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****IMPORTANT UPDATE**** VRTA Meadowglen Gift 2014

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Hi All,

Due to venue booking issues beyond the control of the VRTA, MIAS and the VAL, the 2014 VRTA Meadowglen Gift will now be held on Sunday November 23rd. Whilst this is not ideal in terms of timing, we have to run with this date as there are no other viable alternatives. The VRTA sincerely apologises for any inconvenience and is still working hard to deliver a top quality event to it's members and broader athletics community.

Entries are now open for the event and we strongly encourage all registered athletes to nominate and participate. Highlights include;

  • The City of Whittlesea 200m Gift of $2,500
  • Women's 200m of $1,100 (increase from last year)

Support events include;

  • Front Markers & Backmarkers 70m (to encourage and accommodate greater junior and female participation in the 70m events)
  • 300m Masters
  • 400m Novice/Restricted
  • 550m Open
  • 1600m Women's/Masters
  • 3200m Open
  • as well as the successful U17 70m and U20 800m

The day will conclude with the Stable Relay (100m, 100m, 200m, 400m with at least one leg to be filled by a female athlete).

Please nominate at

Details will be updated on the VAL Website very soon but you can still enter on the current form.


With the season fast approaching, it's time to promote and communicate the 2014 VRTA/Meadowglen Gift on Sunday November 16th Sunday November 23rd. The program will remain similar to last years with a few minor alterations. Events on offer will be;

70m Junior U17
70m Open Front Markers

70m Open Back Markers

City of Whittlesea 200m Open Gift
200m Women’s
300m Veteran’s
400m Sportzbiz? Novice Series
550m Open
800m Junior U20
1600m Women’s/Veterans
3200m Open
Stable Medley relay 
$20 per team (team submission & entry fee on the day)
Winning Team Takes All

There is an increase in total prize money this season, with the addition of the Fronties & Backies 70m and the increase in the Women's 200m too.

Draft Timetable;
Event 111:3070m U17 Heats
Event 211:4270m BM Heats
Event 312:0670m FM Heats
Event 412:3070m U17 FINAL
Event 512:5070m BM FINAL
Event 61:0070m FM FINAL
Event 71:101600m Womens/Vets
Event 81:20400m Novice Heats
Event 91:42200m Gift Heats
Event 102:32300m Vets Heats
Event 112:54400m Novice Final
Event 123:04550m Heats
Event 133:20200m Gift Semi Finals
Event 143:32200m Women’s Heats
Event 154:00U20 800m Final
Event 164:10300m Vets Final
Event 174:20550m Final
Event 184:30200m Women’s Final
Event 194:40200m Gift Final
Event 204:503200m Final
Event 215:10Medley Relay
Wed 29th October 2014 Wed 5th November 2014

Meadowglen International Athletic Stadium, McDonalds Road. Epping

We are really hoping to attract athletes from across the borders for the 200m events, as there aren't too many opportunities to race a 200m for the money on offer, especially the girls! We'd love to see the entries reach record numbers again, so start planning your trip interstate to race Meadowglen 2014!

ATT South Australian & Tasmanian Athletes, this event is now the week AFTER Whyalla/Launceston Pro-Am, so if you were interested in entering, now there is no excuse for a trip to Melbourne. Meadowglen International Athletic Stadium is located on McDonalds Road, Epping. It's about 25 minutes drive from the Tullamarine Airport or a $45 cab fare. Flights  from Adelaide to Melbourne are still cheap from $55 one way (plus extras).

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Hi All,
As promised, DRAFT calendar for the Meadowglen Gift. Please note, This Draft IS subject to change. It is a guide only.

111:3070m U17 HEATS1st & 4 F/T to a Final of 84 x 3 mins (12 min)
211:4270m BM HEATS1st to Final of 88 x 3 mins (24 min)
312:0670m FM HEATS1st to Final of 88 x 3 mins (24 min)
70m U17 FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
1600m Womens/Vets
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
81:20400m Novice HEATS1st & 6 F/T to a Final of 104 x 4 mins (16 min)
91:42200m Gift HEATS1st & 14 F/T to 3xSF of 81st & 14 F/T to 3xSF of 8
102:32300m Vets HEATS1st & 7 F/T to a Final of 104 x 4 min (16 min)
400m Novice FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
123:04550m HEATS1st & 7 F/T to a Final of 104 x 4 min (16 min)
133:20200m Gift SEMI FINALS1st & 5 F/T to a Final of 84 x 4 min (16 min)
143:32200m Womens HEATS1st & 5 F/T to a Final of 83 x 4 mins (12 min)
U20 800m FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
300m Vets FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
550m FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
200m Womens FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
200m Gift FINAL
Final & Presentation
10 min Final & Presentation
3200m FINAL 
Final & Presentation
20 min Final & Presentation
215:10Stable Medley RelayFinal & Presentation-


Hi folks,
Please note some changes to the VRTA/Meadowglen event.

4 MEADOWGLEN ENTRY LISTS on Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:39 am


Meadowglen start list, handicaps will be out in a few days.

U17 70m

BrookeBailey70m Under 17
KierenBLIZZARD70m Under 17
HamishADAMS70m Under 17
BlakeBAILEY70m Under 17
JacksonHannah70m Under 17
JulianHarris70m Under 17
KeelyHenderson70m Under 17
SarahHuntington70m Under 17
JakeIreland70m Under 17
JonathanKerr70m Under 17
HarrisonKerr70m Under 17
JackLACEY70m Under 17
LukeMitchell70m Under 17
CharlieMORAN70m Under 17
JessicaPAYNE70m Under 17
NicholasREPALUST70m Under 17
StephanieRichards70m Under 17
DanielRichardson70m Under 17
ElizabethRuach70m Under 17
AdamScobie70m Under 17
EdwardTassell70m Under 17
LachlanWRIGHT70m Under 17
70m Open (F/M & B/M)
HamishADAMS70m (FM & BM)
CassandraANDERSON70m (FM & BM)
DarrenARTHUR70m (FM & BM)
KarleeBAILEY70m (FM & BM)
JasonBAILEY70m (FM & BM)
PeterBiggs70m (FM & BM)
KierenBLIZZARD70m (FM & BM)
NadeenBROWN70m (FM & BM)
MattBurleigh70m (FM & BM)
AdamCABBLE70m (FM & BM)
LawrenceCOOP70m (FM & BM)
NicholasCross70m (FM & BM)
MatthewD'ASTOLI70m (FM & BM)
DeanDOBRIC70m (FM & BM)
CamDUNBAR70m (FM & BM)
MikaylaDunn70m (FM & BM)
MatthewEDDY70m (FM & BM)
SteveFABRIS70m (FM & BM)
CraigFOLEY70m (FM & BM)
JoshFORNER70m (FM & BM)
WadeGIROTTO70m (FM & BM)
JimmieGLADMAN70m (FM & BM)
CalvinGOOK70m (FM & BM)
DouglasGREENOUGH70m (FM & BM)
SamuelGROUIOS70m (FM & BM)
MatthewHARVEY70m (FM & BM)
KeelyHenderson70m (FM & BM)
MarkHIGNETT70m (FM & BM)
KendraHUBBARD70m (FM & BM)
DarciHUGHES70m (FM & BM)
SarahHuntington70m (FM & BM)
ToddIRELAND70m (FM & BM)
Jamie Johns70m (FM & BM)
MattKELAART70m (FM & BM)
JonathanKerr70m (FM & BM)
WilliamKERR70m (FM & BM)
PeterKNOTT70m (FM & BM)
JackLACEY70m (FM & BM)
RupertLugo70m (FM & BM)
NickMAGREE70m (FM & BM)
CraigMAIR70m (FM & BM)
PaddyMcDONALD70m (FM & BM)
NatashaMcDOWELL70m (FM & BM)
DanielleMcDOWELL70m (FM & BM)
LukeMitchell70m (FM & BM)
KatieMOORE70m (FM & BM)
KaitlynPatten70m (FM & BM)
DionPaull70m (FM & BM)
TaylahPerry70m (FM & BM)
AngelaPHILLIPS70m (FM & BM)
DanielPOP70m (FM & BM)
MelaniePURKISS70m (FM & BM)
NicholasREPALUST70m (FM & BM)
DanielRichardson70m (FM & BM)
TimothyROSEN70m (FM & BM)
JeffSARGENT70m (FM & BM)
AdamScobie70m (FM & BM)
MartySINCLAIR70m (FM & BM)
DanielSteinhauser70m (FM & BM)
GlennSTEPHENS70m (FM & BM)
DeanStojanovic70m (FM & BM)
JoshTIU70m (FM & BM)
AdamTODOROV70m (FM & BM)
BeauTRAN70m (FM & BM)
RyanValent70m (FM & BM)
benvoak70m (FM & BM)
EdwardWARE70m (FM & BM)
DarrenWHITTAKER70m (FM & BM)
200m Womens
CassandraANDERSON200m Womens
KarleeBAILEY200m Womens
NadeenBROWN200m Womens
CeliaCOSGRIFF200m Womens
SarahCOTCHETT200m Womens
MikaylaDunn200m Womens
AnneFIEDLER200m Womens
EmmaGaul200m Womens
KeelyHenderson200m Womens
KendraHUBBARD200m Womens
NarelleLEHMANN200m Womens
NatashaMcDOWELL200m Womens
DanielleMcDOWELL200m Womens
MeganMcMAHON200m Womens
KatieMOORE200m Womens
KaitlynPatten200m Womens
JessicaPAYNE200m Womens
TaylahPerry200m Womens
AngelaPHILLIPS200m Womens
MelaniePURKISS200m Womens
SamanthaSAMMUT200m Womens
BiancaTrimboli200m Womens
200m Open
HamishADAMS200m Open Gift
DarrenARTHUR200m Open Gift
AntwoneATKINS200m Open Gift
JasonBAILEY200m Open Gift
MattBurleigh200m Open Gift
AdamCABBLE200m Open Gift
JustinCOHEN200m Open Gift
LawrenceCOOP200m Open Gift
MarcusCOOPER200m Open Gift
NicholasCross200m Open Gift
MatthewD'ASTOLI200m Open Gift
DeanDOBRIC200m Open Gift
PeterDUDKIEWICZ200m Open Gift
CamDUNBAR200m Open Gift
MatthewEDDY200m Open Gift
SimonFITZPATRICK200m Open Gift
CraigFOLEY200m Open Gift
WadeGIROTTO200m Open Gift
JimmieGLADMAN200m Open Gift
CalvinGOOK200m Open Gift
DouglasGREENOUGH200m Open Gift
SamuelGROUIOS200m Open Gift
MatthewHARVEY200m Open Gift
PaulHUGHES200m Open Gift
DarciHUGHES200m Open Gift
ToddIRELAND200m Open Gift
RobertKEENAN200m Open Gift
PeterKNOTT200m Open Gift
RobertLEHMANN200m Open Gift
RupertLugo200m Open Gift
NickMAGREE200m Open Gift
PaddyMcDONALD200m Open Gift
KatieMOORE200m Open Gift
CharlieMORAN200m Open Gift
TomMOREHOUSE200m Open Gift
CarlMOREHOUSE200m Open Gift
RhysPARKINSON200m Open Gift
DionPaull200m Open Gift
AaronPOOLEY200m Open Gift
DanielPOP200m Open Gift
JonathonROGERS 200m Open Gift
TimothyROSEN200m Open Gift
LiamSHEPHERD200m Open Gift
MartySINCLAIR200m Open Gift
DanielSteinhauser200m Open Gift
GlennSTEPHENS200m Open Gift
DeanStojanovic200m Open Gift
LachlanTAYLOR200m Open Gift
JoshTIU200m Open Gift
RyanValent200m Open Gift
JamesVINE200m Open Gift
EdwardWARE200m Open Gift
DarrenWHITTAKER200m Open Gift
300m Masters
MartinBARROW300m Masters
PeterBiggs300m Masters
NeilBRENNAN300m Masters
GarryCONNOR300m Masters
MarcusCOOPER300m Masters
MatthewD'ASTOLI300m Masters
CarmenDEANE300m Masters
ArronDOWNES300m Masters
RickyDUNBAR300m Masters
ShaneEZARD300m Masters
ElishaEZARD300m Masters
AnneFIEDLER300m Masters
EmmaGaul300m Masters
TomHECIMOVIC300m Masters
KerrieanneHOCKING300m Masters
MarkHOWARD300m Masters
PaulHUGHES300m Masters
Jamie Johns300m Masters
CraigLANCASTER300m Masters
RobertLEHMANN300m Masters
NarelleLEHMANN300m Masters
CraigMAIR300m Masters
DarrenNAISMITH300m Masters
MelaniePURKISS300m Masters
ShaneQUINN300m Masters
SamanthaSAMMUT300m Masters
JeffSARGENT300m Masters
DarrenWHITTAKER300m Masters
AngelaWILSON300m Masters
550m Open
MarkANDREWS550m Open
RyanANTIDORMI550m Open
DarrenARTHUR550m Open
MartinBARROW550m Open
MartineBEER550m Open
NeilBRENNAN550m Open
ChristopherBROWN550m Open
LonainBURNETT550m Open
JustinCOHEN550m Open
CeliaCOSGRIFF550m Open
SarahCOTCHETT550m Open
NicholasCross550m Open
JoelDONNAR550m Open
ArronDOWNES550m Open
ShaneEZARD550m Open
SteveFABRIS550m Open
BrendonGLIDDEN-GREEN550m Open
CalvinGOOK550m Open
RyanHage550m Open
DavidHAIGH550m Open
CraigHARRIS550m Open
MarkHIPWORTH550m Open
WayneJAMES550m Open
RobertKEENAN550m Open
KarinLAIDLAW550m Open
DanielLAWLOR550m Open
MeganMcMAHON550m Open
JustinMURPHY550m Open
DarrenNAISMITH550m Open
MatNelsen550m Open
DavidPAGE550m Open
JamesPARKER550m Open
DionPaull550m Open
AlicePLATTEN550m Open
AaronPOOLEY550m Open
JacobREED550m Open
JeffSARGENT550m Open
ThomasSAVAGE550m Open
LachlanTAYLOR550m Open
DanielVEITH550m Open
KylieWILLIAMS550m Open
ShaneWOODROW550m Open
U20 800m
RyanANTIDORMI800m Under 20
AdamATTARD800m Under 20
RyanBAIN800m Under 20
LukeBAIN800m Under 20
KatilynBRYCE800m Under 20
KirstyCLARK800m Under 20
LornaCLARK800m Under 20
AnthonyDEMPSTER800m Under 20
JoelDONNAR800m Under 20
ScottGaunson800m Under 20
BrendonGLIDDEN-GREEN800m Under 20
SamuelGROUIOS800m Under 20
JulianHarris800m Under 20
FraserHEARD800m Under 20
KyleHILSON800m Under 20
MorganHipworth800m Under 20
JackHOCKLEY-SAMON800m Under 20
PhillipO'BRIEN800m Under 20
JamesPARKER800m Under 20
ThomasSAVAGE800m Under 20
LeeTZILANTONIS800m Under 20
1600m Women's/Masters
MatthewBATEMAN1600m Womens/Masters
MartineBEER1600m Womens/Masters
NeilBRENNAN1600m Womens/Masters
LeonBROOKS1600m Womens/Masters
ChristopherBROWN1600m Womens/Masters
KirstyCLARK1600m Womens/Masters
LornaCLARK1600m Womens/Masters
CeliaCOSGRIFF1600m Womens/Masters
ArronDOWNES1600m Womens/Masters
CraigHARRIS1600m Womens/Masters
GregHILSON1600m Womens/Masters
MarkHIPWORTH1600m Womens/Masters
WayneJAMES1600m Womens/Masters
RobertKENSHOLE1600m Womens/Masters
MatthewMCDONOUGH1600m Womens/Masters
CarlMCMEEL1600m Womens/Masters
GordonMUIR1600m Womens/Masters
JustinMURPHY1600m Womens/Masters
JessicaO'HARA1600m Womens/Masters
DavidPAGE1600m Womens/Masters
AdamPARKER1600m Womens/Masters
AlicePLATTEN1600m Womens/Masters
SeanQUILTY1600m Womens/Masters
AshleySANDISON1600m Womens/Masters
ShaneTHIELE1600m Womens/Masters
GregWHITECROSS1600m Womens/Masters
Maddi-TaylorWilde1600m Womens/Masters
3200m Open
JamesALEXANDER3200m Open
MarkANDREWS3200m Open
AlexanderBACALJA3200m Open
LeonBROOKS3200m Open
ChristopherBROWN3200m Open
IanBURROWS3200m Open
IanCAYZER3200m Open
ArronDOWNES3200m Open
RyanHage3200m Open
DavidHAIGH3200m Open
CraigHARRIS3200m Open
GregHILSON3200m Open
MarkHIPWORTH3200m Open
DrewKOWALSKI3200m Open
MatthewMCDONOUGH3200m Open
GordonMUIR3200m Open
PhilNODEN3200m Open
PhillipO'BRIEN3200m Open
AdamPARKER3200m Open
SeanQUILTY3200m Open
JoshuaSAIT3200m Open
AshleySANDISON3200m Open
ShaneTHIELE3200m Open
DanielVEITH3200m Open
CodyWILLIAMSON3200m Open


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Thanks Shane. Final Timetable? As entry numbers suggest less heats in some events than draft timetable.


I'll post the update draft timetable sometime on Monday.
Also I forgot to include the 400m restricted;
Hamish ADAMS 400m Restricted
Ryan ANTIDORMI 400m Restricted
Jack ARMOUR 400m Restricted
Jason BAILEY 400m Restricted
Blake BAILEY 400m Restricted
Luke BAIN 400m Restricted
Ryan BAIN 400m Restricted
Chris BRAMHAM 400m Restricted
Rick BRAMHAM 400m Restricted
Matt Burleigh 400m Restricted
RYAN CLOHESSY 400m Restricted
Carmen DEANE 400m Restricted
Anthony DEMPSTER 400m Restricted
Elisha EZARD 400m Restricted
Josh FORNER 400m Restricted
Emma Gaul 400m Restricted
Scott Gaunson 400m Restricted
Brendon GLIDDEN-GREEN 400m Restricted
Samuel GROUIOS 400m Restricted
Fraser HEARD 400m Restricted
Kyle HILSON 400m Restricted
Morgan Hipworth 400m Restricted
Caitlyn HOCKING 400m Restricted
Jake Ireland 400m Restricted
Matt KELAART 400m Restricted
Harrison Kerr 400m Restricted
Drew KOWALSKI 400m Restricted
Jack LACEY 400m Restricted
Rupert Lugo 400m Restricted
Natasha McDOWELL 400m Restricted
Lachlan Milligan 400m Restricted
Luke Mitchell 400m Restricted
ANTHONY PAIGE 400m Restricted
James PARKER 400m Restricted
Dion Paull 400m Restricted
Daniel POP 400m Restricted
Jody Richards 400m Restricted
Elizabeth Ruach 400m Restricted
Thomas SAVAGE 400m Restricted
Edward Tassell 400m Restricted
Beau TRAN 400m Restricted
Bianca Trimboli 400m Restricted
Lee TZILANTONIS 400m Restricted
Maddi-Taylor Wilde 400m Restricted
Kylie WILLIAMS 400m Restricted
Lachlan WRIGHT 400m Restricted


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Thanks Shane. ETA on Handicaps too?


Event 111:3070m U17 Heats3 x 3 mins (9 min)1st & 5 F/T to a Final of 8
Event 211:4770m BM Heats5 x 3 mins (15 min)1st & 3 F/T to Final of 8
Event 312:1070m FM Heats5 x 3 mins (15 min)1st & 3 F/T to Final of 8
Event 412:3570m U17 FINAL10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 512:4070m BM FINAL10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 612:4570m FM FINAL10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 712:551600m Womens/Vets10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 813:05400m Novice Heats3 x 4 mins (12 min)1st & 7 F/T to a Final of 10
Event 913:25200m Gift Heats7 x 3 mins (21 min)1st & 9 F/T to 2xSF of 8
Event 1014:05300m Vets Heats3 x 4 min (12 min)1st & 7 F/T to a Final of 10
Event 1114:25400m Novice Final10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 1214:35550m Heats3 x 4 min (12 min)1st & 7 F/T to a Final of 10
Event 1314:55200m Gift Semi Finals2 x 4 mins (8 min)1st & 6 F/T to a Final of 8
Event 1415:10200m Women’s Heats3 x 4 mins (12 min)1st & 5 F/T to a Final of 8
Event 1515:30U20 800m FINAL10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 1615:40300m Vets Final10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 1715:50550m Final10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 1816:00200m Women’s Final10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 1916:10200m Gift Final10 minFinal & Presentation
Event 2016:203200m Final20 minFinal & Presentation
Event 2116:35Medley Relay10 minutesFinal & Presentation
Handicaps will be available on the VAL website ( )

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Handicaps are available on the VAL Website now. You must be logged in to see the full official handicap list at

200m WomensKendraHUBBARD3
200m WomensKatieMOORE6
200m WomensMelaniePURKISS10
200m WomensBiancaTrimboli10
200m WomensKarleeBAILEY11
200m WomensSarahCOTCHETT11
200m WomensJessicaPAYNE12
200m WomensMikaylaDunn13
200m WomensNarelleLEHMANN14
200m WomensKeelyHenderson15
200m WomensTaylahPerry15
200m WomensNatashaMcDOWELL17
200m WomensAngelaPHILLIPS17
200m WomensAnneFIEDLER18
200m WomensEmmaGaul18
200m WomensCeliaCOSGRIFF19
200m WomensNadeenBROWN21
200m WomensSamanthaSAMMUT21
200m WomensMeganMcMAHON28
200m WomensCassandraANDERSON30
200m WomensDanielleMcDOWELL30
200m WomensKaitlynPatten30
200m Open GiftCarlMOREHOUSE7
200m Open GiftJamesVINE7
200m Open GiftAntwoneATKINS8
200m Open GiftHamishADAMS10
200m Open GiftMattBURLEIGH10
200m Open GiftDarciHUGHES10
200m Open GiftRupertLUGO10
200m Open GiftDionPAULL10
200m Open GiftDanielSTEINHAUSER10
200m Open GiftDeanSTOJANOVIC10
200m Open GiftOllieWURM10
200m Open GiftMohamadZEED10
200m Open GiftRYANCLOHESSY12
200m Open GiftDeanDOBRIC12
200m Open GiftCharlieMORAN12
200m Open GiftRyanVALENT12
200m Open GiftCamDUNBAR13
200m Open GiftMatthewEDDY13
200m Open GiftSimonFITZPATRICK13
200m Open GiftSamuelGROUIOS13
200m Open GiftRhysPARKINSON13
200m Open GiftLiamSHEPHERD13
200m Open GiftEdwardWARE13
200m Open GiftNicholasCross14
200m Open GiftJimmieGLADMAN14
200m Open GiftNickMAGREE14
200m Open GiftPaddyMcDONALD14
200m Open GiftAaronPOOLEY14
200m Open GiftDanielPOP14
200m Open GiftLachlanTAYLOR14
200m Open GiftJoshTIU14
200m Open GiftLawrenceCOOP15
200m Open GiftDouglasGREENOUGH15
200m Open GiftJasonBAILEY16
200m Open GiftPeterDUDKIEWICZ16
200m Open GiftMatthewHARVEY17
200m Open GiftPeterKNOTT17
200m Open GiftRobertLEHMANN17
200m Open GiftAdamCABBLE18
200m Open GiftMatthewD'ASTOLI18
200m Open GiftWadeGIROTTO18
200m Open GiftCalvinGOOK18
200m Open GiftRobertKEENAN18
200m Open GiftMarcusCOOPER19
200m Open GiftCraigFOLEY19
200m Open GiftJustinCOHEN20
200m Open GiftTomMOREHOUSE20
200m Open GiftDarrenWHITTAKER20
200m Open GiftPaulHUGHES21
200m Open GiftMartySINCLAIR21
200m Open GiftJonathonROGERS22
200m Open GiftToddIRELAND24
200m Open GiftTimothyROSEN24
200m Open GiftGlennSTEPHENS26
200m Open GiftDarrenARTHUR30
200m Open GiftKatieMOORE30

10 VRTA Meadowglen Results on Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:01 am


U17 70m
1. Nicholas REPALUST 2.50 8.045
2. Daniel RICHARDSON 4.00 8.063
3. Luke MITCHELL 10.00 8.095

70m FM
1. Mark HIGNETT 0.00 8.371
2. Timothy ROSEN 3.25 8.511
3. Adam TODOROV 0.50 8.535

70m BM
1. Matthew EDDY 4.75 7.788
2. Nicholas REPALUST 5.50 7.838
3. Liam SHEPHERD 4.50 7.886

200m Open
1. Simon FITZPATRICK 13.00 21.255
2. Timothy ROSEN 24.00 21.511
3. Douglas GREENOUGH 15.00 21.587

200m Womens
1. Danielle McDOWELL 30.00 24.365
2. Katie MOORE 6.00 25.145
3. Cassandra ANDERSON 30.00 25.203

300m Masters
1. Peter Biggs 30.00 35.183
2. Shane QUINN 19.00 35.306
3. Narelle LEHMANN 43.00 35.524

400m Restricted
1. Chris BRAMHAM 62.00 45.860
2. Kyle HILSON 79.00 47.769
3. Blake BAILEY 53.00 47.840 4

550m Open
1. Jacob REED 42.00 1:10.699
2. Robert KEENAN 43.00 1:11.966
3. Tom HECIMOVIC 78.00 1:12.261

U20 800m
1. Fraser HEARD 56.00 1:56.926
2. Luke BAIN 80.00 1:56.947
3. Anthony DEMPSTER 64.00 1:58.127

1600m Womens/Masters
1. Justin MURPHY 0.00 4:28.327
2. David PAGE 135.00 4:29.554
3. Adam PARKER 120.00 4:29.796

3200m Open
1. Jack HOCKLEY-SAMON 180.00 9:16.942
2. Phillip O'BRIEN 230.00 9:19.413
3. James ALEXANDER 100.00 9:32.114

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