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PROTRACK » GENERAL » 2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide (by PY)

2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide (by PY)

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1 2015 Bay Sheffield Form Guide (by PY) on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:27 am


OK here are the first five (of 90) profiles in the 2015 Bay Sheffield form guide. Obviously it's in alphabetical order. Just thought I would provide a "trailer" of what is to come. It won't be available in its totality until Thursday evening - Christmas Eve.

By the way thanks to Chopper for his guide in another thread. There was some info there that was quite helpful.

Lewis Abdul (SA) 8.25m
Has enjoyed a good start to the season, running a 100m PB (11.24) at the All School titles, 2nd in the Flinders 200m, 3rd in the Port Adelaide Gift final (12.75s off 8.25m) then won the Sacred Heart 70m. Not quite ready for the big time, but if he was a commodity on the stock market you’d be buying for the long term. In the black book for 2016.

Noddy Angelakos (VIC) 11.0m

Normally runs off a VIC bigger mark (12.25m) than the Bay Sheff limit. Apart from a 3rd over 70m at Northcote, he hasn’t shown much form for a Bay Sheff tilt. After a 7th in a heat of the Northcote Gift (12.08s off 10.25m) it’s fair to say the Greek economy is in better shape than Noddy’s chances.

Ryan Atkins (SA) 7.50m

Had the pro-running meerkats up on their haunches, eyes darting in his direction after a brilliant win over 200m at Flinders. Subsequent ordinary performances over 120m at Port Adelaide, PreBay and Brighton (13.49s off 7.50m) had the same meerkats scratching their noggins. His form is like a cruise ship that has a passenger fall overboard, the time it takes to turn it around - won’t be enough.  

Corey Baker (SA) 6.50m

Won the Loxton Gift in 2012 (12.48s off 7m) the day after running a 100m PB of 10.96s. Has struggled with study, injury, illness and loss of interest since. Still young enough to get back to sub 11s shape if not better. In recent years there’s been more sightings of the Loch Ness Monster than Corey Baker at a track meet. An emphatic No.

Jason Bailey (VIC) 8.50m
Ran 6th in his 2015 Stawell Gift heat (12.90s off 8.5m). Recently ran 3rd in heats of both the Northcote and Albury Gifts (13.03s off 8.5m). Has the same mark he has in Victoria so meets most Vic athletes worse off. Like a first time offender at the Old Bailey, he’s got no form, so don’t expect much.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

2 The last 4 - another 80 in between - to go. on Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:39 pm


OK - we've revealed 5 - here's the last 4 which will make 9 so far which is 10% of the field. There's another 80 in between.

Hopefully people will realise this is not about degrading anyone but adding a touch of humour to what is a very laborious task. As I said to a couple of people, I have been up to 1.30am a couple of times working on the form guide and after a few cups of coffee some pretty crazy thoughts happen. So there are a few that are pretty 'out there' but the gist of the message is to indicate who the chances are...and who aren't.

The form guide is checked by the President to ensure there's nothing too harsh.

The rest will be revealed tomorrow - and as per the tradition it will be MEMBERS ONLY for at least a couple of days.

Dale Woodhams (SA) 7.00m
2nd in the 2010 Stawell Gift and was 3rd in this race in 2009. He has had a number of issues keeping him off the track in recent years and is yet to get back to his best form. Best result this summer was 5th in the 100m Warrnambool Gift. Most recent run was 4th in his Brighton Gift heat (13.0s off 6.5m). Loves losing as much as he loves Chelsea FC so is not enjoying making up the numbers. Has a competitive instinct and will be around the mark for a semi.

Shane Woodrow (VIC) 10.00m
Had a serious crack at Stawell in 2012 just missing the final running a raw time of 12.10s off 10.75m. Ran 6th at Bendigo this year (12.65s off 9.75m) before running 2nd in his Stawell Gift heat (12.57s off 10m) At Terang he ran 6th in the 70m Final before finishing 4th in his 120m Gift semi-final (12.79s off 9.5m). First time to the Bay Sheffield and should make things interesting in the semis.

Liam Wright (SA) 10.25m
Has enjoyed a good start to the season making 5 finals including a win over 70m at the PreBay carnival. He was 3rd in the Henley Gift but hasn’t been in a 120m Gift final since. Last start he was 6th in his semi-final of the Brighton Gift (13.41s off 9.25m). Should make it through to his first Bay Sheff semi-final, but might be just out of the mix for one of the coveted 6 final spots.

Ollie Wurm (VIC) 8.50m
Enjoyed his biggest win with the 2010 Burnie Gift (12.50s off 8m). Has struggled for consistency since then. His form this summer has been ordinary. Ran 5th in a heat of the 120m Terang Gift (13.14s off 7m). Ran 6th in a Northcote Gift heat then 5th in a heat of the Albury Gift (13.41s off 7.m). Melbourne FC has seen more finals in the last 4 years. Recent form is too poor to think he could final here.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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