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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Stawell 3200m Backmarkers Form Guide

Stawell 3200m Backmarkers Form Guide

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1 Stawell 3200m Backmarkers Form Guide on Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:06 pm

Red leg

David Spence (230) – My favourite. Another super season from a bloke that seems to always get cracking at the right time of the year. In good knick with a classy 4th in Bendigo Backies Mile (4.03 off 130), 1st Ballarat Mile, 3rd Maribyrnong Mile, 1st Wangaratta 800m, 3rd Rye 800. As consistent as they come. Imagine would have been disappointed with 7th in the 8 lap event at Stawell last year and will be looking to make amends. Ran a cracker to just get done by Rowe at Ballarat running 2nd in 8.59, other 3200m form this year is a 2nd at Warrnambool, 3rd VRTA 3200 & a 11th at Wangaratta. Get on now.

Matthew McDonough (140)– One of my top chances. Has run sparingly this season but when he has run has made it count. Has run 3rd at his last two 3200m races that being Ballarat & Wangaratta. Only other run for the year was a 5th Rye 1600m W/V. Will push Spence, Bacalja and Marantelli the whole way.

Andrew Patten (120) – No form this year for a great runner who has blown them away in past seasons. Ran 10th in the 3200 at Ballarat but nowhere near level of previous seasons. Last years 27th in the 3200 at Stawell can be forgotten as it came after running the Herb earlier in the day. 1600m form average this season with best finishes being a 21st at Geelong and Avondale. Class runner and if doesn’t go around in herb this year will be top 10.

Peter Spence (250) – No form to speak of this year having not finaled at any carnival for the year. 25th 1600m at Geelong. Stepping up in distance following his big 4th in the 550m at Stawell last season. A big 33rd at Ringwood on the weekend suggests will be a mile off in this one. No.

Luke Searle (210) – Really good season with mile win at St Albans to go along with his 2nd at Terang. Scored a big 2 mile win over the rampaging Marantelli at VRTA. Only 2 mile he has run since was a 11th at Ballarat. Ran 12th last year in the 3200 at Stawell and would imagine would do something similar this year. 29th at Ringwood mile on the weekend suggests the big year may have caught up with him.

Andy Axford (110) – Really nice runner better suited over shorter distance. 3200 form this season is a 9th at Flinders so based on that wont be top 5-6. Performances have potential to be a little sporadic as evident by his 4:03 in his heat of the 1500 at Nationals last week but on his day can beat anyone. Will go top 10.

Michael Marantelli (50) – Wow Wee what a season this bloke has had. Just a lazy 5 wins, 3 seconds and two thirds for the year. Has had wins at Rye (1600), Camden (1600), Burnie (1600), Warrnambool (3200) and Ballarat (800). He was 2nd Bay Sheffield 800 & Select Mile (running one of the best races I have ever seen to challenge Rowe) and VRTA 3200. Has also ran 3rd in Bendigo 800 & Albury-Wodonga 400. Combine this season with a 3.49 1500 run the other week and this man has done it all. Really maturing as a runner. Will scare these even from his tight mark. Don’t think will win this but he will go close in what ever he races in over the course of the weekend. Great bloke to boot. Question will be what day he has to umpire over weekend and whether that affects performance. Would be disappointed not making final at nationals last week so will be looking at make amends.

Ian Burrows (240) – Stole the 3200m last season with a great run from near the front to get the biggest win of career. His pull from his big win brought him back to the pack at Ballarat coming in 8th in the 3200m there. Mile form has been consistent with a 6th at Maribyrnong, 7th Albury-Wodonga & Rye and a 8th at St Albans. A sneaky 3rd at the weekend has him hitting some decent knick at right time of year. Umpiring commitments will determine if runs. Top 8.

Justin Noonan (280) – Hasn’t run any 2 miles this year so hard to get a guide on where he is at over the 8 laps. Mile form average with a 10th at Geelong, 12th at Rye & 13th at Trinity. No for me.

Phillip O’Brien (270) – Breakout year for Phil with win at Albury-Wodonga 1600, 2nd Maryborough & Daylesford Mile, 3rd Terang 1600, 3rd Euroa Mile. Really consistent all year. 2 mile form has improved markedly from last season with a nice 3rd at Warrnambool following his 23rd at Stawell last year. Top 8.

Tim Earle (180) – A class athlete who has been known to do anything. His chances will depend on how in progresses in 800 I would have thought. This year was1st 800 Maryborough, 1st 1600 Ararat, 1st Flagstaff Hill Mile and always seems to be on a podium somewhere. 2 Mile form this year is a 16th at Ballarat & 3rd Sacred Heart 3200. Will improve on run from Ballarat is as gutsy as they come and if there when whips are cracking look out. Top 8.

Shane Thiele (150) – Former Herb winner at Stawell who is starting to get into some real knick after a slow start to the year. Mile form is getting there with 3rd @ St Albans, 4th at Maribyrnong & Ballarat W/V & 6th at Warragul. Early season 2 mile form average with an 11th at his former home track at Flinders but since has ran 5th at Wangaratta & 6th at Ballarat. Will go all day. Top 4 if runs. Umpiring commitments may put pay to this though.

Masange ‘Alphabet’ Runezerwa (200) – Don’t know enough about this bloke but with season form of a 16th in the Wangaratta 3200 & 19th in the Mile at Euroa. Would like to see before I recommend.

Alex Bacalja (180) – Beaten by Burrows last year after starting red hot favourite in the race but running a gallant 2nd. This season is starting to tick along nicely with 8th Warragul 1600 , 6th Trinity 1600, 1st Euroa 1600, 2nd 1600m Maribyrnong, 2nd 800m Backies Bendigo. Always seems to come good at the right time of year. Will be very close. 3200m form this year is a 12th at Wangaratta. Unsure what knick he is in at present after a some may say dissapointing 19th at Ringwood but will go top 3 again.

Neil Brennan (270) – Little form from Neil this year with only runs being a 10th 3200 VRTA & 22nd Miles at Stonnington & Northcote. Not running well enough to bother these at present. Super run to just get beaten by Phelan in 800m at Stawell last year highlights his class. Would love to see him get back to this form.

Douglas Hamerlock (70) – Classy Tassie runner suited to the 3200 or longer as opposed to the 1600m on day 1. Ran a gallant 5th in the 2mile last season at Stawell of a tight mark of 60 (9.05). Will go top 5 again. Could be a real threat with a sneaky 10-15 metre lift.

Ashley Cowan (220) – Really good season with wins in 800m U/20 Maryborough & Burramine & 1600m Novice Geelong. Mile form been good too with 2nd Trinity & Avondale Heights Miles, 4th Terang, Ararat & Burramine Miles. Hasn’t run any of the 2miles this season to date so hard to understand where is at over the longer distance. Not strong enough yet for these but the unknown is how he handles the distance.

Matthew Turner (110) – Obviously can run as tight marks indicate. Season has been patchy at best with a 8th 800m at Maryborough & 800m Finalist at Rye and Daylesford. Hasn’t run any of the 2miles this season to date so hard to get a gauge of where is at over the longer distance. At ringwood on the weekend came in 15th (4:13 off 65) but most recent mile form before that was a24th at Stonnington, Did run a nice 5th at Trinity, 1600m (4.26 off 60). Not at the moment.

Bradley White (230) – No. Last year at Stawell was 22nd in B/M Mile and 26th in 2 mile. If he is better form then may push top 15 but can’t see him doing much more than that.

Adrian Phelan (210) – Last year’s distance runner of the carnival at Stawell with wins in the 800 and 1600m B/M. Weekend seemed to get the better of him only finishing 11th in the 2 Mile. Only 1 run this year with a 30th in the 1600m at Stonnington. No form to speak of this year but if runs should go top 10.

Chris Hamer (0) - Good get to have a runner of his class toe the line. Has PB's 3:54 1500, 8:22 3000, 13:58 5000, 28:18 10000. Anyone that can break 14 minutes for 5000 can obviously run. Will scare a few and will be going better the further the race gets. Could he do a Rowe from Ballarat and smash the field from scratch. Would love to see it but will prob have to run a 3000m PB to do it.

Aidan Norbury (180) - Young kid from SA who will find these way too good.

Paul Boxshall (280) - No form to speak of prior to his big win in frontmarkers mile at Bendigo. Only other runs for the year were a 15th in the Stonnington Mile and a 11th in the W/V 1600 at Ballarat. Appears to only come out when the big ones are on offer but not in this.

Jack Hockley-Samon (210) - An under-age athlete who has done some good things this year. Has two wins to his credit they being a 800 U/20's at Avondale Heights and 1600 Novice at St Albans. Open form hasnt been great with his best result in a mile being a 13th at Marybrrnong. Only 1 3200 run for the year with a nice at Ballarat. Will learn alot from tis race but wont be too much of a danger.

Michael Low (230) - A few in this race would be a tad disappointedc may i suggest that Lowey has been allocated to run in backmarkers after initially being selected in fronties race. Was a winner this time last year at stawell in the 1600m Novice and could go close to another win this year. Ran a cracking 3rd in the 3200 at Stawell last year as well and if in any sort of knick will go very close. Just the one win to his name this year with a win at geelong in the mile but his form has been really good none the less. 3 5ths for the year 1600 at Rye & Albury -Wodonga and 3200 at Ballarat  and a 6th at 3200 at Wangaratta show his consistancy. May have been waiting forthis time will tell.

Last edited by Red leg on Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:15 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Update form, add handicaps, update list of runners)

2 Re: Stawell 3200m Backmarkers Form Guide on Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:21 pm

Double Jeopardy

ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Great write up Red Leg. Did you steal the VAL's search function? You might be the man to update their database, sounds like you've got a decent collation of results up your sleeve.

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