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Ringwood Marks

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1 Ringwood Marks on Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:59 pm


70m Open Aaron STUBBS 1
70m Open Nathan RIALI 2
70m Open Lee FORREST 2.75
70m Open Augustine CARTY-COWLING 3.5
70m Open Hafez KANJOU 4
70m Open Matthew HARGREAVES 4
70m Open Paul TANCREDI 4.25
70m Open James VINE 4.5
70m Open David TINNEY 4.5
70m Open Matthew EDDY 4.5
70m Open Daniel POP 4.75
70m Open Chris HARGREAVES 4.75
70m Open Josh TIU 4.75
70m Open Cameron MOSS 5
70m Open Adam COOTE 5
70m Open Matt Burleigh 5
70m Open Cam DUNBAR 5.25
70m Open Matthew HARVEY 5.5
70m Open Nathan FOX 5.5
70m Open Jake KELLAR 6
70m Open Daniel Richardson 6
70m Open Nathan DIXON 6
70m Open Dean DOBRIC 6
70m Open Riley FYFFE 6
70m Open Nick MAGREE 6.25
70m Open John CARA 6.25
70m Open Steve FABRIS 6.25
70m Open Charlie MORAN 6.25
70m Open David FENOLLAR 6.5
70m Open Tyson DEANE 6.5
70m Open William LITTLE 6.5
70m Open Brady LEHMANN 6.75
70m Open Jarrad DARTNALL 7
70m Open Jason BAILEY 7
70m Open Mark HIGNETT 7
70m Open Troy CAREY 7
70m Open Dominic HOSKINS 7.25
70m Open Noddy ANGELAKOS 7.25
70m Open Blake BAILEY 7.5
70m Open Jonathon ROGERS 7.5
70m Open LACHLAN INNES 7.5
70m Open Craig FOLEY 7.75
70m Open Jordan KEAST 8
70m Open Travis PIKE 8
70m Open Adam CABBLE 8
70m Open Max LACEY 8
70m Open Scott ROWSELL 8
70m Open Adrian BURKE 8
70m Open Leigh MILLER 8.5
70m Open Nick HOWARD 8.5
70m Open Calvin GOOK 8.75
70m Open Simon CAREY 9
70m Open Lawrence COOP 9.25
70m Open Glenn STEPHENS 9.25
70m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 9.5
70m Open Julian FAWCETT 9.5
70m Open Cameron PAICE 9.75
70m Open Timothy ROSEN 10
70m Open Jay BLAKE 10.25
70m Open Andrew DRUMMOND 10.5
70m Open Carrick GILL-VALLANCE 10.5
70m Open Holly Dobbyn 10.5
70m Open David TRUDGIAN 10.75
70m Open Daniel MARTIN 10.75
70m Open Adrian FURY 11.5
70m Open John HILDITCH 11.5
70m Open Jeff SARGENT 11.75
70m Open Nadeen BROWN 12
70m Open Melanie PURKISS 12.25
70m Open Kirsty Stevens 12.25
70m Open Emma JOHNSON 12.5
70m Open Richard NORRIS 12.75
70m Open Karlee BAILEY 12.75
70m Open Wayne BINGHAM 12.75
70m Open Pamela AUSTIN 13
70m Open Kate JONES 13
70m Open Scott HARGRAVE 13.25
70m Open Tierra EXUM 13.25
70m Open Graham VERBUNT 13.25
70m Open Lara GAMBINO 13.25
70m Open Angela PHILLIPS 13.5
70m Open Stephanie JINKS 13.75
70m Open Julia BOATMAN 13.75
70m Open Catherine HIBBERD 14
70m Open Jacqueline McCANN 14
70m Open Dale JONES 14
70m Open Morgan DEANE 14

70m Novice Thomas Moloney 2
70m Novice Daniel POP 2.25
70m Novice Brendon GLIDDEN-GREEN 2.5
70m Novice Harrison ROUBIN 2.5
70m Novice Taylor RIGHI 3
70m Novice Matt KELAART 3.5
70m Novice Jasper Nettlefold 4
70m Novice Matt Burleigh 4
70m Novice Quentin WALKER 4
70m Novice Riley FYFFE 4
70m Novice Leighton STACE 4.25
70m Novice LACHLAN INNES 4.5
70m Novice Josh POWELL 5
70m Novice JONATHAN DYKES 5.25
70m Novice Daniel Richardson 5.25
70m Novice Charlie MORAN 5.75
70m Novice Jake KELLAR 6
70m Novice Jarryd WRIGHT 6.25
70m Novice Lachlan WRIGHT 6.75
70m Novice Troy CAREY 7
70m Novice Samuel GROUIOS 7.25
70m Novice Tyson DEANE 7.5
70m Novice Jack LACEY 7.75
70m Novice Nicholas WISHART 8
70m Novice Jackson Hannah 8.5
70m Novice Genevieve BROCK 8.5
70m Novice Jacob DENSLEY 8.5
70m Novice Julian FAWCETT 8.75
70m Novice Natasha McDOWELL 9
70m Novice ANTHONY PAIGE 9
70m Novice Rob ITALIA 9
70m Novice Brigid Davis 9
70m Novice Michael PENGELLY 9
70m Novice Bayley Drummond 9
70m Novice Keely Henderson 9.5
70m Novice Luke Mitchell 10
70m Novice Ellena KENNEDY TURNER 10
70m Novice Robert ADIN 10
70m Novice Tierra EXUM 10.5
70m Novice Lauren CAMPBELL 11
70m Novice Taylah Perry 11
70m Novice Nadeen BROWN 12
70m Novice Tiana SHILLITO 13.75
70m Novice Lauren PARISI 14
70m Novice Amy TOZER 14
70m Novice Amy van Braam 14
70m Novice Kaitlyn Patten 14
70m Novice Carmen DEANE 14
70m Novice Samantha HARGREAVES 14
70m Novice Catherine HIBBERD 14

100m Open Aaron STUBBS 1.5
100m Open Nathan RIALI 3
100m Open James VINE 4.25
100m Open Hafez KANJOU 5
100m Open Jack LACEY 5
100m Open Hamish ADAMS 5
100m Open Matt Burleigh 5
100m Open Riley FYFFE 5
100m Open Thomas Moloney 5
100m Open Mohamad ZEED 5.5
100m Open Daniel POP 5.5
100m Open Jasper Nettlefold 5.5
100m Open Jarred GILROY 5.75
100m Open Harrison ROUBIN 5.75
100m Open Ben WRIGHT 5.75
100m Open David TINNEY 5.75
100m Open Cameron MOSS 6
100m Open Chris HARGREAVES 6
100m Open Steve FABRIS 6
100m Open Adam COOTE 6.25
100m Open Aaron PENGELLY 6.25
100m Open River Robson 6.25
100m Open Quentin WALKER 6.25
100m Open Leigh MILLER 6.75
100m Open Tyson DEANE 6.75
100m Open Robert LEHMANN 6.75
100m Open JONATHAN DYKES 6.75
100m Open Rhys GILLSON 6.75
100m Open Cam DUNBAR 6.75
100m Open Daniel Richardson 6.75
100m Open LACHLAN INNES 6.75
100m Open Paul TANCREDI 7
100m Open Edward WARE 7
100m Open Jake KELLAR 7
100m Open Nathan DIXON 7
100m Open Matthew EDDY 7.25
100m Open Max LACEY 7.25
100m Open Michael PENGELLY 7.5
100m Open Josh TIU 7.5
100m Open Dominic HOSKINS 7.5
100m Open Nathan FOX 7.5
100m Open Brady LEHMANN 7.5
100m Open Leighton STACE 7.5
100m Open Michael VOUMARD 7.5
100m Open Jason BAILEY 7.5
100m Open Adrian BURKE 7.75
100m Open Dean DOBRIC 7.75
100m Open Lachlan TAYLOR 8
100m Open Jarrad DARTNALL 8
100m Open Ryan CAMILLE 8.25
100m Open Jordan KEAST 8.25
100m Open Simon CAREY 8.25
100m Open David FENOLLAR 8.25
100m Open Nick MAGREE 8.5
100m Open Matthew HARVEY 8.5
100m Open Mark HIGNETT 8.75
100m Open Matthew D'ASTOLI 8.75
100m Open William LITTLE 9.25
100m Open Bradley ARMSTRONG 9.25
100m Open Scott ROWSELL 9.5
100m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 9.5
100m Open John CARA 10
100m Open Andrew DRUMMOND 10
100m Open Robert ADIN 10
100m Open Noddy ANGELAKOS 10.25
100m Open Adam CABBLE 10.5
100m Open Travis PIKE 10.5
100m Open Nick HOWARD 10.5
100m Open Craig FOLEY 10.75
100m Open Jonathon ROGERS 10.75
100m Open Julian FAWCETT 10.75
100m Open Justin TEMPLAR 10.75
100m Open David TRUDGIAN 11.25
100m Open Timothy ROSEN 11.5
100m Open Cameron PAICE 12.25
100m Open Jay BLAKE 12.5
100m Open Greg O'KEEFFE 14.5
100m Open Shane BUCKINGHAM 14.5
100m Open John HILDITCH 15
100m Open Wayne BINGHAM 15
100m Open Lara GAMBINO 15.75
100m Open Melanie PURKISS 15.75
100m Open Richard NORRIS 17
100m Open Tierra EXUM 17.5
100m Open Jeff SARGENT 18
100m Open Morgan DEANE 20
100m Open Stephen BAIRD 20
100m Open Catherine HIBBERD 20
100m Open Lauren CAMPBELL 20

100m Women's Sophie TAYLOR 1.75
100m Women's Katie MOORE 3.5
100m Women's Stephanie MOLLICA 4.25
100m Women's Melanie PURKISS 4.75
100m Women's Genevieve BROCK 5
100m Women's Karlee BAILEY 5.75
100m Women's Holly Dobbyn 5.75
100m Women's Ellena KENNEDY TURNER 6
100m Women's Emma JOHNSON 6
100m Women's Cara WHITE 6.75
100m Women's Brigid Davis 6.75
100m Women's Tierra EXUM 7
100m Women's Jessica PAYNE 7
100m Women's Lara GAMBINO 7
100m Women's Keely Henderson 7
100m Women's Narelle LEHMANN 7
100m Women's Pamela AUSTIN 7.75
100m Women's Taylah Perry 8
100m Women's Amber KING 8.25
100m Women's Anne FIEDLER 8.25
100m Women's Kirsty Stevens 8.5
100m Women's Angela PHILLIPS 8.75
100m Women's Stephanie JINKS 9
100m Women's Belinda CARUSI 9
100m Women's Natasha McDOWELL 9
100m Women's Jacqueline McCANN 9.25
100m Women's Celeste DYER 9.25
100m Women's Claire Thiele 9.5
100m Women's Amy van Braam 10
100m Women's Lauren CAMPBELL 10
100m Women's Celia COSGRIFF 10.25
100m Women's Kasey MOORE 10.25
100m Women's Julia BOATMAN 10.5
100m Women's Hayley ATKINS 10.5
100m Women's Cathy RUNTING 11
100m Women's Nadeen BROWN 11.25
100m Women's Amy TOZER 11.25
100m Women's Chloe BARNARD 11.25
100m Women's Morgan DEANE 12
100m Women's Jessica FARRUGIA 12
100m Women's Jessie HART 12.75
100m Women's Tarryn FISHER 12.75
100m Women's Carmen DEANE 14.25
100m Women's Danielle McDOWELL 14.5
100m Women's Lauren PARISI 15.5
100m Women's Kaitlyn Patten 16.75
100m Women's Cassandra ANDERSON 18
100m Women's Catherine HIBBERD 18.5
100m Women's Samantha HARGREAVES 18.5
100m Women's Mandy EMMETT 19.5
100m Women's Angela WILSON 22.25

300m Veteran's Andrew WILCOX 6
300m Veteran's Brett MAURER 6
300m Veteran's Paul HUGHES 10
300m Veteran's Matthew D'ASTOLI 11
300m Veteran's Darren NAISMITH 14
300m Veteran's Justin MURPHY 15
300m Veteran's Scott ROWSELL 17
300m Veteran's Shane QUINN 19
300m Veteran's Robert ADIN 20
300m Veteran's Mark HOWARD 24
300m Veteran's Andrew DRUMMOND 25
300m Veteran's Martin BARROW 26
300m Veteran's Shane BUCKINGHAM 26
300m Veteran's Gerard Adams 26
300m Veteran's Mathew BOYES 28
300m Veteran's Daniel MARTIN 28
300m Veteran's Peter NODEN 30
300m Veteran's Glenn COOPER 30
300m Veteran's Greg O'KEEFFE 30
300m Veteran's Richard NORRIS 30
300m Veteran's Gordon MUIR 30
300m Veteran's Rob ITALIA 30
300m Veteran's David PAGE 32
300m Veteran's Greg HILSON 33
300m Veteran's Craig HARRIS 34
300m Veteran's Tom HECIMOVIC 34
300m Veteran's Christopher BROWN 35
300m Veteran's Jeff SARGENT 35
300m Veteran's John HILDITCH 35
300m Veteran's Scott SHILLITO 36
300m Veteran's Wayne JAMES 36
300m Veteran's Adrian FURY 37
300m Veteran's Alan DINSDALE 39
300m Veteran's Wayne DALZIEL 40
300m Veteran's Scott HARGRAVE 40
300m Veteran's Narelle LEHMANN 44
300m Veteran's Katrina BUCKINGHAM 46
300m Veteran's Anne FIEDLER 47
300m Veteran's Noel MAGHAMEZ 50
300m Veteran's Robert WISHART 51
300m Veteran's Marita DOWNES 51
300m Veteran's Anthony O'CONNOR 52
300m Veteran's Lara GAMBINO 52
300m Veteran's Kim MCDONOUGH 52
300m Veteran's Craig LANCASTER 52
300m Veteran's Stephen BAIRD 55
300m Veteran's Greg WHITECROSS 58
300m Veteran's Dale JONES 61
300m Veteran's Dennis HUGHES 62
300m Veteran's Gary BLAKE 65
300m Veteran's Brendan NORDEN 68
300m Veteran's Garry CONNOR 68
300m Veteran's Mandy EMMETT 69
300m Veteran's Benny TANCREDI 83
300m Veteran's Kerrieanne HOCKING 84
300m Veteran's Angela WILSON 84
300m Veteran's Tony RENDINA 90

400m Gift Matthew HARGREAVES 9
400m Gift Cameron MOSS 10
400m Gift Luke STEVENS 16
400m Gift Lachlan TAYLOR 16
400m Gift Mitchell HOCKING 17
400m Gift Dominic HOSKINS 18
400m Gift Lee FORREST 18
400m Gift Luke VERSACE 20
400m Gift Riley KANE 20
400m Gift Jarred GILROY 20
400m Gift Taylor RIGHI 20
400m Gift Paul TANCREDI 20
400m Gift Nathan FOX 21
400m Gift Greg Mitchell 22
400m Gift David FENOLLAR 23
400m Gift Lonain BURNETT 23
400m Gift Chris HARGREAVES 23
400m Gift RYAN MCNAMARA 23
400m Gift Nick MILTON 23
400m Gift Harrison ROUBIN 24
400m Gift Ben WRIGHT 24
400m Gift Chad RYAN 24
400m Gift Matt GRANT 24
400m Gift William LITTLE 24
400m Gift Brady LEHMANN 25
400m Gift Steve FABRIS 25
400m Gift Michael NITSCHKE 25
400m Gift Peter SPENCE 26
400m Gift Max LACEY 26
400m Gift Cameron YORKE 26
400m Gift Cameron CLAYTON 27
400m Gift Peter DE LA HAYE 27
400m Gift Mohamad ZEED 28
400m Gift Robert LEHMANN 28
400m Gift David TINNEY 28
400m Gift Paul HUGHES 28
400m Gift Neil BRENNAN 29
400m Gift Daniel LAWLOR 29
400m Gift Brett MAURER 30
400m Gift Michael MARANTELLI 30
400m Gift Andrew WILCOX 30
400m Gift Matthew HARVEY 31
400m Gift Jarrad DARTNALL 33
400m Gift Jacob REED 34
400m Gift Aaron POOLEY 35
400m Gift Robert KEENAN 35
400m Gift Justin TEMPLAR 36
400m Gift Clint ANDERSON 36
400m Gift Noddy ANGELAKOS 38
400m Gift Ben MASON 38
400m Gift Jay BLAKE 39
400m Gift Timothy ROSEN 40
400m Gift Darren NAISMITH 41
400m Gift Justin COHEN 41
400m Gift Bradley ARMSTRONG 42
400m Gift Lawrence COOP 42
400m Gift Travis PIKE 43
400m Gift Nick HOWARD 44
400m Gift Glenn STEPHENS 44
400m Gift Alexander BACALJA 45
400m Gift Simon CAREY 46
400m Gift Calvin GOOK 48
400m Gift Martin BARROW 48
400m Gift Katerina DRESSLER 50
400m Gift Wade GIROTTO 51
400m Gift Adam CABBLE 52
400m Gift Stephanie MOLLICA 52
400m Gift Katie MOORE 55
400m Gift Greg HILSON 57
400m Gift Richard NORRIS 57
400m Gift Sophie TAYLOR 58
400m Gift Tom HECIMOVIC 60

800m VCCL Women's Stephanie MOLLICA 50
800m VCCL Women's Cara WHITE 50
800m VCCL Women's Celia COSGRIFF 70
800m VCCL Women's Kasey MOORE 72
800m VCCL Women's Laura YORKE 90
800m VCCL Women's Tarryn FISHER 92
800m VCCL Women's Karoline CURTIS 92
800m VCCL Women's Martine BEER 98
800m VCCL Women's Carmen DEANE 100
800m VCCL Women's Corina KAPUSTA 104
800m VCCL Women's LORNA CLARK 104
800m VCCL Women's Kim MCDONOUGH 106
800m VCCL Women's Jessica O'HARA 106
800m VCCL Women's KIRSTY CLARK 110
800m VCCL Women's Karin LAIDLAW 126
800m VCCL Women's Sue ANDERSON 130
800m VCCL Women's Kerrieanne HOCKING 140
800m VCCL Women's Celeste DYER 999
800m VCCL Women's Claire Thiele 999
800m VCCL Women's Meg DEANE 999

1600m Open Michael MARANTELLI 20
1600m Open Matthew Turner 65
1600m Open Cameron CLAYTON 75
1600m Open Alexander BACALJA 75
1600m Open Justin MURPHY 80
1600m Open Luke SEARLE 90
1600m Open Chad RYAN 100
1600m Open James DEANE 100
1600m Open Lachlan Milligan 100
1600m Open Dylan BURROWS 100
1600m Open Riley KANE 100
1600m Open Shane THIELE 100
1600m Open Ashley HUMPHREY 105
1600m Open Michael NITSCHKE 105
1600m Open Mitchell HOCKING 110
1600m Open David SPENCE 110
1600m Open Gary TURNER 115
1600m Open Jack HOCKLEY-SAMON 120
1600m Open Ian CAYZER 120
1600m Open Phillip O'BRIEN 130
1600m Open Jacob NOLAN 135
1600m Open Matt GRANT 135
1600m Open Jacob REED 135
1600m Open Arron DOWNES 140
1600m Open Ian BURROWS 140
1600m Open Daniel LAWLOR 145
1600m Open Ashley COWEN 145
1600m Open Andrew THOMAS 145
1600m Open Craig HARRIS 150
1600m Open Cameron YORKE 150
1600m Open Indiana COOPER 150
1600m Open James CLARKE 155
1600m Open Peter SPENCE 155
1600m Open Clint ANDERSON 170
1600m Open Justin NOONAN 170
1600m Open Joshua SAIT 175
1600m Open Daniel VEITH 175
1600m Open Ashley SANDISON 180
1600m Open Sean QUILTY 185
1600m Open Gordon MUIR 185
1600m Open Colm ROTHERY 190
1600m Open Jesse NODEN 195
1600m Open Adam PARKER 205
1600m Open Greg HILSON 205
1600m Open David PAGE 205
1600m Open Christopher BROWN 225
1600m Open Ashley SNOWDEN 225
1600m Open Mark HIPWORTH 230
1600m Open Matthew BATEMAN 235
1600m Open Peter NODEN 260
1600m Open Lucinda Lopes 260
1600m Open Tony MORAN 260
1600m Open Wayne JAMES 275
1600m Open Celia COSGRIFF 300
1600m Open Stefan CATALANO 310
1600m Open Brendan NORDEN 310
1600m Open Corina KAPUSTA 315
1600m Open Anthony O'CONNOR 315
1600m Open Leon BROOKS 330
1600m Open Gerard O'Donnell 340
1600m Open Tayla SPROULE 345
1600m Open Martine BEER 355
1600m Open Laura YORKE 360
1600m Open Sean BEER 370
1600m Open Greg WHITECROSS 400
1600m Open Tony RENDINA 400

1600m VCCL Novice Nicholas Benca 100
1600m VCCL Novice Thomas SAVAGE 125
1600m VCCL Novice RYAN BAIN 130
1600m VCCL Novice LUKE BAIN 135
1600m VCCL Novice Daniel RYAN 135
1600m VCCL Novice Ashley COWEN 145
1600m VCCL Novice Addison Ogilvie 145
1600m VCCL Novice Anthony DEMPSTER 145
1600m VCCL Novice Caleb ELLIS 155
1600m VCCL Novice Xavier O'CONNOR 160
1600m VCCL Novice Colm ROTHERY 190
1600m VCCL Novice Rilyn MOSBEY 190
1600m VCCL Novice Alex COOP 190
1600m VCCL Novice Jackson Deane 195
1600m VCCL Novice Lee Tzilantonis 200
1600m VCCL Novice Tom NODEN 200
1600m VCCL Novice Mark TAPPING 200
1600m VCCL Novice Peter O'FARRELL 200
1600m VCCL Novice Adam PARKER 220
1600m VCCL Novice JAKE HILSON 240
1600m VCCL Novice Chloe SPROULE 275
1600m VCCL Novice Cassie Higham 285
1600m VCCL Novice LORNA CLARK 305
1600m VCCL Novice KIRSTY CLARK 305
1600m VCCL Novice Gerard O'Donnell 330
1600m VCCL Novice Kyle HILSON 345
1600m VCCL Novice Laura YORKE 350
1600m VCCL Novice Jessica O'HARA 350

70m Under 17
70m Under 17 RYAN MCNAMARA 3.25
70m Under 17 Brendon GLIDDEN-GREEN 4.5
70m Under 17 Rhys GILLSON 5.5
70m Under 17 Dylan BURROWS 5.75
70m Under 17 Nicholas Payne 5.75
70m Under 17 River Robson 6
70m Under 17 Riley FYFFE 6
70m Under 17 Zachary WILMOT 7
70m Under 17 Aaron PENGELLY 7
70m Under 17 Daniel Richardson 7.25
70m Under 17 Hamish ADAMS 7.5
70m Under 17 Charlie MORAN 7.75
70m Under 17 Blake BAILEY 8.75
70m Under 17 Lachlan WRIGHT 8.75
70m Under 17 Myles MEDWELL 8.75
70m Under 17 Troy CAREY 9
70m Under 17 Samuel GROUIOS 9.25
70m Under 17 Lachlan Milligan 9.75
70m Under 17 Karlee BAILEY 10
70m Under 17 Nicholas WISHART 10
70m Under 17 Jackson Hannah 10.5
70m Under 17 Bayley Drummond 11
70m Under 17 Jessica PAYNE 11
70m Under 17 Keely Henderson 11.5
70m Under 17 Luke Mitchell 12
70m Under 17 Kasey MOORE 12
70m Under 17 Cathy RUNTING 12
70m Under 17 Ellena KENNEDY TURNER 12
70m Under 17 Celeste DYER 12.5
70m Under 17 Jess LEHMANN 12.5
70m Under 17 Chloe BARNARD 15
70m Under 17 Tiana SHILLITO 15.75
70m Under 17 Talia MARTIN 16
70m Under 17 Kyle HILSON 16

400m SportzBiz Novice Series Michael Torrini 20
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Brendon GLIDDEN-GREEN 30
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Dylan BURROWS 30
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Jason BAILEY 30
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Zachary WILMOT 30
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Caleb ELLIS 30
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Matt Burleigh 32
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Josh POWELL 32
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Jack LACEY 32
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Aaron PENGELLY 34
400m SportzBiz Novice Series River Robson 34
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Leighton STACE 34
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Rilyn MOSBEY 35
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Aaron POOLEY 36
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Ben MASON 38
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Nicholas Payne 38
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Matt KELAART 38
400m SportzBiz Novice Series ANTHONY PAIGE 38
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Hamish ADAMS 38
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Ashley COWEN 39
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Ryan ANTIDORMI 40
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Thomas SAVAGE 40
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Anthony DEMPSTER 40
400m SportzBiz Novice Series LUKE BAIN 40
400m SportzBiz Novice Series RYAN BAIN 42
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Troy CAREY 43
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Dane HEIDEN 46
400m SportzBiz Novice Series JONATHAN DYKES 46
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Michael VOUMARD 46
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Daniel VEITH 49
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Jarryd WRIGHT 49
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Robert ADIN 50
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Rob ITALIA 50
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Addison Ogilvie 50
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Blake BAILEY 53
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Carrick GILL-VALLANCE 54
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Nicholas WISHART 56
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Luke Mitchell 60
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Tom NODEN 60
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Jacob DENSLEY 62
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Chris BRAMHAM 62
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Lee Tzilantonis 65
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Ellena KENNEDY TURNER 70
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Karoline CURTIS 70
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Natasha McDOWELL 72
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Amy TOZER 75
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Cathy RUNTING 78
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Celeste DYER 78
400m SportzBiz Novice Series KIRSTY CLARK 81
400m SportzBiz Novice Series LORNA CLARK 81
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Kyle HILSON 81
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Carmen DEANE 82
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Tiana SHILLITO 83
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Jessie HART 84
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Katilyn BRYCE 85
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Caitlyn HOCKING 86
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Kylie WILLIAMS 88
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Lauren PARISI 90
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Meg DEANE 90
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Danielle McDOWELL 93
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Talia MARTIN 96
400m SportzBiz Novice Series Samantha HARGREAVES 111

2 Re: Ringwood Marks on Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:24 pm


Good numbers for Ringwood it seems. Would like to see a comparison over the last couple of years if someone has the time  Smile 

Interesting to see Aaron Stubbs entered in the 70m and 100m. Testing the waters to see how much they can put on a stable mate?? Very Happy

3 Re: Ringwood Marks on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:51 pm


Good field for the 400m Ringwood Gift. Doesn't look anyone suffered after running a fast time at Bendigo. VAL has thrown the 'Break Net Time' rules out the window.

Coop, Armstrong or Pooley?
Stevens better suited here than Bendigo.

4 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:45 am


no they havn't their just selective
first four in final of sportsbiz 400m broke 47s
winner pulled 8m
second gets a 1m lift
third pulled 4m
fourth keeps the same h'cap and top spot on points table

5 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:59 am


Interesting as the ceiling for the 400m is 46.50sec.
Coop up 3m from his Bendigo run (39m - 42m) and broke ceiling time by .09 in the final. Maybe the lift was supposed to be a pull?
Stevens up 6m from Bendigo!! (10m -16m)
For the sportsbiz, I assume that the ceiling is the same as the open as it only states the starting time in the handicap guidelines. If that is the case, only the winner broke ceiling time Knotty, although the random lifts is concerning.

I think there may be changes to the handicaps before we start at Ringwood.

6 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:06 am


Consistant with ballarat net time breakers back.
Coop back 4 Stevens back 2 Armstrong back 1 Pooley back 0 Forrest back 4 without running

7 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:16 am


Weren't the handicaps back at bendigo again like most years? So you would need to factor that into discussions if so and how much the field was back

8 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:45 am


Why have a ceiling when every week its a different track

9 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:21 am


winner of black opal pulled 12m second pulled 4m for ringwood 400m (i think )
marks were back approx.7/8m for opal. on bendigo times and handicaps back out on the all weather track sub 46s will win.

10 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:19 pm


jknott123 wrote:no they havn't their just selective
first four in final of sportsbiz 400m broke 47s
winner pulled 8m
second gets a 1m lift
third pulled 4m
fourth keeps the same h'cap and top spot on points table

I think you will find that Troy Carey is back 4m for running second in the Bendigo Sportzbiz, not lifted.
You were right knotty when you used the word "selective " especially about posts on this forum

11 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:46 pm


my apologies marra got egg on my face, now have no problem with my boy coming back 4m although i dont see why placegetters are pulled surely we need to encourage young runners to train hard and win then cop the penalty.

12 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:59 pm


novice 400 marks the points leader amounted her points by running in all novice 400 races her best place 3rd she was pulled for breaking net time new years day,re bendigo she ran spot on time,she still has not been given all of the new years pull back,she also ran in the brew final by running all year, just as pulls are earnt so are handicaps for those who have not been quiet good enough.

13 Re: Ringwood Marks on Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:21 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

Are you suggesting that young runners who break net time but don't win should not be pulled but older runners who do the same thing should?


Are you suggesting that no one who breaks net time should be pulled unless they actually win?

14 Re: Ringwood Marks on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:35 am


Loverunning wrote:novice 400 marks the points leader amounted her points by running in all novice 400 races her best place 3rd she was pulled for breaking net time new years day,re bendigo she ran spot on time,she still has not been given all of the new years pull back,she also ran in the brew final by running all year, just as pulls are earnt so are handicaps for those who have not been quiet good enough.

second on points also got his points for running 6 of seven nov races, his best place 2nd twice
i am confused with ceiling time nobody broke 47s at maryborough first 4 broke 47s at bendigo

15 Re: Ringwood Marks on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:47 am


DizzyRunner wrote:JKnott,

Are you suggesting that young runners who break net time but don't win should not be pulled but older runners who do the same thing should?


Are you suggesting that no one who breaks net time should be pulled unless they actually win?

yes i am saying only winners should get pulled, the tracks are different from week to week so why penalise somebody for running a place on a fast track prize money won should be taken into account on the pull.

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