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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Maryborough Gift

Maryborough Gift

Who wins Maryborough?

Matt Davies 0
Matt CARTER 1.25
Tim ROOKE 2.5
Gary FINEGAN 3.5
Nathan RIALI 3.5
Kevin BRITTAIN 5.5
Tom NEWMAN 5.5
Jack NEWMAN 5.75
Patrick BEGUELY 6
Marika Koroibete 6
Matthew Rizzo 6
Mitchell Tysoe 6
Bros KELLY 6.25
Jasper Nettlefold 6.5
Darci HUGHES 6.75
Alex SALIU 7.25
Jimmie GLADMAN 7.5
Kristerfer Kardakovski 7.5
Dion PAULL 7.5
Robert SPENCER 7.5
Cam DUNBAR 7.75
Edward WARE 7.75
Rupert LUGO 8
Paddy McDONALD 8
Charlie MORAN 8
Chad RYAN 8
Nathan DIXON 8.25
Matthew EDDY 8.5
Jason BAILEY 9
Dale LYONS 9
Stuart ROOKE 9
Dean DOBRIC 9.5
Chris DIEGAN 9.75
Matthew HARVEY 9.75
Peter DUDKIEWICZ 10.25
Nick MAGREE 10.25
Richard BROWN 10.5
Mark HIGNETT 10.5
Leigh PHELAN 10.75 / William LITTLE 11.25
Rodney MATHEWS 11.25 / Marty SINCLAIR 11.5
Marcus COOPER 11.75 / Noddy ANGELAKOS 12
Lawrence COOP 12 / Craig MAIR 12
Tom MOREHOUSE 12 / Jonathon ROGERS 12
Jake Ryder 12 / Darren WHITTAKER 12

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1 Maryborough Gift on Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:04 am


Happy Christmas Carnival to you all. With one of the busiest times on the calendar ahead of us, the Vic poll turns to Maryborough. Lets assume that everyone listed is running when considering our voting (many of our picks did not run at Ararat recently). Again, I have had to join a couple of runners as there are too many for one poll and not enough for two.

2 Re: Maryborough Gift on Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:23 am


The Newman brothers have taken humongous hits for their wins in NSW. The Stawell Gift winner doesn't get hit that much. Handicapped out of contention.

3 Re: Maryborough Gift on Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:09 pm


newman handicapps were all bulldust 16 years old and on 12 metres and 9.5 metres nsw a joke in handicapping

future is only good for these athletes how would you like to train in future years ahead

4 Re: Maryborough Gift on Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:13 pm


Not sure what the fuss is about re the Newman boys, Jack ran off 6.50m and Tom off 7.50m at Stawell in 2014. Neither broke 13 seconds. They have shown form this season already though and this is their first trip down to VIC for the year. Do we want to hand marks to young and improving kids on a platter or get them to earn their mark?

5 Re: Maryborough Gift on Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:44 pm


Marks like 5.50 and 5.75 aren't marks on platter. They are just not competitive. Newmans are exposed athletes. We know what they can do. Doesn't seem difficult to put them on something that gives them some encouragement rather than put them on something that is hopeless.
Their Bay marks are much closer to the mark and they've never been to SA before. We know Jack is the better of the two so in SA he gives Thomas 1m. At Maryborough, Tom gives Jack 0.25 start. Just seems more thought went into their marks in SA to make them competitive than in the VAL.

6 Re: Maryborough Gift on Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:02 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Mark Hignett my pick

7 Re: Maryborough Gift on Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:01 pm


No gift run for you, Sprintstar?

8 Re: Maryborough Gift on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:44 pm


Not many votes yet, perhaps a result of the interstate hangovers. Write up tomorrow as best I can.

9 Re: Maryborough Gift on Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:23 pm


Some interesting results interstate and some notable scratchings form my write up for Maryborough. I will leave Daylesford for the second as I would be surprised if the listed names turn up.

The poll (91 votes at time of writing) indicates no clear favourite with many athletes receiving a vote. Those with the most votes include Spencer, Dunbar, Steinhauser, Eddy, Hignett, Phelan/Little and Ryder/Whittaker.

Spencer 7.5m (6 votes) - notably skipped Warragul and Ararat. Does Spencer have a big gift in him or is his Bendigo run as good as he will get? Back a metre from Bendigo should see him capable of running around that 12.30 - 12.40 second mark. If fit in with a big chance.

Dunbar 7.75m (9 votes) - ran second at Ararat although the time was not quick. As Youngy put it in his preview for the Bay his best may be past him. Always a dangerous man to have in your heat, semi or final.

Steinhauser 8m (9 votes) - Been running at many of the smaller meets. Does not seem to have been peaking for them, if a no show here, watch for later in the season. Could be a real shot.

Eddy 8.5m (11 votes) - Back from his Bay mark but right in this one. Had been obviously peaking for a tilt at something over this period judging by his early runs. Always looks fit and if he can recover from a big weekend is a chance of the final.

Hignett 10.5m (10 votes) - Has shown he has early speed again and will be thereabouts for a finals spot. Should feature prominently in the bigger finals until he manages to pick one up. Place at best.

Phelan 10.75m / Little 11.25m (7 votes) - Phelan made the final at Ararat 2014. After bursting on the scene as a veteran, he has leant how the 'game' is played. If the votes are for him it will be based on his run at Ararat, however I think he may be up against it to make the final. Look for a group 1 not classic win for him. Little won the Maribyrnong gift in 2014 off 12m and although the times were slow, he did it comfortably up the hill on a rough track. Has he shown all he has? I think most of the votes will be for Phelan here.

Ryder 12m / Whittaker 12m (10 votes) - I think that the votes here are for Whittaker and not Ryder. Anyone on the limit can be dangerous though and Ryder is just that, on the limit. Whittaker has not run every gift so far, even though he has been entered. Has been very good off the blocks again and should feature somewhere in the final. Running fourth last year at Maryborough, can he go a few better?

Other runners of interest

Matt Davies 0m (0 votes) - Always good to have a scratch man in the field. Has obviously improved his strength judging by the reports coming out of Bay. With Fairweather now who knows how to train a winner. Probably not running well enough at the moment, but will be interesting to see how much he enters before Easter.

Matt Carter 1.25m (0 votes) - As mentioned before Ararat, if he runs, he should be able to go 12.40 - 12.50 which places him right in the mix. Tough to win from the back though.

Nathan Riali 3.5m (3 votes) - not sure if he can get up from here, but only knows one way to run and that is fast.

Kevin Brittain 5.5m (2 votes) - Must be around the mark or will he run that magical 12.10 around Easter. Is usually running well around the end of the season but may be coming home late as the back marker in the final.

Dale Lyons 9m (1 votes) - Another runner who has a good mark and who won the novice at Stawell in 2014. Now is the time for him to step up in major gifts in my books.

Stuart Rooke 9m (2 votes) - Sneaking out his mark, a very capable runner who we may see
Taking the honours soon. Is Maryborough too soon?

Dean Dobric 9.5m (1 votes) - Been around the mark this season without setting the world on fire. Watch for him to be up and about over the next month or two.

Peter Dudkiewicz 10.25m (2 votes) - Has been looking good so far this season and may start showing some form around the turn of the new year.

There are a couple of runners who are in with a shot of the final and we all know that once in a final anything can happen.

Good Luck

10 Re: Maryborough Gift on Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:59 pm


Great write up Mex. enjoyed the read. Matthew Eddy was mighty impressive at the Bay & should go close.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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