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Trinity Gift

Who wins Trinity?

Andrew ROBINSON 3.25
Mickael Arminana 3.5
Tim ROOKE 3.5
Robert VIDLER 3.5
Jacob DESPARD 3.75
Gary FINEGAN 4.5
John HOWE 5
Chris Byron 6
David McCrae 6
Thomas Moloney 6
Daniel SONSINI 6
Will JOHNS 6.25
Ben KIRK 6.25
Paul TANCREDI 6.25
Thomas Yeung 6.5
Hamish ADAMS 6.75
Nicholas REPALUST 6.75
Mohamad ZEED 6.75
Darci HUGHES 7.25
Jack Doderico 7.5
Christopher HARGREAVES 7.5
Cameron MOSS 7.5
Jimmie GLADMAN 7.75
Liam SHEPHERD 7.75
Michael Dotti 8 / Cam DUNBAR 8
Benjamin Farrell 8 / Tom PAAVOLA 8
Dion PAULL 8 / Daniel RICHARDSON 8
Dean Wiggins 8 / Hayden WYLLIE 8
Douglas GREENOUGH 8.25 / Charlie MORAN 8.25
Aaron PENGELLY 8.25 / Nathan DIXON 8.5
William KERR 8.5 / Rupert LUGO 9
Chad RYAN 9 / Bikramjeet SINGH 9
Michael VOUMARD 9.25 / Jarryd WRIGHT 9.5
Simon CAREY 10 / Calvin GOOK 10
Robert LEHMANN 10.25 / Richard BROWN 10.5
Matthew D'ASTOLI 10.5 / Adam TODOROV 10.75
Cameron CLAYTON 11 / Peter KNOTT 11
Eric SAPAC 11 / William LITTLE 11.25
Daniel FLESFADAR 12.5 / Nick HOWARD 12.5
Vic SHARMA 13.5 / Julian FAWCETT 14
Todd IRELAND 14.5 / Timothy ROSEN 14.5
Kelly SHELDRICK 14.75 / Jay BLAKE 15
Greg O'KEEFFE 17.5 / John HILDITCH 17.75
Wallace McGOWN 19 / Graeme ARMSTRONG 20.5
Karlee BAILEY 21 / Richard NORRIS 21

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1 Trinity Gift on Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:34 pm


Double header weekend. Trinity has a few different athletes, who are the chances?

2 Re: Trinity Gift on Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:50 pm


Only 42 votes at the time of writing. I would think that, backing on to Keilor, there may be a scratching or two here. With the comments last year that there were a number of soft tissue injuries after last year's gift, anyone with a chance of one of the remaining big gifts will probably be a no show. The main chances according to he poll are;

Cameron Moss 7.5m (7 votes) - Moss is a very good runner that is not showing his form yet. If you watch his races he has two types of runs. The one where he is slow out of the blocks but transitions really well to just miss out and the one where he starts well but transitions slowly. I really think he is looking towards the end of the season and will scratch from this one. If he runs it will be hard to hide as all the back markers will be watched closely this week one would think. Scratch most likely.

Michael Dotti 8m / Cam Dunbar 8m - Dotti made the recent final at Hensley where he ran 11.23 off 10m over 100m. Quick maths suggests he should run 12.57 off 8m over 120m if he can repeat this rpm. That would put him right in the final and a big chance of winning. Is this a tester, hoping for a little more? Dunbar has started running better times lately and if you go by the NAP's he has received he should be right in this. He has skipped smaller meets already this season, I would be surprised if he risked the wrath of the stewards here.

Todd Ireland 14.5m / Timothy Rosen 14.5m (12 votes) - Ireland is another veteran who is in the votes this week. Veteran athletes tend to get votes for the smaller meets as others seem happy to place behind them. I am not sure Ireland has the form to win here though. Rosen. Could he win two gifts in one weekend? No, he might walk away having made the final here, but I am not sure he will grab it and I think he is outclassed at Keilor. Can he get another win this year? He won Euroa last year off 14.75m and should be competitive here, but time will tell. Will have the limit at Stonnington? Probable finalist.

Stretch well here and don't skip on the recovery session. Good luck

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