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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide

Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide

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1 Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:34 pm


Joshua Ross -1.00 m No recent form. On last run at the Bay (win in 2012) off scratch would be in for a big chance on a typical Bay Sheff weather day. Favourite 2/1 Winning Chance A Final Chance A
Joel Bee 2.00 m PB 10.44 but in 2014. Runs off 0.75m in Vic. No recent gift or Vic Aths form. Prb back from injury last season C B
Clay Watkins 3.25 m Recent PB 10.69 (+2.0m). Made final Brighton off 2.25m. Won this race before. Prob 12.25 is his limit. Final chance B A
Wallace Long-Scafidi 4.00 m Appears out of form after heat loss off 2.5m Brighton.Has 1.5m lift. Won Whyalla 2014. PB 10.9. Looks set for longer distance C C
Khan Marr 4.00 m Top ranked Aths Vic runner so far this season 10.67 (-1.3m). Runs off 3m Vic. Not good last year but won Stawell backmarkers in sizzling time in 2013. Runner up northcote 100m 10.6 off 2.75m B A
Tim Rooke 4.75 m Fast PB for mark 10.60 but was in 2010. No recent form. Out of form Bendigo 2015 and scr Stawell. Cant see him troubling here C C
Luke Houlihan 5.50 m Runner up Stawell 2015 7.25m 12.1, Bay Sheffield 4th 2014 7.5m 12.4. Has improved. 12.3 probably his limit B A
Isaac Dunmall 5.75 m Just missed Stawell final 2014.Off 5.25m. Did not run well Albury Nov15 off 5.25. Hard to see him getting out of his heat C C
Corey Baker 6.50 m No recent form. Did not run Stawell 2015 or Sheffield 2014. Scratched Brighton. Making comeback. Mark tight C C
Tim Eschebach 6.75 m Semi-Finalist last year Bay Sheffield off 6.75 (12.57). Finalist Stawell 12.34 off same mark. Did not final Quenbeyen. Should suit his running style C B
James Bayliss 7.00 m Young SA Runner. Scratched Brighton. Will be good experience C C
Kevin Brittain 7.00 m Good runner. Stawell gift finalist. 12.70 off 6.25 Albury suggests he wont be in contention here C B
Michael Brusnahan 7.00 m 11.0 runner. No form this season to hard to guage. Did not enter Brighton. 11.15 and 21.96 (windy) recent Athletics SA results. A chance t make final B B
James Cibich 7.00 m Lost semi Sheffield 2014 12.61 off 6.5m. SF Pre Bay gift but time slow. Has 0.5m lift on that effort C B
Matthew Hargreaves 7.00 m Semi Albury 12.95 off 5.75m. Well perfomed pro athlete with good mark but prob not quite in the right form B B
Jovan Hubana 7.00 m Young WA athlete. Still in little athletics squads. Here for the experience C C
Callum Hull 7.00 m SA Athlete. Entered PreBay gift and scratched. No gift form. Assess C C
Brodie Jackson 7.00 m Young SA athlete. PB 100m 11.55. Did not enter Brighton or Pre Bay. Entered for experience C C
Conor Loughnan 7.00 m QLD. Won Lighning gift 2014 12.25 off 9.0m. Final Noosa (110m) Gift 11.6 off 8m. PB 11.06. Will need to be at best C B
Frankie Schinella 7.00 m Infrequent SA Pro runner. PB this season 11.05 100m. Inexperience in gift running will count against C C
Tom Sclanders 7.00 m Bay Sheffield finalist with Ross 2012. Injuries plagued. Not seen since withdrew from Semi. Hard to see here. Later C C
Dylan Stenson 7.00 m 400M 800M runner. New to sport. Not seen in gift. No recent 100m 200m time but class athlete. Should have won 2015 Camden Classic C B
Dale Woodhams 7.00 m Good pedigree. 2010 Stawell Gift runner up. Placegetter 2009 Bay Sheffield. Run out of heat Pre-Bay. No form C C
Shaun Hargreaves 7.25 m 13.4 of 6.75 m Albury heat. Did not progress past heat Northcote 100m. Stawell Gift finalist 2012. Be a big turnaround C C
Brian Wilson 7.25 m Young SA runner. PB 100m 11.10. Infrequent professional runner. Finalist Westerns 70m Nov15. Gift debut. Outside chance B B
Ryan Atkins 7.50 m Won Junior Bay Sheffield 2013. Has had some indifferent performances in lead-up and has been handicapped to his very best C C
Jack Newman 7.50 m Won 2014 Quenbeyan Gift as 16 year old. Eliminated Bay Sheff heats 2014. 2015 Quenbeyan Gift 6th 12.45 off 7.25. Some chance B B
Nicholas Repalust 7.50 m Young Victorian. PB 11.21 100m. No disclosed form 2015-16. Won heat Stawell Gift 12.7 off 7.0m. Watch betting B B
Brett Richards 7.50 m Won Keith Patching 70m Sprint Brighton. Struggles over last 30m. Best SA Middlemarker chance A A
Harry Tohl 7.50 m New to sport. Has a famous SA Pro name with the sire being a previous 800m Bay Sheff carnival winner. Later C C
Matthew Eddy 7.75 m 12.30 off 7.25m Albury to be fastest semi but capitulated in final. 3rd final Bay Sheffield 2014 off 9.25m. And then won Maryborough Gift 5 days later. Good middlemarker interstate chance. B A
Ryan Rossouw 7.75 m Not shown much form. Off 7.25m Sheff 2014.  Not a great run Brighton Gift eliminated heats. Needs to show form C C
Robert Spencer 7.75 m Camden classic winner 2014. Bendigo gift winner 8.5m in 12.25 2014. Quenbeyan Semi 2015 13.1 off 9.25m. Has ability C B
Sebastian Baird 8.00 m Won Brighton off 7.5m after looking beat with 30m to go. Obviously improved. PB 100m 11.15. Cannot leave last SA gift winner out of contention B A
Kyle Roberts 8.00 m Young runner. Missed Brighton due to injury. Hard to see here. Later C C
Hayden Rothe 8.00 m Young runner. Won Stawell 550m. Not been making finals in sprints. Later C C
Paul Tancredi 8.00 m 12.5 of 7.25m Stawell semi 2015. 11.3 off 5.75m Northcote (100m) Gift. Has ability but needs to improve on latest effort C B
Mitchell Tucker 8.00 m Burst onto scene with 70m speed. Been handicapped to his full potential in SA and VIC. Coming out in the handicaps now. Look for Day 1 70m 120m Restricted C C
Lewis Abdul 8.25 m Young runner PB 100m 11.24 which in SA faster than others at this handicap. 3rd Port gift Nov15. Will be fav for Junior Bay Sheff on Day 1 C B
Edward Ware 8.25 m Won Northcote 100m Gift 10.6 off 6.75m. 3rd Terang gift 2015. Then did not get through heat Albury 12.9 off 7.5m. Runner up Stawell gift 2011. Chance but will need to be at best B A
Jason Bailey 8.50 m Run out heat Albury Gift 2015. Has some ability but prob more suited over longer distance C C
Oliver Callahan 8.50 m Young SA runner. Jumper. Looks better over 70m but handicap getting out. 4th Pre Bay gift in close finish off 8.0m. Final chance B B
Thomas Newman 8.50 m 12.7 off 8.75m Quenbeyan Gift semi. Has ability. Bay Sheffield experience 2014 B B
Stuart Rooke 8.50 m Runner up Quenbeyan Gift 2015 12.18 off 9.25m. Just missed Stawell final 2015 off 9.0m. Albury 8.0m scr. Good chance A A
Damian Tohl 8.50 m Previous Bay Seffield winner. Has had injuries but coming back in form and mark now looking more reasonable. Finalist Keith Patching 70m Brighton. Chance ofr final B B
Ollie Wurm 8.50 m Eliminated Northcote 100m heat in slow time. Has ability but needs massive improvement on last start C C
Jack Doderico 9.00 m 8.0M Stawell gift eliminated heat. Won 400m Trinity and 5th Albury 400m Classic. Longer distance preferred C C
Samuel Grouios 9.00 m Runner up 300m series Oct 2015. Eliminated Albury Gift heats off 9.0m in 13.8 and no progression in 400m Albury Classic. No C C
Dylan Panizza 9.00 m PB 11.15 2015. 4th in Bay Sheffield final (8.25m) won by J Ross 2012. Frequent visitor.  Just missed PB 200m 22.47 Nov 15. Chance on best form B A
Dion Paull 9.00 m Scr Northcote 100m. Did not enter Albury. 400m Stawell backmarkers winner. Not a known sprinter C C
Daniel Richardson 9.00 m 10.8 Off 7.0m eliminated Northcote (100m) gift heats. Too classy here C C
Connor Verrall 9.00 m Young runner. Looks more suited over 300m-400m. Finalist Port Gift and esterns 70m so has some sprint form. Going out in marks B B
David Gross 9.25 m Runner up Bay Sheff finalist off 10.25m 12.4. Looked winner Brighton Gift until fell in hole last 30m. Wont win off mark bu big chance final B A
Sean Law 9.25 m PB 11.52 100m. Semis Stawell 2010 and 2011.  Scr Albury Gift. No recent form. No C C
Lyall Weir 9.25 m Now Veteran status. SA runner. Pb 11.09 and that would give him a huge chance but No recent form C C
Sam Osmond 9.50 m Won 2 gifts this season. Last won 12.9 off 8.75 against wind. His PB of 11.7 and 23.2 suggest final would be good achievement in comeback year C B
Rhys Parkinson 9.50 m Made final Northcote 100m Gift 10.6 off 7.5m. But very slow in final and was featured in Stewards report. Sprinter of year 2012-13. Injury cloud C C
Josh Tiu 9.50 m 2010 Bay Sheffield 70m winner. SF Bay Sheffield 2014 off 9.25m. Handicapped for a chance but recent form 13.0 off 8.0m Albury gift heat not promising C B
Adrian Harris 9.75 m 13.3 off 9.0M Brighton Gift. Not good enough form for this C C
Evan Jarvis 10.00 m WA visitor 23.60 for 200m Nov15 suggests they may go too quick for him here C C
Misha Lizoguboff 10.00 m 13.1 off 9.0m Stawell 2015 eliminated in heats. Not here C C
Hayden Petherick 10.00 m Young runner. Recent scratching Brighton. Hard to see him making final C C
Lachlan Taylor 10.00 m 12.90 OFF 9.75M Albury eliminated heats. Semi Northcote. Not quick enough at moment for this C C
Michael Voumard 10.00 m Caught very last stride Bendigo 400m Black Opal 2015. Albury SF 2015 off 9.75 in 12.8. Cant have over shorter distance C C
Shane Woodrow 10.00 m Backed to win Stawell 2013 off 12.m (Powell off 0m). Eliminated SF. Stawell 550m winner. No disclosed form 2015. Not here C C
Dean Dobric 10.25 m 3rd Albury Gift 12.5 off 10.25m. Won 70m Northcote so no longer rstricted runner. Colley Reserve experience with Restricted final 2014. Probably best outmarker interstate chance B A
Dylan Hicks 10.25 m Finalist Bay Sheffield last year off 11.0m. Does not quite seem in same form and 0.75m back. Wont win but could final C B
Liam Wright 10.25 m Won 70m. Was off 11m last season. Improved substantially. More chance on Day 1 70m and 120m Restricted C B
Michael Dotti 10.50 m Visited SA 4th Henley off 9.5m 13.0. Off 10m last Bay Sheffield eliminated heats. Veteran. Final hopes C B
Noddy Angelakos 11.00 m Won Northcote 2012-13 but slow time in heats this year. 11 is not enough C C
Nickolas Berry 11.00 m Off 11m in Gifts. Did not make semis Brighton. Can't have C C
Lawrence Coop 11.00 m Back form VAL mark. Elimiated Northcote heats. Better with more distance. No C C
Simon Crichton 11.00 m WA Won 2001 Jupiters Gift big at time. 11 will not be enough C C
Jarrad Dartnall 11.00 m Semi finalist Brighton Gift off 10m. Not in as good a form as previous so will struggle C C
Craig Foley 11.00 m 3rd Bay Sheffield 70m 2014 but not so good in Gift. Look for in Day 1 C C
Tyson Hancock 11.00 m Not in good form this season and comes back 4m on usual handicap C C
Ryan Hancock 11.00 m Just missed Brighton final off 9.75m. Seems to be coming into some form at the right part of the season. Chance for final C B
Ben Hardy 11.00 m Veteran. Runs off 12m SAAL. To attract more entires shuld have 13m limit for veterans C C
Tim Johnson 11.00 m A luxury mark for 40+ runner. Been in 3 Bay Sheffield finals before. Finalist Brighton this season off 9.5m. Big final chance B A
Rob Lehmann 11.00 m PB 10.7 in 2001. Keilor Gift winner 2011. Has ability and chance at this mark at very veteran best. Off 10m last year sheffield and 4th in heat 13.0. Will be tested C B
Rupert Lugo 11.00 m Not any disclosed form. Look for on Day 1 C C
Damien Nicholls 11.00 m Another veteran. Semi finalist Brighton gift off 10m. Too tightly held C C
James Noblet 11.00 m Veteran. Ran off 4m in his heyday. No will not do a Ballard C C
Glenn Ross 11.00 m Veteran WAS runner but did run 11.75 100m (+1.0). Best 11m chance C B
Brad Schutz 11.00 m This handicap would suit but form been ordinary. Cannot get out of gift heats this season Later C C
Christopher Simpson 11.00 m In reasonablE  form but comes back 2m on his normal  gift mark C C
Jake Stangewitz 11.00 m Semi gigt Brighton off 10.5m. Better over long distances. Of the outmarkers though will not be the worst C C
Paul Taylor 11.00 m In good form but comes back 1.5m on normal handicap. Look Day 1 C C
David Trudgian 11.00 m Look for on Day 1 C C
Darren Whittaker 11.00 m Won Stawell 70m twice. And the 100m Bill Howard. Back from VAL mark. He has a good mark for a 90m Bay Sheffield C C

Winners J Ross, Richards, Rooke
Finalists Watkins, Marr, Houlihan, Eddy, Ware, Dobric, Gross
SA chances for finalists Baird, Abdul, Johnson

In Order
J Ross

2 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:16 am


Ross favourite? Can I have $1M on him to not win please? Won't make it out of his heat. Might not even pass a single runner in his heat.

3 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:21 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Well done Chopper, brief account on everyone but full of information.
I think this Gift is a real lottery.

M Hargreaves..Havent seen him in town for a year or two, dont think he would be coming for a holiday.
L Houlihan..Dont think they have ever had to replace the Rotunda but this bloke is so big and strong and will be finishing so well ,Look out Rotunda.No one would begrudge him a win.
B Richards..All Class, if he can get a soft heat will make everyone else earn it later in the day.
D Dobric..His running action goes to pieces when put under pressure, if he can snatch the lead and stay clear of the pack ,could be the one.
D Panizza..Always brings himself to Adelaide in the best shape possible.Knows how to improve during the day.May just lack that little bit to be first but will make others earn it.
T Johnson..If he has himself right, the luxury mark will keep him in it for a very very very long way.

Smokie..D Woodhams slowly getting back to form, wouldnt be able to blow a candle out after his race at Brighton, getting out to a mark where he will be very dangerous ,if not this year , 2016.

4 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:44 pm


Where are these early Bay Sheffield betting markets i keep hearing about or are they just fictional.  For what its worth i give Escebach & Osmond  a chance with others previously mentioned!

5 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:28 pm


WInds predicted to be light on Bay Sheff day max 34
Makes it harder for backmarkers

4/1 JRoss
5/1 Rooke, Ware
6/1 Houlihan
8/1 Dobric, Richards, Eddy
10/1 Watkins, Khan, Gross
12/1 Panizza
15/1 G Ross, Johnson, Abdul, Eshebach
20/1 Stenson, Hicks, M Hargreaves

6 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:30 pm


You must be kidding Josh Ross favourite! He won't even make the semi's. These odds have to be made up

7 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:50 pm


Are these genuine bookmaker or tote odds, if so where can I view them? If i was framing a market i would probably have Luke Houlihan as the favourite.

8 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:45 am


Lewis Abdul PB 11.24 at 8.25m and Brodie Jackson PB 11.32 at 7.00m. Are the results at All Schools and ASA used to set marks? Seems a bit out of kilt.

9 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:11 am


Aarion wrote:Lewis Abdul PB 11.24 at 8.25m and Brodie Jackson PB 11.32 at 7.00m.  Are the results at All Schools and ASA used to set marks?  Seems a bit out of kilt.

Fairly easy explanation.

Lewis Abdul has been competing with the SAAL in open Gifts for 3 years and has worked his way to a competitive 8.25m. Abdul started running in the Under 14's in 2010. He's had over 70 starts in races fronm Under 14's to Open so he has served his apprenticeship.

Brodie Jackson is making his SAAL debut. It's the first time he has run in front of the handicapper to be able to assess where he sits compared to others on the circuit. Therefore he has the novice (starting) mark of 7.00m.

Had Brodie Jackson competed at any of the lead up meets (and there were 7) he would have probably been lifted from the novice mark.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

10 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:04 am


Seems a bit "old school" when you have runners going head to head at championship events and all the information relating to those races but from the outside it looks like none of that is considered.

11 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:27 am

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Old school to you, common sense to everyone else. All schools were in October. No handicap can be determined on 1 run at all schools. What if Jackson was not in best form on all schools day? What's to say Jackson has improved to 11.0 by now?  How does the handicapper know if Jackson is a better 120 runner on grass? Abdul has pumped a lot more money into the sport and supported all the other meets. Jackson hasn't supported any other meets. He gets what he deserves, the novice mark.

12 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:58 am


Fair enough Morph. You probably could have stopped at the point about running on grass. Pumping money into the sport shouldn't influence a mark. Being a first time runner should be encouraged! It's good for the sport. Not Sure if they still do it, but the handicapper used to ask for times at Santos when you enter an event, I was wondering if these are considered. It seems they're not.

13 Re: Bay Sheffield Mens 2015 guide on Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:37 pm

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Don't mean to be demeaning Jackson for not running before. But the handicapper goes to every meet and if Abdul turns up and keeps running against peers, is a lot easier for handicapper to assess. by pumping money into the sport and supporting other meets the handicapper has had more chances to see Abdul against others. He can't assess Jackson accurately without seeing him run the distance on grass against others. So to be safe Jackson has to start on the novice mark. Jackson could be better than his 100 PB, we won't know until he runs.
Be good to see Jackson run a few meets after new year and with his ability it wont be long before he is on the podium.

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