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PROTRACK » GENERAL » P C Young inda Green, coming to you this week from Tokyo!

P C Young inda Green, coming to you this week from Tokyo!

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G'day Protrackers,

I've been off the radar lately as I arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday.

I'm over here for 8 days  to catch up with my daughter who is studying at Tokyo University. She's been here since the start of September & Mrs Young has been 'at me' (& her) to visit.

Therefore I won't be attending Brighton this Sunday. The guys at Messenger Press are still keen to publish an article next week's local papers, so I will need a few spies to send me an email letting me know what went on at Brighton. A private message on Protrack would suffice.

It's bloody cold here. (Understandable given it is winter!) It's about 7 degrees when we arrived. Got down to 3 degrees at one stage. Rained a lot this morning but cleared up by mid morning & turned out to be a nice sunny arvo.

It does get dark relatively early though. By 5.00pm all the lights are on and Tokyo is buzzing. The trains here are packed and no-one speaks on the phone. No one is eating nor drinking either. The trains are spotless and despite the close proximity of everyone, it is quite orderly & people are respectful.

We're staying in an area called Kichijoji. Amazing city about 15mins out of Tokyo, with dozens of restaurants, cafés, bars and a million shops selling just about everything one can imagine. Happening place - Kichijoji; and if you are ever in Tokyo, it's worth staying here. According to Wikipedia, Kochijoji has been voted the most preferred destination to live as per a poll of Japanese people, every year since 2004.

Tokyo has been awarded the 2020 Olympic Games and the infrastructure that is ready & under way is unbelievable. They're probably more advanced than Rio is for 2016.

I'M still working on the Bay Sheffield Form Guide. Might be struggling to get it all done, but we're certainly plan to have it ready by the 21st December. It will be a little different this year, with a few interesting lines to entertain the fans. Saves time researching everyone. Just to stick to the more interesting stuff. AND some of the more amusing comments will return as we use to have a few years ago...... due to popular demand. Smile

Catch ya later..............

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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