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PROTRACK » GENERAL »  Womens Bay Sheffield

Womens Bay Sheffield

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1 Womens Bay Sheffield on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:24 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
120m Women
Name Handicap
Christine Wearne 0.00 m
Kendra Hubbard 3.00 m
Grace O Dwyer 4.00 m
Lynette Viney 5.50 m
Tara Domaschenz 6.25 m
Tamara Hamond 6.25 m
Katie Moore 6.25 m
Holly Dobbyn 6.75 m
Kiara Reddingius 7.00 m
Helena Schwerdt 7.00 m
Laura-Jane Hilditch 7.25 m
Nicole Austin 7.50 m
Mel Cook 7.50 m
Tamzin Filer 7.50 m
Rosie Kelly 7.50 m
Rebecca Magro 7.50 m
Amie Mittiga 7.50 m
Tayla Philis 7.50 m
Eliza Wilson 7.50 m
Brittanny Brymer 8.00 m
Tamara Ng 8.00 m
Taylah Perry 8.00 m
Jenna Cartledge 8.50 m
Kobi Evans 8.50 m
Emily Dixon 8.75 m
Hayley Orman 8.75 m
Jessica Payne 8.75 m
Genevieve Brooks 9.00 m
Czenya Cavouras 9.00 m
Bridgid Connolly 9.00 m
Mikayla Dunn 9.00 m
Lauren Buchanan 9.25 m
Lauren Edwards 9.25 m
Cleo Anderson 9.50 m
Gwen Humphreys 9.50 m
Julia Phillips 9.50 m
Katherine Robb 9.50 m
Imogen Spencer 9.50 m
Natalie Waterman 9.50 m
Ryelie McMullan 10.00 m
Kaleigh Spithoven 10.00 m
Sophie Watts 10.00 m
Karlee Bailey 10.50 m
Mikayla Round 10.50 m
Ali Trewartha 10.75 m
Caitlin Francis 11.00 m
Hayley Openshaw 11.00 m
Amy Robb 11.00 m
Niamh Henry 11.50 m
Tenille Channon 12.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 12.00 m
Celeste Dyer 12.00 m
Kirsten Fantinel 12.00 m
Stephanie Jinks 12.00 m
Lauren Keating 12.00 m
Karen Long 12.00 m
Imogen Nobbs 12.00 m
Virginia Stasyszyn 12.00 m
Celia Cosgriff 12.50 m
Lily Drummond 12.50 m
Narelle Lehmann 12.50 m
Lily Micklethwait 12.50 m
Jess Williams 12.50 m
Katie Jury 13.00 m
Claire Thiele 13.00 m
Hettie Driscoll 13.25 m
Kellie Symons 13.25 m
Jessica Macolino 13.75 m
Kate Monks 14.00 m
Scarlett Hosking 14.50 m
Cassandra Anderson 15.00 m
Madi Blight 15.00 m
Katanya Callins 15.00 m
Nichola Coombe 15.00 m
Rommi Parham 15.00 m
Sonya Pollard 15.00 m
Simone Rothe 15.00 m

2 Re: Womens Bay Sheffield on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:29 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Whispers top picks in order

H Openshaw
K Symons
C Cavouras
H Schwerdt
L Edwards
A Mittiga

Anyone with any ideas how the interstate girls will go.

3 Womens gift Bay Sheffield on Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:40 pm


She may be a veteran but if Narelle Lehman runs up to Albury she is big chance.

4 Re: Womens Bay Sheffield on Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:15 pm


You are struggling DDOG. Whilst Narelle is a fine runner at her best, she was run out of semis at Albury and comes back from 14.00m to 12.50m here. Strange for you to pick her out of the pack?

5 Re: Womens Bay Sheffield on Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:21 pm


And yes I know the field was up a bit for Breen but if you did not break 14 at Albury and then have to come back in handicap, you won't win the Bay.

6 Re: Womens Bay Sheffield on Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:46 am


Ribera, I was answering Whispers on interstate visitors [ for me Victorian ]. Mikayla Dunne and Jessica Payne have been the form runners but are back 2.75 and 1.75 respectively on recent Vic. Form. I realise Albury had a lift because of Breen. Jenna Cartledge has a fair handicap, up a metre on a poor Terang run but has had a month to improve. I still think Lehman might me a smokey. Had 300 final at Albury which would have weakened her. And you are right Ribera , I am always struggling.

7 Re: Womens Bay Sheffield on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:54 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Thanks DDog and Ribera , but the word around the traps and with what I have seen you may need to run under net to win. Smile Smile

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