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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Henley (SAAL) Friday 10th Oct 2014 (Entries close Friday 19th Sept)

Henley (SAAL) Friday 10th Oct 2014 (Entries close Friday 19th Sept)

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Henley Gift Carnival
Friday 10th October 2014

Event Tot. Prizemoney
120m Open $200.00
120m Women $200.00
120m Over 35 $200.00
120m Under 17 $175.00
400m Open $200.00
400m Women $200.00
400m Under 20 $200.00
400m Under 14 $100.00
800m Over 35 $200.00
800m Open $200.00

Entries Close Friday 19th September 2014

You have until this FRIDAY to enter Henley.


Just a quick update on the handicapping of the junior events for Henley.
Under 17's 120m
Under 20's 400m
Under 14's 400m

An email is planned to be sent to all members next week providing details of the system in place.

There are around 100 athletes entered across the three events. The net times and limits for each event, whilst not finalised will be in the vicinity of the following:

Under 17's 120m - Net Time of 13.80secs & a limit of 24m.
Under 20's 400m - Net Time of 51.2secs & a limit of 80m.
Under 14's 400m - Net Time of 53.2secs & a limit of 60m.

The reason for the higher limit for the Under 20's 400m compared to the Under 14's 400m is there are 33% more entries and the differential between the fastest & slowest in the Under 20's is much greater than it is in the Under 14's.

These net times & limits are not set in stone for the season. They will be reviewed after Henley.

And 'interestingly' I have been checking results from ASA and SA schools competitions and found a number of results & PB's that don't appear in the athletes' performance sheets submitted to the SAAL. I'm not overly fussed by it as I am pretty resourceful and have developed a wide ranging number of avenues to source out information, negating the requirement to rely purely on the results submitted to the SAAL. So while I have no real problem with it, what I can say is that those that have supplied accurate figures that match my sources will find themselves better off. AND the more information you supply, the better off you will be.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


To generate some enthusiasm for the first meet at Henley I've listed the 45 entries for the Under 17's 120m.

As a matter of intrigue & interest I've listed them in 'current' handicap order although the marks won't be published until next Tuesday. So this is merely a provisional list of their likely handicap order. Quite a few are on similar marks.

I can tell you they start with Scratch and go out to 24.00m.

Here's the Under 17's 120m
1 Calern Adams
2 Oliver Callahan
3 Jackson Potter
4 Shantan De Silva
5 Hamish Petherick
6 Kyle Roberts
7 Mawein Agany
8 Josh Bayliss
9 Liam Mackie
10 Ben Barratt
11 Luke Whitford
12 Cameron Vinall
13 Cassidy Dorian
14 Tom O'Malley
15 Lachlan Burrows
16 Lucy Mayo
17 Casey Buchanan
18 Sophie Hawkins
19 Gwen Humphreys
20 Anthony De Ruvo
21 Sam Bentley
22 Brianna Fuller
23 Helena Schwerdt
24 Molly Farmer
25 Caitlin Francis
26 Ayesha Hastings
27 Eloise Whitford
28 Lauren Payne
29 Madi Blight
30 Grainne Henry
31 Ryelie McMullan
32 Caitlin Stallen
33 Taylah Stallen
34 Jess Williams
35 Lexie Bentley
36 Natassia Messent
37 Cooper Williams
38 Sophie Burns
39 Carla Fox
40 Jessica Oates
41 Lily Drummond
42 Ruby Buchanan
43 Sarah Burns
44 Sebastian Jurado
45 Emma Jury

"Let's Go While We're Young"


looks like a good way of doing it


Youngy, it's good to see there is this cross checking happening, do the competitors who have the inconsistent times recorded with SAAL and ASA get contacted to find out if there is a genuine mistake?


I'd only contact them if I thought it was a problem. So far I haven't found an issue tht I believe is worth pursuing further with an athlete.

I have spoken to a few coaches about some athletes just to clarify a couple of things.

The biggest problem is not so much the amount of information, but the fact we are basing most handicaps on results from last season.

A young athlete with above average ability, in the right hands, could improve substantially over the winter and we're not to know about it. So the propensity to get blown away in the first few meets is much greater than later in the season.

And good luck to them if they have.

We'll just have to wait and see.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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