.509.30Natassia Messent 2.09.31
2014Kyle Roberts 7.507.86Chelsea Gilbert 16.507.90Caitlin Francis 15.07.94
2013Joshua Biggs 9.757.82Murlin Remphrey 6.07.88Mikayla Round 14.757.96
2012Jesse Cordoma 5.508.01Georgia Hext 15.508.16Jessica Oates 16.08.22
2011Kane Russell 6.07.93Sam Osmond 5.758.05Bray Rafanelli 6.758.20
200m OPEN
2015Luke Buchanan 2320.87Jake Stangewitz 1720.89David Girolamo 2820.97
2014Shaun Ryder 2720.03Ashley Brown 2120.33Alex Saliu 1120.59
2013Christopher Simpson 2420.31Luke Buchanan 2320.57Bradley Letton 1720.78
2012Jordan Tronnolone 1220.64James Cibich 1220.99Alex Bubner 1021.29
2011Adrian Harris 1620.20David Palmer 1920.38Jarrad Dartnall 1720.54
200m WOMEN
2015Lauren Buchanan 2222.00Amy McLatchie 1823.32Sarah Burns 3623.41
2014Trudy Schrapel 3622.83Hettie Driscoll 2623.11Katie Jury 2623.66
2013Lauren Edwards 1922.69Yasmin Openshaw 2023.03Tayce Fry 3023.38
2012Claire Thiele 2422.69Eleni Glouftsis 2723.12Megan Letton 2023.50
2011Lesley Tompson 3822.58Amy Robb 2223.14Teagan Kustermann 2823.35
200m U/20's
2015Kyle Roberts 622.22Hayden Rothe 422.35Bradley Harvey 722.37
2014Bradley Carey 1421.12Roger Van Der Linden 1421.45Lewis Abdul 1321.67
2013Murlin Remphrey 1420.70Ben Sieben 2220.99Joshua Biggs 2821.27
2012Jakson Messent 2121.50Riordan Welsh 1821.72Tim Earle 2221.94
2011Riordan Welsh 2220.78Jake Stangewitz 1421.02Aaron Neale 1621.19
200m O/45's
2015Mark Burns 2422.65Brett Stokes 3222.69Michael Cassidy 1622.87
2014Peter Biggs 2421.89Alex Jefferies 2722.35Mark Howson 3922.86
2013Eugene DeVizio 3422.01Ross Hill-Brown 2922.31Brett Stokes 3122.52
2012Chris Dimitrak 3222.19John Turner 2522.46Mick Abbott 3422.66
2011Brett Stokes 3421.95Chris Dimitrak 3222.53Mark Donovan 2122.71
2015 - 550mRobert Kane 541-11.1Jared McDougall 751-11.6Andrew Buttery 841-12.0
2014 - 550mCorey Watkins 481-11.7Hayden Rothe 551-12.5James Grant 801-12.8
2013 - 550mBen Sieben 621-09.0Luke Stewart 961-09.5Josh Dawkins 321-09.9
2012 - 1000mRyan Hage 652-27.9Luke Stewart 1602-30.8Scott Hargreaves 502-31.2
2011 - 1000mMax Stevens 702-29.1Ryan Hage 652-29.2Kane Russell 552-29.5
550m O/35's
2015Gino Geracitano 321-16.9Amin Chehade 401-18.6Mick Abbott 821-18.7
2014Peter Brennan 801-15.4David Miller 521-16.8Steven Wilson 401-17.3
2013Brian Golden 101-15.4Peter Brennan 781-15.9Mark Barnett 961-16.3
2012Mick Abbott 781-14.9Chris Dimitrak 751-15.0Steven Wilson 341-15.2
2011Richard McMahon 421-13.3Mick Abbott 781-13.8Steven Wilson 341-14.1
550m U/14'sFirst held - 2015
2015Casey Buchanan 301-20.5Sam Bentley 901-20.7Morgan Miller 301-21.4
800m OPEN
2015Stephen Jelfs 651-51.5Kostya Khudoshin 521-51.6Jordan Harvey 851-52.5
2014Bradley Kitto 841-58.7Ryan Hage 622-00.4Stephen Jelfs 622-01.1
2013Luke Stewart1-52.?David Girolamo 981-52.7Tim Earle 551-53.5
2012Ryan Hage 651-52.0Luke Stewart 1501-52.4Stephen Jelfs 631-54.8
2011Gregor Dingwall 1301-49.5Ben Crawford 681-49.9Ashley Brown 601-50.6
800m WOMEN
2015Bridgid Connolly 292-15.5Jenni Partington 882-16.3Stella Batelaan 802-16.4
2014Nadia De Bellis 602-22.6Isabella Partington 1502-29.1Cheryl Zeuner 1852-32.2
2013Isabella Partington 1602-07.7Courtney Ryder 1102-14.0Cheryl Zeuner 1802-15.9
2012Lauren McHugh 902-15.6Melanie Stewart 1752-16.8Roula Ghaoui 1042-17.6
2011Lauren McHugh 1102-06.8Tasmin McMahon 702-07.8Debbie DeVizio 1702-11.0

Last edited by Admin on Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:40 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Luke Stewart won the 800m in 2013)

2 Re: Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years on Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:49 pm


All updated.

Interesting times recorded in 2014 in both the Open & Women's 800m. Slower by about 6 to 7secs compared to other years.

Yet in the other circle events over 550m there is not much difference in times from other years. So the track conditions appears to be similar.

Could the track have been too long for the 800's in 2014?

3 Re: Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years on Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:20 pm


Was that the year the sprinklers were on during the race?
Wasn't great conditions if my memory is correct

4 Re: Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years on Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:15 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

Re: Tea Tree Gully results needed on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:32 am

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Posts: 483
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550 NOVICE......... Ben Sieben
550 Over 35..........Brian Golden
70m under 17.........Joshua Biggs
70m OPEN.............Gabriel Cole
70m WOMEN............Czenya Cavouras
800m WOMEN............Isabella Partington
200m Over 45..........Eugene DeVizio
200m Under 20.........Murlin Every
200m Women............Lauren Edwards
200m OPEN ............Christopher Simpson
800m OPEN ............Luke Stewart

Hope that helps.
Dont know how you guys that can put up results ,times for every race can do it.Sure miss it all when you cant make it.
OPEN 8OOM was a straight out final held later in the night due to the amount of scratchings in the heats.No doubt this helped BIG LUKE only having to run the one race.
Highlight of the night was the number of first sash winners (4 or 5) who were able to take home the multi coloured sashes.
Full marks to the crew at the GULLY for the hospitality , pity about the wind.

JL will be able to confirm it but as I recorded on Protrack back in 2013 Big Lukey Stewart saluted the judge first.Helped by way of it being a staight out final on account of all the scratchings
Perhaps confirm it with JL though before you change anything, as Whispers is not always right and keeps getting told he isnt Smile Smile

5 Re: Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years on Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:38 am


RESULTS as per SAAL Website - Which in respect to the 2013 TTG 800m Open are wrong of course.

Luke Stewart did win the TTG 800m.

Event 114 - 800m Open - Final:
2 David Girolamo Pink 98.00m 1:52.75
3 Tim Earle Blue 55.00m 1:53.45
4 Dillon Tee Black 82.00m 1:57.51
6 James Grant 2 102.00m 1:59.73
8 Adam Cleary Green 80.00m 2:03.88
9 Salvador Jurado Yellow 46.00m 2:05.27
10 Bradley Kitto White 40.00m 2:11.60
11 Richard Ray-Zwar Red 36.00m 2:15.18
12 Rafal Staporski 1 100.00m 2:16.36

6 Re: Tea Tree Gully - Last 5 Years on Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:08 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Its good that we have a forum that we are able to come on and be interactive and although we sometimes go astray we all have the right intentions of making the sport even better.
Hopefully the SAAL can also update their results as well now.

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