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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Tea Tree Gully Results & NSB's Review

Tea Tree Gully Results & NSB's Review

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1 Tea Tree Gully Results & NSB's Review on Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:51 pm


70m Open FINAL
1 Ali Saliu (11.75)
2 Jarrad Dartnall (7.25)
DH3 Stuart Daddow (8.00)
DH3 Paul Taylor (8.25)
5 Adrian Harris (5.50)
6 Nickolas Berry (6.00)
Time: 7.62

70m Women FINAL
1 Megan Letton (9.50)
2 Lucy Buckley 99.50)
3 Andrea DiPaolo (4.00)
4 Tamara Dartnall (4.00)
5 Lesley Thompson (10.50)
6 Amy Robb (6.50)
Time: 8.77

70m Under 17's FINAL
1 Kane Russell (6.00)
2 Sam Osmond (5.75)
3 Bray Rafanelli (6.75)
4 Hayden Berryman (12.50)
5 Jakson Messent (8.0)
6 Kyla Brown (15.50)
Time: 7.93

200m Open FINAL
1 Adrian Harris (16)
2 David Palmer (19)
3 Jarrad Dartnall (16)
4 Alex Saliu (10)
5 Matt Cousins (23)
6 Tim Johnson (14)
Time: 20.20

200m Women FINAL

1 Lesley Thompson (38)
2 Amy Robb (22)
3 Tegan Kustermann (28)
4 Megan Letton (24)
5 Andrea DiPaolo (12)
Time: 22.58

200m U/20 FINAL
1 Riordan Welsh (22)
Missed placings.
Others were: J Stangowitz (14); Aaron Neale (14); Benjamin Sieben (16); Hayden Berryman (35).
Time: 20.78

550m Over 35's FINAL
1 Richard McMahon (42)
2 Mick Abbott (78)
3 Steve Wilson (34)
4 Chris Dimitrak (72)
5 Mark Howson (110)
6 Nando Princi (65)
7 Marke Beveridge (10)
8 Michael Hane (0.00)
Time: 1-13.30

800m Open FINAL field
James Boden (18)
Peter Hyde (46)
Steve Jelfs (62)
Nick Beins (66)
Andrew Brown (66)
Ben Crawford (68)
Dillon Tee (78)
Gregor Dingwall (130)

800m final won by Dingwall in 1-49. Missed the other placings.

800m Women
1 Lauren McHugh (110)
Time: 2-06.76
Missed the placings.

1000m Novice
1 Max Stevens (70)
2 Ryan Hage (65)
3 Kane Russell (55)
4 Brad Jones (110)
Time: 2-29.06

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2 Re: Tea Tree Gully Results & NSB's Review on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:18 am


NSB's TTG Review

After a couple of sleepless nights & having to put Unley’s neighbourhood watch on high alert after a heightened threat level I am writing a controversy free review of Saturday nights highly successful Tea Tree Gully Carnival.

The meeting began with some silky smooth commentary from an imposter on the pa & one would have been forgiven for thinking Bruce Macavaney had ventured to the Northern suburbs to take over the microphone duties for the first few rounds of racing.

The heats of the 70m came & went with a few surprises & many scratchings. Taylor & Saliu looking the two best both running around the 7.6secs on the rough-ish track with a slight tail wind in hot conditions.
After being ran out of my 70m heat I made my way to the canteen for a cool beverage & a few snakes alive or similar treats where I was heckled by the most gracious hosts in the ‘VIP” tent. In response I inquired to how the silent auction for a date with Andrew Beck was going? I was reliably informed that he was passed in for an undisclosed amount…assuming zero. Overcome by guilt I dropped twenty large at the canteen & bbq throughout the night & bought half the raffle tickets. I still didn’t win & have my suspicions the draw was rigged.

Back on the 70m final
Saliu ran from the front & won from Dartnall. Taylor & Daddow tied for third with Harris & Berry rounding out the field. 7.62seconds & the last 70m for a while. The older Saliu will be thankful to take the sash & as he mentioned the body is past its prime & could go pop at any given moment.

The 200m was also an intriguing event with some runners focussing on this rather than 70m & vice versa. This focus at smaller meets on a sole event is better referred to as ‘softing out’ or as I like to take it one step further & convey the strategy more eloquently as ‘pussying out’. This was displayed in its finest form in Tim Johnson’s heat where he was the sole runner taking a virtual walk through to the final.
The Wright stuff & sex symbol Nitschke were both sorely disappointed being run out by a flying Cousins. Less time in front of the mirror & more time on the track boys. They are fine specimens it pains me to admit.
Speaking of fine specimens. The 800m women’s race was a virtual smorgasbord of talent. I’m not sure who was running or what anyone’s name is but it is in my interest to find out asap. <insert applause here> One suggestion is for the girls to have a strictly enforced briefs only mandatory uniform.

Special mentions go to young Harris who won the 70m boys & 3rd in the 1000m novice no more than ten minutes apart. Super effort that(in Richie Benaud voice)
Boden ran a furious 800m heat to catch runners over 100m ahead to make the final. The final was too much of an ask but a gallant effort & with the tour downunder in town I will give him the most attacking runners jersey. He was red hot, running in the red with red hair not fooling anyone trying to mask the ginger with a few blonde tips.

The 200m final looked juicy with a spread of runners from 10m to 23m. On a slightly downhill track which was confirmed with spirit level & naked eye the runners burned round the bend & toward the tape. Dartnall & Palmer looked good but could not hold off the turn of foot from Harris who emerged in the last 30m to break the tape first. Palmer & Dartnall close 2nd & third.

All jokes aside. A great job by TTG & I never meant to undermine the hard work put in. As Youngy repeatedly explained, I write on here for the sole reason to promote the leagues events & create some excitement. Any tongue in cheek comment is not to be taken too seriously. I look forward to another great meet next year & leave having learned a valuable lesson…Don’t upset a bogan.


3 Re: Tea Tree Gully Results & NSB's Review on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:24 am


Preview is in the pipeline for Marion.

Is there any indication of when handicaps will be released seeing as the event is on Tuesday night?

<watch this space>


4 TTG wrap up on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:59 am


NSB...."don't upset a bogan"
I didn't know we upset you Will??? or was it the Chardonnay? Very Happy

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