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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Marion (SAAL) HANDICAPS - Sunday 11th January 2015

Marion (SAAL) HANDICAPS - Sunday 11th January 2015

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There's some very good points raised here and I certainly take some of it on board.

Changing marks on the day is not something I would like to see nor will be doing.

I think the compromise is to check the results of previous years for that specific track and handicap according to the expected track conditions.  We can often fall into the trap of taking too much notice of a PB off fast conditions from a synthetic surface for 100m and the difference when running on a spongey grass track over 120m can render the calculations, a waste of time.  

Overall I think this type of discussion is healthy & productive. The more transparency around handicapping issues the better.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


It's really pleasing to see this discussion going on.

This gender handicapping challenge is not new, in my 5 years of coaching the girls have enjoyed very, very little success in mixed races! This challenge does not only exist in U20 sprinting, it goes across all the distances in most/all of the under age categories.

Meeting this challenge, is not just for Youngy, but, for all handicappers, officials and office holders associated with Leagues across our country.

Also, really pleased to see a man of high principles and standards, Shane McK, outline the primary responsibility that coaches of junior athletes (should) share re development and culture.


I find all this quite interesting and although I totally disagree with changing marks on the day I like the thought of trying to handicap to certain venues for younger athletes as Youngy mentioned a pb on a synthetic track with a tail wind hardly means anything on a wet grass track into a headwind.
The thing I would find most intruging is the age divide.
In the u20s as everyone has mentioned the female athletes tend to struggle in trying conditions but I would say if you looked into the u14's age group where girls have GENERALLY developed slightly more than boys would it all be turned around with the boys getting a lift?

Anyway Youngy your doing a fantastic job and the hard work hasnt gone unnoticed. Thanks.

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