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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Saal Problem worse than fine cotton

Saal Problem worse than fine cotton

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1 Saal Problem worse than fine cotton on Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:22 pm

runners pride

Can Someone explain please tell me how the SAAL don't/haven't reviewed the questionable performances of houlihan and cibich from pre bay(camden) then 2 weeks later to the bay sheffield?

Houlihan runs the fastest 70 heat time, 7.88 then can only manage 8.15 in the final an hour later (no semis), conditions the same. Richards covers him by 1.5. Then the next week for the Keith Patching Sprint, Richards can only cover him by 0.01. That's a good turn around in 6 days?

onto the gift,
houlihan, 13.10 in the heat (2nd fastest) wins semi, 12.93, and although the semi time wasn't all that fast , he still goes from second fastest in the heats to just surviving for 5th place in the final.

Chibich was worse... runs 13.45 in the heat for 2nd, then deplorable 7th in his semi 13.28.

now the issue is not so much the pre bay results but how much these two easily cover the same field of runners at the bay, even after the handicap lifts for these two were only .25 and .5 ; much less than all other runners (and rightly so).
i cant be the only one to see this? yet the league officials don't do anything to address it?

This is not fantastic tapering; its blatant and the SAAL officials condone it by not addressing it and allowing it to happen.

gross (who was just as bad at pre bay but cant be bothered with him), cibich had a handicap adjustment 2 years ago; and now moves clubs, does the same thing, gets himself into another final and will refuse to try again for another 349 odd days. he is running no better now that he was under frank just took it with him.

I would love any official at the SAAL to explain these results and how it is fair to those that actually try their best each week?

Last edited by Admin on Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:51 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Removed all references to cheating)

2 Re: Saal Problem worse than fine cotton on Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:08 pm


ahh Runners Pride ...sounds like a bit of sour grapes to me ,and with ur wisdom u must know the training program that James was on going into the bay and the little niggles he was adjusting to.... have u ever thought that some people might have peaked to early in their run to the bay while some might just get it right on the same 2 days year after year....and I do believe James didn't make the final last year and was beaten in a time of 12:77 in 2013 and this year misses the start and runs 12:73....not to shabby from a very short prep under a new coach....u can talk to me anytime about the performance of my athletes if u have the balls

P Burdett

3 Re: Saal Problem worse than fine cotton on Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:20 pm


Sorry runners pride but I've had to tone down your rant. You can raise questionable results and offer your views but please refrain from calling people cheats.

Luke Houlihan is back on 5.50m (after running off 7.50m in 2014) and his performance in the final was not too much different to Pre-Bay - he's finished 0.0.67s closer to Sam Osmond in the Bay final than he did at Pre-Bay. A decent taper can account for that. Luke's only been a player in the major Gifts for the last 2 years so he's still a work in progress.    

1 Sam Osmond 9.50m 12.595
2 Brett Richards 7.50m 12.675
3 Tom Sclanders 7.00m 12.678
4 Dylan Panizza 9.00m 12.695
5 Luke Houlihan 5.50m 12.733
6 James Cibich 7.00m 12.736

1 Sam Osmond 8.75m 12.929
2 Brett Richards 6.75m 13.012
3 Sebastian Baird 7.50m 13.037
4 Oliver Callahan 8.00m 13.062
5 Luke Houlihan 5.25m 13.134
6 Dylan Hicks 7.75m 13.148

4 Re: Saal Problem worse than fine cotton on Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:53 am


More than happy to chat about my race prep in person runners pride. Seems like the decent thing to do would to make inquiries in person first... or is namelessly slandering someone more your style?

James Cibich

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