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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Marion Australia Day Handicaps

Marion Australia Day Handicaps

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1 Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:09 pm

Nothing at all

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
120m Open
Name Handicap
Dale Woodhams 5.00 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 5.50 m
Ryan Rossouw 6.00 m
Brett Richards 6.75 m
Corey Baker 7.00 m
Anthony Varvounis 7.00 m
Niwili White Forest 7.00 m
Adrian Harris 7.25 m
Ben Koschade 7.25 m
James Cibich 7.50 m
Bray Rafanelli 7.50 m
Lyall Weir 7.50 m
Daniel Marks 8.00 m
Stephan Thiel 8.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 8.00 m
Nickolas Berry 8.25 m
Tim Johnson 8.25 m
Bradley Letton 8.50 m
Leo Santangelo 8.50 m
William Bowie 8.75 m
Brendan Ramsey 9.00 m
Troy Welfare 9.00 m
Ryan Hancock 9.25 m
Michael Nitschke 9.50 m
David Gross 10.00 m
Christopher Simpson 10.25 m
Jarrad Dartnall 10.50 m
Ben Hardy 10.50 m
Aaron Harrison 10.75 m
Neil Thomas 10.75 m
David Wilczek 11.00 m
Ben Wright 11.00 m
Daniel Flesfadar 11.75 m
David Palmer 11.75 m
Paul Taylor 11.75 m
Tyson Hancock 12.25 m
Luke Buchanan 13.00 m
Brian Hamilton 13.25 m
Shaun Ryder 13.25 m
Brad Schutz 13.25 m
Anthony Fedele 15.00 m
Mark Donovan 16.00 m
Shane Grimwade 16.25 m

120m Women
Name Handicap
Alicia Wrench-Doody 1.25 m
Leanne Hodge 1.75 m
Tamara Dartnall 4.00 m
Bridgid Connolly 6.50 m
Andrea Di Paolo 7.00 m
Abbey Dunn 7.00 m
Emma Freer 7.00 m
Tamzin Filer 7.50 m
Sarah Thomas 7.50 m
Tara Girolamo 8.25 m
Cloe Neophytou 8.25 m
Amie Mittiga 8.50 m
Jana Tankosic 9.50 m
Claire Ashman 10.00 m
Gina Chuang 10.00 m
Nichola Coombe 10.00 m
Tayce Fry 10.00 m
Lauren Buchanan 11.75 m
Zoe Kennedy 11.75 m
Amy Robb 11.75 m
Ali Trewartha 11.75 m
Lucy Buckley 12.25 m
Anthea Kotyla 13.25 m
Lesley Tompson 14.00 m
Megan Letton 15.00 m
Aimee Lane 16.50 m
Dominque Edwards 18.00 m
Lyn Peake 20.00 m

120m Under 20
Name Handicap
Alex Saliu 1.25 m
Brett Richards 3.50 m
Corey Baker 4.75 m
Kane Russell 6.00 m
Callum Ritchie 7.50 m
Niwili White Forest 7.50 m
Aaron Neale 8.50 m
Jake Stangewitz 8.75 m
Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera 9.00 m
Liam Wright 9.00 m
Bray Rafanelli 9.25 m
Thomas Slager 9.50 m
Daniel Marks 10.00 m
Lachlan Sheffield 10.00 m
Jakson Messent 11.00 m
Riordan Welsh 11.50 m
Bailey Booth 15.00 m
Brad Jones 15.00 m
Jessica Meich 17.75 m
Amie Mittiga 17.75 m
Abbey Freer 21.00 m
Sean Roberts 24.75 m
Sarah Donovan 25.00 m
Nichola Coombe 25.50 m

300m Open
Name Handicap
James Boden 7.00 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 14.00 m
Alex Saliu 14.00 m
Ben Koschade 17.00 m
William Bowie 18.00 m
James Cibich 18.00 m
Michael Nitschke 18.00 m
Anthony Varvounis 18.00 m
Jarrad Watkins 18.00 m
Lyall Weir 18.00 m
Niwili White Forest 18.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 19.00 m
Adrian Harris 20.00 m
Aaron Neale 20.00 m
Nickolas Berry 22.00 m
Bradley Letton 22.00 m
Brendan Ramsey 22.00 m
Callum Ritchie 22.00 m
Stephan Thiel 24.00 m
Jarrad Dartnall 25.00 m
David Gross 25.00 m
Christopher Ross 25.00 m
Ben Wright 25.00 m
Andrew Mathews 26.00 m
Troy Welfare 26.00 m
Riordan Welsh 26.00 m
Matthew Cousins 27.00 m
Neil Thomas 28.00 m
Christopher Simpson 29.00 m
Daniel Flesfadar 30.00 m
Luke Buchanan 32.00 m
Brad Schutz 33.00 m
Anthony Fedele 34.00 m
Brian Hamilton 34.00 m
Shaun Ryder 34.00 m
Steve Butler 43.00 m
Ali Saliu 43.00 m

300m Women
Name Handicap
Bridgid Connolly 16.00 m
Abbey Dunn 17.00 m
Sarah Thomas 19.00 m
Tamara Dartnall 20.00 m
Andrea Di Paolo 20.00 m
Tamzin Filer 22.00 m
Cloe Neophytou 22.00 m
Claire Ashman 24.00 m
Demi Axford 24.00 m
Abbey Freer 24.00 m
Tara Girolamo 24.00 m
Jana Tankosic 24.00 m
Lucy Buckley 25.00 m
Nichola Coombe 26.00 m
Ali Trewartha 26.00 m
Eleni Glouftsis 28.00 m
Zoe Kennedy 28.00 m
Tasmin McMahon 28.00 m
Megan Letton 29.00 m
Sarah Hakendorf 30.00 m
Amy Robb 30.00 m
Tayce Fry 33.00 m
Anthea Kotyla 33.00 m
Lauren Buchanan 36.00 m
Lesley Tompson 36.00 m
Lauren McHugh 37.00 m
Yasmin Openshaw 37.00 m
Gina Chuang 40.00 m
Dominque Edwards 50.00 m
Debbie Roberts 67.00 m

300m Over 35
Name Handicap
Tim Johnson 2.00 m
Michael Hane 4.00 m
David Palmer 6.00 m
Aaron Harrison 12.00 m
Mark Beveridge 14.00 m
Daniel Flesfadar 14.00 m
Ross Nitschke 14.00 m
Shane Grimwade 18.00 m
Ali Saliu 20.00 m
Ron Axford 22.00 m
Steve Butler 28.00 m
Brendan Golden 28.00 m
Richard McMahon 28.00 m
Maurice Schievenin 28.00 m
Anthony Booth 30.00 m
David Jelfs 30.00 m
Robert Samarcq 30.00 m
Daniel Tregenza 30.00 m
Cameron White 30.00 m
Michael Cassidy 31.00 m
Mark Donovan 32.00 m
Ray Earle 32.00 m
Mark Barnett 40.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 43.00 m
John Turner 43.00 m
Bob Pearce 45.00 m
Nando Princi 45.00 m
Mick Abbott 46.00 m
Ross Hill-Brown 46.00 m
Mark Howson 50.00 m
Brett Stokes 55.00 m
Gary Ferber 57.00 m
Ian Reddaway 63.00 m
Sue Turner 63.00 m
Kathryn Blute 69.00 m
Lyn Peake 69.00 m
Debbie Roberts 78.00 m

300m Under 17
Name Handicap
Kane Russell 12.00 m
Sam Osmond 18.00 m
Tullio DeMatteis 20.00 m
Jacobi Ponury 20.00 m
Brett Richards 20.00 m
Liam Wright 21.00 m
Connor McIvor 22.00 m
Aiden Miller 22.00 m
Sam O'Grady 22.00 m
Bailey Turner 24.00 m
Jakson Messent 25.00 m
Lachlan Sheffield 28.00 m
Thomas Slager 28.00 m
Angus Stangewitz 28.00 m
Bailey Booth 30.00 m
Corey Watkins 40.00 m
Teagan Kustermann 43.00 m
Hayden Berryman 46.00 m
Jessica Oates 50.00 m
Grainne Henry 55.00 m
Niamh Henry 55.00 m
Saraid Kustermann 55.00 m
Taylah Scapens 55.00 m
Tayce Fry 58.00 m
Ellie Meich 58.00 m
Katie Devlin 65.00 m
Patricia Dimitrak 65.00 m
Sarah Donovan 65.00 m
Rachel Fisk 65.00 m
Kyla Brown 70.00 m

550m Novice
Name Handicap
Aaron Neale 30.00 m
Anthony Varvounis 30.00 m
Nickolas Berry 35.00 m
Ashley Brown 40.00 m
Tim Earle 40.00 m
Nikolas Gray 40.00 m
Aiden Miller 40.00 m
Riordan Welsh 42.00 m
Matthew Hagias 44.00 m
Steven Evanson 45.00 m
Murlin Every 45.00 m
Jack Sutton 45.00 m
Karim Ghaoui 46.00 m
James Grant 46.00 m
Jake Stangewitz 48.00 m
Steven Gater 52.00 m
Matthew Zacher 52.00 m
Ben Sieben 54.00 m
Aaron Jelfs 56.00 m
Monique Hollick 60.00 m
Brad Jones 60.00 m
Cameron White 60.00 m
Anthony Booth 65.00 m
Grant Oates 70.00 m
Luke Stewart 78.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 95.00 m
Melanie Stewart 115.00 m

800m Open
Name Handicap
Robert Killmier 22.00 m
Hayden Cook 40.00 m
Peter Hyde 46.00 m
Tim Smith 50.00 m
Christopher Ross 58.00 m
Jack Sutton 60.00 m
Ryan Hage 62.00 m
Stephen Jelfs 65.00 m
Connor McIvor 65.00 m
Ashley Brown 66.00 m
Nick Beins 68.00 m
Ben Crawford 68.00 m
Matthew Hagias 68.00 m
Steven Evanson 70.00 m
Matthew Nicholls 70.00 m
James Grant 75.00 m
Hamish Holmes 80.00 m
Mark Beveridge 82.00 m
Matthew Fallon 90.00 m
Monique Hollick 100.00 m
Richard McMahon 112.00 m
Ryan Roberts 115.00 m
Nando Princi 120.00 m
Luke Stewart 135.00 m
Mick Abbott 155.00 m
Narrah Luks 200.00 m

3200m Open
Name Handicap
Robert Killmier 0.00 m
Jacob Cocks 30.00 m
Riley Cocks 100.00 m
Michael Hane 170.00 m
Max Stevens 180.00 m
Tim Earle 200.00 m
Rowan Hundertmark 200.00 m
Lachlan Scott 230.00 m
Ben Crawford 240.00 m
Murlin Every 240.00 m
Terence Murphy 270.00 m
Dillon Tee 280.00 m
Tim Callahan 300.00 m
James Grant 300.00 m
Chad Truscott 300.00 m
Gregor Dingwall 320.00 m
Monique Hollick 400.00 m
Melissa Lloyd 420.00 m
Tasmin McMahon 480.00 m
Claire Xian 480.00 m

2 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:47 am


Looking at the two mile race if Chads in any sort of form he will be very hard to toss.
Taking a line through the race in 2009 Chad ,Chad Truscott won with a handicap of 320m ,he has only gone back 20m to 300m.Most other runners have gone back more than this ,for example Jacob Cocks who finished 4th in that same race off 270m is now back 240m to 30m.
I know Jacobs is looking good but its a fair bit of ground to make up.
Lets hope all those athletes that have nominated for the two miler front up,it would be worth watching if they do ,otherwise if its like most two milers with half a dozen starters its a real bore.

3 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:43 pm


On the eve of Australia day when most will have their minds on eskies full of beer, a sizzling barbeque & a day at the beach or cricket the SAAL returns to the gift distance at Marion Oval for the first time in 2011.

Some will be riding high on the back of a successful December while others will be looking to forget the disaster that was their Bay Sheffield campaign 2010 & look forward to the second half of the season to taste & chase the thrill of victory. As my Corporate Express free desk calendar tells me with an ever thought provoking quote of the day, ‘Hold your head too high & you will stumble over unseen obstacles’ Yes very deep I hear you say.

With the Camden Classic just around the corner, the 300 metre open will hold much intrigue to the possible chances in the seasons feature 400 metre. My team of tipsters has decided to feature this event first & have waged no less than a king’s ransom on this certain boxed top six at a back alley black market bookmaker.
On the state of the track and other housekeeping notes, I have been informed by the bar maid at the Marion sports club that the sprinklers have been disconnected.

300m Open Tips

Alex Saliu 14m
Fancy his chances over the distance. Has the speed & strength to charge through the field. Will simply run you over if you don’t get out the way. Beware!

Ben Wright 25m
The Wright stuff has been talked up a lot of late. If he does not perform here he will be apprehended & stripped of the title the Wright Stuff. He will be required by gentle force to change his name by deed poll to either Ben Incorrect or Ben Wright Off.

J Dartnall 25m
Toe to toe with Wright Stuff which could be a battle in itself. Impressed at TTG & has the form to fire. Said hello to me last week after I was convinced he did not speak.

M Cousins 27m
A real stayer as they say in horse racing parlance. Finalist at TTG, Camden Classic winner & should give an honest account of himself. Having a bit of ginger doesn’t hurt either.

S Thiel 24m
Coming off the back of Schutzenfest could work for or against him. The German purists lean towards the former.

M Nitschke 18m
The one time sex symbol & now creepy guy with a foot fetish should be well suited to this race as a launch pad for a full fledged assault on Camden.

120m Gift

D Palmer 11.75m
A serious contender for a man in veteran status. Has yet to fail to impress me & simply won’t go away. No reason he cant win here & do not have anything funny to say. I was going to say he is fat but saw him topless last weekend & have reneged. Cut out of fine rare marble.

R Hancock 9.25m
Former winner here & has been consistent all year with a minor blip on the radar at the Bay Sheffield failing to make the final. That should just fire him up all the more for this one.

D Gross 10m
Bay Sheff finalist & Glenelg winner. On that form would have to be in the top 3.

J Cibich 7.5m
Fast times in the Bay Sheffield Restricted & on that form would have the majority covered.

J Dartnall 10.5m
As mentioned above. TTG was only a week ago & should carry the speed seen there in to this one.

B Letton 8.5m
Winner in Tassie & been around the mark of late. Not sure if he is injured, running or otherwise. Still a top six contender.

Others to keep an eye on & have a ? next to their names

R Rossouw
B Koschade
B Richards
A Harris

Niwili White Forest has the best name & some people have questioned the legitimacy of this entrant.

I’ll leave you with another inspirational quote from former SAAL Coach of the Year & Star Wars Legend Yoda
‘Do or do not, there is no try’


4 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:19 pm

Nothing at all

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The frontmarkers Grimwade and Taylor might suprise a few.

5 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:41 pm


800 marks are out of control. Matt Fallon off 90??? has to be a certainty??
Fallon was off 60 and only 21 and ran 2nd in the 2004 Bay Sheff 800 to Killmier who ran off 36. Ferber was 3rd off 62. Now has 90.

6 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:25 pm


great call 8oo???

7 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:58 pm


1-48??? Easy win and predictable. Why did he need 90?

8 Re: Marion Australia Day Handicaps on Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:40 pm


800??? do you even watch the 800's? Fallon hasnt won a race since his flinder 800m win a couple of years ago! he hasnt improved much/or at all since that win since he warrented his mark of 90m, It wasnt a easy win, with him and richard going head to head.

Comparing him to Robbie is like comparing chalk to cheese,

1. Robbie has a pb of 1.50 around then, fallon would be lucky to break 2 mins

2. Robbie has a Bay 800m, 2 Select Miles and a number of other races to his name, Fallon has never won a bay sash!!

I could keep going and going but the fact of the matter is Fallon runs most weeks and hasnt won a race for a few years he warrent his mark won a race now will be pull, Is that what pro running is all about?

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