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PROTRACK » 2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide » 2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide

2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide

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1 2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide on Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:56 pm


2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide

Lewis Abdul (SA) 8.25m
Has enjoyed a good start to the season, running a 100m PB (11.24) at the All School titles, 2nd in the Flinders 200m, 3rd in the Port Adelaide Gift final (12.75s off 8.25m) then won the Sacred Heart 70m. Not quite ready for the big time, but if he was a commodity on the stock market you’d be buying for the long term. In the black book for 2016.

Noddy Angelakos (VIC) 11.0m
Normally runs off a VIC bigger mark (12.25m) than the Bay Sheff limit. Apart from a 3rd over 70m at Northcote, he hasn’t shown much form for a Bay Sheff tilt. After a 7th in a heat of the Northcote Gift (12.08s off 10.25m) it’s fair to say the Greek economy is in better shape than Noddy’s chances.

Ryan Atkins (SA) 7.50m
Had the pro-running meerkats up on their haunches, eyes darting in his direction after a brilliant win over 200m at Flinders. Subsequent ordinary performances over 120m at Port Adelaide, PreBay and Brighton (13.49s off 7.50m) had the same meerkats scratching their noggins. His form is like a cruise ship that has a passenger fall overboard, the time it takes to turn it around - won’t be enough.  

Corey Baker (SA) 6.50m
Won the Loxton Gift in 2012 (12.48s off 7m) the day after running a 100m PB of 10.96s. Has struggled with study, injury, illness and loss of interest since. Still young enough to get back to sub 11s shape if not better. In recent years there’s been more sightings of the Loch Ness Monster than Corey Baker at a track meet. An emphatic No.

Jason Bailey (VIC) 8.50m
Ran 6th in his 2015 Stawell Gift heat (12.90s off 8.5m). Recently ran 3rd in heats of both the Northcote and Albury Gifts (13.03s off 8.5m). Has the same mark he has in Victoria so meets most Vic athletes worse off. Like a first time offender at the Old Bailey, he’s got no form, so don’t expect much.

Sebastian Baird (SA) 8.00m
Won his first Gift for the season at Brighton 13th Dec. (12.72 off 7.50m), which came a fortnight after a strong win over 70m at the Western District meet. He goes forward 0.50m from his Brighton win. He was a national Under 14 champion over 200m so the promise has always been there. This is the best chance he’s had. Just needs to find a little more from Brighton to be a serious contender.

James Bayliss (SA) 7.00m
Youngster who looked OK at Flinders and in his heat of the Port Adelaide Gift (3rd off 7m in 13.21s) but unfortunately broke down in the PA Gift semi-final. Hasn’t competed since which was 7th November. This will be his first start back so will be short of race fitness. Not this year.

Joel Bee (VIC) 2.00m
Top class sprinter who has a 100m PB of 10.44s to his name (28/2/2014). Won the 2012 Albury Gift (12.28s off 5m) and the 2013 Maryborough Gift (12.75s off 2.75m). Also ran a very fast 12.18s off 3.25m when 2nd in the 2013 Albury Gift. Not a ‘hive’ of activity on the track this summer, but sure to be a buzz around Colley reserve if he can win the heat off his tight mark.

Nickolas Berry (SA) 11.00m
Ran well at Flinders finishing 5th in the 200m Final and was 3rd in the 300m at Western District. But going on his most recent run at Brighton (13.73s off 11m) where he was last in his heat, 10 metres off the pace, his chances of a second run are berry, berry slim.

Kevin Brittain (VIC) 7.00m
Dual Stawell Gift finalist running 5th in 2010 and 6th in 2011 (12.42s off 7.25m). At Stawell 2015, he was 5th in a semi-final (12.72s off 7m). Recently ran 4th in a semi-final of the Albury Gift (12.62s off 6.5m) so his form is OK; similar to last year. He was 3rd in his Bay Sheff semi last year (12.67s off 6.5m) so again - expect a similar result.

Michael Brusnahan (SA) 7.00m
As a 16yo, he ran 100m/200m PB’s of 10.94s/21.69s. He has not improved on those times and he’s now 22. He can sometimes look like the blades inside a washing machine and if he does at the Bay he’ll struggle. He has run in 2 previous Bay Sheffields (2010 & 2013) making the semis each time but well beaten in both. Recently ran 21.96 (w+2.4) for 200m which is OK & makes him competitive.

Oliver Callahan (SA) 8.50m
Has only stepped out twice this season running 3rd over 70m at Sacred Heart and 4th in the 120m Pre-Bay Gift at Camden. Ran a blistering heat at Hectorville earlier this year (12.42s off 8.5m) before succumbing to soreness in the final. Has the ability to be a huge contender but may be short of experience this time round. If he sticks to Harry Callahan’s words of wisdom - “Man’s got to know his limitations,” his time will come sooner rather than later.

James Cibich (SA) 7.00m
Dual Bay Sheffield finalist having run 3rd in 2011 and 3rd again in 2013 (12.84s off 7m).  Changed stables during the winter joining Grange. Ran 2nd in the semi-final last year (12.69s off 6.5m). Only 120m start this season was the PreBay Gift where he was run out in the semis. He generally finds an extra gear for Colley Reserve and will be thereabouts again.

Lawrence Coop (VIC) 11.00m
In the 2015 Stawell Gift he ran 13.13s off 10m. Enjoyed a big day at Warrnambool running 5th (70m), 6th (100m) and 3rd (300m). Ran off 12.25m (13.16s) in the Terang Gift, finishing 4th in a heat. Seems to go better the longer the event, so if it finished at Jetty Road he’d be a chance. But it doesn’t. No.

Simon Crichton (WA) 11.00m
Formerly from SA but moved to WA well over a decade ago. Returned to run 3rd in the 2004 Bay Sheffield final. Has been a regular visitor since and ran 7th in his Bay Sheff heat last year (13.28s off 11m). Better chance in the Over 35’s race.

Jarrad Dartnall (SA) 11.00m
Has won many sashes with the SAAL including Gifts at Glenelg, Flagstaff Hill and Marion. His biggest win was the 2011 Loxton Gift (12.56s off 9.75m). Best result at a Bay Sheffield carnival was winning the 120m Restricted in 2009 (12.49s off 11.5m). At Brighton he ran 5th in the semi-final (13.08s off 10m), 3m off the pace. Won’t be darting into a final here.

Dean Dobric (VIC) 10.25m
Looked the winner of the 120m Restricted last year after good wins in the heat and semi before back tightness took its toll and he ended up 6th. He ran well at Stawell this year running 4th in his semi-final (12.56s off 10m) after winning a heat in a slick 12.33s. Recently ran 3rd in the Albury Gift (12.48s off 10.25m). Seems to be bringing his best form to Colley Reserve. One of the better Vic chances.

Jack Doderico (VIC) 9.00m
Not much Gift form to go on. Recently ran 5th in a heat of the Albury Gift (13.17s off 8m). Before that he was 6th in a heat of the Terang Gift (13.26s off 8m). He comes from a small town called Glengarry in the south-east of Victoria. Population about 680. More chance of Glengarry being awarded the Commonwealth Games than its number one sprinter making the Bay final.

Michael Dotti (NSW) 10.50m
Ran at the opening carnival at Henley, making the 120m Gift final off 9.50m. Had an ordinary run at Queanbeyan in November where he ran 5th in his heat (13.50s off 12m), beaten by 8m. Appeared to be in better form this time last year before running 3rd in the Bay Sheff semi-final off 10m. Meets several worse off from Qeanbeyan suggesting he’s a fair way down the pecking order.

Isaac Dunmall (QLD) 5.75m
2014 Stawell Gift finalist “Thunder thighs” Dunmall returned to Victoria in 2015 taking out the rich 100m Stonnington Gift. Then ran well at Stawell finishing 2nd in the 2nd semi-final (12.40s off 5.25m). Ran a handy 100m PB of 10.83s in August. Yet to make it past a heat in 3 previous Bay Sheffield attempts and now back a further 1.75m from last year. Has improved but the mark is tough.

Matthew Eddy (VIC) 7.75m
Dual Maryborough Gift winner having won in 2012 and again in 2015 (12.42s off 8.5m). Ran 3rd in the 2014 Bay Sheffield (12.52s off 9.25m). Form’s been good this season, making the finals of both the 100m Northcote Gift and the 120m Albury Gift (5th in 12.51s off 7.75m). Back 1.5m from last year so while the form is steady, Eddy won’t be heading into the final this year.

Tim Eschebach (NSW) 6.75m

Prolific major Gift finalist having run 7th and 4th in two (2012 & 2014) Queanbeyan Gifts, 6th in the 2012 Stawell Gift and 6th again in the 2015 Stawell Gift (12.47s off 6.75m). Won the prestigious 200m at Stawell in 2014. Failed to make the 2015 Queanbeyan Gift final where he ran 4th in his semi (12.56s off 7.25m) 3m behind Stuart Rooke. Stawell form can’t be dismissed so won’t be far away.

Craig Foley (VIC) 11.00m
Long term VAL athlete with his biggest win being the 2008 Wangaratta Gift. Won the 2014 Warragul Gift off 13.0m before last year’s Bay Sheffield. The 11m limit effectively puts him out of the contest for this but he has good 70m form so expect him to be around the mark in the sprint on Day One.

David Gross (SA) 9.25m

Three time Bay Sheff finalist who has an amazing ability to taper perfectly for the Bay Sheffield. He has mastered the ability to time his run to December 28. He was 2nd last year off 10.25m and recently ran 3rd at Brighton (12.75s off 9.25m). Will be around the mark again.

Samuel Grouios (VIC) 9.00m
18yo athlete with the Terry McGarity stable who ran 3rd in the Under 20’s 100m at Warrnambool. He ran 7th in a heat of the Terang Gift (13.54s off 9m). Ran 6th in his heat of the Albury Gift (13.89s off 9m). Promising type in good hands but prefer his chances in the Restricted.

Ryan Hancock (SA) 11.00m
Dual Bay Sheffield finalist running 4th in 2006 and 3rd in 2008 (12.48s off 10.5m). Most recent win was the 2015 Marion Gift (13.16s off 9.75m). Also won the 2014 Ararat Gift (12.78s off 9.0m). He just missed the Brighton final (12.86s off 9.75m) and goes forward more than most. Still needs to improve on recent results but with his lift to the limit mark, he will be hard to run down.

Tyson Hancock (SA) 11.00m
Hasn’t featured in any Gift finals since Brighton 2011. Last start he ran off 14m and only managed 6th in his Brighton Gift heat running 13.53s. Comes back 3m to the 11m limit. Has been a great supporter of the sport for a long time but fair to say there’s more chance of Mt Lofty having a volcanic eruption than Tyson making the Bay final.

Ben Hardy (SA) 11.00m
Has never made a 120m open gift final. His last final of a 120m event was when he won the 120m Novice at Mt Gambier in 2011. At Brighton he ran 13.93s off 12.50m – the second slowest time of the day. He was 10m off the pace. If he makes it out of the heat it would be the biggest surprise since the late Don Dunstan wore pink shorts to Parliament. (He really did; it was in 1972.)

Matt Hargreaves (VIC) 7.00m
Prolific finalist that includes two Queanbeyan Gift finals in 2012 and 2013 (12.56s off 6.25m). His biggest collect was the $10,000 Woodside Gift in 2013. In October he won the 300m at the Melton Trots off scratch. He was 5th in the Terang Gift then last start ran 4th in an Albury Gift semi-final (12.95s off 5.75m). Has a reasonable mark and should be in the semis.

Sean Hargreaves (VIC) 7.25m

Has already enjoyed SA success having won the 2009 Mt Gambier Gift. Has also run 2nd in a Burnie Gift (2010), 4th in the 2012 Stawell Gift and 2nd in the 2013 Queanbeyan Gift. Recent form has been ordinary. 2nd in a heat of the Northcote gift then 6th in a heat at Albury (13.54s off 6.75m). Like parents selecting Felix for a boy’s name; no chance this year, but maybe some time in the future?

Adrian Harris (SA) 9.75m
Has been off the circuit for a couple of years and returned this season. Last time he made a Gift final was in 2013 at Flagstaff Hill. Hasn’t made a sprint final this summer and last start he ran 5th in a heat at Brighton (13.32s off 9m). Would need to improve more than Bill Shorten in the polls.

Dylan Hicks (SA) 10.25m
After several years of trying, he finally made the Bay Sheffield final last year, finishing 5th. Form has been OK this time round, despite the distractions of fatherhood. Last start he was 3rd in a semi at Brighton (13.04s off 7.75m). Form not quite as good as last year and is back 0.75m. Be a huge surprise if he made the final again.  

Luke Houlihan (SA) 5.50m
After a bad start in the 2015 Stawell Gift final he recovered brilliantly to haul them all in bar the winner. In his Stawell semi he ran 12.13s off 7.25m. He was also 4th in the 2014 Bay Sheffield (7.5m) after a scintillating semi-final. Ran the fastest time in the PreBay Gift semis on Dec 6th which catapulted him to the top SA contenders. Arguably the best of the SA chances.

Jovan Hubana (WA) 7.00m
Young 15yo coached by Matt Barber with a very respectable PB of 11.01s. First start at the Bay. Definitely has the promise to be a contender in the years ahead but not this year.

Callum Hull (SA) 7.00m
First year athlete who has only had one start – over 70m (8.52s off 5m) at Western District. No 120m form at all. Like the Bunnings BBQ that’s only got bread & sausages left - there’s no source to go on.

Brodie Jackson (SA) 7.00m
Salisbury based athlete who oddly enough is making his SAAL debut although he did run at Stawell this year, running 5th in his Gift heat (12.83s off 7.00m). Has a 100m PB of 11.32s. A novice who obviously will be better for the experience but needs to compete more to get the mark he needs.

Evan Jarvis (WA) 10.00m
28yo coached by Matt Barber who has had a few years away from the sport after winning the 2003 and 2006 Mullewa Gifts and 2003 Bay Sheffield 70m. Recently ran in the Queanbeyan Gift (13.07s off 9.5m). Queanbeyan form suggests he will take time to get back to where he was a decade ago.

Tim Johnson (SA) 11.00m
Prolific finalist on the SAAL circuit, including four Bay Sheffield finals in 1996, 2000, 2001 and a best result of 2nd in 2002. Slipped into the Brighton Gift final (12.96s off 9.5m) and goes up the most of all Brighton finalists – 1.5m to the limit. Might be aged 42, but he’s not without a chance of making a fifth final.

Sean Law (VIC) 9.25m
Won the 120m Melbourne Gift on debut in 2009 but has struggled since to nail a decent Gift win. He hasn’t run at a Bay Sheffield carnival since 2012. Hasn’t competed much this summer. He was entered for Albury (8.75m) but scratched. Word on the street is he might be a doubtful starter.

Rob Lehmann (VIC) 11.00m
A prolific winner of VAL Gifts including the Bendigo Thousand and Keilor. At Terang he was 5th in the 70m final and 7th in the 120m Gift final. At Albury he ran 3rd in his Gift heat (12.87s off 11.0m). Last year he was 4th in his Bay Sheff heat (13.09s off 10m). Now off the limit, so another veteran who will make his younger rivals work hard to the line.

Misha Lizoguboff (SA) 10.00m
Hasn’t competed this season. Last SA 120m run was at Flagstaff Hill earlier this year (13.22 off 9m). Ran in heat of the Stawell Gift (5th in 13.12s off 9m) finishing about 7m from the winner. He would need some of that special juice the Russian walking team was on to get out of his heat. Not likely.

Wallace Long-Scafidi (SA) 4.00m
Dual winner of the Mt Gambier Gift in 2010 & 2011 where he ran 12.43s off 5.50m. Won the 2014 Whyalla Gift (12.97s off 4.00m). Has struggled over the Gift distance this season. Ran 4th in a heat at Brighton (13.47s off 2.50m). Goes forward 1.5m but needs to find a whole lot more.  

Conor Loughnan (QLD) 7.00m
Won the 2014 Ipswich Lightning Gift (12.25s off 9m). Ran a decent 100m PB of 11.06s in July 2015. Ran 3rd in his 2015 Stawell Gift semi-final (12.46s off 6.75m). His Stawell run suggests he is not coming all this way for the beer and sand, there’s plenty of that in Queensland.

Rupert Lugo VIC 11.00m
2nd year athlete who improved dramatically through his debut season to end up winning the Bill Howard Restricted 100m at Stawell (10.66s off 10m) and ran 5th in the 70m final (7.59s off 7.5m). Ran 7th in his Bay Sheff heat last year (13.33s off 11m). Has no recent form of note but the Stawell form suggests he’s no mug. Will be a lot more competitive this year.  

Khan Marr (VIC) 4.00m

32yo former Jamaican now settled in Australia. Has PB’s of 10.50/21.47 both recorded in May 2010. Ran 10.7 for the 100m in October. Ran 2nd in the 100m Northcote Gift final (10.68s off 2.75m) then scratched from Albury. Last time he ran at the Bay Sheff was in 2011 when he narrowly missed the final (12.44s off 4m). Like a Chris Gayle smash over midwicket, he’s impressive when he let’s go.

Jack Newman (NSW) 7.50m
17yo who won the 2014 Macksville Gift a week before running 2nd to brother Tom in the 2014 Queanbeyan Gift (12.26s off 9.50m). Won a heat of the 2015 Stawell Gift (12.50s off 6.50m) and finished 4th in the semi-final (12.65s off 6.50m). 6th in the 2015 Queanbeyan final (12.45s off 7.25m). Ran in last year’s Bay Sheff (12.84s off 7.5m). Should be in the semis this year.

Tom Newman (NSW) 8.50m

2014 Queanbeyan Gift winner (12.14s off 12.00m). Ran a super quick time last year. He ran 4th in his 2015 Stawell Gift heat (12.84s off 6.50m). Ran 4th in his 2015 Queanbeyan Gift semi-final (12.7s off 8.75m). Ran 5th in his 2014 Bay Sheff heat (12.99s off 8.5m).  Based on recent form, prefer the J model to the T model Newman.

Damian Nicholls (SA) 11.00m
Has been running well in Over35’s sprints winning the Flinders 200m & running 3rd in the Sacred Heart 70m. However yet to make a Gift final this season. Last start he was 6th in his Brighton Gift semi final (13.10s off 10m). Going on recent form, prefer in the old timer’s race.

James Noblet (SA) 11.00m
Returned to the sport after a long time away. A very good sprinter in his heyday, he was a 1996 Bay Sheffield finalist running 4th. More chance of him tap-dancing to Yankee Doodle Dandy on Broadway than making the final but fair to say he just enjoys the atmosphere of running down Colley Reserve.

Sam Osmond (SA) 9.50m
Arguably the form sprinter of the SAAL having won both the Port Adelaide and Pre-Bay Gifts (12.86s off 8.75m) this prep. Won the Under 18 Junior Bay Sheffield in 2011 (12.92s off 8m). Goes back to his original mark and has emerged as one of the top SA chances.

Dylan Panizza (WA) 9.00m
Won the 2010 Mullewa and Dardenup Gifts in WA. Has made the semis in each of the last five Bay Sheff carnivals with a best result of 4th in the 2012 Bay Sheffield final (12.58s off 8.75m). Now 26yo he’s back again for a sixth tilt at the big race. If you bowl enough overs, you are bound to take a wicket. At 1 for 5, he might be due for another wicket.

Rhys Parkinson (VIC) 9.00m
Enjoyed a purple patch about three years ago winning Sprinter of the Year, after earning a number of sashes including wins in the 2012 LaTrobe Gift and 2013 Wangaratta Gift. Was running well but pulled up sore in the semi-final at Northcote (recorded 14.48s). Scratched from Albury. Is likely to run but Colley Reserve is notoriously unforgiving those who might be carrying any soreness.

Dion Paull (VIC) 9.00m

Won the Stawell 400m Backmarkers last season (46.18s off 27m). Ran 3rd in his Stawell Gift heat (12.74s off 8.25m). At Terang he ran 4th in the 70m final then 4th in as heat of the Terang Gift (13.11s off 8.25m). Sprint form not quite up to this. Prefer in an event where there’s no blocks required.

Hayden Petherick (SA) 10.00m
Young athlete yet to win a sash. Enters a lot of races but doesn’t run very often. Consequently, he hasn’t made a final in a long time. Only run this season was the Under 20’s 70m at Brighton. Prefer in something easier; much, much, easier.

Nicholas Repalust (VIC) 7.50m
Young whipper snapper with Hall of Famer Shane McKenzie. Has won a few sashes in Victoria including at open age level. Won a heat of the 2015 Stawell Gift (12.77s off 7.0m) before running 7th in the semi. Better suited the Junior Bay Sheff but definitely one for the future. If he was a bottle of shiraz, you’d put him in the cellar and write “2020” on the label.

Brett Richards (SA) 7.50m
Burst on the scene as a 16yo in 2010 winning a Tea Tree Gully 70m double then later in the year, won the Reynella Gift off the novice mark. Had a string of injury issues over the years but appears to have matured and has been in good form, winning the Henley Gift and was 2nd at the PreBay. Three runs in the day at Colley Reserve is the issue. If he backs up; he has as good a chance as anyone.

Daniel Richardson (VIC) 9.00m
Best result this prep is his 2nd in the Northcote 70m. Another from the SMASH* group.  Like Ronnie Wood in the Rolling Stones, if he was in a band he would position himself towards the back, playing 2nd banana to his stablemate Nick “Keith Richard” Repalust. But like Ronnie can play, he can certainly run and it’s just as matter of time before he is a player in the major league.
*Shane McKenzie Academy of Sprinting Honesty.

Kyle Roberts (SA) 8.00m
Talented junior who ran well in the Under 20’s 300m and Under 17’s 70m at the Western District meet before suffering a hamstring injury at the PreBay meet. Hasn’t run since and may be a doubtful starter.

Stuart Rooke (VIC) 8.50m
Won his Stawell Gift heat by 3m in one of the fastest times (12.32s), before running 2nd in his semi-final (12.40s off 9.00m), beaten less than a metre by eventual 4th placegetter Dean Scarff. At Queanbeyan he was stiff to run into the rampaging Aaron Stubbs, finishing 2nd off 9.25m in 12.22s. If Pro running was a game of scrabble, he’d be hoarding the Q’s & X’s for the triple word scores. No settling for low scoring words for this bloke. Working through the majors and this is next on his list.

Tim Rooke (VIC) 4.75m
Former national level sprinter who had 3 years off for study purposes before returning to the sport in 2014. Owns a couple of very good PB’s of: 100m - 10.40 (4/3/2006) and 200m - 21.08 (28/3/2010). Ran at Northcote finishing about 5m off the pace in his heat (11.43s off 3.50m). Nick Fiedler is as strategic a coach as a master chess player and its fitting he now has a Rook(e) to work with. But there’ll be no check mate here.

Glenn Ross (WA) 11.00m

Came into the sport late in life but has certainly made the most of it. Has won multiple races at the Bay Sheffield carnival over the years including the Over 35’s 120m three times. Enjoyed his biggest win in 2013, taking out the Ballarat Gift (12.17s off 10.75m). Ran 5th in his 2014 Bay Sheff heat (13.04s off 10.25m). His best is good enough off the limit to sneak into a final.

Josh Ross (VIC) -1.00m
Best pro runner of all time having won five of the grand slams classic gifts – twice at Stawell, twice at Burnie and a memorable Bay Sheffield in in 2012. The only man history to win all three from scratch. In fact, he is the only athlete to ever win the Bay Sheffield from scratch. Also the fastest Aussie on Australian soil having run 10.08s in Brisbane in March 2007. Had some misfortune with ASADA and is returning after a 2 year ‘rest’. As a result, he is probably lacking race hardness this time in, but it’s great to see the Boss back in town and ready to put on a show.

Ryan Rossouw (SA) 7.75m
Best win was the 2010 Loxton Gift (off 7.5m). Ran the next season making finals off 6m, then had 3 years off. Returned last year but is yet to make a Gift final. Most recently ran 4th in a heat of the Brighton Gift (13.49s off 6.5m). If Japan beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup sent shockwaves through the sporting world, Ryan making the final would be a shock-tsunami.

Hayden Rothe (SA) 8.00m
Very well performed around the bend with several good wins but still yet to make a mark in the Open 120m Gifts. Made the Henley Gift final but failed to get out of the heats at Port Adelaide and Brighton (8th in 13.39s off 8m). A touch of the Austin Powers with some mystery around his sprinting ability so he has been kept tight in the marks. I don’t think he’ll be saying “Yeah Baby” this year.

Frank Schinella (SA) 7.00m

There will be two occasions when you will need to stand up at Colley Reserve. One for the national anthem and the other to see if you can spot little Frankie getting on the blocks. He won the state 100m title this year so he can run. But his Brighton Gift run indicates he is a fair way from that (13.47s off 7m). Best chance of success will be the limbo contest at the Grand Hotel.

Brad Schutz (SA) 11.00m
Built like the proverbial brick outhouse, he has made the most of his ability winning the Camden Classic, Stawell 400m and the 2014 Loxton Gift (12.85s off 12m). Made the Loxton Gift final this year (off 10m). Gift form has been ordinary this season. Only ran 5th in a heat of the Brighton Gift (13.54s off 10m). Going on previous seasons, he should be right by the end of February.

Tom Sclanders (SA) 7.00m
The debonair, suave man about town who on his day is seriously quick. In 2012 he smashed the field in the PreBay Gift before courageously making the Bay Sheff final (off 7m) with stress fractures in both legs. Pulled up sore in the 70m at Western District on Nov 20th and hasn’t run since. Like his coach’s stand-up comedy career, he is still a work in progress.  

Christopher Simpson (SA) 11.00m
Been running well in vets races and round the bend this season. Ran a close 2nd in the 400m at Sacred Heart and was 3rd in the Over 35’s 120m at Brighton. Normally runs from 13.25m so goes back a fair way. Will be knocking on the door of the Over 35’s 120m. But for the Bay, he’s at bigger odds than third tier minnow Luton Town is to ever win the FA Cup.

Robert Spencer (VIC) 7.75m
Had a big year in 2014 winning the Bendigo Thousand Gift (12.29s off 8.5m) and the prestigious 400m Camden Classic then just missed out on making the Stawell Gift final. Last year he was a little quiet on the scene with some injury issues. Ran 6th in his semi-final at the 2015 Queanbeyan Gift (13.12s off 9.25m). If he finds his Bendigo (2014) form, he’s in this, up to his Gregory Peck.

Jake Stangewitz (SA) 11.00m
Better known as a circle runner, especially over 550m, his best Gift result was 2nd in the Loxton Gift earlier this year (off 10.5m). Ran a very good 2nd in the 200m at Flinders but hasn’t made a Gift final this season. Last start he was 4th in his semi-final of the Brighton Gift (13.02s off 10.5m). Strong competitor and if he gets out of the blocks OK he will cause some concern.

Dylan Stenson (SA) 7.00m
One of the best athletes to enter the sport ‘cold’ for a long time. A late starter but has set the half mile world on fire with a string of quality performances including a slashing 1-47.73 in February. Finished full of steam in the Camden Classic this year, just missing by a whisker. No Gift form whatsoever which makes his entry all the more intriguing. With a 400m PB of 47.88s he is the genuine smokie of the field.  

Paul Tancredi (VIC) 8.00m
2nd in the 2009 Stawell Gift (12.04s off 8.25m) he’s won the Keilor and Burramine Gifts and a number of other quality races. Recently ran 3rd in a Northcote Gift heat (11.29s off 5.75m) then 3rd in a heat of the Albury Gift (13.10s off 6.75m). Fair to say he’s not in best shape but rarely is this time of year.

Paul Taylor (SA) 11.00m
Has won over 70m and 100m but yet to win over 120m. Best Gift result was 3rd at Flagstaff Hill earlier this year. Recently he ran 4th in his semi-final of the Brighton Gift (13.07s off 12.5m). The limit makes it difficult. But he has the best natural tan of any athlete on the circuit so to quote Bill Murray fron Caddyshack: “He has that going for him.”

Lachlan Taylor (VIC) 10.00m
Has won the 200m and 400m at Stawell and the prestigious 200m at Devonport. Always looked like he would threaten to win a major Gift but has yet to achieve it. Recently ran 4th in his Northcote Gift semi-final then 3rd in a heat of the Albury Gift (13.0s off 9.75m). Normally heads to Tassie this time of year for the Christmas carnivals so the fact he’s making his first trip adds intrigue to his entry.

Josh Tiu (VIC) 9.50m
2010 Stawell Gift finalist (4th off 10m in 12.29s). Regular visitor to the Bay Sheffield having won the Under 20’s 120m, the 120m Restricted and the 70m. At Terang he ran 7th in the 70m final before running 6th in his 120m Gift semi-final (12.89s off 8m). Ran 3rd in a Northcote Gift heat then 5th in a heat of the Albury Gift (13.22s off 8m). Closest he’s got to a Bay final was 2nd in his 2012 semi-final.
Same as last year - Form suggests he will be in the semis again.

Damian Tohl (SA) 8.50m
2007 Bay Sheffield winner (off 10.50m), he also won the 2013 Whyalla Gift (8.25m). Seems to be travelling better than last year, running a solid 4th in the recent Brighton Gift (12.90s off 7.75m). Will be competitive but due to the legacy of Achilles issues he is probably still a metre off his best.  

Harry Tohl (SA) 7.50m
First year athlete with a famous surname. Still making his way in the sport. Finished about 8m away in his heat at Brighton (14.06s off 7m).

David Trudgian (VIC) 11.00m
45yo veteran having his first run on the hallowed turf of Colley Reserve. Ran 12.68s (100m) and 26.34s (200m) at the Masters Games in March. Last time he ran in the Stawell Gift was in 2014 where he ran 14.11s off 10.0m. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out he might be a fair away back at the finish of the heat. Best chance of a second run is the Over 35’s 120m.

Mitchell Tucker (SA) 8.00m
Very talented young athlete in his 2nd year with the Coastals squad. Has made a few 70m finals but yet to make a Gift final this season. Last start at Brighton he beat both David Gross and Clay Watkins in a heat in the 2nd fastest time (12.88s) before running 4th in his Brighton Gift semi-final (13.04s off 7.5m). Not ready this year but tuck this one away for the future.

Connor Verrall (SA) 9.00m
6th in his 2015 Stawell Gift heat (13.26s off 7.75m). Makes the odd Gift final but better performed over 300 & 400.  Most recently only managed 6th in his Brighton Gift semi-final (13.11s off 8.25m). If there were hurdles on the track he’d be the favourite. Loves overcoming barriers. His biggest barrier is listening to his old man tell him how he ran 3rd in the Bay to Dean Capobianco. Not this year.

Michael Voumard (VIC) 10.00m
Ran 4th in his Stawell Gift heat (12.79s off 9.75m). Ran 7th in his Queanbeyan Gift semi-final (13.23s off 10.5m). Recently ran 5th in an Albury Gift semi-final (12.73s off 9.75m). Like a batsman going through the yips he is getting better the more runs he gets. Best chances lie with the Restricted on Day One.

Edward Ware (VIC) 8.25m
2nd in the 2011 Stawell Gift. He ran well off this mark at Stawell this year (12.36s off 8.25m), running 4th in his semi-final. Started off the season well with a 2nd in the Warrnambool Gift and 3rd in the Terang Gift (12.42s off 8.25m). Then won the 100m Northcote Gift. Just missed the Albury Gift semis running 2nd in the heat (12.92s off 7.50m). A former finalist who should be pressing for the final.

Clay Watkins (SA) 3.25m
It’s been a decade since he won the Bay Sheffield in 2005 (11.94s off 8m). He has been in two more finals since – 2008 and 2013 (off 3.25m). Has also won the Burnie, Loxton and Whyalla Gifts. Didn’t run a Gift this season until Brighton where he ran 5th in the final (12.92s off 2.25m). Ran a nice 100m PB of 10.69 about a month ago. Seems to be in pretty good form and has the same mark as 2013 so could make a fourth final.

Lyall Weir (SA) 9.25m
Port Adelaide athlete who hasn’t turned out this season. He entered the Henley Gift but scratched. Hasn’t competed since running 6th in the Port Adelaide Gift in November 2014. Has had a few injury issues in the past so without any inside info on whether he will compete, like Tony Abbott making a comeback, I think we can forget about it for now.

Darren Whittaker (VIC) 11.00m
Has enjoyed a stellar career in pro running making numerous finals and enjoying several wins including the 70m at Stawell twice. Has made a few major Gift finals, the last one being 4th in the Ballarat Gift in February (12.64s of 12.00m). Current Vic mark is 12.25m so meets most other Vics much worse off. Prefer in the 70m.

Brian Wilson (SA) 7.25m
19yo who made an impressive debut running 2nd in the Port Adelaide Gift (12.72s off 7m). Then ran 4th in the 70m at Western District. Hasn’t run a Gift since Port Adelaide. One of the best prospects, his coach Steve Butler has had for a while. It’s been 10 years since a McKinnon Parade athlete made the Bay Sheffield final and he probably is their best chance since then.

Dale Woodhams (SA) 7.00m
2nd in the 2010 Stawell Gift and was 3rd in this race in 2009. He has had a number of issues keeping him off the track in recent years and is yet to get back to his best form. Best result this summer was 5th in the 100m Warrnambool Gift. Most recent run was 4th in his Brighton Gift heat (13.0s off 6.5m). Loves losing as much as he loves Chelsea FC so is not enjoying making up the numbers. Has a competitive instinct and will be around the mark for a semi.

Shane Woodrow (VIC) 10.00m
Had a serious crack at Stawell in 2012 just missing the final running a raw time of 12.10s off 10.75m. Ran 6th at Bendigo this year (12.65s off 9.75m) before running 2nd in his Stawell Gift heat (12.57s off 10m) At Terang he ran 6th in the 70m Final before finishing 4th in his 120m Gift semi-final (12.79s off 9.5m). First time to the Bay Sheffield and should make things interesting in the semis.

Liam Wright (SA) 10.25m

Has enjoyed a good start to the season making 5 finals including a win over 70m at the PreBay carnival. He was 3rd in the Henley Gift but hasn’t been in a 120m Gift final since. Last start he was 6th in his semi-final of the Brighton Gift (13.41s off 9.25m). Should make it through to his first Bay Sheff semi-final, but might be just out of the mix for one of the coveted 6 final spots.

Ollie Wurm (VIC) 8.50m
Enjoyed his biggest win with the 2010 Burnie Gift (12.50s off 8m). Has struggled for consistency since then His form this summer has been ordinary. Ran 5th in a heat of the 120m Terang Gift (13.14s off 7m). Ran 6th in a Northcote Gift heat then 5th in a heat of the Albury Gift (13.41s off 7.m). Melbourne FC has seen more finals in the last 4 years. Recent form is too poor to think he could final here.

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