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PROTRACK » GENERAL » SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List

SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List

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1 SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:57 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Henley Gift Carnival 2014-10-10

City of Charles Sturt 120m Open
Name Handicap
Todd Bateman 3.50 m
Alex Bubner 5.00 m
Dale Woodhams 5.75 m
James Cibich 6.50 m
Jordan Tronnolone 6.75 m
Angus Brock 7.00 m
Tim McGuire 7.00 m
Fred Simbor 7.00 m
Dylan Stenson 7.00 m
Mitchell Tucker 7.00 m
Sebastian Baird 7.50 m
Luke Houlihan 7.50 m
Ryan Atkins 8.00 m
Lachlan Sheffield 8.00 m
Connor Verrall 8.00 m
Deng Bulabek 8.50 m
Oliver Callahan 8.50 m
Michael Dotti 8.50 m
Hayden Rothe 8.50 m
Tim Johnson 8.75 m
Sam Osmond 8.75 m
Cassidy Dorian 9.00 m
Bradley Harvey 9.00 m
Hayden Petherick 9.00 m
Joshua Biggs 9.50 m
Patrick Cusenza 9.50 m
Jarrad Dartnall 9.75 m
Ashley Brown 10.00 m
David Gross 10.00 m
Jake Stangewitz 10.00 m
Nickolas Berry 10.50 m
David Palmer 11.50 m
Luke Buchanan 11.75 m
Aaron Harrison 12.50 m
Tyson Hancock 13.00 m
David Wilczek 13.00 m
Clint Tobin 13.50 m
Michael Cassidy 13.75 m
Shaun Ryder 14.00 m
Peter Biggs 15.00 m

City of Charles Sturt 120m Women
Name Handicap
Pirrenee Steinert 2.00 m
Leanne Hodge 2.75 m
Andrea Sparrow 7.25 m
Brooke Lodge 7.50 m
Hayley Orman 8.00 m
Czenya Cavouras 9.00 m
Brianna Fuller 9.00 m
Lucy Mayo 9.00 m
Amie Mittiga 9.00 m
Jessica Oates 9.00 m
Helena Schwerdt 9.00 m
Katherine Robb 9.50 m
Hayley Openshaw 9.75 m
Amy Robb 9.75 m
Caitlin Francis 10.00 m
Ali Trewartha 10.75 m
Lucy Buckley 11.00 m
Lily Drummond 11.00 m
Niamh Henry 11.00 m
Grainne Henry 11.00 m
Katie Jury 11.00 m
Daniela Sassi 11.00 m
Jessica Macolino 11.50 m
Lauren Buchanan 11.75 m
Sarah Burns 12.00 m
Sophie Burns 12.00 m
Carla Fox 12.00 m
Kellie Symons 12.00 m
Elouise Whitford 12.00 m
Jess Williams 12.00 m
Chelsea Gilbert 12.50 m
Ellie Meich 12.50 m
Hettie Driscoll 12.75 m
Kate Monks 12.75 m
Hollie Moran 13.50 m
Nichola Coombe 13.75 m
Emma Jury 14.00 m
Simone Rothe 14.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 15.00 m
Margaret Cusenza 16.50 m
Tayce Fry 16.75 m
Jenni Partington 17.00 m
Trudy Schrapel 17.00 m
Lauren McHugh 17.50 m

City of Charles Sturt 120m Over 35
Name Handicap
Tim Johnson 0.00 m
David Palmer 4.75 m
Matthew Cousins 5.50 m
Aaron Harrison 5.75 m
Ben Crawford 6.00 m
Ross Nitschke 8.25 m
Mark Burns 9.00 m
Bryan Roberts 9.50 m
David Wilczek 10.00 m
Aaron Bell 11.00 m
Ben Martin 11.25 m
Michael Cassidy 11.50 m
Peter Biggs 12.00 m
Peter Venables 13.50 m
Brendan Golden 13.75 m
Alex Jefferies 17.50 m
Andrew Roe 17.75 m
John Turner 18.00 m
Claire Drummond 19.00 m
Cassie Neubauer 19.25 m
Ross Hill-Brown 20.00 m
Brett Stokes 22.00 m
Gary Ferber 26.00 m
Sue Turner 26.00 m
Trudy Schrapel 26.25 m
Lyn Peake 32.50 m

Mort Daly Running Foundation 120m Under 17
Name Handicap
Calern Adams 0.00 m
Oliver Callahan 4.50 m
Jackson Potter 4.50 m
Shantan De Silva 4.75 m
Hamish Petherick 5.00 m
Kyle Roberts 6.00 m
Mawien Agany 7.00 m
Josh Bayliss 7.00 m
Liam Mackie 7.00 m
Ben Barratt 8.00 m
Luke Whitford 10.00 m
Liam Jones 11.00m
Cameron Vinall 12.50 m
Cassidy Dorian 13.00 m
Tom O Malley 13.00 m
Lachlan Burrows 15.00 m
Lucy Mayo 15.50 m
Sam Bentley 16.00 m
Casey Buchanan 16.00 m
Anthony De Ruvo 16.00 m
Sophie Hawkins 16.00 m
Gwen Humphreys 16.00 m
Brianna Fuller 16.50 m
Helena Schwerdt 16.50 m
Molly Farmer 17.00 m
Caitlin Francis 17.00 m
Ayesha Hastings 17.00 m
Elouise Whitford 17.00 m
Lauren Payne 17.50 m
Lexie Bentley 18.00 m
Madi Blight 18.00 m
Grainne Henry 18.00 m
Ryelie McMullan 18.00 m
Natassia Messent 18.00 m
Caitlin Stallan 18.00 m
Taylah Stallan 18.00 m
Jess Williams 18.00 m
Cooper Williams 19.00 m
Sophie Burns 20.00 m
Carla Fox 20.00 m
Jessica Oates 20.00 m
Lily Drummond 20.50 m
Ruby Buchanan 21.00 m
Sarah Burns 24.00 m
Sebastian Jurado 24.00 m
Emma Jury 24.00 m

City of Charles Sturt 400m Open
Name Handicap
Dylan Stenson 14.00 m
Ryan Atkins 20.00 m
Sebastian Baird 20.00 m
Angus Brock 20.00 m
Luke Houlihan 20.00 m
Connor Verrall 20.00 m
Chris Innes-Wong 22.00 m
Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera 22.00 m
James Cibich 23.00 m
Josh Dawkins 23.00 m
Jake Stangewitz 23.00 m
Jack Sutton 24.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 24.00 m
Dale Woodhams 24.00 m
Robert Killmier 25.00 m
Michael Dotti 26.00 m
Ashley Brown 30.00 m
Matthew Fallon 30.00 m
David Gross 30.00 m
Christopher Ross 30.00 m
Nickolas Berry 32.00 m
Jarrad Dartnall 32.00 m
David Palmer 32.00 m
Matthew Cousins 34.00 m
Ben Crawford 34.00 m
Brad Jones 35.00 m
Luke Buchanan 39.00 m
David Girolamo 40.00 m
Clint Tobin 40.00 m
Czenya Cavouras 50.00 m
Cameron White 56.00 m

City of Charles Sturt 400m Women
Name Handicap
Pirrenee Steinert 4.00 m
Leanne Hodge 20.00 m
Katherine Robb 21.00 m
Andrea Sparrow 26.00 m
Amie Mittiga 28.00 m
Lexie Bentley 30.00 m
Czenya Cavouras 30.00 m
Lucy Mayo 30.00 m
Ryelie McMullan 30.00 m
Kate Monks 30.00 m
Jessica Oates 30.00 m
Hayley Orman 30.00 m
Lucy Buckley 34.00 m
Jasmine McIvor 36.00 m
Daniela Sassi 38.00 m
Lauren Buchanan 40.00 m
Natassia Messent 40.00 m
Amy Robb 40.00 m
Nichola Coombe 42.00 m
Katie Jury 42.00 m
Hollie Moran 44.00 m
Lauren McHugh 48.00 m
Jenni Partington 48.00 m
Hettie Driscoll 49.00 m
Kellie Symons 50.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 52.00 m
Chantel Seaforth 56.00 m
Tayce Fry 58.00 m
Trudy Schrapel 58.00 m
Lisa Roberts 60.00 m
Isabella Partington 68.00 m
Debbie DeVizio 88.00 m

Mort Daly Running Foundation 400m Under 20
Name Handicap
Connor Verrall 0.00 m
Hayden Rothe 8.00 m
Deng Bulabek 10.00 m
Corey Watkins 14.00 m
Zayn Butcher 16.00 m
Connor McIvor 16.00 m
Jacobi Ponury 18.00 m
Ben Barratt 20.00 m
Kyle Roberts 20.00 m
Hamish Petherick 22.00 m
Cameron Vinall 24.00 m
Luke Bero 26.00 m
Bradley Harvey 26.00 m
Luke Whitford 26.00 m
Liam Mackie 28.00 m
Josh Bayliss 30.00 m
Patrick Cusenza 30.00 m
Joshua Biggs 32.00 m
Lachlan Hocking 34.00 m
Morgan Miller 40.00 m
Lucy Mayo 55.00 m
Hollie Moran 55.00 m
Ruby Buchanan 70.00 m
Niamh Henry 70.00 m
Grainne Henry 70.00 m
Jasmine McIvor 70.00 m
Kate Monks 70.00 m
Chantel Seaforth 70.00 m
Stephanie Bevan 80.00 m
Sarah Burns 80.00 m
Sophie Burns 80.00 m
Ayesha Hastings 80.00 m
Katie Jury 80.00 m
Simone Rothe 80.00 m

SA Athletic League 400m Under 14
Name Handicap
Hamish Petherick 0.00 m
Morgan Miller 26.00 m
Cooper Condelli 30.00 m
Tom Ware 30.00 m
Lachlan Burrows 32.00 m
Casey Buchanan 34.00 m
Nathaniel Drummond 34.00 m
Bailey Giles 34.00 m
Cooper Giles 34.00 m
Cooper Williams 34.00 m
Sam Bentley 40.00 m
Anthony De Ruvo 40.00 m
Molly Farmer 40.00 m
Lauren Payne 52.00 m
Meg Bentley 60.00 m
Stephanie Bevan 60.00 m
Sebastian Jurado 60.00 m
Caitlin Stallan 60.00 m
Taylah Stallan 60.00 m
Hunter Window 60.00 m

City of Charles Sturt 800m Over 35
Name Handicap
Salvador Jurado 38.00 m
Tim Callahan 46.00 m
Geoff Troiano 55.00 m
Andrew Roe 70.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 75.00 m
Cameron White 75.00 m
Mick Abbott 90.00 m
Daniel Tregenza 95.00 m
Jane Mudge 120.00 m
Mark Howson 125.00 m
Debbie DeVizio 220.00 m

City of Charles Sturt 800m Open
Name Handicap
Luke Bero 36.00 m
Robert Killmier 36.00 m
Mawien Agany 46.00 m
Josh Dawkins 50.00 m
Ben Crawford 52.00 m
Connor McIvor 60.00 m
Jack Sutton 60.00 m
Stephen Jelfs 62.00 m
Christopher Ross 62.00 m
Tom Lancaster 70.00 m
Damian Robinson 76.00 m
Matthew Fallon 78.00 m
Brad Jones 98.00 m
David Girolamo 105.00 m
Matthew Zacher 108.00 m
Geoff Troiano 135.00 m
Sophie Hawkins 160.00 m

2 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:55 am


Well done youngy
Full credit for putting the research into the juniors
The scratch marker looks like a great idea for them.

3 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:28 pm



120m Gift
T McGuire
S Ryder
S Baird

120m Women
K Robb
H Openshaw
H Orman

120m O35
J Turner
D Wilczek
S Turner

120m U17
L Drummond
O Callahan
B Fuller

400m Open
D Stenson
A Brown
J Stangewitz

400m Women
L Hodge - lock!
A Robb
H Driscoll

400m U20
K Roberts
C Seaforth
H Rothe

400m U14
L Payne
H Petherick
C Buchanan

800m O35
M Howson
M Abbott
T Callahan

800m Open
S Jelfs
D Robinson
R Killmier

4 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:53 pm


Pretty good punting first up racingmania with no form to go on!!
Excellent numbers first up for the season. Not many scratchings and good quality finals all round.

5 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:15 am


Thans Rookie. Went OK.
Happy with McGuire and Stenson as my winners.
Jelfs scratched so left Robinson as my tip. Claim that one.
Box trifecta in the U14 400 was real good when there's no form to go on.
Got a few others who placed. Baird, O Callahan, Stangewitz, T Callahan.
Disappointments were Hodge in 400 Women and my tips in the Women 120m. Also Ash Brown in the 400, 54s???
Surprises were Steinert, Messent, old man Jurado and Roberts, Dorian in the U17 120.
Now seen them, should get better.

6 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:11 pm


I think "old man" Jurado would take offence to two things you just said.
1. "Old man"
2. That you were surprised by his run.

Hillys 3 things he learnt from Henley.
1.Dylan stenson will have no problems winning sashes from red this year and will final in the 550m at the bay.
2. Steinert is looking fantastic.
3. The junior races will be exciting this year. Don't expect the blowout that happened in the under 14s to happen too often.

7 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:06 pm


S.hill wrote:I think "old man" Jurado would take offence to two things you just said.
1. "Old man"
2. That you were surprised by his run.

Hillys 3 things he learnt from Henley.
1.Dylan stenson will have no problems winning sashes from red this year and will final in the 550m at the bay.
2. Steinert is looking fantastic.
3. The junior races will be exciting this year. Don't expect the blowout that happened in the under 14s to happen too often.  

Ther'es two S Jurados, have to distinguish between them.
Right on with junior races. 400m U20s was a cracker. U17 dominated by lads but still a quality race. U14s a blowout but first time the handicapper has seen them this season and winner has improved a lot.

8 oldies fashion stakes on Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:50 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
All wrong in the over35s 120m ... John and Sue Turner were just back from a cruise and neither made the final .. and David Wilczek took the day off.

The new shorts looked good on me and Alex Jefferies - they were on special during winter, a good score.

Alex won by having odd shoes to match my odd socks.

Biggsy in third was just not in the fashion stakes, looking very plain, lift your game Biggsy.

Looks matter. Style is important.

You can like the Team Townley page on FaceBook at

9 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:00 pm


Hey Stokesy, well done to you and Alex, you ran great, the results well deserved, However I am not sure that the attire dig was all that necessary, given that you have stolen my Gold medal and Silver medal from the masters! Lift your game Stokesy!

10 awwwwwwwww Biggsy on Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:23 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
hey Biggsy, sorry.

You know that I am just trying to return one to you for your crack about my socks last season which was a season of wardrobe disasters for me.

I will try to buy all the medals back. If I fail, will you accept a single generic SAMA medal and a personalised certificate with your Very Own Name on it, just like all the other ordinary SAMA athletes got at the presentation thing way back then?

I am still very happy to have had a podium appearance again.

And finishing in front of you was a bonus.

And another apology, sorry I was very rude and was fondling Alex's fresh sash and joking with him during your podium speech.

What was that about you having to run a bit further this year ?

And lucky I got a quarter of a meter lift or you might have beaten me.

And what a fine bunch of competitors to run with. Thanks. Love you all.

Enough of this friendly stuff but.

No need for a photo finish at Flinders.

Prepare to be left behind in the dust at Flinders.

11 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:52 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Just watched the video of the Open 120m posted under SAAL results.
All I can say is ,if Cibich got penalised last season for inconsistant effort then the Stewards should have acted last Fri night.
You cant come out in your heat and run the fastest time of the night and then come out in the final and run the first 15m the way the said runner has.
If you dont wont to win ,then dont run No No .

12 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:22 am


come on lads, lets not start to accuse other athletes of non trying in the very first race meet. First race people are rusty and normally into a heavy training load. if you go based on your assessment, then everyone except Tim didn't try lol!

13 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:37 am


Maybe he is just unfit?
Ran a swift time of 56.01 in the 400m lol!

14 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:15 pm


I'm not fussed about highlighting irregularities on Protrack as long as names are not mentioned, as Whispers has done. Better to let others join the dots.

I was listed as a steward in the Henley program. In respect to open men's events I have a conflict of interest as I have an involvement with three senior male sprint athletes. Therefore I will not be involved in any steward type role and will not engage in any discussions with other handicappers/stewards regarding the performances of open male sprinters.

I believe an athlete was questioned following a heat of the 400m. I kept right out of it and have no idea what transpired.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

15 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:19 pm


You have to say James certainly is consistent, he has consistently made finals in the short distances for almost all of last season and for the last half of the season prior. I cant see there is any fowl play here? It may not always be the case, but if you consistently make finals you are less likely to get a lift anyway so I dont see this is the reason? The question has to be why is he making finals consistently but not winning any? Much like Ross I wish good luck to James, I hope you get a win soon. It took me around 12 years to win a 120m open, they dont come easy and nor should they.
To add more consistency:
James ran all runs at 12.8's and only 7/100's slower in the final.

Last edited by over35er on Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:34 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : more info)

16 Re: SAAL - 10/10/2014 at Henley - Entry List on Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:43 am


I don't think Whispers was alluding to James Cibich in his post as the man in question. Whispers was suggesting IF Cibich came under scrutiny as he was last season, then others should too.

Might have been a little cryptic by Whispers, but his 'finger' wasn't pointing at Cibich in respect to Henley.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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