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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Flinders (SAAL) Sunday 26th Oct 2014 (Entries close 29th Sept)

Flinders (SAAL) Sunday 26th Oct 2014 (Entries close 29th Sept)

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Flinders Carnival
Sunday 26th October 2014

Event Tot. Prizemoney
70m Open $250.00
70m Women $200.00
70m Under 14 $100.00
200m Open $350.00
200m Women $300.00
200m Over 35 $200.00
200m Under 17 $175.00
800m Open $300.00
800m Under 20 $200.00
800m Women $350.00
800m Over 45 $200.00
3200m Open $750.00

Entries Close Monday 29th September 2014


Prizemoney is very poor for these early races in SA. Most are barely running for sweepstakes. Makes us appreciate what we've got in Victoria.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Yeap that's right Sanchez, and yet the VICs still turn up as fat as pigs at pre Xmas gifts in VIC and then complain why they are not getting lifts!!


That's a bit of a generalisation oldman. I don't know of anyone I've ever trained with that's gone into a start of a season fat. Runners have different priorities, and more than likely those that are winning races in November are not the same ones winning in April. It's all about knowing your limitations. If you think you can win at Easter there's no point being up and about early.


FLINDERS Entries close today - MONDAY 29th September.

Get your entries today to avoid a late payment fee or missing out altogether.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


If you have entered one of the junior sprint races at Flinders and your name is not on the list below, please let the SAAL know. I will be doing the marks over the next week or so.

70m Under 14
1 Stephanie Bevan
2 Madi Blight
3 Casey Buchanan
4 Cooper Condelli
5 Anthony De Ruvo
6 Nathaniel Drummond
7 Molly Farmer
8 Bailey Giles
9 Sebastian Jurado
10 Heather May
11 Alexis McDougall
12 Lauren Payne
13 Hamish Petherick
14 Xavier Robins
15 Caitlin Stallan
16 Taylah Stallan
17 Zali Turner
18 Tom Ware
19 Cooper Williams
20 Hunter Window

200m Under 17
1 Lewis Abdul
2 Mawien Agany
3 Chloe Baldwin
4 Stella Batelaan
5 Nathan Beenham
6 Madi Blight
7 Ruby Buchanan
8 Casey Buchanan
9 Oliver Callahan
10 Kobe Cavouras
11 Tenille Channon
12 Sarah Chigwidden
13 Anthony De Ruvo
14 Cassidy Dorian
15 Lily Drummond
16 Nathaniel Drummond
17 Molly Farmer
18 Caitlin Francis
19 Ayesha Hastings
20 Grainne Henry
21 Scarlett Hosking
22 Gwen Humphreys
23 Sebastian Jurado
24 Emma Jury
25 Alex Martini
26 Heather May
27 Lucy Mayo
28 Jared McDougall
29 Alexis McDougall
30 Tom O Malley
31 Jenni Partington
32 Lauren Payne
33 Hamish Petherick
34 Kyle Roberts
35 Xavier Robins
36 Bradley Samarcq
37 Caitlin Stallan
38 Taylah Stallan
39 Cameron Vinall
40 Luke Whitford
41 Cooper Williams
42 Jess Williams

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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