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March 2018

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Marion (SAAL) HANDICAPS - Sunday 11th January 2015

Marion (SAAL) HANDICAPS - Sunday 11th January 2015

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Marion Gift Carnival
Sunday 11th January 2015

City of Marion
120m Open

1 Wallace Long-Scafidi 2.50 m
2 Tom Sclanders 6.00 m
3 Dale Woodhams 6.25 m
4 James Cibich 6.50 m
5 Damian Tohl 6.75 m
6 Jordan Tronnolone 6.75 m
7 Jack Norris 7.00 m
8 Mitchell Tucker 7.00 m
9 Dylan Hicks 7.75 m
10 Lachlan Sheffield 8.00 m
11 Connor Verrall 8.00 m
12 Deng Bulabek 8.50 m
13 Oliver Callahan 8.50 m
14 Tim Johnson 8.75 m
15 Sam Osmond 9.25 m
16 Damien Nicholls 9.50 m
17 Neil Thomas 9.50 m
18 Ryan Hancock 9.75 m
19 Andrew Boyd 10.00 m
20 Ashley Brown 10.00 m
21 Jarrad Dartnall 10.00 m
22 Hayden Petherick 10.00 m
23 Brad Schutz 10.00 m
24 Jake Stangewitz 10.00 m
25 Nickolas Berry 10.50 m
26 David Palmer 11.50 m
27 Daniel Flesfadar 12.50 m
28 Tyson Hancock 13.00 m
29 Aaron Harrison 13.00 m
30 Christopher Simpson 13.00 m
31 David Wilczek 13.00 m
32 Shaun Ryder 14.00 m
33 Clint Tobin 14.00 m
34 Michael Cassidy 14.25 m
35 Peter Biggs 15.00 m
36 Mark Burns 16.00 m
37 Shane Grimwade 17.00 m

Marion Sports and Community Club
120m Women

1 Leanne Hodge 3.25 m
2 Lauren Foote 6.75 m
3 Amie Mittiga 7.50 m
4 Andrea Sparrow 7.75 m
5 Gwen Humphreys 8.00 m
6 Natalie Gibbs 8.50 m
7 Hayley Orman 8.50 m
8 Amy Robb 9.75 m
9 Mikayla Round 10.00 m
10 Hayley Openshaw 10.25 m
11 Lucy Mayo 11.00 m
12 Jessica Oates 11.00 m
13 Caitlin Francis 12.00 m
14 Lily Drummond 12.50 m
15 Chelsea Gilbert 12.50 m
16 Hettie Driscoll 12.75 m
17 Katie Jury 13.00 m
18 Jessica Macolino 13.00 m
19 Hollie Moran 14.25 m
20 Chloe Baldwin 15.00 m
21 Lexie Bentley 15.00 m
22 Nichola Coombe 15.00 m
23 Alexandra Huggett 15.00 m
24 Emma Jury 16.00 m
25 Cassie Neubauer 16.00 m
26 Jenni Partington 17.00 m
27 Lauren McHugh 17.50 m
28 Aimee Lane 19.00 m

Mort Daly Running Foundation
120m Under 20

1 Lachlan Sheffield 0.00 m
2 Hayden Rothe 1.00 m
3 Mitchell Tucker 2.00 m
4 Jack Norris 2.50 m
5 Oliver Callahan 3.00 m
6 Lewis Abdul 3.75 m
7 Shantan De Silva 3.75 m
8 Kalen Turner 4.00 m
9 Bradley Harvey 4.25 m
10 Jacobi Ponury 4.50 m
11 Hamish Petherick 7.00 m
12 Bailey Sadedin 8.00 m
13 Joshua Biggs 9.50 m
14 Cameron Vinall 9.50 m
15 Robert Kernick 10.00 m
16 Liam Jones 11.50 m
17 Jared McDougall 12.00 m
18 Hayden Petherick 12.50 m
19 Bailey Turner 12.50 m
20 Luke Whitford 12.50 m
21 Mikayla Round 15.00 m
22 Brianna Fuller 15.25 m
23 Lachlan Burrows 16.00 m
24 Caitlin Francis 16.00 m
25 Katie Jury 16.00 m
26 Thomas Neville 16.00 m
27 Ruby Buchanan 18.00 m
28 Lily Drummond 18.00 m
29 Hollie Moran 18.00 m
30 Molly Farmer 20.00 m
31 Brayden Thomas 20.00 m
32 Chloe Baldwin 21.00 m
33 Chelsea Gilbert 22.00 m
34 Lauren Payne 22.00 m
35 Sam Bentley 24.00 m
36 Madi Blight 24.00 m
37 Sophie Burns 24.00 m
38 Hugh Stagg 24.00 m
39 Elouise Whitford 24.00 m
40 Sarah Burns 24.50 m
41 Ayesha Hastings 26.00 m
42 Jenni Partington 26.00 m
43 Simone Rothe 26.00 m
44 Emma Jury 28.00 m
45 Meg Bentley 30.00 m

TJS Cleaning Services
300m Open

1 Clay Watkins 6.00 m
2 Tom Sclanders 14.00 m
3 Wallace Long-Scafidi 16.00 m
4 Jake Stangewitz 17.00 m
5 Damian Tohl 17.00 m
6 James Cibich 18.00 m
7 Jordan Kitto 18.00 m
8 Tom Snyder 18.00 m
9 Jordan Tronnolone 19.00 m
10 Hayden Rothe 20.00 m
11 Connor Verrall 20.00 m
12 Sam Osmond 21.00 m
13 Deng Bulabek 22.00 m
14 Jacobi Ponury 22.00 m
15 Jack Sutton 22.00 m
16 Dale Woodhams 22.00 m
17 Ashley Brown 23.00 m
18 Andrew Boyd 24.00 m
19 Josh Dawkins 24.00 m
20 Tim Johnson 24.00 m
21 Jarrad Dartnall 25.00 m
22 Bradley Harvey 26.00 m
23 David Palmer 26.00 m
24 Brad Schutz 26.00 m
25 Robert Kane 28.00 m
26 Neil Thomas 28.00 m
27 Nickolas Berry 29.00 m
28 Matthew Cousins 30.00 m
29 David Miller 32.00 m
30 Christopher Simpson 32.00 m
31 Joshua Biggs 34.00 m
32 Daniel Flesfadar 37.00 m
33 Aaron Harrison 38.00 m
34 Richard McMahon 48.00 m
35 Chris Dimitrak 65.00 m

Anvers Wines 300m Women
1 Lauren Foote 12.00 m
2 Leanne Hodge 12.00 m
3 Paige Graham 18.00 m
4 Andrea Sparrow 18.00 m
5 Natassia Messent 20.00 m
6 Lucy Mayo 24.00 m
7 Lucy Buckley 26.00 m
8 Tess Fraser 26.00 m
9 Amy Robb 26.00 m
10 Demi Axford 28.00 m
11 Hettie Driscoll 30.00 m
12 Jessica Macolino 30.00 m
13 Hayley Openshaw 30.00 m
14 Nadia De Bellis 32.00 m
15 Hollie Moran 32.00 m
16 Jessica Oates 32.00 m
17 Lily Drummond 34.00 m
18 Chantel Seaforth 38.00 m
19 Alexandra Huggett 40.00 m
20 Lauren McHugh 40.00 m
21 Jenni Partington 40.00 m
22 Katie Jury 42.00 m
23 Nichola Coombe 44.00 m
24 Simone Rothe 50.00 m
25 Aimee Lane 52.00 m
26 Courtney Ryder 52.00 m
27 Melanie Stewart 58.00 m
28 Debbie DeVizio 76.00 m

One Till 300m Over 35
1 Duncan Tippins 0.00 m
2 Leon Burckhardt 8.00 m
3 Matthew Cousins 12.00 m
4 Gino Geracitano 13.00 m
5 David Miller 14.00 m
6 David Palmer 14.00 m
7 Ross Nitschke 21.00 m
8 Tim Callahan 24.00 m
9 Shane Grimwade 25.00 m
10 Peter Biggs 26.00 m
11 Salvador Jurado 26.00 m
12 Andrew Buttery 28.00 m
13 Michael Cassidy 29.00 m
14 David Wilczek 29.00 m
15 Andrew Roe 31.00 m
16 Richard McMahon 33.00 m
17 Claire Drummond 35.00 m
18 Cameron White 35.00 m
19 Mark Burns 38.00 m
20 Brett Stokes 41.00 m
21 Geoff Troiano 41.00 m
22 Mark Barnett 45.00 m
23 Chris Dimitrak 45.00 m
24 John Turner 45.00 m
25 Peter Brennan 46.00 m
26 Alex Jefferies 46.00 m
27 Mick Abbott 47.00 m
28 Lesley Rutherford 50.00 m
29 Mark Howson 56.00 m
30 Darcy Cheney 60.00 m
31 Sue Turner 65.00 m
32 Peter Venables 65.00 m
33 Lyn Peake 71.00 m
34 Ron Axford 75.00 m
35 Debbie DeVizio 84.00 m

Mort Daly Running Foundation
300m Under 17 Boys

1 Kyle Roberts 0.00 m
2 Lewis Abdul 6.00 m
3 Shantan De Silva 6.00 m
4 Jack Norris 6.00 m
5 Mawien Agany 10.00 m
6 Zayn Butcher 14.00 m
7 Robert Kernick 14.00 m
8 Bailey Sadedin 16.00 m
9 Cameron Vinall 16.00 m
10 Liam Jones 18.00 m
11 Luke Whitford 18.00 m
12 Jared McDougall 22.00 m
13 Casey Buchanan 24.00 m
14 Brayden Thomas 24.00 m
15 Lachlan Burrows 30.00 m
16 Hugh Stagg 38.00 m
17 Xavier Robins 40.00 m
18 Hunter Rubino 40.00 m
19 Harrison Evans 42.00 m
20 Bradley Samarcq 48.00 m
21 Sebastian Jurado 60.00 m

Mort Daly Running Foundation
300m Under 17 Girls

1 Lucy Mayo 0.00 m
2 Natassia Messent 2.00 m
3 Brianna Fuller 10.00 m
4 Gwen Humphreys 10.00 m
5 Lexie Bentley 12.00 m
6 Molly Farmer 12.00 m
7 Ruby Buchanan 14.00 m
8 Lily Drummond 16.00 m
9 Stephanie Bevan 20.00 m
10 Ayesha Hastings 20.00 m
11 Alexandra Huggett 22.00 m
12 Chloe Baldwin 24.00 m
13 Elouise Whitford 24.00 m
14 Sarah Burns 26.00 m
15 Sophie Burns 26.00 m
16 Alexis McDougall 60.00 m

SA Athletic League
300m Under 14

1 Casey Buchanan 0.00 m
2 Morgan Miller 4.00 m
3 Anthony De Ruvo 8.00 m
4 Molly Farmer 12.00 m
5 max hagicostas 12.00 m
6 Thomas Neville 12.00 m
7 Nathaniel Drummond 14.00 m
8 Adam Snyder 14.00 m
9 Stephanie Bevan 16.00 m
10 Cooper Condelli 16.00 m
11 Hugh Stagg 18.00 m
12 Sam Bentley 20.00 m
13 Lauren Payne 20.00 m
14 Xavier Robins 20.00 m
15 Eliza Jones 24.00 m
16 Hunter Window 24.00 m
17 Hamish Dunkin 28.00 m
18 Isabella Park 28.00 m
19 Sebastian Jurado 30.00 m
20 Bailey Giles 34.00 m
21 Emma Kitto 34.00 m
22 Cooper Giles 38.00 m
23 Meg Bentley 50.00 m
24 Alexis McDougall 50.00 m

Holdfast Insurance Brokers
800m Open

1 Robert Killmier 40.00 m
2 Luke Bero 45.00 m
3 Bradley Kitto 60.00 m
4 Corey Watkins 60.00 m
5 Stephen Jelfs 65.00 m
6 Jordan Kitto 65.00 m
7 Jack Sutton 65.00 m
8 Damian Robinson 74.00 m
9 Matthew Fallon 76.00 m
10 Robert Kane 80.00 m
11 Steven Evanson 95.00 m
12 Tim Callahan 100.00 m
13 Richard Ray-Zwar 100.00 m
14 Richard McMahon 115.00 m
15 Matthew Zacher 115.00 m
16 Geoff Troiano 130.00 m
17 Andrew Roe 155.00 m
18 Mick Abbott 160.00 m

Fresh Produce Direct
3200m Open

1 Robert Killmier 170.00 m
2 Ben Crawford 210.00 m
3 Jordan Harvey 220.00 m
4 Shane Thiele 220.00 m
5 Corey Watkins 220.00 m
6 Mawien Agany 240.00 m
7 Lachlan Scott 240.00 m
8 Damian Robinson 250.00 m
9 Chad Truscott 330.00 m
10 Leigh Haussen 360.00 m
11 Lisa Davis 510.00 m
12 Gaetano Aiello 540.00 m

Boost attire

Sclanders dropping his blocks?
Any info on him?


Word is Tom Sclanders has missed a lot of training. Wouldn't expect him to be in any shape to do well here, just getting back into it.

Boost attire

Lines up behind woodhams and cibich.
Not taking any chances.


Tom was with YGTS last time he raced, I would assume he's still there?


I heard he's flying!!

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Spiderman wrote:I heard he's flying!!

If he's flying he would have been running at the bay?


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

2009....................9.25 ..................1st

guess you get rewarded for getting older. Twisted Evil


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Rewarded? Or just reassessed given its a handicap sport and 3 years older in the sprinting caper for an additional 0.25m??


Spot on oldman. 

He did win Ararat last year, but from all reports he was virtually pushed over the line. So the mark reflects where he's at.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Could very well be the case at Marion with someone off a good mark getting pushed over the line as well.
I think theres some pretty good runners getting out to pretty good marks and wont want to lose their marks at Marion.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Twisted Evil
Whispers wrote:
2009....................9.25 ..................1st

guess you get rewarded for getting older. Twisted Evil

2018.........10.0.................? Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

results all on SAAL website

Last edited by Admin on Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:17 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : adding results search)


One of the most frustrating handicapping events I have encountered was the Under 20's 120m yesterday. Only one female through to the 8 person final.
- Lauren Payne.

The Under 20's race was handicapped for athletes to run around 13.7. The winner Mitchell Tucker ran exceptionally well off the back mark of 2.0m. He ran 13.45s which would have been a solid run in the Open Gift. I presume his open mark is 7.0m so one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to work out he would have gone close off the novice mark in the Marion Gift, given the winning time was 12.96secs. Tucker ran to a 100m time of 11.4s yesterday. On a soft grass track into a head wind. Basically up to his PB rate. That's brilliant running and a much deserved first sash.

AND Most of the boys ran similar - near the times expected given their marks.

BUT the girls in general were way off.

There were a number of girls who went into that race with 100m PB's of 12.8 to 13.2 who had marks around the 15m to 25m range which should have had them running around 13.7 but instead were running mid 14secs.

Eg: just say, a girl with a PB of 13.3secs running off 20m only has to run 100m therefore one would expect maybe 13.8 given the grass track. But like a lot of female athletes they were running a lot slower than that. Whereas the boys with say PB's of 11.5 were running times not far removed from that 11.5 to 11.9 range. The conditions of a soft grass track & head winds did not have the same effect on them that it did on the girls.

The problem is a handicapper can not presume what the conditions are going to be. We can only handicap according to the previous best performances. I'm of the view that had this race been run on a faster track with perhaps a tail breeze, the girls would have dominated.

If I was to go on yesterday I would have girls out to marks beyond 25m & nearer to 30m - that is they would be running 90 to 95m to achieve a 13.7. For girls with 100m PB's a lot faster than 13.7 this would be ridiculous. SO that is not going to happen.

The next "All in" Under 20's 120m is at Camden; there will be changes but not to the level the Marion results might suggest.

I did have a few coaches/athletes query why the boys dominated the Under 20's 120m and the above hopefully explains it.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Well done Youngy on coming on here and giving a clear explanation.

Just checking through the results I think the boys had around the next 6 or 7 fastest times outside the finalists as well.
So in top 15 only one girl.
You are certainly going to earn your money.
I guess no chance of giving the girls extra if we roll up and theres a head wind blowing on the day, I guess thats out of the question.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Youngy, I had exactly the same experience in the VAL. In tough conditions, soft tracks, strong headwinds, the junior girls and sub-junior boys would lose more time than the more developed junior boys. On a nice fast track with a tail wind, the reverse often holds and the girls / frontmarkers will tend to dominate.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Whispers reply came in whilst I was posting. Not sure if it was tongue in cheek, but handicapping is a tough enough caper without bringing in another variable such as the conditions of the day. What happens if the conditions change or are at variance to what is expected. At Rye for example we were expecting rain all day and didn't get a drop.

John LeRay

       I was one of the Coaches who asked the question and was impressed with your answer and approach. Understood and shared your frustration that goes with the job.
Keep on moving forward, it will come around for Athletes and yourself over time.



Thanks JL. 

Amazing how you can spend up to 10 mins per athlete working them out & calculating a mark based on all the previous (mainly recent) results thinking there won't be much between them, then all of a sudden, a dramatic change of track & conditions can throw the whole lot down the drain!

I won't mention names but at the Bay Sheff two lads, let's say A (backmarker) & C (frontmarker) ran almost identical times off certain marks in the same heat. 

They were both lifted 0.75m for Marion.

At Marion, C beat A by 5 metres in the same heat. 

This isn't isolated either, it happens regularly and it's bloody frustrating......but we soldier on. 

By the way I did speak to 'A' and he offered an explanation which I won't divulge for obvious reasons, but I deemed fair enough. 

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
MOB wrote:Whispers reply came in whilst I was posting. Not sure if it was tongue in cheek, but handicapping is a tough enough caper without bringing in another variable such as the conditions of the day. What happens if the conditions change or are at variance to what is expected. At Rye for example we were expecting rain all day and didn't get a drop.

Regardless of previous posts I was trying to be sincere in this instance.
Why cant the handicapper for junior races especially/only, have the opportunity to change the handicaps on the day depending on the conditions.
After all spectators like to see close racing.


Extraordinarily difficult job handicapping Juniors - Think its been very good this year. Virtually impossible for perfection as athletes improve so much so quickly at this age, and the opposite can also occur - inconsistencies when learning new techniques from coaches, when study interferes and stress sets in etc. etc. Just the nature of young people. I think its vital that ALL coaches give honest feed back to the handicapper on training attendance, work ethic, as this really needs to be rewarded. Our juniors is the sports future, and those putting in are the ones that will stick at it, provided they are given adequate encouragement from handicapper. Reward the training effort and those who compete each week I say. Just my opinion. Job well done though and inconsistencies is part of being young.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
I dont think you need to be a Rhode Scholar, that if you roll up to a meeting and the track is heavy or theres a head wind you wouldnt need to be an Einstein to add a metre to a girls mark to make them competative .Junior races only.
Just for you that would mean increasing a girls mark from say 13m to 14 m.
Otherwise all of the handicappers work in trying to make a junior race competable goes out the window as the handicaps have been allocated with no interfering factors being taken into account.
I cant see any problem for junior mixed races only ,with the race announcer at the start of the meeting saying that all female marks in under 20 being lifted 1m for today only.
Otherwise you will have case like last weekend where the junior handicapper has spent hours working out the marks for a decent race only to have the boys come out and run 14 of the 15 fastest times.
Im sure if the handicapper had chance to lift the girls last Sunday it would have been done.


stupid comment! Does that mean if it is a quick track and a tail, the boys should get a lift? Leave it the way it is, that's pro running. I think most of those Juniors haven't trained a lot since the Bay. Show your running and the handicapper will reward you. Make him look like a fool and expect nothing in return.


Lauren Payne made the final. Conditions didn't seem to affect her as much as other girls. She trains with John Hodge who trains his athletes hard. He doesn't molloy-coddle them. Enough said.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The worrying part about all this,in the future, is that if a junior girl considers herself not competitable in 120m races because of the conditions on the day she will save herself for a girls only 300m race later in the day.
As it was we had to sit through one heat of 2 ,one heat of 3, and numerous heats of 4 ,but if that excites you I guess we leave everything as it is, as change is some time too hard.


It was the same for the open gift! So what are you saying? Their marks should be changed according to conditions?


Whispers you crack me up. You've got these guys sucked in big time. Hahahaha they think you're serious. Great work.
Spider-Man you've been Punked on Protrack.


Spiderman, you nail it;

"Show your running and the handicapper will reward you. Make him look like a fool and expect nothing in return."

You can't help conditions on the day. Rye had tailwinds, Bay had headwinds, the differences in performances are reflected in the times for those who competed at both.

If an athlete HAS shown a level of form previously, then the responsible duty of the handicapper is to allocate a competitive handicap close to that form. It is also the job of the coach to nurture, encourage and prepare their junior athletes to be in reasonable enough condition to remain competitive, even when outside a peaking model.

As a coach of many juniors athletes, I understand first hand, the challenges involved with teenage athletes, but the efforts are rewarded when a committed coach spends the time. It's easy to tell which of my athletes are committed and those that are more part time. I explain to them that they wont be competitive until they are more committed to their training, then handicapper will reward them with the competitive mark. Race wins are not as important as their development as athletes. Race wins are by-products and resultant of the development.

Coaching some kids, I believe, would be just as frustrating as handicapping them. I believe Youngy is doing the right thing, support him in his role through committed and responsible coaching of the kids. Remember, coaching kids in sport is about development, not winning! Anyone who has undertaken any ASCA course is taught the ethics and guidelines about the stages of athletic development. If we are guided by those stages, we will have more quality athletes in our sport in the coming years.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Unless we do something about it ,results will be continually thrown up as per last week 14 out of the 15 fastest times were male athletes in the JUNIOR MIXED RACE..
Its got nothing to do about how you train or how honest you run if a handicapper handicaps a race for normal conditions as Youngy does and we get the conditions that prevailed last week results in JUNIOR MIXED EVENTS are going to heavily favour the male runners.
We are really going into uncharted waters in SA by allowing athletes as young as 11 to run consistantly with the league and maybe the rules may need to be altered slightly.
I for one would not like my 11 year old girl to have her body tampered with whilst she is still growing to make her stronger so she can run competative on days such as we got last week.
We are not talking about major races here but Junior Mixed races so why not give the opportunity for the handicapper to lift the girl athletes on the day right across the board by the same amount depending on the conditions.We are not talking about serious events but an entry point for Pro racing for juniors ,why not have a bit of fun ,change the rules slightly and make it a bit more interesting
Im going to agree to disagree with everyone, appreciate everyones sprays and feedback , but Whispers calls a spade a spade .Youngy probably puts in the hardest yards out of all handicappers, because hes dealing with runners that are yet to establish themselves and form can be so inconsistant so I hate to see all the work he does to make a race even go out the window on the day
Wont be commenting anymore on this topic .Will look forward to everyones sprays though !!!


Thanks for the support, although I wasn't looking for any sympathy. I was trying to relay how even when you spending hours setting the marks, satisfied that most athletes (given some are still developing, new to the sport & others not running well) would be competitive, it may not go to plan.

I felt embarrassed & frustrated by the fact so many girls were out of the contest. It certainly wasn't my intention & whilst the conditions were a significant issue, it wasn't the only one. I clearly have a problem that needs a remedy beyond just blaming the conditions.

The next' all in' 120m is at Camden where the track will be quicker. Luke Stevens ran 12.54s off 2m there last year. In an obviously more inflated landscape, most athletes went well under 13.45s (the winning time from Marion on Saturday).

Looking at the 2014 U/20sCamden final, Hayden Rothe, Cameron Vinall and Mikayla Round were in the final at Camden & ran at Marion. Mikayla met Rothe 1 metre better off and she met Vinall 2.50m better off.

Camden 2014
Cameron Vinall 20.00m 12.888
Hayden Rothe 10.00m 13.117
Mikayla Round 23.00m 13.13

Marion 2015
Cameron Vinall 9.50m 13.585
Hayden Rothe 1.00m 14.109
Mikayla Round 15.00m 14.583

Despite being better off Mikayla finished further behind than last year. I'm only using these three as a guide due to the fact they ran at Camden in 2014. Mikayla is one of the stronger & better females in the Under 17's ranks and her performance difference is consistent & reflective of the girls across the board at Marion.

Anyway back to the drawing board.......... Embarassed

120m Under 20 - Heat: 1
Position Name Mark Time
1 Jess Williams 27.00m 12.99
2 Jared McDougall 24.00m 13.171
3 Patricia Dimitrak 35.00m 13.184
4 Jess Rafanelli 11.50m 13.583
5 Scarlett Hosking 22.00m 14.156
- Bradley Carey 8.25m Scr
- Zayn Butcher 14.00m Scr

120m Under 20 - Heat: 2
Position Name Mark Time
1 Luke Stevens 2.00m 12.79
2 Rachel Fisk 27.00m 13.193
3 Ben Barratt 11.00m 13.275
4 Carla Fox 30.00m 13.377
5 Niamh Henry 24.00m 13.501
6 Joshua Biggs 15.00m 13.649
7 Sarah Chigwidden 21.00m 13.972

120m Under 20 - Heat: 3
Position Name Mark Time
1 Cameron Vinall 20.00m 12.844
2 Bailey Turner 14.00m 3.321
3 Bradley Harvey 10.50m 13.54
4 Josh Koster 7.50m 13.568
- Georgia Corcoran 24.00m Scr
- Molly Farmer 26.00m Scr
- Renee Ellis 30.00m Scr

120m Under 20 - Heat: 4
Position Name Mark Time
1 Katie Jury 25.00m 12.933
2 Hollie Moran 29.00m 13.045
3 Lucy Mayo 22.00m 13.425
4 Lewis Abdul 10.50m 13.628
5 Brianna Fuller 20.00m 13.761
6 Liam Jones 14.00m 13.769
7 Joe Hosking 7.50m 15.278

120m Under 20 - Heat: 5
Position Name Mark Time
1 Lachlan Sheffield 7.00m 13.07
2 Kalen Turner 10.00m 13.087
3 Grainne Henry 25.00m 13.266
4 Margaret Cusenza 29.00m 13.477
5 Bailey Sadedin 15.00m 13.522
6 Tom O Malley 19.00m 13.918
- Caitlin Francis 23.00m Scr
- Heather May 30.00m Scr

120m Under 20 - Heat: 6
Position Name Mark Time
1 Mikayla Round 23.00m 13.208
2 Hayden Petherick 13.75m 13.249
3 Cassidy Dorian 16.00m 13.422
4 Mikaela Harmston 25.00m 13.467
5 Sam Osmond 7.00m 13.493
6 Jenni Partington 28.00m 13.88
7 Stephanie Bevan 35.00m 14
- Oliver Callahan 10.00m Scr

120m Under 20 - Heat: 7
Position Name Mark Time
1 Hayden Rothe 10.00m 13.236
2 Chelsea Gilbert 28.00m 13.265
3 Patrick Cusenza 13.50m 13.427
4 Daniela Sassi 23.00m 13.488
5 Lily Drummond 25.00m 13.553
6 Luke Whitford 15.00m 13.638
- Jesse Cordoma 6.75m Scr
- Emma Jury 33.00m Scr

120m Under 20 - Heat: 8
Position Name Mark Time
1 Kyle Roberts 11.50m 13.193
2 Joshua Stangroome 15.00m 13.23
3 Ben Syrus 7.00m 13.562
4 Simone Rothe 30.00m 13.674
5 Kirsty Taylor 22.00m 13.733
6 Emily Young 27.00m 14.032
7 Riley Bonner 10.00m 14.088
- Kate Monks 24.00m Scr

120m Under 20 - Final:
Position Name Mark Time
1 Luke Stevens 2.00m 12.542
2 Katie Jury 25.00m 12.728
3 Jess Williams 27.00m 12.768
4 Cameron Vinall 20.00m 12.888
5 Lachlan Sheffield 7.00m 13.035
6 Kyle Roberts 11.50m 13.116
7 Hayden Rothe 10.00m 13.117
8 Mikayla Round 23.00m 13.13

"Let's Go While We're Young"


I don't envy Youngys job or any Junior handicappers job but reality is if there is no tail wind and fast deck the girls have no hope in all in junior races. In the Val Rye had 5 girls and 3 boys in the final with quick times run all day but no other junior final run in still conditions or a head wind this season has had more then one girl in it. I hear where Whispers is coming from and have the same frustrations having a young daughter myself that runs in these races so I'd be for Whispers idea on a trial bases seeing they're not running for sheep stations and pay the same entry fee as the boys. Rye was still won by a boy with Grace O'Dwyers second being the highest placed finish by a girl in the all in junior races this season. Grace ran unbelievable all day across all her races and still couldn't get the chocolates so honestly I can't see a girl get up in one of these races in the near future. Maybe do all the calculations then throw a metre on all girls handicaps for shits and giggles and see what happens. I don't think anybody would begrudge a girl having a win in ONE of these races surely. P.S love your work Whispers

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