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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Women's Bay Sheff 120 Chances

Women's Bay Sheff 120 Chances

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1 Women's Bay Sheff 120 Chances on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:38 am


120m Women
Kendra Hubbard 2.00 m
Pirrenee Steinert 2.00 m
Christine Wearne 2.00 m
Leanne Hodge 4.25 m
Katie Moore 4.75 m
Kiara Reddingius 6.50 m
Eliza Wilson 6.50 m
Brittanny Brymer 6.75 m
Lauren Foote 6.75 m
Lynette Viney 7.00 m
Emily Dixon 7.75 m
Gwen Humphreys 8.00 m
Amy McLatchie 8.00 m
Andrea Sparrow 8.25 m
Bridgid Connolly 8.50 m
Natalie Gibbs 8.50 m
Brooke Lodge 8.50 m
Sophie Watts 8.50 m
Jessica Payne 8.75 m
Genevieve Brooks 9.00 m
Amie Mittiga 9.00 m
Tenneille Trigwell 9.00 m
Eleni Gilden 9.25 m
Jenna Cartledge 9.50 m
Hayley Orman 9.50 m
Katherine Robb 9.50 m
Cleo Anderson 9.75 m
Narelle Lehmann 9.75 m
Tenille Channon 10.00 m
Katie Devlin 10.00 m
Taylah Perry 10.00 m
Helena Schwerdt 10.00 m
Georgia Corcoran 10.50 m
Lauren Edwards 10.50 m
Mikayla Round 10.50 m
Amy Robb 10.75 m
Sarah Chigwidden 11.00 m
Rosamond Gilden 11.00 m
Lucy Mayo 11.00 m
Suz Sinclair 11.00 m
Hayley Openshaw 11.75 m
Daniela Sassi 11.75 m
Ali Trewartha 11.75 m
Lucy Buckley 12.00 m
Caitlin Francis 12.00 m
Lily Drummond 12.50 m
Jess Williams 12.50 m
Lauren Buchanan 12.75 m
Hettie Driscoll 12.75 m
Carla Fox 13.00 m
Alexandra Huggett 13.00 m
Katie Jury 13.00 m
Jessica Macolino 13.00 m
Yasmin Openshaw 13.00 m
Kyla Brown 13.50 m
Kellie Symons 13.50 m
Scarlett Hosking 14.00 m
Ryelie McMullan 14.00 m
Ellie Meich 14.00 m
Kate Monks 14.00 m
Samantha Sammut 14.00 m
Hollie Moran 14.25 m
Nichola Coombe 15.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 15.00 m
Emma Jury 15.00 m
Kaitlyn Patten 15.00 m
Trudy Schrapel 15.00 m

Usually a race with plenty of interstate chances One of the Gildens to final. Maybe Jess Payne. Steinert, Wearne & Hubbard could all final. Would need to be in 11.8 shape.

2 Re: Women's Bay Sheff 120 Chances on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:19 pm

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Lauren Buchanan is a certain finalist but Helena Schwerdt & Caitlin Francis have generous marks for their ability. Steinert is the danger from the backies.

3 Re: Women's Bay Sheff 120 Chances on Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:34 am


Amie Mittiga for mine in the Women's Bay. 9m looks a nice mark for her and maybe Taylah Perry as the best of Victorian hopes off 10m with some good early season form.

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