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PROTRACK » Pro Running HISTORY » 25 years ago - Scotsman wins the Wangaratta Gift!

25 years ago - Scotsman wins the Wangaratta Gift!

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Wangaratta - 25 years ago.

The 1986 Wangaratta Athletic Carnival was conducted over 3 days from Saturday 25th January to Monday 27th January 1986.

120m Wangaratta Gift
Total prizemoney: $3500
1st: $2,100; 2nd: $500; 3rd: $200; 4th: $100; 5th: $75; 6th: $50.
Heat winners not in final: $25
Heat winners only advance to semi finals.
1st & 2nd in each semi advance to the final.

18 heats.
142 athletes.

16 heats of 8 and 2 heats of 7.  

Top 8 Backmarkers:
2.00 K A Bell (USA)
2.75 S C Proudlock
3.25 J W Thomson (Scot)
3.50 B J F Mueller
3.50 J P DeCoite
3.75 M P Webster
3.75 D W O'Brien
4.00 D Clark (Scot)

Top 11 fastest times from the heats: (< 12.60)
12.43 A S Walker (4.75)
12.47 G J O'Keefe (6.25)
12.49 G S Strano (8.00)
12.49 P V White (8.00)
12.49 R A D Kirsopp (5.75)
12.50 R J Craig (9.00)
12.50 C C Pegg (6.25)
12.51 G F Harrison (6.75)
12.52 P A Briggs (8.25)
12.57 S M Barclay (8.25)
12.57 A C Scott (6.25)

120m Gift Semi Finals
SF 1

1 A S Walker (4.75)
2 R J Craig (9.00)
3 P V White (8.00)
Others: C Marks (6.25), G Chapman (7.00), C Start (7.50).
Time: 12.31

1 P M Emerson (7.50)
2 P A Briggs (8.25)
3 G J O'Keefe (6.25)

Others: R Kirsopp (5.75), A Scott (6.25), I Marchesi (10.00).
Time: 12.21

1 G F Harrison (6.75)
2 C C Pegg (6.25)
3 D S McAllister (5.75)
Others: M Burns (7.50), G Strano (8.00), S Barclay (8.25).
Time: 12.40

1986 Wangaratta Gift FINAL
1 Andrew Walker (4.75) Scotland & trained in Australia by Kelvin Peart.
2 Peter Emerson (7.50) Trained by Brian Morgan
3 Gerard Harrison (6.750 Trained by Sandy Hurst
4 Paul Briggs (8.25) Trained by George Nelson
5 Richard Craig (9.00) Trained by Tassie Sherriff
6 Chris Pegg (6.25) Trained by Neil King
Time: 12.08

70m Open
Total prizemoney: $500.
1st: $240; 2nd: $80; 3rd: $40; 4th: $20; 5th: $10; 6th; $10.
Heat winners not in final - $5 each.

Heats were on Saturday night, starting at 5.50pm.

24 heats.
185 athletes.
17 heats of 8 and 7 heats of 7.  

Backmarker was Kipperr Bell (USA) off 1.75m with Steve Proudlock (2.25m) the furtherest back of the local athletes.

Frontmarker was M J Arnold off 13.75m. The second highest mark of 13.00m was shared by J King, P C Brennan & M Tancredi.

Heat winners only advanced to the semi finals.
1st & 2nd in each semi advanced to the final.

Fastest times in the heats was 7.51s recorded by Scotsman D S McAllister (4.50m) in the 24th and final heat.

Top 10 fastest heats:
7.51 D S McAllister (4.05)
7.54 M P Burns (6.00)
7.54 P F Hopwood (4.50)
7.55 G F Harrison (5.00)
7.57 B S Glassford (5.50)
7.57 A S Walker (3.50)
7.59 D B Aspinall (8.25)
7.61 C D Marks (5.00)
7.61 A C Scott (5.50)
7.62 - another 4 athletes.

Semi Finals
I didn't get the results but the athletes to advance from the semis were:
McAllister, Burns, Hopwood, Aspinall, Scott & R J Craig.

70m Open Final
1 D S McAllister (4.50)
2 D B Aspinall (8.25)
3 P F Hopwood (4.50)
Others: A C Scott 5.50, M Burns 6.00, R J Craig (7.00).
Time: 7.45s

100m Open & 100m Restricted

There was a 100m Open on the program (total p/money of $300) & a 100m Restricted (also $300)

The 100m Open had 133 athletes in 18 heats.
The 100m Restricted had 75 athletes in 10 heats.

100m Open Final

1 G Gregorio (5.50)
2 P Emerson (6.50)
3 P A Briggs (7.00)
Others: K Bell (1.75), W Johncock (5.75), C marks (5.75).
Time: 10.39

100m Restricted Final

1 M Thomas (8.00)
2 R J Green (6.00)
3 R Tassell (6.00)
Others: M Poulton (6.00), J Hilditch (6.25), 1 other off 6.00.
Time: 10.70

400m Frontmarkers
Total prizemoney: $500
1st: $285; 2nd: $80; 3rd: $50; 4th: $20; 5th to 9th: $10 each.
Heat winners only to the final.
There were 88 entries in the 9 heats of the Frontmarkers' 400m running from marks between 32m and 60m.
R Dunbar (38m) ran the fastest heat time of 45.7.

Twenty-two athletes ran off the back mark of 32m with 3 athletes (D G Armstrong, G T Chapman, C Roberts) off the frontmark of 60m.

400m Frontmarkers FINAL
1 Ricky Dunbar (38)
2 John Evans (32)
3 Russell Elliott (32)
4 Les Williams (34)
Others: J Donovan (32), G Mowat (32), C Ryan (34), A V Shelley (34), G Chapman (60).
Time: 45.3

400m Backmarkers
Total prizemoney: $700
1st: $415; 2nd: $120; 3rd: $60; 4th: $30; 5th to 9th: $10 each.
There were 101 entries in the 10 heats of the Backmarkers' 400m running from marks between 8m and 30m.

Thirteen athletes ran off the front mark of 30m with 2 athletes (Dallas O'Brien & John DeCoite) off the backmark of 8m.
M R Poulton (28m) ran the fastest time in the heats of 45.3.

400m Backmarkers
1 Paul Shelley (30)
2 Steven Savage (28)
3 Mick Poulton (28)
4 Kerry McConnon (10)
Others: D O'Brien (8.), P Donohue (22), D Gill (26), T Mowatt (26), F O'Dwyer (26), A Grima (28).
Time: 45.3

800m Open
Total prizemoney: $750
1st: $480; 2nd: $100; 3rd: $50; 4th: $30; 5th to 10th: $10 each.
There were 101 entries in the 10 heats of the 800m Open running from marks between 18m and 110m.

Backmarker off 18m was Ross Henderson and the sole frontmarker off 110m was John Smith.

Fastest heat was 1-48.7, run by Peter Monaghan off 42m.

Heat winners
H1 - G Sheahan (42) 1-51.0
H2 - J R Stewart (36) 1-51.6
H3 - G J Watkins (46) 1-50.3
H4 - M J Donaghey (36) 1-50.2
H5 - P J Monaghan (42) 1-48.7
H6 - A G Parsons (40) 1-52.9
H7 - P A Cross (34) 1-51.1
H8 - A F Cook (30) 1-50.4
H9 - I K Stewart (42) 1-50.9
H10 - J W Vicary-Lovegrove (26) 1-51.4

800m FINAL
1 A F Cook (30)
2 I K Stewart (42)
3 P Monagahan (420
Time: 1-47.6

1600m Frontmarkers

Total prizemoney: $500
1st: $300; 2nd: $80; 3rd: $50; 4th: $20; 5th to 10th: $10 each.

There were 53 entries in the Frontmarkers' 1600m running from marks between 145m and 240m.

Seven athletes ran off the back mark of 145m with 3 athletes off the frontmark of 240m.

1 A R McPharlane (150)
2 J J Guerin (150)
3 M Sneddon (160)
4 M J Carmody (145)
Time: 3-53.

1600m Backmarkers
I did not get the result of the 1600m backmarkers.
Total prizemoney: $750
1st: $460; 2nd: $90; 3rd: $60; 4th: $40; 5th to 10th: $10 each.

There were 62 entries in the Backmarkers' 1600m running from marks between 60m and 140m.

Two athletes ran off the back mark of 60m (S Hocking & P Guest) with 8 athletes off the frontmark of 140m.

3200m Open
Total prizemoney: $1000
1st: $620; 2nd: $150; 3rd: $70; 4th: $50; 5th to 10th: $10 each.
(Sash donated by John McCracken)
There were 76 entries running from marks between 120m and 400m.

Backmarker off 120m was P K Guest and the sole frontmarker off 400m was J N Matthewson.

1 J J Guerin (255)
2 M G Boucher (145)
3 R B Ermel (250)
4 R J Simondson (2600
Time: ???

Victorian 800 Metres Championship
(All off scratch)
Total prizemoney: $300
1st: $160; 2nd: $50; 3rd: $25; Other competitors - $10 each.

1 Alan Cook
2 Steven Hocking
3 Ian K Stewart
Time: 1-53.4

This was Wangaratta in its prime - very good crowd, great atmosphere, lights out for the final except for the lights above the track. Walker ran brilliantly - 12.08 off 4.75m. Depth of talent through the mid range of marks was massive with many in the 5m to 8m range who were good quality runners, capable of running inside evens.

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The Age
27 January 1986

ATHLETICS: Champion Scottish
athlete Andrew Walker confirmed
his class after the running of the
18 heats of the Wangaratta $3500
Yakka 120-metre gift yesterday.

Walker holder of the British 400m
title, clocked the fastest heat time,
cruising to the tape in 12.43 seconds.
He had too much class for Paul
Hopwood, an amateur from Ballarat
making his debut in professional
ranks and Glenhuntly’s Jeff

Walker and two English sprinters,
David McAllister (Cramington)
and Collin Wrightson (Dudley) are
in Australia for a three week visit.

The semi finals will be run tonight.
Australian marathon champion John
Guerin was beaten in the 1600 metres
by Keon Park runner Alan McPharlane.


Received the following message ftom Scotsman Dave McAllister. Great to receive this feedback; it encourages us to continue to add more results from years gone by.



I stumbled across the Protrack website when surfing the net on anything about Wangaratta. Imagine my delight on finding an article about the gift showing all the results from 1986. I won the 70 metre event that year and my travelling companion Andrew Walker won the gift. I couldn't believe it when I found the article, I've searched many times over the years to see if I could find any information from that evevt. My memory of that time is so vivid and will stay with me for always and reading down the list of names made the 25 years since then seem like only a few months. In my short time there everyone was so friendly and so welcoming that I was determined I would be back. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole time out there doing what I loved to do and winning a few events at the same time. I even promised Penny Crisp, the young journalist who covered all the meetings, that I would be back next year. Sadly, I never made it back, which is something I'm always going to regret.

Following my visit to Australia my sprint performances improved again, even though I was almost 30 years old, and I managed to become Scottish and British champion at all the sprint distances for a few years following my trip.

I still have all my memoribilia from my time there, my sashes (I won the Avoca Gift and the Northcote over 100m), newspaper articles, programmes, a local TV video of the Avoca semis and final. Are there any articles from these meetings on Protrack somewhere?

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to create the site, I think it's very important that we shouldn't forget history and that we should continue to relive past performances of great sporting stars like George McNeill, Bill Howard, Arthur Postle and many more.



David McAllister

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