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March 2018

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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS

Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS

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1 Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:23 pm


McKinnon Parade Athletic Carnival
Pulteney Grammar Oval
Sunday 23rd March 2014

Thomas Wright Memorial Mile 1600m Open
1 Max Stevens 110m 4-00.96 $570
2 Shane Thiele 135m 4-04.57 $225
3 Tim Earle 120m 4-07.25 $125
4 Peter Hyde 110m 4-10.78 $60
5 Dillon Tee 180m 4-12.26 $30
6 Jordan Harvey 135m 4-14.97 $30
7 William McCann 110m 4-16.69 $20
8 Matthew Konetschka 140m 4-20.24 $20
9 Samuel Lowe 140m 4-22.27
Scr B Crawford 115m
Scr K Khudoshin 120m
Scr D Robinson 140m
Scr L Hennig 150m
Scr S Jelfs 160m
Scr C Ross 180m
Scr D Girolamo 220m
Scr G Dingwall 240m
Scr R McMahon 245m
Scr J Grant 250m

70m Open
Semi Final 1
1 Michael Cassidy 12.25m
2 Ben Syrus 6.50m
3 Ross Nitschke 10.00m
Time: 7.58sec

Semi Final 2
1 David Miller 9.50m
2 Paul Taylor 8.25m
3 James Cibich 5.75m
Time: 7.68secs

70m Open FINAL
1 Ben Syrus 6.50m 7.62secs $90
2 David Miller 9.50m 7.63secs $45
3 Ross Nitschke 10.00m 7.67secs $25
4 James Cibich 5.75m 7.71secs $10
5 Paul Taylor 8.25m 7.74secs $5
DNS Michael Cassidy 12.25m

70m Women
Semi Final 1
1 Hettie Driscoll 9.25m
2 Katie Jury 8.50m
3 Lucy Mayo 6.75m
Time: 8.55secs

Semi Final 2
1 Yasmin Openshaw 8.25m
2 Hayley Openshaw 6.75m
3 Czenya Cavouras 7.00m
Time: 8.44secs

70m Women FINAL
1 Hayley Openshaw 6.75m $95
2 Hettie Driscoll 9.25m $45
3 Yasmin Openshaw 8.25m $25
4 Lucy Mayo 6.75m $10
5 Katie Jury 8.50m $10
6 Czenya Cavouras 7.00m $5
Time: 8.41secs

200m Women
Semi Final 1
1 Hettie Driscoll 26m
2 Grainne Henry 20m
3 Aimee Lane 38m
Time: 24.19secs

Semi Final 2
1 Demi Axford 29m
2 Katie Jury 26m
3 Hollie Moran 28m
Time: 23.71secs

200m Women FINAL
1 Hettie Driscoll 26m 23.78secs $95
2 Demi Axford 29m 23.92secs $45
3 Aimee Lane 38m 24.08secs $25
4 Katie Jury 26m 24.195secs $10
5 Hollie Moran 28m 24.200secs $10
6 Grainne Henry 22m 24.32secs $5

200m Novice FINAL
1 Connor Verrall 16m 21.44secs $95
2 Riley Atkins 14m 21.66secs $45
3 Ashley Brown 20m 21.91secs $25
4 David Girolamo 27m 21.95secs $10
5 Hayden Rothe 16m 22.09secs $10
6 Jacobi Ponury 20m 22.19secs $5

Under 14's 200m FINAL
1 Lachlan Burrows 27m 23.84secs $50
2 Emma Jury 41m 23.94secs $15
3 Heather May 30m 24.74secs $10
4 Cooper Williams 15m 28.35secs $5
5 Connor Jones 15m 34.60secs $5

Over 35's 200m FINAL
1 Trudy Schrapel 40m 23.31secs $95
2 Ben Martin 22m 23.34secs $45
3 Peter Biggs 20m 23.59secs $25
4 Brett Stokes 32m 23.60secs $10
5 Steven Jones 23m 23.62secs $10
6 Cameron White 22m 23.68secs $5

400m Open FINAL
1 Kostya Khudoshin 24m 48.62secs $190
2 Jarrad Dartnall 32m 48.84secs $85
3 Michael Nitschke 24m 49.42secs $40
4 Matthew Cousins 34m 49.58secs $20
5 Jack Sutton 24m 49.92secs $15
6 Robert Kane 28m 50.22secs $10
7 Ben Sieben 32m 50.92secs $10
8 Chris Simpson 39m 53.83secs $5
9 Brad Schutz 30m 55.11secs $5

Under 20's 400m FINAL
1 Connor Verrall 20m 48.77secs $70
2 Corey Watkins 30m 48.92secs $35
3 Joshua Biggs 48m 49.27secs $10
4 Jessica Partington 87m 49.50secs $5
5 Hayden Rothe 20m 49.93secs $5
6 Kyle Roberts 30m 50.02secs $5
7 Daniela Sassi 68m 52.89secs $5
8 Lachlan Hennig 24m 53.17secs $5

Over 45's 800m
1 Mark Howson 145m 2-03.35 $90
2 Steve Wilson 35m 2-06.41 $45
3 Richard McMahon 45m 2-08.99 $25
4 Tim Callahan 44m 2-10.78 $10
5 Ali Saliu 80m 2-12.62 $5
6 Debbie DeVizio 220m 2-13.99 $5
7 Geoff Troiano 50m $5
8 Cheryl Zeuner 210m $5
9 Grant Oates 100m
10 Mark Worthing 80m
11 Andrew Roe 55m
Scr P Brennan 75m
Scr C White 75m
Scr M Abbott 85m
Scr D Jelfs 125m

Under 17's 800m
1 Zayn Butcher 55m 1-57.90 $75
2 Natassia. Messent 125m 2-01.77 $35
3 Cameron Vinall 65m 2-05.04 $15
4 Jessica Oates 100m 2-05.86 $10
5 Robert Kernick 65m 2-06.86 $10
6 Simone Rothe 160m 2-10.28 $$10
7 Sam Whitbread 40m 2-19 $5
Scr J Koster 60m
Scr A Martini 60m
Scr B Barratt 65m
Scr C Buchanan 65m
Scr R Russell 65m
Scr L Burrows 70m
Scr C Worthing 125m
Scr S Bevan 130m

1600m Women
1 Emily Hyde 135m 4-46.99 $150
2 Jemma Nguyen 130m 4-49.96 $70
3 Jane Mudge 185m 4-50.83 $35
4 Isabella Partington 350m $10
5 Charlee Boxall 140m $10
6 Saraid Kustermann 190m $10
7 Tasmin McMahon 75m $5
8 Lauren McHugh 230m $5
Scr N Messent 180m
Scr N DeBellis 185m
Scr L Roberts 295m

Pulteney Schoolboys 400m
1 Matthew Vandersommen 24m
2 Daniel Barrett 30m
3 Nick Winter 24m
Time: 56.74secs

Pulteney Schoolgirls 400m
1 Victoria Cirocco 40m
2 Maddy Kurpita 35m
3 Natasha Holmes 40m
Time: 1-02.87

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2 Re: Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:44 pm


The SAAL utilised electronic timing for many of the circle events at Pulteney.

All the 200m & 400m finals and the 1600m Open were electronically timed.

The time for the 1600m open was the fastest ever recorded, all the more meritorious because it was the first to be timed using the new electronic equipment.

A couple of observations.
Only 11 athletes turned out for the heats of the 400m. The allocation of only 8 athletes per heat at Pulteney is not enough for this meet. With 24 entries, two heats of 12 would have been far better with the first four from each heat advancing to the final. As it was 9 athletes out of the 11 made the final.

The other one is why we are still paying down to 8th in fields of 16 or less? After several scratchings runners are some times picking up prize money for running last. I believe we should only pay prize money  down to 6th when we have small fields.

And any field where we have 8 or less, prize money to 4th should be enough.

Giving money to someone who runs last is just rewarding mediocrity.

3 Re: Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:19 pm


O35's 200m results ?

4 Re: Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:40 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Been a problem at this meeting for a number of years now that the 400m open falls right away on the day.

The other problem I noticed was the non arrival of many runners in the under 14 event.When an official was quizzed as to why the heats werent scrapped and just a final ran , the reply was that he didnt know that there was going to be limited numbers front up.
Which means that the under 14 athletes cant be scratching and cant be getting fined.SO EASY TO NOMINATE FOR AN EVENT WHEN IT DOESNT COST AND THEN NOT TURN UP. By the last meeting of the season the juniors should all know the rules and be punished like all others.
To many times during the season I have heard BUT THEY ARE ONLY KIDS when a punishment should have been handed out. Well if we are going to perservere with running little athletes they need to run under the same rules as everyone else.
VERY VERY poor promotion of the sport for under 14s today.

5 Re: Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:23 pm


StevenJones73 wrote:O35's 200m results ?

Sorry about that. Now added.

6 Re: Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:30 pm


Awesome handicapping in the O35's. only 0.37 seconds between first and last. Lets hope it continues next season, Simon has done a great job all year

7 A close race on Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:08 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Over 35's 200m FINAL
1 Trudy Schrapel 40m 23.31secs $95
2 Ben Martin 22m 23.34secs $45
3 Peter Biggs 20m 23.59secs $25
4 Brett Stokes 32m 23.60secs $10
5 Steven Jones 23m 23.62secs $10
6 Cameron White 22m 23.68secs $5

Well said Steven Jones.

Thanks to whoever gave Cameron White a good night out last night, well done.

And thanks to Biggsy for the advice re the socks - just one hundredth of a second, close ...
Next season Biggsy - next season ...

And thanks to all for a fine day at the races.

8 Re: Pulteney Sunday 23/3/14 RESULTS on Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:01 am


Stokesy, you ran great - full marks young man. Clearly our plan of strategically putting holes in the turf in your lane didn't work this meet. Cam and I will have to come up with an alternative plan next year. Glad the sox choice helped. Have a great break.

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