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PROTRACK » GENERAL » SAAL - 1/11/2014 at Port Adelaide - Entry List

SAAL - 1/11/2014 at Port Adelaide - Entry List

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ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
City of Port Adelaide Enfield 120m Open
Name Handicap
Todd Bateman 3.50 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 4.00 m
Corey Baker 5.75 m
Dale Woodhams 5.75 m
James Cibich 6.50 m
Tim McGuire 6.50 m
Brett Richards 6.75 m
Jordan Tronnolone 6.75 m
Angus Brock 7.00 m
Dylan Stenson 7.00 m
Chris Innes-Wong 7.75 m
Ryan Atkins 8.00 m
Lachlan Sheffield 8.00 m
Fred Simbor 8.00 m
Connor Verrall 8.00 m
Lyall Weir 8.00 m
Dylan Hicks 8.25 m
Lewis Abdul 8.50 m
Deng Bulabek 8.50 m
Kyle Roberts 8.50 m
Hayden Rothe 8.50 m
Kalen Turner 8.50 m
Tim Johnson 8.75 m
Sam Osmond 8.75 m
Andrew Boyd 9.00 m
Bradley Harvey 9.00 m
Liam Mackie 9.00 m
Bailey Sadedin 9.00 m
Cassidy Dorian 9.50 m
Neil Thomas 9.50 m
Jarrad Dartnall 9.75 m
Ashley Brown 10.00 m
Hayden Petherick 10.00 m
Brad Schutz 10.00 m
David Gross 10.25 m
Nickolas Berry 10.50 m
David Palmer 11.50 m
Luke Buchanan 11.75 m
Paul Taylor 12.00 m
Aaron Harrison 12.50 m
Christopher Simpson 12.75 m
Tyson Hancock 13.00 m
David Wilczek 13.00 m
Clint Tobin 13.50 m
Michael Cassidy 13.75 m
Shaun Ryder 14.00 m
Katie Jury 18.00 m

Raine and Horne Semaphore 120m Women
Name Handicap
Pirrenee Steinert 1.50 m
Leanne Hodge 2.75 m
Lynette Viney 5.00 m
Natalie Gibbs 7.00 m
Andrea Sparrow 7.25 m
Bridgid Connolly 7.50 m
Ayesha Hastings 7.50 m
Gwen Humphreys 8.00 m
Hayley Orman 8.00 m
Czenya Cavouras 9.00 m
Brianna Fuller 9.00 m
Lucy Mayo 9.00 m
Amie Mittiga 9.00 m
Helena Schwerdt 9.00 m
Hayley Openshaw 9.75 m
Amy Robb 9.75 m
Tenille Channon 10.00 m
Lucy Buckley 11.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 11.00 m
Caitlin Francis 11.00 m
Niamh Henry 11.00 m
Grainne Henry 11.00 m
Katie Jury 11.00 m
Lily Drummond 11.50 m
Jessica Macolino 11.50 m
Yasmin Openshaw 11.50 m
Lauren Buchanan 11.75 m
Daniela Sassi 11.75 m
Chelsea Gilbert 12.50 m
Hettie Driscoll 12.75 m
Kate Monks 12.75 m
Kyla Brown 13.50 m
Chantel Seaforth 13.50 m
Kellie Symons 13.50 m
Sarah Burns 14.00 m
Sophie Burns 14.00 m
Scarlett Hosking 14.00 m
Michelle Tremaine 14.00 m
Hollie Moran 14.25 m
Nichola Coombe 14.75 m
Emma Jury 16.00 m
Simone Rothe 16.00 m
Lauren McHugh 17.50 m
Aimee Lane 19.00 m
Lisa Roberts 20.00 m

RPMS Rentals 120m Over 35
Name Handicap
Tim Johnson 0.00 m
David Palmer 5.00 m
Damien Nicholls 6.00 m
Aaron Harrison 6.50 m
Matthew Cousins 7.50 m
David Miller 7.50 m
Ben Crawford 8.00 m
Ross Nitschke 8.25 m
Shane Grimwade 9.25 m
Bryan Roberts 9.50 m
Ali Saliu 9.50 m
David Wilczek 10.00 m
Michael Cassidy 11.50 m
Peter Biggs 12.00 m
Mark Burns 12.00 m
Andrea Sparrow 12.75 m
Richard McMahon 14.75 m
Alex Jefferies 17.00 m
John Turner 18.50 m
Claire Drummond 21.00 m
Andrew Roe 21.00 m
Brett Stokes 22.00 m
Sue Turner 26.50 m
Peter Venables 26.50 m
Cheryl Zeuner 36.50 m

SA Athletic League 120m Under 14
Name Handicap
Hamish Petherick 0.00 m
Kian Bird 7.00 m
Nicholas Brookes 10.00 m
Casey Buchanan 13.00 m
Lachlan Burrows 13.50 m
Nathaniel Drummond 14.00 m
Xavier Robins 14.00 m
Hugh Stagg 14.00 m
Anthony De Ruvo 14.50 m
Molly Farmer 14.50 m
Cooper Condelli 16.00 m
Heather May 17.50 m
Madi Blight 18.00 m
Bailey Giles 18.00 m
Chelsea Holmes 18.00 m
Lauren Payne 18.00 m
Caitlin Stallan 18.00 m
Taylah Stallan 18.00 m
Tom Ware 18.00 m
Hunter Window 18.00 m
Stephanie Bevan 22.00 m
Zali Turner 22.00 m
Sebastian Jurado 24.00 m
Alexis McDougall 24.00 m

Alberton Hotel 300m Novice
Name Handicap
Angus Brock 18.00 m
Tom Snyder 18.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 19.00 m
Ryan Atkins 20.00 m
Sebastian Baird 20.00 m
Brett Richards 20.00 m
Hayden Rothe 20.00 m
Dale Woodhams 20.00 m
Deng Bulabek 22.00 m
Michael Shearer 22.00 m
Luke Bero 24.00 m
Josh Dawkins 24.00 m
Chris Innes-Wong 26.00 m
Kalen Turner 26.00 m
David Gross 28.00 m
Bradley Harvey 28.00 m
Nickolas Berry 29.00 m
Hayden Petherick 30.00 m
Paul Taylor 30.00 m
Luke Whitford 30.00 m
Christopher Simpson 31.00 m
Luke Buchanan 33.00 m
Clint Tobin 33.00 m
Joshua Biggs 34.00 m
Aaron Harrison 38.00 m
Mark Burns 40.00 m
Shaun Ryder 40.00 m
Ross Nitschke 42.00 m
Peter Biggs 48.00 m
Cameron White 48.00 m
Czenya Cavouras 56.00 m
Ayesha Hastings 60.00 m
Amie Mittiga 60.00 m
Hollie Moran 60.00 m
Hayley Openshaw 60.00 m
Ali Trewartha 60.00 m

Mort Daly Running Foundation 300m Under 17 Boys
Name Handicap
Lewis Abdul 6.00 m
Kyle Roberts 6.00 m
Shantan De Silva 12.00 m
Bailey Sadedin 12.00 m
Hamish Petherick 17.00 m
Liam Mackie 20.00 m
Alex Martini 20.00 m
Nathan Beenham 24.00 m
Cameron Vinall 24.00 m
Luke Whitford 24.00 m
Kobe Cavouras 26.00 m
Cassidy Dorian 26.00 m
Joe Hosking 26.00 m
Jared McDougall 28.00 m
Casey Buchanan 30.00 m
Lachlan Burrows 30.00 m
Tom O Malley 30.00 m
Xavier Robins 30.00 m
Anthony De Ruvo 38.00 m
Bradley Samarcq 54.00 m
Sebastian Jurado 60.00 m

Semaphore Palais 550m Open
Name Handicap
Dylan Stenson 16.00 m
Michael Shearer 26.00 m
Kostya Khudoshin 30.00 m
Robert Killmier 32.00 m
Ben Crawford 39.00 m
Josh Dawkins 39.00 m
Jack Sutton 40.00 m
Christopher Ross 42.00 m
Connor McIvor 45.00 m
Ashley Brown 47.00 m
Stephen Jelfs 48.00 m
Matthew Fallon 54.00 m
Matthew Cousins 56.00 m
David Palmer 56.00 m
Jarrad Dartnall 58.00 m
David Girolamo 72.00 m
Andrew Roe 72.00 m
Brad Jones 76.00 m
Richard McMahon 76.00 m
Matthew Zacher 80.00 m
Geoff Troiano 82.00 m
Mick Abbott 94.00 m

Checkside Tavern 550m Women
Name Handicap
Jemma Nguyen 34.00 m
Bridgid Connolly 36.00 m
Leanne Hodge 38.00 m
Lucy Mayo 38.00 m
Lucy Buckley 48.00 m
Natassia Messent 50.00 m
Katherine Robb 50.00 m
Jasmine McIvor 60.00 m
Amy Robb 60.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 65.00 m
Lauren McHugh 68.00 m
Jane Mudge 70.00 m
Chantel Seaforth 70.00 m
Yasmin Openshaw 78.00 m
Kellie Symons 80.00 m
Lisa Roberts 95.00 m

Kevin Ormond Podiatry 550m Under 20
Name Handicap
Kobe Cavouras 30.00 m
Nathan Beenham 35.00 m
Luke Bero 36.00 m
Connor McIvor 38.00 m
Joshua Biggs 40.00 m
Riley Bonner 40.00 m
Jacobi Ponury 44.00 m
Hayden Rothe 48.00 m
Bailey Giles 50.00 m
Kyle Roberts 52.00 m
Cameron Vinall 62.00 m
Jared McDougall 65.00 m
Lachlan Burrows 72.00 m
Lachlan Hocking 75.00 m
Stella Batelaan 80.00 m
Stephanie Bevan 80.00 m
Ayesha Hastings 80.00 m
Jasmine McIvor 80.00 m
Kate Monks 80.00 m
Chantel Seaforth 95.00 m
Simone Rothe 100.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 105.00 m
Jenni Partington 110.00 m

McDonalds Robson Group 1600m Open
Name Handicap
Robert Killmier 90.00 m
Chan Mayol 100.00 m
Ben Crawford 115.00 m
Damian Robinson 130.00 m
Jordan Harvey 140.00 m
Leigh Haussen 160.00 m
Stephen Jelfs 165.00 m
Christopher Ross 185.00 m
Richard Ray-Zwar 200.00 m
David Girolamo 230.00 m
Richard McMahon 250.00 m
Geoff Troiano 270.00 m
Gaetano Aiello 320.00 m
Amy Money 320.00 m

Hurry Curry 1600m Over 35
Name Handicap
Ben Crawford 0.00 m
Salvador Jurado 135.00 m
Geoff Troiano 140.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 160.00 m
Cameron White 190.00 m
Ali Saliu 200.00 m
Jane Mudge 230.00 m
Gaetano Aiello 260.00 m
Daniel Tregenza 270.00 m
Mark Howson 335.00 m
Cheryl Zeuner 430.00 m

SA Athletic League 300m Under 17 Girls
Name Handicap
Lucy Mayo 0.00 m
Natassia Messent 6.00 m
Helena Schwerdt 10.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 12.00 m
Molly Farmer 12.00 m
Caitlin Francis 12.00 m
Grainne Henry 12.00 m
Lily Drummond 14.00 m
Lauren Payne 16.00 m
Madi Blight 18.00 m
Ruby Buchanan 18.00 m
Tenille Channon 18.00 m
Stella Batelaan 20.00 m
Sophie Burns 20.00 m
Chelsea Holmes 20.00 m
Scarlett Hosking 20.00 m
Jenni Partington 20.00 m
Sarah Burns 24.00 m
Caitlin Stallan 26.00 m
Stephanie Bevan 30.00 m
Taylah Stallan 30.00 m
Heather May 34.00 m
Emma Jury 40.00 m
Alexis McDougall 40.00 m


Stenson to go 3 out of 3 and take out the 550m?
Based on his 400-800m runs and the Comparative marks in this one I see him winning.
Threats from the back will be khodoshian Killmier and Dawkins. Threats from the front will be Girolamo and Jones
But hilly says lock in Stenson for 3!


Thanks for posting the marks, Stokesy.

I was up beyond 12.00am last night reviewing the results of the All School and Flinders and made a few adjustments to the junior sprint marks for Port Adelaide. For those who are not aware due to timing issues with heats and programming, we needed to have the handicaps in by Friday. We were asked to have any changes in last night. I tried to keep the changes to a minimum.

As a result of the Flinders 200m result and Shantan De Silva's win in the Under 16  All Schools 400m on Saturday I had to change a few marks. I am reluctant to change De Silva's mark because he went out and had a crack at the state title. In some way he becomes my insurance policy if anyone gets under my guard....again. So I moved a few around him rather than alter his mark. If he wins good luck to him, it will be his first win, and off 12m with the bulk of the field in front of him, it won't be easy.

Some of the girls U/17's 300m marks were also changed to try and get more into the contest. Likewise with the Under 14's 120m.

I'm learning very quickly that kids' performances can fluctuate quite dramatically in a short space of time. As much as a lot of mathematical equations have been performed to try and get as many kids as I can to a competitive level, this is not an exact science.  It's only two meets so I reckon I will need another two to gauge where most people are capable of.

Congrats to Joe Hosking and Taylah Stallan on their first sashes. I'm sure they will remember Flinders 2014 for a long time to come.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
S.hill wrote:Stenson to go 3 out of 3 and take out the 550m?
Based on his 400-800m runs and the Comparative marks in this one I see him winning.
Threats from the back will be khodoshian Killmier and Dawkins. Threats from the front will be Girolamo and Jones
But hilly says lock in Stenson for 3!

Hilly good summary BUT

Henley 400m results
Handicap differences for PA 550m
400m Open                            PA 550m
1 Dylan Stenson (14) 50.05.........+2
2 Robert Killmier (25) 50.80..........+7
3 Jake Stangewitz (23) 51.06
4 David Girolamo (40) 51.34...........+32
5 Jack Sutton (24) 51.73...........+16
6 Jarrad Dartnall (32) 51.93.........+26
7 Matthew Cousins (34) 52.27..........+22
8 Brad Jones (35) 52.60..............+41
9 Ashley Brown (30) 54.08...........+17

Of those that made the 400m final at Henley I would be very suprised if Stenson can beat them over 550m at the handicaps.


Who is your top 3 then whispers?

Hillys top 3 for Pt adelaide 550m.
1. Stenson
2. Girolamo
3. Jones


I'm with Hilly, Stenson to win the 550m this week. Stenson's wins so far have been easy. He had them covered with about 80m to go in the Henley 400 and again at Flinders.
Stenson is the worst managed athlete I've seen for a long time. the way he's going he will quickly exhaust his SAAL opportunities.
He's a good runner but not that good he should be smashing these fields like he is.
The way some finished full of running behind Stenson at Henley and Flinders says to me that there were runners happy for Stenson to take the win.

Last edited by racingmania on Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:22 am; edited 1 time in total


I also agree with Hilly sorry whispers.
It depends from which perspective you look at it. Obviously your right with the 400m but if you look at it from the 800m he only loses 6m which I'm sure is a lot less than the others you have mentioned (sorry I'm doing this off my phone so can't do your level of homework) and as racingmania mentioned he has had them covered a fair way from home with minimal pressure at the line so who knows what he can do when he needs to.
The way he ran the 800m with that sustained long run a mere 550m will be a breeze.

As for him being poorly managed your right but hopefully wrong as well.
As spectators we can only hope they reward him for putting it all out there from the start.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Hilly.. I really havent got any idea at this stage of the season as to who is running well and havent seen a real lot of form.
But I think the job of Stenson to run 550 twice may tell against him.
I think if Ben Crawford was to save himself for the 550m and bypass the 1600m ,he could be the one.Second pick would have to be Killmier but only if he by passes the 1600m as well.
Jones with that big lift between the 400m and 550m would have to be in it for a long way.
Girolamo showed fight over 800m at Flinders in staight out final but could be suspect backing up twice.But like Jones ,enjoys a good handicap increase from 400m to 550 but not quite as much.
Dartnal,Sutton,Brown and Cousins are others in the mix on handicaps.
When discussing the handicaps I purely comparing them with the RED runner.


Calling Stenson poorly managed has completely missed the point. He just wants to run fast. He is using pro racing as a training tool to prepare himself to run fast where and when it matters; the track in march.

The mentality that you need to hide your form so you have a better handicap for big races like stawell, bay and Camden is cancerous for the sport and is one of the main reasons South Australian athletics underperforms.


Certainly agree with 123456. It's about time someone actually went out and left it all out on the track early on in the season! Stenson is clearly a talent and its great to see him just keep winding up. He trains under an amateurs coach, so once again, 123456 is right that Judy would be pushing him to peak later in the season. If thats the case, Stenson should continue to keep winning sashes throughout the year - especially at the Bay, where you actually have to be a good runner to win a sash.

Stenson's win was the same as the 3200m. Although Stevens last few laps were poor and he had a great mark, he got the job done early with aggressive running and held off 2 other amateur runners in Ferber and Cocks, who also grabbed it by the balls, just like Stenson!

Shouldn't we be encouraging runners to kill themselves in pro races to really show what they are made of? Surely that is only going to put people off pulling up the handbrake!


Hilly thinks it's great!
You know exactly what you are going to get from him.
Can't wait to see what he can do when he is challenged down the final straight.
Which is sure to happen Saturday!


Typical pros attitude to assume that trying to win a race is described as "poorly managed" and results in the "exhaustion of SAAL opportunities." What a circus.


Spot on 123456
Anyone that puts on the hand break in both SAAL and the Amateur league to better their marks for bigger meets are an absolute joke.

And how good is it seeing a legit runner in Stenson shredding the cheats to pieces. Would be real interesting seeing him line up against them at Amateurs too.  lol!

Poorly managed.... I think Stenson has much higher priorities in the sport than claiming numerous sashes. Ever heard of aiming for a National Championship final? No Baysheffield is not the same standard as Nationals, or Olympics like some people think. Stop supporting mediocre cheating performances. Wake up, that attitude is disgusting and is only a reflection of the league and the people who support it.  

Stenson for the win. The kid is legit.


Lacticanimal wrote: Although Stevens last few laps were poor and he had a great mark, he got the job done early with aggressive running

You're so right lacticanimal, Marx Stevens ran like a yet to be desexed 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrior. Super Aggressive!

btw, what type of animal are you? I'm a dog Smile



I'm a big fan of the Angels. Take a long line, take a long line, take a long long long line, reel em in......

I tossed in the line about Stenson being badly managed to be mischevious and spice up the forum.
Thanks for taking the bait. Good to see people respond so passionately!
Of course it's stupid to say anyone is badly managed.
Anyone who wins a sash is well managed.
He's got a sash that others haven't got.
I bet many that finished behind Stenson will wish they had won when they end up sashless at the end of the year!
Look forward to him adding another sash this week.


I nearly fell for it racingmania, your earlier comment almost suggested you condoned not performing at your best to better your chances through the season, its not to say that it doesnt happen unfortunately.


I don't condone non trying and I don't condemn it. Up to the runner what he does.
I wrote my post without mentioning bad management, then before posting I added it to deliberately get peoples back up.
I get sick of the rubbish posted by people who have achieved little condemning guys who go out there and do their best.
I do believe Stenson is being made to look better than he is because others are not performing to their best.
Just watch the runners finishing behind him. They let Stenson go then race each other for a podium finish.


fair point RM


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The season always begins with a 300m Novice at Pt Adel.
I think it would have been much better to have made the 400m at Henley a 400m Novice, perhaps we may have seen a few extra triers.


300m novice should be another eye to the future. Some recent winners have made bay final.


120 Gift
T McGuire
D Gross
S Ryder

120 Women
A Mittiga
P Steinert
A Sparrow

120 O35
R Nitschke finally!
A Jefferies
B Stokes

120 U14
M Farmer
M Blight
H Petherick

300 Novice
C InnesWong
D Bulabek
D Gross

300 U17 Boys
S De Silva
C Vinall
J McDougall

300 U17 Girls
G Henry
L Mayo
M Farmer

550 Open
D Stenson
D Girolamo
M Cousins

550 Women
K Robb
B Connolly
L Roberts

550 U20
L Hocking
H Rothe
C McIvor

1600 Open
J Harvey
D Robinson
S Jelfs

1600 O35
S Jurado
G Troiano
D Tregenza

Last edited by racingmania on Fri Oct 31, 2014 9:24 am; edited 1 time in total


Whispers wrote:The season always begins with a 300m Novice at Pt Adel.
I think it would have been much better to have made the 400m at Henley a 400m Novice, perhaps we may have seen a few extra triers.

Couldn't agree more Peter. lol!


atm the temp for Port Adelaide 19 and crappy for a twilight! No Stokesy in the final being cooler? Can it be moved to Monday?

23 lots of liniment on Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:55 am


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
hey thanks for the thoughtful comments Over35er.

And it looks like I am in the same heat as Alex and Biggsy.

Is heat the right word?
19 degrees is not warm enough for Stokesy.
But Stokesy will run fast with lots of liniment.


surely the 300m novice is only between 3 athletes
C InnesWong
D Gross
D Bulabek


Spiderman wrote:surely the 300m novice is only between 3 athletes
C InnesWong
D Gross
D Bulabek

How is Brett Richards travelling?
Could probably throw him into the conversation


B Richards should go OK in the Gift. Past results show he's no 300 metre man.
Not convinced the 300 is a shut out but for 3 runners.
If Hayden Rothe reproduces his Camden form he could split them open.
Some of the chicks are nuisance value out front too.


I agree B Richards should final, but won't get close to Gross off the marks.

Final field in no particular order
B Richards
T McGuire
J Cibich
D Gross
C Innes-Wong
L Buchanan

some Bay Sheffield Finalists normally show some form at Port Adelaide. we only have to look back to when Caldow came out and smoked everyone.

in regards to the 300, the winner will be whoever makes the most ground early. should be good watching!


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
GREAT EFFORT BY THE McKINNON CLUB..Only Club to have ever won the Port Adelaide 550m......7 in a row.



有意思的。阿德莱德港一直是一个可悲的标准满足。 ^___^


you have to be in it to win it CW! If the standard is down its not a stables fault or the individuals that compete in it. Dont forget ASA conveniently had interclub the same day, may have effected numbers?

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